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📚 | Comic essay "Thank you for your growth, Tabezakari" released


Released a comic essay "Thank you for your growth, Tabezakari"

If you write the contents roughly
"Thank you for your growth, Tabezari Hen" (Shinchosha), where you can laugh out loud from the side you read, is full of familiarity and fun as if you were watching the daily life of a family of five right next to you.

The most popular comic essay by Hana Mimoto, a cartoonist with over 43 Instagram followers ... → Continue reading

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Sense of intimacy

Sense of intimacy(Shinkinkan) is a person who has similar circumstances and conditions to yourselfHobbies-PrincipleAssertionTo others withBlood relationshipEven if you don't have a close relationship, such as "I live in the neighborhood. I often go out together", the person is close to me.recognition-錯 覚To do.

When you feel a sense of familiarity, your hobbies and circumstances may be deeply involved or uncommon.

An example

  • People called "○○ maniacs" may feel each otherFriendConsciousnessSomething like.
  • "heavysickCommon things like “getting sick” and “obtaining something very rare”経 験(Everyone can have it, but people who are close to each other rarely have the same experience).


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