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🐈 | Come on, use NITORI's high-performance pillows! → The topic of sadness cartoons that cannot be used because they are occupied by cats

Photo courtesy of Taro Neko

Now, let's use NITORI's high-performance pillow! → The topic of sadness cartoons that cannot be used because they are occupied by cats

If you write the contents roughly
Currently, up to 6 volumes of the manga "Catulus Syndrome" are on sale.

"Pillow that can be adjusted in 10 places" released by NITORI.As the name suggests, you can adjust the height of 10 places, well ... → Continue reading

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Catulus Syndrome

"Catulus Syndrome』(Katorusu Shindrome) depends onJapan OfDaily DepartmentcomedyComic..Web comic distribution site operated by Comic Smart "GANMA!』, Serialized from October 2017, 10, completed on February 30, 2021.Also, the book isIchijinshaPublished by.4th"Next Coming Manga AwardOne of the 50 works nominated for the Web Manga category[1].


A disease of unknown cause that develops in girls aged 0 to 12 and turns into a cat girlCat girlShirakabuki, who is ill, becomes a friend of her cat-like classmate Riko Ayano in high school, and her grandfather serves as the store manager.Cat cafeI will work part-time at.


The voice actor is from the "GANMA! X Monster Strike Transcendence Appreciation Tap Festival" Black Award "Animate your favorite scenes of your favorite works"[2]

Nekotamari (former cat cafe Ayano)

Yuki Shirakaba
voice-Yui Ogura

【birthdayMay 3】

Sakanoue High School 1st year.
Turkish AngoraCongenital cat girl.With gray hairOdd EyeSchool girls.
NegativeCommunication disorderThere is a slight part.I got acquainted with Riko in high school and decided to work part-time at a cat cafe Ayano.Good at English conversation, hobby war systemFPSThen, I have a voice chat conversation with a clan member of an overseas server. FPS skill is considerable, and the members call him a "boss".
2019nd place in the cross-work voting event "GANMA! General Election 8" where the final result was announced on August 31, 2019.GANMA! 5Selected as one of the (supporting ambassadors).
Riko Ayano
voice-Kaya Okuno

【birthdayMay 8】

Sakanoue High School 1st year.
Helping Ayano, a cat cafe run by my grandfatherBodhisattvaA school girl who looks like a natural cat with a smile.Snow classmate.
He lost his parents when he was young and lives with his grandfather.Because of the constitution that cats like, at the entrance ceremony, all the cats that spoke to me while attending school came along, and I was late with a large number of cats sticking together.
Yoneda Kozue

【birthdayMay 4】

Sakanoue High School 2st year.
With Riko's childhood friendAmerican shorthairNekomusume.I'm working part-time at a cat cafe Ayano.The first person is me.
With a cheerful and lively personality, you can easily get along with anyone.Boyish and quite popular.An athletic club that can become an ace even in the track and field club.
Mimika Taruyama

【birthdayMay 9】

Scottish FoldThe fluffy young lady of Neko Musume.
Coffee shop Ayano'sOwnerGranddaughter.Later, I will transfer to this class.
At first sight, she fell in love with her cat and begged her to become her cat, but she refused and decided to work at the coffee shop Ayano to be on her side.
The house is very rich, and he uses the sixth of nine requests in his lifetime for his grandmother who tried to buy the cat cafe Ayano, and blocks it on the condition that he attracts 9 times more customers in a week.After that, when the conditions were met, my grandmother ordered me to run the coffee shop Ayano as a manager.
For some reason, I know a word that Satoko uses that doesn't make sense.
Marron / Oguri

【birthdayMay 12】

Sakanoue High School 2st year.
SomaliFormer @home cafeMaid..I usually hide the fact that I am a cat girl.The name below is not revealed in the work.
At first glance, it seems that you can do anything with dexterity, but in reality, it is a hidden ponkotsu that is clumsy and has been practicing repeatedly to cover it.He is often expressionless, but some customers come to see her as a healing.
He longs for hitomi and owns a book called hitomi pictorial book.
She also works as a model for the fashion magazine "Nyan Nyan".

@Home cafe

A maid cafe's specialty, "Delicious ♡", a loving developer and active maid president.Forever 17 years old.
Kitty Jones
High school third grader
An innocent and free-spirited American cat girl.I was forced to follow my father's transfer to Japan.I'm studying Japanese, and English is often mixed in conversation.His father is one of the snow clan members.
I like clothes and started working at @home cafe because of the cuteness of my uniform.

Chanoir Magic Academy

Anya / Anna Kurumizawa
The young lady of Kotozawa General Hospital.I got acquainted with Mimika through a connection with a young lady.
Oguri was a friend of mine when he was in elementary school, and he calls him "Anya-chan" and "Maron".
Giant Moe
Maine CoonNekomusume.Kendo club.He has a sword on his waist and speaks like a samurai.I live in the same dormitory room as Satoko.
It's a hidden nature, and the "Ikemen na gesture" at the store was taught by Satoko.There is also one side that he likes cats.
Satoko Inui
RagdollNekomusume.He lives in the same dormitory room as Moe and does all the housework.
He is smart and dexterous, such as hitting his own ball against a ball thrown by another person at a ball case at a neighborhood athletic meet and putting it in a basket.On the other hand, he has a rather sloppy personality, such as using unclear words and talking about appropriate things.
Sentence here (Kazari here)
American curlNekomusume.Nene's twin sister.In Chanoir, the setting is a small devil.
Using the Kansai dialect, he is the only member of Chanoir to play the role of Tsukkomi.
Sentence (Kazari Nene)
American curlNekomusume.Twin sisters here.In Chanoir, the setting is an angel.I like laughter.
Although he does not speak any words, he can talk with his family without exchanging words.

Other characters

MunchkinNekomusume, for NekomusumechokerActinidia polygamacolonThe genius inventor who made such things.The real name has not been revealed.
It looks like a little girl but is an adultOld manTo use.
He has a strong curiosity about inventions and often makes things that seem to be a waste of technology.In addition, he sometimes comes up with dangerous ideas, such as wanting to dissect when the snow is turned into a half-cat, but he seems to think that it is normal.

the term

Catulus Syndrome (Catulus Syndrome)
A disease of unknown cause, mainly in girls aged 0 to 12 who suddenly become "nekomusume".The affected person depends on the cat breedCat earsA tail grows, and there is a very high probability that the girl will be thrilled.
Congenital nekomusume is extremely rare, and symptoms appear in the color of hair and eyes, and the habit of cats is stronger than that of normal nekomusume.
Catification attack
Panic symptom that the cat girl becomes a complete cat.It is possible to talk with a cat when it becomes a cat.The clothes I wear are left behind during a seizure, but they are provided by the government.chokerUnderwear for Nekomusume is coming out from.By using "Matatabi Colon", which is prescribed in regular examinations, it is possible to intentionally turn into a cat.

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