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👩‍🎤 | Popular voice actor Shintaro Asanuma releases a second photobook with the theme "If a movie director shoots himself"


Popular voice actor Shintaro Asanuma releases a second photo collection with the theme "If the movie director shoots himself"

If you write the contents roughly
A book that challenged from the perspective of "if a respected movie director shoots himself".

XNUMXnd photo book of popular voice actor Shintaro Asanuma (XNUMX) who appears in "Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger" and "Hypnosismic" ... → Continue reading


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Film director

Film director(Eikan Kanto, film director)moviesThe person in charge of video production and production.


In generalProductionIt is,producerHas the highest authority and has the authority and responsibility to plan movies, select funders, decide the flow and distribution of funds, select screenwriters, directors, actors, distribution destinations, etc. Considered No. 1 above. On the other hand, a film director is a person who is selected as a director by a producer, has a contract, and is responsible for producing a certain video. Often regarded as No. 2 from the perspective of filmmaking authority[Note 1].. However, when the film is released, the names of directors and cast actors become an important factor in audience mobilization.

However, the role is so important that movie critics say that a movie is a director's thing, and the production site has various authority to unify the whole work.[Note 2]

"Film director" is for theatermoviesIt often means only the director of a (dramatic movie) or a group of works shot on film, but also for TV shows and video works.directed by"Or"DirectorThe term "" is used, and since there is no big difference in the job contents of "movie director" and "director (of a TV program or video work)", there is a big difference, so this article deals with both.

Details: Scope of supervision

The basic responsibility of the film director is “quality control as a movie work”. "Planning (deciding what kind of movie to make)", "Production (Procurement of production costAnd management, selling of works etc.)" is basicallyproducerIs the job, not the original responsibility of the type of director (however, the director may also be the producer).

However, sometimes the director is in charge of multiple duties in creating the work,script"Or"EditIn many cases, Also, depending on the director,musicianIn some cases, he is also serving concurrently. However, due to various economic reasons and other reasons, it is difficult for directors who mainly work in commercial films to perfect their ideal films. It can be said that the negotiating technique to bring it closer to the ideal is an important quality for the director.

Also, many staff members may be involved in making a video work. It is also an important task of the director to formulate the ideas of each specialized staff member, to examine the ideas, and to decide whether to adopt or reject them.

Director practice

In the case of feature films

The work of the director is completedscriptIt starts after receiving (the work such as participating in discussions to complete the script before that occurs, but basically until the script is completed,WriterWork). However, the director himself often writes the script. Also, by putting a hand in the completed script, as a result, as a joint script with the scriptwriterBe creditedIn some cases, credit may not be given even if the director is working.

  1. Casting.. Be involved in what role and what actor to assign. HoweverProtagonistClassAn actorIt is,producerIn some cases, it has already been decided, and in that case, basically the actor specified by the producer has no choice but to proceed. In some cases, a casting producer may be assigned to the casting manager, and the director may not decide all castings.However, it is common to ask for some kind of opinion when making a decision. is there.
  2. location hunting.. Decide where to shoot.
  3. Costume matching.. Costumes worn by each actor and held in each scenePropsEtc. will be decided. Since the aesthetic sense of the director is reflected in a straight line, the final decision right lies with the director. In addition, the position of the camera, lighting method, how to assemble the set, etc. will change depending on the costume of each person, so the chief staff of each department will also participate. Therefore, this is often the de facto "first meeting" between the actor and each staff member.
  4. photograph.. to manage. Determine the camera position (shooting location), angle of view, and how the camera moves to finalize the design. To actorsactingGive guidance. After confirming the movement during shooting, judge OK/NG (If NG, repeat the same shot and shoot. Shooting is also called "take", but "take ○" (○ Is called a number)). In the case of Japanese TV, it is common for the director to signal "3, 2, 1, cue" when entering the production, but in the movie, following the director's "Yoi",assistant directorAnd the assistants in each department reiterated, "This is good!" (this is also to spread the command to all staff and cast), and then the assistant director along with the director's "start" and "action"ClapperboardSound and go into production. After that, it is the same for both TV and movies, and the action progresses to the scheduled part, or at the moment when the NG action appears, yelling "cut!" and stop shooting. If not NG,ScripterAfter consulting with (script supervisors) and others, if there is no problem, then “OK” and proceed to the next shooting.
  5. Edit.. Extract what you need from the images you are taking and connect them. Decide how to connect images to each other.Music,Sound effectDecide whether or not to attach, and if so, how to attach. Depending on the director, when a simple instruction is given to the editor in charge and the editor is in charge, the editor may be the operator as a whole. In some cases, like in the United States, the producer is involved in editing and the director does not have editing rights.

For documentary movies

For documentary films, the difference in the division of work is less obvious than for a feature film (less obvious or undiscoverable).

In many cases, a director of a documentary film has a "planning" in addition to his duties as a director because of the fact that the budget is small and the number of staff is small in many cases, and it is often necessary to make decisions on the spot. I have no choice but to concurrently work as "research" and "interviewer" (I often work as "photographer" as well, and on the contrary, "carrying baggage" is also considered to be a task that the director should naturally share. There are some sites). In the case of a documentary film director, there is a structural difference in that the director has overall responsibility across several indivisible professions, rather than having more authority.

Director's work style

The style of director's work varies from person to person. In addition, there are various customs at the shooting site that vary depending on the country or cultural area, and in that sense, the differences are large. Ultimately, the only task of the director is to "make a good work (within the range of conditions)". Regarding the way of performing the work of the director, there is a standard stone There is nothing that can be called. The Danish National Film School is helping students broadcast their diploma films on public Danish broadcasts.[1].. Although making videos of movies are relatively easy to obtain, it can be seen that each person has created a video of their work by making various efforts. It can be said that comparing them is one of the pleasures of movies.


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注 釈

  1. ^ If a producer dislikes the director during the production of the film, it is possible that the director may be dismissed and replaced with another director during the production. These things happen from time to time in Hollywood, the United States, and the British movie industry.
  2. ^ However, a movie is a comprehensive art by a group of creators, and for example, hundreds of people are involved in the production of commercial movies, and when strictly studying and analyzing movies as arts, they are called “producers”. In addition to directors and producers, it is possible that the entire production and creation staff, including camera, lighting, voice, makeup, special effects, costumes, and other responsible persons and actors, can fall under this category.


  1. ^ "About the school". .As of August 2013, 5オ リ ジ ナ ルMore archives.October 2013th, 3Browse. “The students' final project is a film produced on a professional level and presented to the public on national TV.”

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