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👍 | "Buzzing gourmet" which is a hot topic on SNS 56th Taiwan's classic breakfast "Shentojan"


"Buzzing gourmet" which is a hot topic on SNS 56th Taiwan's classic breakfast "Shentojan"

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For an additional 120 yen, you can also top with a Taiwanese-style meat soboro called Lawson.

In the modern age of the Internet society, the boom in gourmet food is often ignited by "SNS."Here, the flow ... → Continue reading

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Meat soboro


Tabi(Denbu) Isfish meatOr one of the processed meat products.BoiledKind of.

JapanI often use fish assEdomae sushiAt the storeRagIn addition to calling it, in someBoiled powerAlso called (chikara).HokkaidoIn some areas, etc., simplySoboroSometimes called.

Chugoku,TaiwanThen.豚 肉Is often used,chicken,beefSome use.

Japanese Rousong

Rousong in Japan often uses fish meat.Boil the fish cut into three piecesbone,After removing, squeeze and squeeze the waterRoasterEven if you put it onmortarLightly grind with.afterwards,potMove toliqueur-sweet sake-sugar-saltSeason with and roast.Red snapperFor those using white fish such asFood coloringMay be added to make it light red.The light red one is thatColorIt is called "Sakura Denbu".In Japan, in addition to sprinkling fish as food on rice,chirashi sushi,Sushi rollsAs an ingredient.Imperial Japanese ArmyDeveloped and adopted byPop candyIt was usedPortable foodAs a side food, "Squeezed Rousong", which is made by compacting seasoned bonito flakes into blocks, was added to the "Squeezed mouth food".

Legend has it that a virgin woman around Kyo was sick and unable to eat for her husband.Producer GodAccording to the instructions ofTosa BushiPowdered with sakeSoy sauceAfter serving the taste, my husband's appetite progressed and his illness healed.And it is said that it was the first time that he tried it himself and divided it into people.If this has anything to do with the facts, it's probably Rousong's cause.Skipjack OfSprinkleWill be.

Chinese meat rice cake

ChineseThen of the meatfiberBecause it is loosened and fluffy, "Pork floss(Lawson,ròusōng) Is generally called.Generally, pork meat pork is colored light brown, and beef meat pork is colored dark brown, so it can be distinguished by appearance.

How to make meat RousongLightFrom the endclearSeems to have been established early on1698 How to make chicken in "Yokoroku"1750 of"Awakening record』Describes how to use pork and fish.

In ChinaPorridgeOr put it onMantouI often eat withFried eggsIt may be mixed with.

"TaicangPork flossIs a specialty of Taicang City, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, next to Shanghai.

Longhai City, Zhangzhou City, Fujian ProvincePork flossIt is one of the important production areas.

Taiwanese meat Rousong

FormosanThen,Meat crisp(Bah-soo) or "Preserved meat"(Bah-huh).In rare cases, fish meat pork is also present, but pork meat pork is more prevalent.Even in Taiwan, pork meat is generally colored light brown, and beef meat is colored dark brown, so it can be distinguished by appearance.Besides that, chicken素食There are soybean products made from soybean products for (vegetarians).

TaiwanThen.rice ballOr "DanbingCalled "CrepeYou can put it in a breakfast dish like this, or put it on the morning porridge and eat it.Pork and beef meat porkSide dish breadIt is also a standard ingredient of.Taiwan'ssushiThen, the warship winding of the flesh is a standard menu.Taiwanese-style side dish bread and rice balls with meat RousongShanghaiIt has become common even in such cases.

Rousong in Southeast Asia

Thailand,Malaysia,SingaporeHowever, Chinese-style meat Rousong is common.Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euBut there are pork, beef, chicken, fish ass, but there are othersカ エ ルThere is something made from the meat.In VietnamFried RiceKomchien Charbon (with meat Rousong on and off)cơm chiên chà bông) And Komchai Charbon with fried scorched rice and meat rice cake and seasonings (Steamed rice scrubbed) And other dishes.MyanmarToshrimpThere is a Rousong made with.

It was once a French territoryEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu,Laos,CambodiaAnd so onFrench bread Ofsandwich(Vine Me) Is often eaten, but in many cases, Denbu is used as an ingredient.


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