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📱 | Amazing cost performance and high specs compared to stupid iPhone, "Xiaomi" smartphone thorough review

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Amazing cost performance & high specs compared to stupid iPhone, "Xiaomi" smartphone thorough review

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For example, LG Group, the fourth largest conglomerate in South Korea, has withdrawn from the smartphone business.

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi's breakthrough is unstoppable. In the global smartphone market for the April-June period of 2021, ... → Continue reading

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LG Group

LG Group(Korean: LG 그룹,LG Corporation) IsSouth Korea OfSeoul cityBased in multinationalZaibatsu companyIs.It is also the fourth largest conglomerate in South Korea.Mainly manufactures electronic devices, chemical products, and communication products. As of 4, it has 2020 employees in 128 countries.[1][2]

In Japan, LG has a strong image of electronic devices, but it is known as the largest chemical manufacturer in South Korea.In recent years, we have been focusing on EVs and boast the world's top share (January-March 2020) in the field of in-vehicle batteries.[3].

Once "Lucky Venus[4]"Group" is a trademark of "Lucky", which is an acronym for "Lucky", and "Venus", which is a Korean Romanization (Geumseong) and an English translation for the overseas market of electrical appliances. GOLDSTAR The acronym G was taken to become "LG".Nowadays, even outside Korea, it is known as "LG", and for overseas, it is next to the logo.Life's GoodIs added.

The group as a whole had established relationships with Japanese companies in a wide range of fields.Typical technical alliances and joint ventures areNEC(Venus Electric),Alps Electric(Venus parts),Fuji Electric(Venus communication / Venus vending machine),Hitachi, Ltd.,Dainippon Screen..Among them, the alliance with Hitachi, which began in the 1960s, is deep in home appliances, semiconductors, elevators, electric wires, etc.

In 2005, several departments were separated. LG Cable, LG Production, etc. are separatedLS group..And GS25 in the convenience department, GS Caltex in the essential oil department, GS home shopping, GS construction, etc.GS groupIt was reorganized as.The three groups are still in a partnership even after the separation.

Established in 2021 by separating LG Trading, LG Hausys and Pantos.

Also of soccerPremier LeagueBelongs toFulham FCWas a uniform sponsor of.

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