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🥾 | Escape from the closed room in the snowy mountains x Werewolf murder << Project Winter >> Currently landing PS4 / Switch!


Escape from a closed room in a snowy mountain x Werewolf murder << Project Winter >> Currently landing PS4 / Switch!

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Project Winter Escape from a closed room x murder of a wolf.

Yu Other Ocean Interactive Open-minded werewolf action play "Project Winter" already September 2021, 9 (star period 16) landing PlayStation 4 Japanese Nintendo Switch. Project Winter: Project Winter: Escape from a closed room x wolf murder, up to 8 people at the same time.A Japanese gamer who is a resident of the gamer gamer.Escape from the exchange of gamers and other gamers. Dangerous snowy mountains. (Among Us) Project Winter Special Werewolf Action Game Japanese Closed Room Escape Game.Werewolf murderous part required Mutual assistance or misleading escape Dangerous snowy mountain, closed room escape Partial rule required Secured snowy mountain top Project Winter Yuta Individual Flatbed Edition, Nintendo Switch / PS4 / PC (Steam / Microsoft Store) / Xbox One Ya Can Toy.Currently discontinued Steam version Nogaito Can cross-platform (Steam version of the future support cross-platform). PlayStation 4 version Currently available Project Winter store page below.This playable PS5 upper toy, but for a certain trivial merit only PS4. Nintendo Switch version Can be on the Project Winter store page (My Nintendo Store). © 2019 Other Ocean Group Inc. → Continue reading

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Project Winter

Closed room escape x wolf


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