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📷 | Marine Park closed, introduction of photos of citizens' memories Saikaya Yokosuka store

Photographs "Thank you! Aburatsubo Marine Park Photo Exhibition" = Saikaya Yokosuka store that introduces memories of Marine Park with photos and episodes

Marine Park closed, introduction of memories of citizens Saikaya Yokosuka store

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The photo exhibition will be held from November 11st to 1th at the special exhibition floor of Keikyu Aburatsubo Marine Park (until 29 pm).

"Thank you! Oil ..." to introduce the memories of Keikyu Aburatsubo Marine Park (Koajiro, Misakimachi, Miura City, Kanagawa Prefecture), which will close at the end of this month. → Continue reading

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Keikyu Aburatsubo Marine Park

Keikyu Aburatsubo Marine Park(Keikyu Aburatsubo Marine Park)KanagawaMiuraOil potWas thereKeikyu Corporation100% ownedKeikyu Group OfaquariumIs.Due to the aging of buildings and equipment, etc.2021 (Reiwa 3rd year) Closed on September 9th.


In the 3rd 5-year plan, Keikyu stated that "Aburatsubo unique aquarium," as one of the projects commemorating the 70th anniversary of its founding.温室,Observation towerAnd so onMiura PeninsulaThe concept of Keikyu Aburatsubo Marine Park, which aims to be a "sightseeing base for tourists"1967 (Showa 42) Start in April[4].

About the construction siteYokosukaMoved to Nagasaka 1-chomeKanagawa Prefectural Misaki Fisheries High School(Current:Kanagawa Prefectural Marine Science High School) Keikyu works on Kanagawa prefecture because the site is suitable, but the prefecture covers about 4 square meters of this high school site.parkWe are proceeding with the concept ofPetitionIt wasn't accepted easily[5].. "VenerableFisheries High SchoolBecause it is the site ofJapanIf you build the best aquarium in the Orient, you can be convinced as a prefecture. "Governor of Kanagawa PrefectureWas in the position of[5]..So KeikyuIchthyology OfauthorityMetYasuo SuehiroTokyo UniversityHonorary professorWhen he requested a field survey, he said, "I can build an ideal aquarium here."We hope that Suehiro will also participate in the planning of the aquarium, and after the opening,curatorPrepared to be undertaken[5], After repeated negotiations with the prefecture, "SuehiroDoctorThere is no doubt if he can take over the director, "and finally the sale of the former high school site was decided.[5].


Investing a total construction cost of about 10 billion yen,1968 (Showa 43) The Aburatsubo Marine Park, which was opened to the public the next day after the completion ceremony was held on April 4,[2],Daiken SekkeiPartially designed by 3 storiesReinforced concrete[6][5]..Many traditional aquariums are diverseFishAnd rare fish exhibition博物馆Whereas it was a typical form, the Aburatsubo Marine Park took the form of a special ecological aquarium so that fish could be observed accurately in their natural ecology, and fishsenseWith sharpnessConditioned reflexVariousショーIntroduced a completely new way of thinking to make it look tailored[5]..In addition, 3 square meterssite TheGardenAs a groundPalm,Cycad,bananaTropical plants such as these were planted, and a play facility for children was set up in one corner.[2].

Held a fun ocean expo

Okinawa OfReturn to mainlandAs part of the commemorative project1975 (Showa 50)Okinawa International Ocean ExpoWhen it is decided to holdPR"Fun Kaiyohaku", which also serves as an activity,1973 (Showa 48) Held at Aburatsubo Marine Park for 4 months from April 29th to October 10st[2]..In addition to the main aquariumPavilionTwo new buildings will be built, and the three exhibition halls will be developed in the same way as the planning and composition of the Okinawa Kaiyo Expo, outdoors.stage,bazaarSet up an opening etc.[7]..The number of visitors during the period was 82, which was a great success as a promotion event for the Okinawa Kaiyo Expo two years later.[7].

Fantastic Open

Based on the facility expansion plan newly formulated before the 10th anniversary of the opening, it is the first indoor show pool building in Japan that was constructed with a total construction cost of about 80 billion yen as part of the Keikyu 20th anniversary commemorative project.1981 (Showa 56) Open to the public from October 10th[8]..With 2 basement floors and 2 floors above ground, "with peopleDolphinWith the theme of "contact," using light, sound, and water, dolphins andSea lionShow will be unfolded by[9].

Daikaiyu aquarium

1986 (Showa 61)Golden weekA large excursion on the 2nd floor of the aquarium with the aim of completing the previousAquarium Ofガ ラ スReplacement work was done[9]..By this replacement, the surface of the migratory aquarium, which used to be 36, has become 12 and the feeling of width and power has increased three times.In addition, the marine telephone, which allows visitors to talk to the marine girl in the aquarium, became popular along with the Fantastic Show.[9]..In addition, from October 10th, it will be the first time in the world that we have been conducting research.freshwater-seawaterThe same aquarium is open to the public[8],2008 (20) The renewal was carried out again on April 4th.

Newly established rocky shore biological aquarium

At the entrance of the main aquariumBeachSo that you can get familiar with the creatures1993 (5) Newly established on March 3th.The shape of the aquarium faithfully follows the company crest of Aburatsubo Marine ParkDesignThe whole is tilted forward by 15 degrees so that the shape is easy to see.[10].

Miura DSW

Keikyu2001 (13) in AugustDeep ocean waterMiura DSW, the first private company to supply water to[11]"Aburatsubo Marine ParksubsidiaryEstablished as.He emphasized that the water sampling area is close to Tokyo and has an advantage in transportation.Miura Deep Sea Water"brandLocal agricultural productsDrinking water such asFoodOf courseKeikyu GroupBathing facility ([12]-Heiwajima Kurhaus)ofSpaSubstitute forsourceIt was decided to utilize it.

But,YaizuWater intake about 10 times that of productionCostProfitability problems and facilities installed on the premisesSalt damageDue to premature aging[13],2008 (20) Keikyu on September 9thboard of directorsThe end of business at the end of March of the following yearresolutionAndDissolutionIt became.As a result,Listed companyKeikyu isConsolidated balance sheetApproximately 6 million yen was recorded on a base.

DS Wonder → Miura Nature Museum

Also in the oil pot marine parkDeep ocean waterUsedDeep sea creaturesThe equipment "DS Wonder" was set up to display the2009 (21) Closed around January.The site was renovated and became the "Miura Nature Museum" in March.

Otter forest

Miura DSW's water intake facilityTransferThe destination is undecidedProperty taxDue to the asset assessment of the company, it was required to remove it within half a year after the business was closed, so all the equipment was removed by the end of September.In part of the siteGrooveAfter being planted2010 Construction of a new facility has been promoted since (22), and "Otter Forest" was opened on July 7th.

The otter forestLittle otter(7 animals)フ ク ロ ウ(2 animals) etc.East Asia(熱 帯) And the creatures that live inGeckoSuch asreptilesAnd, like the Miura Nature Museum, it has a connection with Kanagawa Prefecture.River fishIt is a facility for outdoor exhibitions on ponds and fields that have been artificially reproduced.


Known as a relatively large aquarium when it first opened, it is popular as a "circus aquarium" that shows the sensation of fish in a tricky way, and always pursues the relationship between the sea and people.research InstituteAlso fulfills the function as[10],Sagami BayOf rare species captured inshark"Megamouth Shark"Tokyo BayFound in "Giant squidAcademic dissection was also performed[1][14].. in additionOverseasWe are developing various activities such as welcoming trainees from Japan, training for domestic groups, holding summer schools, etc.[10], Near1886 Established in (Meiji 19)Tokyo UniversityMisaki Marine Biological StationIs jointly with the prefectureRareAnimal'sDNAJudgments were made, and there was interaction between the aquarium staff and researchers at Doshisha University.[15].

The surrounding natural environment is relatively well preserved and is nearbyKoamishiro ForestIs designated as a valuable green space with a catchment ecosystem.On the premises2018 From (30)Boring surveyWas carried out and the hot spring was successfully excavated.Oil pot hot springAs "Hotel Keikyu Oil Pot Kanchoso" in the adjacent land and "" in Yokosuka CityKannonzaki Keikyu HotelStarted operation[16].

ButYokohama / Hakkeijima Sea Paradise(1993 years),New Enoshima Aquarium(2004) and other competing new and large aquariums opened in the prefecture, and moreJogashima~ A regular sightseeing boat between Aburatsubo2007 It was abolished in December (19)2019 (31 / first year of Reiwa) The number of visitors dropped to 26.[1]..In addition, Keikyu said that the buildings and equipment were aging and it became difficult to maintain them anymore.2021 (Reiwa 3rd year) The Aburatsubo Marine Park was closed on September 9th.[17]..Approximately 400 kinds of 4000 creatures in the hall were transferred[15], The site is2025 Aiming for around (7th year of Reiwa), a major companyDeveloperWill consider developing a stay base in collaboration with[18].

Main facilities and breeding exhibition contents, etc.

  • Indoor Grand Ocean Theater "Fantasium"- Is it-あ し かshow.Musical drama tailoring.Bottlenose dolphin,California sea lion,South American sea lion
  • Aquarium "FishCountry "-Fish feeding and fish show.Mega mouseTaxidermy exhibition.Sturgeon, MiuraMedakaな ど
  • Daikaiyu Aquarium "Sea of ​​Donuts"- Sawfish,Sand tiger shark, Only in HonshuGreat white sharkand so on.2008 (20) It was reopened on April 4th.
  • Sea lion island- California sea lion(Harem-colony) Is on display breeding
  • Miura Nature Museum
  • Pool of mosquitoes-in a conical poolBottlenose dolphin2 breeding
  • Penguins Island-Penguins feeding.Rockhopper penguin
  • Touch pool-smallshark,Sea anemoneExhibit etc.
  • Deep ocean waterRestaurants"Log Terrace"
  • BBQ house
  • Playground
  • Marine House-Rest House / Observatory
  • Nagisa's Zoo Kiss- 2010 (22) Paid operation that has been in operation since AprilMobile zoo.Capybara,PonyBreeding
  • Marine Stage-Outdoor Special Stage
  • Marine shop-gift shop.Made from penguins feathersstrapな ど
  • Preservation vehicle-Deha 249 and Deha 250 were statically preserved in a formed state,1988 It does not exist because it was removed and dismantled in (63).
  • Suizokukan Gakuen-Participatory planning.It may be implemented only on the designated date.
  • Otter Forest-Three males and four females are bred in the three breeding facilities of "Otter Playground," "Otter Family," and "Otter Classroom."
  • Dog Run-There are two locations, one for large dogs (small dogs are acceptable depending on the time of day) and one for small dogs.
  • Seal Pool-A donut-shaped pool with harbor seals (1 male and 2 females).

Breeding / Research

Rockhopper penguin Eudyptes chrysocome moseleyi Succeeded in breeding for two generations in captivity,Japan Zoo Aquarium Association OfKoga AwardThe2005 Received the award in (17).

Relationship with the imperial family

catfishDoing research such asAkishinomiya FumihitoBut,1985 When he visited the museum with the Crown Prince and his wife (at that time) in December (60), Prince FumihitoNoriko KawashimaIntroduced to parents[19].engagementThe two officially decided1989 (Heisei 9) When I visited Aburatsubo Marine Park, a place of memories, on September 22,MediaEach companyRoyalA dateWas reported extensively[19].1990 (2) Broadcast just before marriage on June 6TV AsahiSystemMusic StationThen, Aburatsubo Marine Park was introduced as a place of memories for the two, and four dolphins were co-starred when the performers performed their songs.Prince Fumihito, the first director of the museum, died.1988 By about (63), I had visited Aburatsubo several times.

Besides, in the imperial familyTakamatsunomiya-KikukoAttended the opening ceremony[7],Emperor Showa-Empress Kasumi,Hitachigu-HanakoIs also visiting[19].


At the time of openingKeikyu Kurihama LineMisakiguchi StationからKeikyu Express BusThere was a service bound for "Keikyu Aburatsubo Marine Park".2017 (29) An extension of the route that was bound for "Aburatsubo" until May 5[20][21]..With the closing of the museum, this stop was abolished, and the routes that had arrived and departed were shortened to "Aburatsubo" again.[22].

OnceKeikyu Kurihama LineTo Aburatsubo StationExtension planExisted.


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