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📱 | Latest iPhone and iPad OS "iOS 15" and "iPad OS 15" are now available


The latest iPhone and iPad OS "iOS 15" and "iPad OS 15" are now available

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If you continue to use iOS 14 and iPad OS 14, you need to apply the security update.

Apple announced the latest version of the operating system for the iPhone on September 2021, 9 (US time) ... → Continue reading

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iOS 14

iOS 14It is,AppleMobile operating system developed byiOSThis is the 14th major release of. Released on September 2020, 9.


2020 May 6,COVID-19Held online from the perspective of preventing the spread of infectionWWDC 2020Was announced at.

iOS 13Compatible with models supported by.Compatible terminals areiPhone 6s/6s Plus-iPhone SE (1st generation)LateriPhoneWhen,iPod touch (7th generation).

new function

  • Addition of widget function on home screen.
    • Addition of smart stack function of widget.
  • Addition of App library function.
  • Added the ability to hide the selected home screen page.
  • Built-in contact notification function.
  • Add translation app.
  • Supports Face ID cancellation by Apple Watch.
  • Addition of picture-in-picture function.
  • Added recognition function for back tap.
  • Addition of CarKey function.
  • Supports spatial audio with AirPods Pro and AirPods Max.


New features / changes (14.x)
versionBuild numberRelease dateMessageSource
14.0XOctober 2020th, 9 (12 months ago) (2020-09-16)
All new widget
  • Redesigned widgets can be added to the home screen
  • Widget size can be selected from small, medium, and large according to the amount of information to be displayed.
  • You can maximize the space on your home screen with a stack of widgets, and the smart stack uses your device's intelligence to display the best widgets at the right time.
  • Widget gallery where you can browse and select all available widgets
  • New design of Apple widgets suggested by weather, clocks, calendars, news, maps, fitness, photos, reminders, stocks, music, TV, tips, notes, shortcuts, batteries, screen times, files, podcasts, Siri
App library
  • App library automatically organizes all apps into categories
  • The "Suggestions" category uses intelligence on your device to display apps that users are likely to see based on time, location, etc.
  • The "Recently Added Items" category shows recently downloaded apps from the App Store and recently launched App Clips.
  • Ability to hide the home screen page by tapping the dot at the bottom of the screen while the icon is rocking to display the App Library more quickly
Compact design
  • Show incoming phone and FaceTime calls as a banner at the top of the screen
  • Siri's compact design allows you to seamlessly start your next task while looking at the information on the screen.
  • Picture-in-picture to watch videos and receive FaceTime calls while using another app
  • Pin a chat to pin your favorite message threads up to 9 at the top of the list
  • You can send a message to a specific person in a group chat using "name mention"
  • You can use inline replies to reply to a specific message or view all related messages in your own view.
  • Customize group photos to change the look of shared groups
Me character
  • Added 11 new hairstyles and 19 new hats to customize Memoji
  • Send goo touch, hug, and red cheek face with new Memoji sticker
  • Added 6 age options
  • Added face cover options
  • Bicycle route guidance presents bicycle lanes, bicycle-only roads, and road routes suitable for bicycles, taking into account road slopes and road congestion.
  • Introducing places to dine, meet friends and explore with a guide selected by a trusted brand
  • With electric vehicle routes, you can plan a drive with a compatible electric vehicle and automatically add charging stations along the route
  • Congested area display allows you to bypass or pass through busy areas in cities such as London and Paris
  • You can use a speed camera to be notified when you approach a speed control camera or a red light camera on the route.
  • With refined location information, you can check the position and direction with high accuracy even when you are in an urban area where GPS signals are insufficient.
Clip app
  • App Clip is a compact version of some of the apps that developers can create, limited to specific features so they can be found quickly when needed.
  • Small design allows you to use it in just a few seconds
  • Discover App Clip by tapping NFC tags or scanning QR codes from messages, maps, Safari
  • Recently used App Clips will appear in the "Recently Added Items" category of your App Library, so if you want to continue using them, you can download the full version.
翻 訳
  • The new “Translate” app is designed for conversational use and can be used completely offline to ensure conversational privacy.
  • The split screen in conversation mode has one microphone button that automatically detects which of the selected languages ​​is spoken and displays the original and translated text on the correct side of the screen.
  • Enlarged view mode displays translations in large text for your attention
  • Supports voice and text translation in any combination of 11 languages
  • The new compact design allows you to seamlessly start your next task while referring to the information on the screen.
  • Increased knowledge of Siri, more than 3 times more information than 20 years ago
  • Web answers can answer a wide range of questions using any information on the Internet
  • Send audio messages using Siri on iOS and CarPlay
  • Expanded language support for Siri's new voice and Siri translations
Search Products
  • One place where you can find apps, contacts, file searches, simple information such as weather and stock prices, general knowledge about people and places, everything you can do to start a web search right away
  • Show the most relevant information in “top hits” such as apps, contacts, knowledge, spots of interest, websites, etc.
  • Quick launch feature that allows you to open an app or website with just a few letters
  • With the ability to display search suggestions as you type, you can display more relevant results just by starting typing.
  • Launch Safari from web search suggestions and view the most relevant web results
  • Start searching within apps for emails, messages, files, etc.
  • Automation suggestion function allows you to set automation with just a tap
  • A visual status view at the top of the “Home” app gives you an overview of the accessories you need to pay attention to.
  • Show the most relevant accessories and contextual suggestions in the Control Center home controls
  • Adaptive lighting automatically adjusts the color of smart bulbs throughout the day for maximum comfort and productivity
  • Camcorder and doorbell facial recognition uses intelligence on the device to notify people who are in that location based on who has been tagged with the “Photos” app and recent visitors recognized by the Home app.
  • The camcorder and doorbell activity zone can only notify when motion is detected in the area where the video was taken or defined.
  • Faster JavaScript engine improves performance
  • Show cross-site trackers blocked by intelligent tracking prevention in privacy reports
  • Password monitoring ensures detection of stored passwords that may be involved in data breaches
  • Precipitation chart for the next hour shows precipitation or snowfall in 1-minute increments (US only)
  • Display warnings issued by government agencies for certain stormy weather such as tornadoes, blizzards, floods (US, Europe, Japan, Canada, Australia only)
  • AirPods Pro's spatial audio and dynamic head tracking put sound anywhere in the space for an immersive surround sound experience
  • Seamlessly transfer audio from iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac and Apple Watch with automatic device switching
  • Battery notification that your AirPods need to be charged
  • Show recording / recording indicator every time the app accesses the microphone or camera
  • It is possible to share approximate location information with the app instead of accurate location information
  • “Photos” Available with the option to share only selected photos with the app when requested by the app
  • App and web developers can offer users the option to upgrade their existing account to “Sign in with Apple”
  • Tap the back of your iPhone to quickly perform accessibility functions
  • Headphone adjustment that amplifies soft sound, adjusts specific frequencies, and can be customized to each user's hearing
  • A sign language focus feature that detects and highlights participants using sign language in FaceTime group calls
  • Sound recognition uses intelligence on the device to detect and identify important sounds, such as alarms, and alerts using notifications.
  • Use intelligence on your device to recognize on-screen elements and enhance VoiceOver support in apps and the web
  • Image description that reads out and explains images and photos in the app and on the web in full text
  • Text recognition that recognizes and reads out the text contained in images and photos
  • Screen recognition that automatically detects interface controls and assists in the operation of the app
App Store
  • A scrollable view at a glance with important details about each app, including how to see which games your friends are playing
Apple Arcade
  • Check out the upcoming Apple Arcade game preview and automatically download it as soon as it's released
  • "Show All Games" improves sorting and filtering by release date, updates, categories, corresponding controllers, etc.
  • Achievements can be viewed directly from within the “Apple Arcade” tab
  • "Keep playing" makes it easy to take over recently played games on multiple devices
  • Game Center dashboard allows you to see all your profiles, friends, achievements, leaderboards, and more from within the game
Augmented reality
  • ARKit 4 location anchors allow the app to place AR experiences in specific geographic coordinates
  • Expanded face tracking support to the new iPhone SE
  • RealityKit video textures allow you to apply videos anywhere in your app's scenes and virtual objects
  • Improved performance between shots and reduced time to first shot. Photographing faster
  • You can also shoot QuickTake videos in photo mode on iPhone XS and iPhone XR
  • Quickly change between video resolution and frame rate in video mode from the “Camera” app
  • Improved shooting experience in night mode for iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. Show guidance to keep you stable during shooting and options to cancel during shooting
  • Exposure compensation control that can lock the exposure value for the entire camera session
  • By flipping the front camera left and right, you can take selfies that reflect the preview of the front camera.
  • The reading accuracy of QR code is improved, and it is possible to scan small codes and codes printed on curved surfaces.
  • A new category of apps for parking, charging electric cars, and quick meal orders
  • Added wallpaper options
  • Share arrivals and send audio messages with Siri
  • Supports landscape status bar for cars with portrait screen
  • Chinese and Japanese keyboards are supported, increasing the choice of search methods such as shops and companies
  • Improved video quality, displaying at resolutions up to 1080p on iPhone X and later
  • With the new eye contact function, the position of the eyes and face is finely adjusted by machine learning, and the line of sight matches the other party even if you are looking at the screen instead of the camera, so you can make more natural video calls.
  • Supports external drives with APFS encryption
  • Use apps and shortcuts to create bedtime habits such as listening to relaxing playlists
  • Customize your sleep schedule to reach your sleep goals with bedtime reminders and wake-up alarms
  • Turn on sleep mode between bedtime preparation and bedtime, and keep the lock screen simple to prevent distractions
  • Track and manage health and safety features in one place with a healthcare checklist
  • Added "Walking" category to "Healthcare" App, which includes indicators such as walking speed, walking leg support time, stride length, and walking asymmetry.
Keyboard and multilingual support
  • Voice input on your device protects your privacy by performing all processing completely offline. Search voice input uses server-based voice input to recognize terms you are searching for from the Internet
  • You can search using words and phrases in the emoji keyboard
  • Display auto-fill candidates such as required email addresses and phone numbers in the app from contacts to the keyboard
  • New dictionary for French-German, Indonesian-English, Japanese-Simplified Chinese, and Polish-English
  • Simplified Chinese five-stroke input program
  • Auto-correction feature supports Irish Gaelic and Norwegian (Nynorsk)
  • Japanese kana keyboard redesigned for easy entry of numbers
  • Supports email addresses using languages ​​other than Latin in emails
  • Play and find your favorite music, artists, playlists and mixes on the Listen Now tab
  • An automatic playback function that allows you to play music without interruption. When you reach the end of a song or playlist, search for similar songs and continue playing
  • The search function displays music that matches your favorite genre or activity. Present suggestions that are useful for searching as soon as you enter them
  • Library filters allow you to search for artists, albums, playlists, and other items in your library even faster.
  • Enhanced action menu for easy access to lock, scan, pin and delete features
  • Show the most relevant search results with the top hits in the search
  • Foldable and unfoldable list of "pinned" notes
  • By recognizing figures, it is possible to draw figures such as lines and arcs completely.
  • Enhanced scanning capabilities for clearer scanning and accurate auto-trimming
  • Narrow and sort your collection to make it easier to find and organize your photos and videos
  • Pinch and zoom to quickly find photos and videos in more places, such as "favorites" and "shared albums"
  • Supports photo and video captions
  • Improved image stabilization when automatically playing in "Year", "Monthly", and "Daily" displays in Live Photos taken with iOS 14 or iPad OS 14.
  • "Memory" has been enhanced to select photos and videos that are more suitable for memory movies. Expanded BGM options
  • The image picker in the app has been redesigned to make it easier to find content to share using the same smart search as the “Photos” app.
  • More convenient with the addition of your own episode cues and automatically selected new episodes to "Listen Now"
  • Ability to assign reminders to whom you share a list
  • You can create new reminders from the list screen without having to enter a specific list
  • Add date and time and place with one tap with smart suggestions
  • Personalize your list with emojis and newly added symbols
  • Sort / hide smart list
  • Options to set the default email app and web browser
  • Starter shortcuts that allow you to start using shortcuts customized to the user from the built-in folder
  • "Shortcuts" propose automation based on user usage patterns
  • A folder where you can organize shortcuts and add them as widgets to your home screen
  • New compact design for executing shortcuts allows you to keep track of what's happening while using another app
  • New automation triggers allow you to perform shortcuts based on email and message reception, battery level, app termination, and more
  • Get ready to go to bed, providing a collection of relaxing shortcuts for a good night's sleep
Voice memo
  • A folder where you can organize your voice memo recordings
  • Mark the best recordings and later have quick access to those recordings in "Frequently Used Items"
  • A smart folder that automatically groups recordings on your Apple Watch, recently deleted recordings, and recordings marked "Frequently Used Items"
  • Enhanced recording capabilities reduce background noise and room reverberation
14.0.1XOctober 2020th, 9 (12 months ago) (2020-09-24)
  • Fixed an issue that could reset browser and email default settings after iPhone restart
  • Addressed an issue where the camera preview might not appear on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus
  • Fixed an issue where the iPhone might not be able to connect to the Wi-Fi network
  • Resolves an issue where some email providers may not be able to send email
  • Addressed an issue where images might not be displayed in the News widget
14.1XOctober 2020th, 10 (11 months ago) (2020-10-20)

iPhone 12andiPhone 12 ProCorresponding to.

  • Supports playback and editing of 8-bit HDR video on iPhone 10 or later "Photos"
  • Addressed an issue where some widgets, folders and icons were zoomed out on the home screen
  • Addressed an issue where dragging widgets on the home screen could cause apps to be removed from the folder
  • Fixed an issue where "Email" was sending some emails from the wrong alias
  • Fixed an issue where local information might not be displayed when receiving an incoming call
  • Fixed an issue where the lock screen emergency call button could overlap the text entry box when selecting magnified mode and alphanumeric passcode on some devices
  • Addressed an issue where some users might not be able to download or add songs to the library while viewing an album or playlist
  • Fixed an issue where "Calculator" might not show zeros
  • Resolves an issue where the resolution may temporarily drop when streaming video starts playing
  • Fixed an issue where family member Apple Watch could not be configured for some users
  • Fixed an issue where the Apple Watch case material was incorrectly displayed in the “Apple Watch” app
  • Addressed an issue where the “File” app could incorrectly show content from some MDM-managed cloud service providers as unavailable.
  • Improved compatibility with Ubiquiti wireless access points
October 2020th, 11 (11 months ago) (2020-11-05)

iPhone 12 miniandiPhone 12 Pro MaxCompatible with

  • Over 100 new emojis including animals, food, faces, household items, musical instruments, sexist emojis and more
  • Eight new wallpapers designed in both light and dark mode versions
  • A magnifying glass can detect nearby people, and the LiDAR sensor on iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max can report the distance to that person.
  • Compatible with MagSafe compatible iPhone 12 leather sleeves
  • Reduce battery degradation by optimizing AirPods battery charging and reducing the amount of time AirPods are fully charged
  • Headphone volume notifications alert you when volume can affect your hearing
  • Stream entertainment throughout the house with new AirPlay controls
  • Supports HomePod and HomePod mini intercom on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods and CarPlay
  • Connect your HomePod to your Apple TV 4K for stereo, surround sound, and Dolby Atmos audio
  • Added option to provide targeted public health authorities with non-personally identifiable statistics about contact notifications

This release also includes fixes for the following issues:

  • App doesn't work in Dock on home screen
  • The camera viewfinder may appear black when the camera is started
  • An issue where touching the lock screen keyboard may not be recognized when trying to enter a passcode
  • An issue where "Reminders" may default to past times
  • Content may not be displayed in the “Photos” widget
  • The maximum temperature may be displayed in Celsius even though the Fahrenheit is set in the "Weather" widget
  • In the "Weather" "Probability of precipitation for the next hour" table, the time when the rain stops may be displayed incorrectly.
  • Problem of being interrupted when a call comes in while recording "Voice Memo"
  • Sometimes the screen goes black while playing a Netflix video
  • An issue where the Apple Watch App may quit unexpectedly when the Apple Watch App is open
  • Problems with "workout" GPS paths and healthcare data not syncing between Apple Watch and iPhone for some users
  • Audio is incorrectly displayed as "stopping playback" on the CarPlay dashboard
  • Problems where the device may not charge wirelessly
  • Contact notifications are disabled when you restore your iPhone from iCloud backup or transfer data to your new iPhone using the iPhone migration feature
14.2.118B121October 2020th, 11 (10 months ago) (2020-11-19)

This release addresses the following issues:

  • Problems that may not receive some MMS messages
  • "Made for iPhone" Hearing aids can cause poor sound quality when listening to audio from an iPhone
  • Lock screen may not respond on iPhone 12 mini
14.318C66October 2020th, 12 (9 months ago) (2020-12-14)
Apple Fitness +
  • A new fitness experience that combines Apple Watch with studio-style workouts available on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV (Apple Watch Series 3 and later)
  • Browse Fitness + workouts, trainers, and personalized recommendations with the new “Fitness” app on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV
  • Weekly video workouts added to the top 10 most popular workout types: High Intensity Interval Training, Indoor Bike, Yoga, Core, Strength, Dance, Rowing, Treadmill Walking, Treadmill Running, Mindful ·cool down
  • Fitness + trainers have access to carefully selected playlists for workouts
  • Fitness + subscriptions available in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and United States
AirPods Max
  • Compatible with new over-ear headphones "AirPods Max"
  • Achieve rich sound with high-fidelity audio
  • Adaptive EQ optimizes sound in real time according to how the ear cushions are worn
  • Block environmental noise with active noise canceling
  • It is possible to hear the surrounding environmental sound in the external sound capture mode
  • Spatial audio and dynamic head tracking provide a cinematic sound experience
  • Take Apple Pro RAW photos with iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • Edit Apple Pro RAW Photos with “Photos” App
  • Options for shooting video at 25 fps
  • Flip front camera left and right when shooting still images on iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X
  • A new privacy information section has been added to the App Store page to give an overview of the application's privacy policy reported by the developer.
TV app
  • Updated Apple TV + tabs to make it easier to find and watch Apple Original shows and movies
  • The search function has been enhanced, you can browse by category such as genre, and display search history and candidates while entering
  • Show the most relevant search results for movies, TV shows, podcasts, channels, and sports in the top search results
Clip app
  • App Clip can be launched by scanning the Apple App Clip code from the “Camera” or Control Center
  • Now you can specify the use of pregnancy, breastfeeding, or contraceptive methods in the "Cycle Record" of the "Healthcare" app, so you can better manage your period and fertility predictions
Air quality data available in mainland China with “weather”, “map”, and Siri
  • "Weather" and Siri provide health recommendations when certain air quality levels are reached in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, India and Mexico
  • Safari's Ecosia search engine options
This release also includes fixes for the following issues:
  • Problems that may not receive some MMS messages
  • Problems where some "message" notifications may not be received
  • Contact group members were not displayed while composing a message
  • Some videos may not display properly when shared from the “Photos” app
  • Problems that may prevent you from opening the App folder
  • Problems where Spotlight search results and launching apps from Spotlight may not work properly
  • Problems that Bluetooth may not be available in "Settings"
  • Problems that can prevent devices from charging wirelessly
  • An issue where the MagSafe dual charging pad may charge less than the maximum power when charging the iPhone wirelessly
  • Problems that may not complete the configuration of wireless accessories and peripherals that use the WAC protocol
  • Keyboard closes when adding a list with Reminder while using VoiceOver
14.418D52October 2021th, 1 (8 months ago) (2021-01-26)
  • Recognize smaller QR codes
  • The option to classify Bluetooth device types in “Settings” correctly identifies the headphones to which voice notifications are sent
  • Notify when iPhone12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max cameras cannot be identified as new genuine Apple cameras

This release also includes fixes for the following issues:

  • Image artifacts may appear in HDR photos taken with the iPhone 12 Pro
  • The "Fitness" widget may not show the latest activity data
  • Problems with slow typing response or word suggestions not appearing on the keyboard
  • "Messages" may not call the keyboard in the correct language
  • An issue where you may not be able to answer calls from the lock screen when you enable switch control in "Accessibility"
14.4.118D61October 2021th, 3 (7 months ago) (2021-03-08)* Important security updates
14.4.218D70October 2021th, 3 (6 months ago) (2021-03-26)* Important security updates
14.518E199October 2021th, 4 (5 months ago) (2021-04-26)
Unlock iPhone on Apple Watch
  • Ability to unlock iPhone X or later using Apple Watch Series 3 or later when authenticating with Face ID while wearing a mask
“Search” with AirTag
  • Supports AirTag, which allows you to safely and privately check and find the location of important belongings such as keys, wallets, and bags with the "Find" app.
  • "Find the exact location" feature near AirTag with visual, auditory, and tactile feedback using ultra-wideband (UWB) on the U11 chip found in iPhone 12 and iPhone 1 models. Can be guided to
  • AirTag can play sound with built-in speaker to identify location
  • A “search” network of hundreds of millions of devices helps you search for AirTag even when it's not nearby
  • In "lost mode", you can send a notification when someone finds your AirTag, or enter your contact's phone number.
絵 文字
  • All variations of the kissing couple emoji and the couple and heart emoji correspond to separate skin tones individually
  • Added new face emojis, heart emojis, and bearded women emojis
  • When wearing AirPods or compatible Beats headphones, Siri can read the caller's name to notify you of incoming calls and answer hands-free.
  • Ask Siri to handle group FaceTime calls to contact lists and "message" group names
  • You can ask Siri to make an emergency contact
  • App tracking transparency allows you to choose which apps to allow tracking when activity is tracked across third-party apps and websites for sharing with ads and data brokers.
Apple Music
  • Share your favorite lyrics on “Messages”, Facebook, Instagram Stories, and subscribe subscribers can play lyrics snippets in the “Messages” chat.
  • Ranking by city that introduces popular music in more than 100 cities around the world
  • Redesigned podcast show pages for easier viewing
  • The option to save and download episodes allows you to automatically add episodes to your library for quick access
  • Download behavior and notification settings can be customized for each show
  • “Search” rankings and popular categories to help you find new shows
5G improvement
  • Support for dual SIM enables 12G connection when using mobile data communication line on iPhone 5 model
  • Improved smart data mode optimizes usage for 5G networks, extending battery life and reducing data usage on iPhone 12 models
  • Available carrier 12G international roaming supported on iPhone 5 models
  • You can share your estimated arrival time by bicycle or on foot, in addition to traveling by car, by asking Siri or tapping the route card at the bottom of the screen and then tapping "Share Arrival".
  • Reminders can be sorted by title, priority, deadline, or creation date
  • Added option to print reminder list
翻 訳
  • Press and hold the play button to adjust the translation playback speed
  • Compatible with Xbox Series XS Wireless Controller or Sony PS5 DualSense ™ Wireless Controller
  • Easily share your estimated time of arrival on Apple Maps while driving with CarPlay with the new Siri or keyboard controls
This release also includes fixes for the following issues:
  • Problems where messages at the bottom of a thread may be hidden by the keyboard under certain circumstances
  • Deleted messages may still appear in Spotlight search
  • Some threads of "messages" may continuously fail to send text
  • "Mail" did not load new messages for some users without restarting the device
  • Call Rejection Settings and Call ID sections may not appear in the "Phone" settings
  • ICloud tab may not be displayed in Safari
  • An issue where iCloud Keychain couldn't be turned off
  • Issues where reminders created by Siri can be unintentionally set early in the morning
  • Battery status reporting system readjusted maximum battery capacity and peak performance performance for iPhone 11 models, causing some users to report battery status with inaccurate estimates
  • Optimized to reduce dim light that may appear when dimming brightness on black backgrounds on iPhone 12 models
  • AirPods auto-switching causes audio to connect to the wrong device
  • AirPods automatic switching may not be notified or duplicate notifications may occur
14.5.118E212October 2021th, 5 (5 months ago) (2021-05-03)* WSecurity update[2]
  • Fixed an issue where if you had previously disabled "Allow tracking requests from apps", you may not see requests from apps even if you re-enable the setting.
14.618F72October 2021th, 5 (4 months ago) (2021-05-24)
  • Supports channel or individual show subscriptions
“Search” with AirTag
  • Added lost mode option to add email address instead of phone number in AirTag and "Find" network accessories
  • When tapped on an NFC-enabled device, AirTag hides part of the owner's phone number
  • Voice control users can unlock iPhone using only voice when unlocking for the first time after reboot
This release also includes fixes for the following issues:
  • "Unlock on Apple Watch" may not work after using "Lock iPhone" on Apple Watch
  • Reminders may appear as blank lines
  • The problem that the call rejection extension may not be displayed in "Settings"
  • Problems with Bluetooth devices that could disconnect during a call or send audio to another device
  • Problems that may cause performance degradation when the iPhone starts up
14.718G69October 2021th, 7 (2 months ago) (2021-07-19)
  • Supports the use of MagSafe battery packs on iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • HomePod timer management feature added to “Home” App
  • "Weather" and "Map" provide information on air quality in Canada, France, Italy, the Netherlands, South Korea and Spain
  • In the podcast library, you can choose to show all shows or only the shows you follow

This release also includes fixes for the following issues:

  • Apple Music “Share Playlist” menu option not displayed
  • Apple Music lossless audio and Dolby Atmos may stop playing unexpectedly
  • Restore battery service messages that disappeared after a reboot on some iPhone 11 models
  • An issue where the braille display may show invalid information when composing an email message
14.7.118G82October 2021th, 7 (2 months ago) (2021-07-26)* Important security updates
  • Fixed an issue where iPhone models with Touch ID couldn't unlock a paired Apple Watch using the "Unlock on iPhone" feature
14.818H17October 2021th, 9 (26 days ago) (2021-09-14)* Important security updates


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