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📷 | One-day photo exhibition to know the current situation in Myanmar


One-day photo exhibition to know the current situation in Myanmar

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The photo exhibition is open at Sakurazaka Theater until 24 pm on the 6th.

A one-day photo exhibition is being held in Naha City on the XNUMXth to convey the current situation in Myanmar, where the military coup continues to crack down on citizens ... → Continue reading

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Sakurazaka Theater

Sakurazaka Theater(Sakura Zakagekijo) isOkinawaNahaExist inMovie theater..With the movie directorYuji NakaeIt is operated by "Crank Co., Ltd.", which was established by.mainlyMini theaterIt mainly screens works that are suitable for the film, and also holds various events such as live music.


Its predecessor was the playhouse "Coral", which opened in 1952. Transformed into a movie theater in 1953 and renamed "Sakurazaka Ryueikan" [1].. November 1986, 11 Renewal as "Sakurazaka Cinecon Ryuei".mainlyShochiku,ToeiIt was open on 3 screens (Scalar, Roxy, Kirinkan), mainly for related works, but closed on April 2005, 4. 2005 On July 7, the name was changed to the current building name and it was reborn in a developmental manner.


  • Theater-In addition to film screenings, live concerts and events are also held.
  • Hall A: 291 seats
  • Hall B: 100 seats
  • Hall C: 85 seats
  • Calf House-A shop in the Sakurazaka Theater that sells used books, miscellaneous goods, and Okinawa crafts (August 2010-).Formerly a bookstore and general store PANA (8-).
  • Sangoza Kitchen-Cafe.Live concerts are also held on the terrace.

Sakurazaka Citizen's University

A hands-on workshop run by Sakurazaka Theater. Basically, 1 times in 9 term, medium term (5 to 8 times in total) and short term (1 to 4 times in total). The 2018th term is counted in the April-June period of 4.

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