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👍 | Lake Inawashiro A boat accident causes the K-1 champion to become a spear ball ...

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Lake Inawashiro boat accident causes K-1 champion to become a spear ball ... Net people who get rough in 2-shot photos

If you write the contents roughly
I sincerely hope that no one will be slanderous or slanderous anymore.

Hideaki Yamazaki, the K-1 champion, said he was taking a picture with Takeshi Sato, who was arrested in a boat death and injury accident at Lake Inawashiro. → Continue reading


Maijitsu is a web media that introduces a little behind-the-scenes information about the entertainment world, hidden faces of celebrities, and crying and laughable stories on the Internet as "a little nice story" "actually a ○○ story".
It publishes about 10 articles every day, and is mainly supported by men and women in their 30s and 40s who are concerned about rumors of entertainers!

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Slander(Hibouchusho) is unfoundedAbusiveIt is an act that hurt others by saying[1][2][3][Annotation 1].

Should be protectedCriticismAlthough it is easy to be confused with criticism, criticism is "judgment / evaluation of the other party's actions and claims, counterargument to the other party", and subjectively or objectively distinguishing between good points and bad points, judging / evaluating. Or, constructive suggestions and advice that should be fixed in this way.The blame is to point out the degree of failure, negligence, defects, etc. (without suggestive content such as advice) and blame it.[Annotation 2]Is[4][2][3].

Even if it is called criticism and criticism, it is the basis itselfdefectIf there is, if the criticism is too high, or if the fact is objective but threatening or should not be targeted (such as a negative indication of appearance), when indicted Charged as well as slander[Annotation 1][2]..Damage caused by slander due to easy dissemination of hoaxesインターネットHas been expanding since the general spread ofhuman rightsIn question[5].. EspeciallyTwitter,Instagram,LINEAnd so on, from other countries that are deployed on the InternetSocial Networking Service (SNS)The problem is that businesses such as the above are ignoring even the police's request for disclosure for slander and arrest of murder threats.[6].


"Slandering" is a word that combines "slandering" and "slandering."

  • "Slandling"-To say bad things to others. Procuring[7].
  • ``Slandering''-to hurt the honor of another person by saying something unfounded[8].

These two words may be expressed side by side as "slanders." "Slobbing" is a verb (StrangeIt can also be used as a "verb").

Slandering by the media

Slander visualized on the Internet

インターネットWriting onAnonymousThey are more motivated and easier to express their opinions than other media. This may lead to acts such as carelessly writing a message containing slander or defamation on a bulletin board or a home page without considering the feeling of the reader.

Not only when these actions are incorrect, even if they are trueLibelIs an act that can be established. About slander on the netJapanese policeThe number of damage consultations sent to2001 2267 cases,2006 Has increased 3.5 times to 8037, and the damage is increasing rapidly year by year. Some of the victims are in emotional distresssuicide・Some people attempt suicide. In many cases, the caller cannot be identified.

On the other hand, there are cases in which compensation was made after the sender was specified. Of the actress in 2020Spring flowersHaruna announced that the person who slandered her and her parents agreed to pay a settlement fee of about 300 million yen to Haruna.[9][10].

Measures/impact on slanderous slander on SNS

2020 May 4, Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsDisclosure of personal information of the person who posted slander on the InternetProvider Liability Limitation LawThe first meeting of a study group (a study group on the ideal way of disclosing sender information) was held[11].. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications indicated that it plans to compile an interim report by the summer of the same year.[12].

Movement after the death of Hana Kimura

Fuji Television Network, IncOf seriesReality show"Terraced HouseWas appearing inProfessional wrestler OfKimura flower 2020 May 5In response to being criticized and slandered through SNS etc. based on the contents of the broadcastMinister of Internal Affairs and Communications-Sanae Takaichi TheMay 5At the press conference, he said, "As a person, the act of slandering anonymity is cowardly and unforgivable." Showed the intention to carry it out[13][14].. Also on the same day,LINEAnd TwitterSocial MediaCreated by businessSocial media use environment maintenance mechanism TheUrgent statementAnnounced and harassed on SNSLibelIt was stipulated in the Terms of Use as a prohibited matter, and if such behavior was understood, it was decided to take thorough measures such as suspension of use. If required by law to disclose information, we will provide necessary information within an appropriate range. PMDA has set up a special committee to consider further measures.[15]..In addition, the account that wrote slander to Kimura on SNS has been deleted one after another after Kimura's death.[16].

At the press conference on the 25thChief Cabinet Secretary-Yoshii KanAbout the information disclosure of the caller over slander on the InternetProvider Liability Limitation LawCiting what is stipulated inMinistry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsHas started discussions since last month. Based on that, we will take appropriate measures." There is a view that this statement is related to Kimura's death and slandering slander to Kimura on the SNS, and the opposition party side as well.Constitutional Democratic PartyDiet Countermeasure ChairmanAtsushi AzumiSaid to the reporters in the Diet that "anonymous, slanderous slander can hurt many people and lead to life-threatening situations."[17].

In response to this news, federated SNS ·MastodonIn Japan, "msdtn.jp", which is the second largest instance in Japan, and "mastodon.cloud", which is the third largest instance in the same company (operated by the joint venture decentralized social network organization), will continue to file lawsuits and disclosure requests against slander on the Internet. It is expected that it will become more general and that government agencies will give instructions to strengthen responses and strengthen legislation.2020 May 6Announced that it will end the service. The reason for the closure is that it was judged that it was difficult to take appropriate measures due to the increased administrative burden.[11][18].

In December, it was revealed that a man will be sent documents on Twitter for insulting postings that slander Kimura.[19]..The content of the slander was "Is it worth living?" "When will I die?", All of which were in the form of a reply to Kimura on Twitter.[20].

Case of detection

In many cases, the responsibility of the caller was questioned.Smiley Kikuchi Schoolgirl concrete murder case19 of the 7 men and women who wrote slanderous comments in the comment section of the blog on the assumption that they were involved inLibelIn doubtDocument inspectionHas been (Smiley Kikuchi trauma damage case).In addition, there are lawyers who state that "those who agree with slander must also pay a compensation fee."[21]..Regarding the posting of slander on Twitter, it has been clarified that the man will be sent documents on suspicion of insulting posting content that slander Kimura Hana as mentioned above.[19].

Proceedings hurdle

In the article in 2020, a lawyer who is familiar with slanderous cases on the Internet said, "It takes about two years to identify the other party and finish the trial." "Even if you win the trial, the amount of damages should be 2 million yen. By the way, it costs hundreds of thousands of yen for legal fees. "" In reality, there are many cases where people who are unemployed and incapable of paying or underage write, and there are many cases where damages cannot be recovered. " Considering that you can register an anonymous account for free and write as many slanderous injuries as you like in a matter of seconds, the legal system is too unbalanced and unfair. "[22].


In a more malicious case, a victim suffering slander may be involved in a criminal case and be tailored as a suspect in the criminal case.CelebrityIn this case, there are cases in which the information useful to the victim is rubbed out. Based on that experience,Public interestContribute toCorporationSome victims preside over[23], There are many examples in which life is greatly distorted by the effects of slander.


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注 釈

  1. ^ a b From a criminal point of view, "defamation" and "insult" are applicable when the other party is slanderous to an individual, and "credit damage" and "business interruption" are applicable to a company (company / store) or organization.On the other hand, in civil cases, damages and consolation fees based on tort may be claimed.For example, if you write a slanderous defamation saying "die", you may get a compensation of hundreds of thousands of yen, and if you continue to write it relentlessly, you may get a compensation of 100 to 200 million yen.Also, depending on the content of the words, there are cases where it is cautious to ask criminal punishment, but expressions such as "die", "I wish I should die", "disappear", or "busy" and "fat" regarding the appearance of the other party. The word "old".If you post by name or write in the comment section of the other party's SNS, you may be held liable.
  2. ^ Unlike criticism, criticism does not include suggestive content such as why it is a problem and how it can be improved.In some cases, what is pointed out as a problem is not actually a problem, but is merely a belief of the person who pointed out.


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