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👩‍🎤 | HKTXNUMX Murashige Anna graduates within the year & turns into a talent


HKTXNUMX Murashige Anna graduates within the year & turns into a talent

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On the other hand, it is often treated as an "entertainer frame" because of its innocent character, and in HKT48, it was also known as Rino Sashihara's enthusiastic "top otaku".

Murashige Anna of the idol group HKTXNUMX performed at the HKTXNUMX Theater in Fukuoka City on the XNUMXth, and the group ... → Continue reading


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Many HKT48

Rino Sashihara

Rino Sashihara(Sashiharano,1992 Heisei4 years>May 11 -) isJapan Oftalent,producer[1]..Female idol group ・ "= LOVE"When"≠ ME』Producer.Female idol groupAKB48andHKT48[2],STU48A former member of AKB48, a derivative unit of AKBXNUMXNot yetMembers of. Since April 2013, he has also served as HKT4 theater manager.OitaOita CityI'm fromOta ProductionsBelongs.




  • March 3Team B 3rd Stage "Pajamas Drive"At the performance, he took the first stage as a back dancer.
  • Promoted to a regular member on August 8, and officially joined Team B.
  • Released on October 10ndLoud DiamondFor the first time in the selection members.


  • Held from August 2thTeam B 4th Stage "The Dawn of Idol"At the performance, he is a member of the unit song "Ishiki Natasha"Katayama Yoko,Native of TanabeThe unit name is "Team Hunter." And Sashihara is "Dorian Sashihara."[3]I acted as a self-proclaimed person.
  • It was carried out from June to July.AKB48 13th Single General Election], entered Under Girls in 27th place.
  • At the night performance of the "Yomiuri Shimbun 8th Anniversary Concert AKB23 Selected Members Kakugaku Festival" held on August 135, the transfer to Team A was announced from October (actually it was transferred to Team A. Is July 104, 10).


  • At the night performance of "AKB3 Full Hope Festival Pros and Cons" held on March 25, it was announced that Ota Productions had asked to transfer, and transferred from AKS to which I belonged at that time.
  • From April 4th, Rino Sashihara's official blog "Sashihara Quality" started.
  • It was carried out from June to July.AKB48 17th Single General Election』In 19th place entered the first election of the general election. "Tears Surprise!"Returned to selection.
  • On August 8th, without being notified to Sashihara himself, "Heavy RotationWas inserted into the TV commercial of "Rino Sashihara" and the name was changed to "Rino Sashihara". "24-hour TV "Love Saves the Earth"The name tag that is appearing is also under the name of "Sashiko", and the AKB48 official profile and Ota Production official profile have also been changed to "Sashiko".However, on the following day, the 29th, it was announced that the name change was a joke and was just a project.[4]..Thoroughness until changing the name tag and profile and the blog article of the person himself[5] In response to such, Internet news etc. actually reported that "the name will be changed to Sashiko".[6][7].. I was confused on the 28th, but on the following 29th I explained the circumstances on my blog.[8][9].
  • From September to OctoberMecha x 2 cool!』Participated in the new member audition on behalf of AKB48, but lost in the third screening[10].
  • Released on March 10Monthly Young Magazine』(KodanshaFrom the November 2010 issue, Sashihara is the main character4 comic strip cartoon"Disgusting"[Note 1] Started serialization. At the beginning of the series, an interview with Sugihara Petit Gravure was published in the October 2010 issue (released on September 10, 2010).[11].
  • Challenged 12 blog updates within 4 hours from midnight on December 0,Amoeba blogAiming to be ranked first in the ranking will be broadcast on December 1 of the same yearWeekly AKB』Was announced at 12:4 on December 23th, the target of 55 times was achieved, and the next update on December 100thAmoeba blogIn the ranking, the number of access on the day is 3500 millionpage viewAnd achieved No. 1 in history[12][13].




  • On April 4th, at the night performance on the final day of the "AKB28 Group Extraordinary General Assembly-Let's wear black and white!" held at Nippon Budokan, it was announced that he would also be the manager of HKT48 theater.[40].. The first time in a group history that a member and a theater manager are concurrently assigned[41].. As a result, the manager of the HKT48 theater became a two-person system with Mitsuru Ozaki.[41].
  • It was carried out from June to July.AKB48 32nd Single Selection General Election], with the highest number of votes at that time of 150,570 votes, it took the first place, it was decided to take the first center position. This is the first time a member of the sister group of AKB1 has won first place in the general election.[42]..When I returned to my hometown of Oita, the mayorKugimiyaWas praised (at that time)[43][Note 3].
  • May 5, by email from Yasushi Akimoto, SKE12 Lifetime Honorary Research StudentMatsumura Kaori[Note 4]Produced their solo debut and instructed to "decide the song, order the arrangement, and Sashihara write the lyrics," was broadcast on the same night at midnight.AKB Video CenterWas announced in[44].. August 8th, "AKB16 48 Midsummer Dome Tour"Nagoya DomeOn the first day of the performance, Matsumura dressed in costumes made from "AKB1 newspaper" from hats to boots for a budget of 48 yen, presented the song "Matsumurabu!" produced by Sashihara.[45].
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Best Smile of the Year 2013At "Celebrity with the most smile"Hironori YamamotoWas elected with[46].


  • In charge of devising the set list for the HKT1 concert tour "HKT11 Kyushu 48 Prefecture Tour-Let cute children travel", which has been held since January 48th.[47].
  • January 1, magazine "ITEMWas selected as the BEST BEAUTY OF THE YEAR in 2013.[48].
  • May 5th, the movie "Rose boo"[49]Published.Rock singer OfYuya UchidaReleased as a single since 1985 on June 6th of the same year, the theme song of the movie ``Shekina Baby"(Avex), singing duet with Uchida[50].
  • It was carried out from June to July.AKB48 37th Single General Election』In second place[51].


  • May 5th, reappointed as Oita City Tourism Ambassador who served for 13 years from 2012 (term of office 3 years)[52].
  • It was carried out from June to July.AKB48 41st Single Selection General Election』, the highest number of votes acquired 194,049 votes, the first place in two years[53][54].
  • June 6th and 27thYokohama ArenaAt the "HKT48 Nationwide Tour-National Unification Toranken Tour Final" held in Tokyo[55][56].. Also, at the evening performance on 28th, it was announced that he will be the director of "DOCUMENTARY of HKT2016" released on 1th January 29.[57].



  • On January 1th, it was announced that a voice actor idol scheduled to make a CD debut in the summer of 30 will be produced, and the audition application will start from noon on the same day.[62].. Successful candidates were announced on April 4, and the group name was "= LOVE(Equal love)"[63].
  • In the "AKB2 All Night Nippon" broadcast on February 23 (midnight on February 2),STU48Has been appointed as the theater manager of, and has announced on the phone that he will also serve as a member of HKT48[64].
  • September 6, "AKB48 49th Single General Election』, and overcame Mayu Watanabe, achieving the first consecutive three consecutive titles in the AKB48 selection general election (fourth time in total).[65].
  • November 11, "Setouchi 25 Prefecture Tour-Nice to meet you, STU7. ~) At the Hiroshima performance, it was announced that the concurrent post with STU48 will be canceled and the concurrent director of the theater will be terminated.[66].
  • Broadcast on December 12 (midnight on December 24)Last idol』(TV Asahi),Last idol familyProduce 5nd single title song battle by 2 unitsTetsuro Oda,Tetsuya Komuro,Tsunku♂Announces to be in charge with Yasu Akimoto[67].


  • In the "Last Idol" broadcast on January 1th (midnight on January 14th), the group that Sashihara is in charge of producing is "Someday SomewhereHas been decided[68].
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,TOKYO DOME CITY HALLHeld her first solo concert "Rino Sashihara Solo Concert-What is an Idol?"[69].
  • December 12th, announced the graduation from the group at HKT15's solo concert at TOKYO DOME CITY HALL[70].


  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Yokohama Stadium"Rashi Sashihara Graduation Concert-Goodbye Rino Sashihara" was held and graduated from HKT48 on the same day[70][71].
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Marine Messe Fukuoka"Sashihara Rino Great Thanksgiving" was held[70].



  • On January 1st, the YouTube channel "Sashihara Channel" was opened.[70][73].


  • Around the first year of elementary schoolASAYAN"soMorning Musume.Being devoted to female idols as a result of knowing and becoming fond of[74].. My admiration is Morning Musume. And above allKamei EriWas a big fan of[75]..After the members I liked quit, my interest diminished and I left the fans once, so some members I knew for a whileSayumi MichishigeThere was only one, but it said, "Rather, I went around once, became too new, and became interested again."[76].. BesidesHello! ProjectAs a member ofBerryz Kobo OfYurina Kumai℃ -ute OfMai Hagiwara[77]And Morning Musume. ofYuki SatoIs recommended as a men[78]..Although I applied for the audition for the Hello! Project in the past, I was rejected in the document screening.[79].
  • Nogizaka46Then.Midsummer AkimotoIs recommended as a men[80].
  • tromboneCan play[81]..I learned trombone for the first time in the brass band club of junior high school, and in the summer of the second year of junior high school, I won the gold medal as a trombone group at the prefectural tournament of brass band. Trombone[74].
  • MotherOita TrinitaI went to see home games every time I was in elementary school[82]..I posted on my blog that I wore a Trinita replica uniform as a lesson uniform.The uniform number is 34 by multiplying your nickname.[83].
  • HobbyHeadphones, Earphone collection[84].. For a while in 2010,Love simulation game"Love PlusI have been enthusiastic about[85].
  • "Oden idol" and "Cup noodleHave been featured in magazines as "idols"[86].
  • My favorite type of man isイ ン パ ル ス OfToshiyuki ItakuraProclaiming[87].
  • Good at English but not good at mathematics[88].
  • NHK"Continuous tv novelIt is a passive attitude to appear in[89].
  • He has stated that he will not be a singer after graduating from the AKB48 group.[90][91].
  • On March 2018, 3, on my Twitter, ``ICLAnnounced that he had undergone a vision correction surgery called[92].
  • Snow Man OfShota WatanabeWas a high school classmate[93].
  • Producing colored contacts and cosmetics[94].
  • Southern All Stars OfKeisuke KuwataI liked it and said, "Music Station"Mr. Sashihara took the trouble to greet me politely to the waiting room, and it was really polite."Own radio programHighly rated by[95]..When he talked about the 2016 AKB48 selection general election on the same program, he did not reveal the truth such as whether he bought the CD, saying "I also voted", but commented and laughed at the studio.[96][97][98].


  • Nickname is "Soon"Kashiwagi YukiAttached "Sashiko".Also, when I was promoted, I liked green, soHirashima NatsumiWas named "Midori no"[99].
  • Tagline"I'll point to your heart. I'm Rino Sashihara." The self-introduction of the performance of "AKB48 Team B 4th Stage" Dawn of the Idol "" is "Is my personality white or black? My personality is gray as close to white as possible. From Oita prefecture, Sashihara This is Rino. " "AKB48 Team A 6th Stage "Witness"In the performance, "A woman with only momentum Awakens the quality of your heart's Sashihara! I'm Rino Sashihara from Oita Prefecture!" From the night performance on October 2011, 10, it has become "Sashihara's habit becomes addictive ~ !! I'm Rino Sashihara from Oita prefecture."
  • You can learn how to play the selected songs while watching a DVD.However, if it is left as it is, it will be flipped horizontally and memorized, so draw the swing in a picture and memorize it while looking at it.Also, I remember the standing position etc. by writing it in the printed lyrics[74]. "RIVER"Or"Ponytail and Hair Tie"I can handle all positions (so that I can enter any position), and I can remember the substitute just before other songs, so the staff trust me a lot.[100][101].
  • It ranked in from the 1st general election and continued to rank up every time until it reached the 5st place in the 1th time (ranked down in the 6th time).[Note 5].
  • CaptainTakahashi MinamiWas the coordinator for Team A's performance when he was absent[74].
  • Tonosaki TonobuNamed as one of the renowned members of the handshake event[102].
  • When I entered AKB48, I went to Tokyo after talking to a good friend (I didn't tell you that I would enter AKB48).[100].. Two and a half years later,Weekly playboyI never returned to Oita until I visited for shooting[103].
  • Haruka Ono(Former SKE48)Oita City Oji Junior High School[104]And my older brother's classmate[105],Miki Yakata(Former SKE48) is a junior high school classmate[106].
  • Landlord Shizuka(Fukuoka(Born), Rie Kitahara (Former)NGT48,Aichi(Born), former research student Mayu Tomita (KagawaFrom)Yuka Nakanishi(Former SKE48, from Aichi Prefecture) is a person who has lived together for about a month since moving to Tokyo.[107], 5 people including Sashihara, especially 2011 people who were performing entertainment as of 4 other than Tomita are "former local group"[108], Also to the landlord, Kitahara, and SashiharaMika Komori(From Aichi prefecture)Yui Yokoyama(Kyoto5 people including (from where) were called "local group"[109].
  • Yuki Kashiwagi named the blog title "Sashihara Quality"[110].
  • In 2010, I had the ambition to become the center of AKB48,Akimoto YasushiSays that he is not suitable for idols because he is chatty,TV writerI was advised to convert[111][112].. On the other hand, Yasushi Akimoto said "Rino Sashihara" in "New Year TV Broadcast 2012" (NHK synthesis) on January 1, 2.[113].
  • Won first place in the 2021 talent power ranking (48 group graduates / withdrawals)[114].


Miku Tanaka,Nako YabukiFor both of them, they are wearing costumescakeType ofEarringsIn addition to including in the mouth, touch the cheek instead of greeting. Sometimes he does the same thing even on stage, so Yabuki says, "(Sashihara's) as-is"[115].

Sakura MiyawakiWhen he announced his graduation from HKT48, he thanked Sashihara, "He saved me everything. He noticed me by looking at me and protected me with wonderful words."[116].

Participating songs on AKB48/HKT48/STU48







  • "092(September 2017, 12)
    • Bullet on the index finger
    • 2018 bridge

Other participating songs

Theater performance unit song

Team B 3rd Stage "Pajamas Drive"
  • Pure-mindedness (back dancer)
  • Jeanne d'Arc in the mirror *
Ayaka KikuchiAfter falling
Team K 4th Stage "The final bell rings"
Ayaka UmedaAll songs under
Team A 4th Stage "I'm in love now" RevivalPerformance
  • Faint
Tomomi ItanoUnder
Research Student "I'm in Love Now"Performance
  • Faint
Team B 4th Stage "The Dawn of Idol"
  • Beloved Natasha
Team research student "Dawn of Idol"Performance
  • Sorry girl
  • Beloved Natasha
THEATER G-ROSSO "I can't let my dream die"Performance
  • Confession
*Standby Tomomi Itano and Ayaka Kikuchi
Team A 6th Stage "Witness"
  • Burning line
  • Cactus and gold rush*
Mariko ShinodaUnit under
Team H 1st Stage "While holding hands"
  • Glory days
  • This chest bar code
Team H "Hakata Legend"Performance
  • Uniform resistance
  • Bambi in uniform
Sunflower group "pajamas drive"Performance
  • Jeanne d'Arc in the mirror
Team H 2nd Stage "Youth Girls"
  • Blue rose
  • Slutty summer
Team H 3rd Stage "The final bell rings"
  • Stamen and pistil and night butterfly



Release datetitlehighest
Sales formRecord No:formRemarks
avex traxLabel
1October 2012th, 5I still like it2 bitCD + DVD
AVCD-48401 / B
AVCD-48402 / B
AVCD-48403 / B
AVC1-48404 / B
Normal board A
Normal board B
Normal board C
live version

Not covered by Oricon[118]
2October 2012th, 10Sissy masquerade1 bitCD + DVD
AVCD-48549 / B
AVCD-48550 / B
AVCD-48551 / B
Type A
Type B
Type C
Type D (Theater version)
Rino Sashihara with Henri Name

Video work

#Release datetitleLabelStandard product numberSales form
1October 2018th, 10Rino Sashihara Solo Concert-What is an Idol?AKSHKT-D0035DVD
2October 2019th, 8Rino Sashihara Graduation Concert-Goodbye, Rino SashiharaAKSHKT-D0042SPECIAL DVD BOX

Solo music

  • Painful reply(Lyrics: Yasushi Akimoto, Composition: Keiko Yoshida, Arrangement: Yu Sasaki)
  • Even I am an idol!(Lyrics: Yasushi Akimoto, Composition: Miki Tokuda)

Participating works


SongTie-upCollection work
I still like itNippon TV Drama: Theme Song for "Mirror of Muse"1st single "I still like it"
Sissy masqueradeMovie: Theme song for "The Movie Mirror of Muse-My Pretty Doll"
Tokiwa Pharmaceutical Industry"Namelaraka Honpo" CM song
2nd Single "Meekless Masquerade"


Has many lyrics[119].. There are no publicly available sound sources composed or arranged.



Directed work



  • Lotte x HKT48 "The Amazing Clip of HKT48" (December 2016, 12)-Kyushu area only[123]



Variety, information program

Current appearance program

Irregular appearance program

Past appearance programs

Online delivery

Current appearance program

  • Hiromi Sashihara's "I started taking care of love" (October 2020, 10-,ABEMA[127]

Past appearance programs

TV drama

Television Animation

PR program



Theater animation



CM being aired

CM that has finished airing



  • BEAUTY WEEK AWARD 2016 Shiny Long Award
  • The 3rd Christmas Jewelry Princess Award (Special Award)



Photo album

Magazine serialization


  • BLT U-17 vol.8 (November 2008, 11,Tokyo News Tsushin
  • BLTU-17 Vol.11 sizzleful girl 2009 summer (August 2009, 8, Tokyo News Service)
  • Rino Sashihara 2011 calendar (September 2010, 9,Hagoromo
  • Rino Sashihara 2012 calendar (November 2011, 11, Hagoromo)
  • Rino Sashihara 2012 TOKYO Date Calendar (November 2011, 11, Hagoromo)


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