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⛺ | [Review] I want to use it at solo camp!The unlikely "foldable Sierra cup" is an appendix can ...


[Review] I want to use it in a solo camp!The unlikely "foldable Sierra cup" is an appendix can ...

If you write the contents roughly
Above all, the Sierra cup with the "outside BASE" logo is only available in this mook book, so don't miss it!

In recent years, the Sierra cup has been sold at 100-yen stores.It is a popular Sierra cup for campers, but the handle (handle ... → Continue reading


Camping / outdoor information media "Hapican".
Based on the concept of "Let's go find Takaramono", we send useful information such as popular camping goods, campgrounds, cooking recipes, and fashion.
In addition to broadcasting the TV program "Ogiyahagi no Hapikan" on Me-Tele (Nagoya Broadcasting Network), we also deliver fun content on YouTube "Hapican Channel"!
You will surely find your Takaramono!

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Mook (Published)

Mook(Mook) ismagazineBookIt is a publication with a combined personality. magazine m- and book -ookPortmanteau..The word mook1971 ToInternational Magazine UnionUsed and spread in the keynote report of the 8th regular meeting[1].

Unlike ordinary magazinesBookAsISBNA code is attached.at the same timeMagazine codeIn that case, use a magazine type code called "Mook Magazine" and use a 6-digit code starting with 5.数字A two-digit number is used to represent the number.Distribution treatment varies depending on whether a magazine code is attached or not.

History of Japanese mook

In Japan, before it was called Mook1950 eraSince then, women's magazines have published separate volumes and extra editions of practical books on daily life with abundant photographs and illustrations.1978 More than 1000 mooks have been published inPhoto album,Picture bookThe contents will also be diverse.

1980 eraFrom the second half1990 eraTowards the beginningPublishing agencyIs 3.5 inchesfloppy disk,CD-ROMWas not accepted as an appendix to the magazine, so it will be treated as a mook for the purpose of attaching an appendix.PC magazineExisted[2].Tokuma bookstoreof"MSX/FAN』Has been published every issue by switching from magazines to mooks since the 3.5-inch floppy disk was added as an appendix.Japan Softbankof"Oh! FM TOWNS"Oh! Dyna" etc. were treated as mooks only for issues with an appendix.This restriction was relaxed in later years1994 May 63.5 inch floppy disk from[3]From around 1995, CD-ROMs were also accepted as an appendix. Around the spring of 1994, the regulations were changed, and it was prohibited to insert the appendix of floppy disks and CD-ROMs, and only binding was possible.[4].

2000 eraAfter entering, many are issued as test cases for newly planned magazines, and many are issued as provisional until the magazine code of monthly and weekly magazines is taken.


The feature of Mook is that it is large and emphasizes visuals.

The National Publishing Association Publishing Science Institute's "Annual Publication Index 1985 Edition" cites the following three points as the characteristics of Mook until the early 1980s.

  • Magazines are basically not in stock by publishers, but Mook is sold on order like books with the intention of selling them over the long term.
  • MagazineReturnsDue to the deadline, the bookstore has a limited period of time, but Mook has no return deadline.
  • The content is roughly divided into three types: "the same content as the special edition or separate magazine," "the same one theme," and "the same as the book."

Ryosuke KawaiIs "Verification of Publishing from the Defeat to the Present 1945-1995",1990 eraAs of the second half, he listed six features of Mook.

  • Magazine distribution can be used by using a magazine code.
  • The price is also cheaper by issuing more copies than books.
  • As a general rule, advertising revenue can be expected for books that do not contain advertisements.
  • OutsourcedEdit productionIt is possible to reduce the production cost by.
  • The sale date, number of publications, and price can be set more freely than magazines.
  • It can be sold for a long time without a return deadline.

Regarding the return deadline, not only magazines but also books have a return deadline.But,Iwanami ShotenAs of 2006, most of them are (free to return).

Magazine codeThe reason why some mooks do not have a mark is that new magazine codes have stopped being added.Such publishers make books of the same title a de facto magazine in the form of monthly publications.Such books may also contain advertisements similar to magazines (such as reader gift sweepstakes).

Reference document

  • Japan Society of Publishing Studies, "Verification of Publishing from the Defeat to the Present 1945-1995" 1996 , Bunka Tsushinsha
  • "Shuppan Data Book 1945-1996" edited by Shuppan News 1997 , Shuppan News


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