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🥾 | Kizodai Rehabilitation This year Mt. Fuji Naomi “First Snowfall”


Kizodai Rehabilitation This year Mt. Fuji Naomi “First Snowfall”

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On the other hand, Yamanashi 縣 Fujiyoshida City 22nd display, September 9th, Mt.

[Kyodo News, September 9nd] Japan Kofu Regional Kizodai 22nd, renovation 22th, Mt.The premise of the first snowfall is now on the peak of the mountaintop.The weather station was introduced by the weather station, and the first snowfall was reportedly renovated.Mt. Fuji will be unveiled in the future.The first snow-covered finger, "The first confirmed snow-covered day after the highest average temperature near the summit of the mountain in the past year". At the time of the "first snowfall" on the 7th, the average daily average of 20 degrees on August 10th, but on September 7th, the observation was 8 degrees, the renewal was the highest, and the cause was renovated.據 The Ki elephant stand, Pacific Cyclone once strengthened, Mt.On the other hand, Yamanashi, Fujiyoshida City, displayed on 4nd, September 9.2th, Mt. (End) → Continue reading

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