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🐈 | Shorenji Dainichido, Kashihara City Special release of the reclining Buddha with cats


Kashihara City Shorenji Dainichido Reclining Buddha with a cat Special release

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The reclining Buddha with cats that is handed down to the temple is said to have been donated by the Dan family about 280 years ago, and the cat was not drawn because the painter liked the cat or the Dan family asked for it. It is said that.

A special exhibition of a rare reclining Buddha depicting a cat has begun at Shorenji Dainichido in Kashihara City.Shorenji Dainichido is a curtain ... → Continue reading

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"Nara TV Broadcasting," a TV station in the ancient city of Nara, will provide you with the latest news about the prefecture, topics on the Great Buddha and deer, and information on delicious gourmet food.

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Reclining Buddha

Reclining BuddhaWhat is (Nehanbutsu)?Buddha ExterminationHow to doBuddha statueWhat was expressed as.寝仏[1],Buddha statue,Reclining statue[2]Also called, mainlyThailand OfBuddhismTempleYou can see it on the soles of your feet, and there are patterns on the soles of your feet that show your view of the universe.In addition, a painting depicting the state of Buddha's deathMapCalled (Nehanzu, Buddha's Reclining Buddha)[3].


Most of the images are pillows with the right hand or support for the head.Basically, the head is facing north and the face is facing west.This was later when the ordinary layman diedNorth pillowIt became the reason for being said.

In addition, the statue of Buddha includes the statue at birth, the statue at the time of penance,DemonThere are various types of statues, such as the statue of (Gouma, just before enlightenment) and the statue of the reclining Buddha, but they are roughly divided into three types: standing statues, sitting statues, and reclining Buddha statues.According to one theory, the statue is the figure before enlightenment during training, as represented by "The Buddha of Deyama", and the sitting statue is the figure when training and trying to enlighten (or immediately after opening). , And the reclining Buddha is said to reveal that he is about to die after preaching all the teachings.In addition, some reclining Buddhas have closed eyes and some have open eyes. The reclining Buddha with closed eyes is already extinct, and the reclining Buddha with open eyes gives the final preaching. It is said that it reveals the appearance of the reclining Buddha.

It is sometimes explained that he preached in the form of this reclining Buddha for one hour every night for 80 years from enlightenment to his death at the age of 45.


1988 ,SonyIs an in-house productCMIn the introduction of the Thai reclining Buddha statue (a Buddha statue that makes you imagine), "The use of the religious Buddha worshiped by the Buddhist country Thailand in commercial advertisements insults the feelings of devout Buddhas." ,Embassy of Thailand in TokyoAlthough protested through the program, Sony said, "The Buddha statue is just a mere statue and the misunderstanding is regrettable," but there is a history of canceling the broadcast.

Buddha reclining Buddha

The Buddha's reclining Buddha focuses on the extinction of Buddha, centered on the lying BuddhaBodhisattva,Rakan,Monk, The congregation, humans, and even animals surrounded Buddha and drew a mourning scene.Buddhist painting[3]..BuddhaMemorial memorial serviceToNirvanaIt was used at the time.JapanThen.Heian periodManufactured fromKoyasanKongofuji TempleThe collection is known as the oldest example.

The Buddha Reclining Buddha is included in many temples of all denominations, along with other Buddhist paintings depicting Buddha.Kamakura Period-Muromachi PeriodThere are also many examples of.In the latter half of KamakuraSong dynastyAffected by.

Temples and historic sites with the famous Reclining Buddha


Historic site

Famous reclining Buddha (nature)


  • Mount Aso(It is said that the view of Aso Godake from the north side of Aso Valley resembles a reclining Buddha)


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