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📱 | Room light "KR02" that allows you to charge your smartphone wirelessly.This is the one who wants one by one!


Room light "KR02" that allows wireless charging of smartphones.This is the one who wants one by one!

For a relaxing time before going to bed, mess up with your smartphone's charging cable.It's stress, isn't it? "KR02" is ... → Continue reading


"Bouncy" is a new age video media that delivers cutting-edge information that shows the future lifestyle in a format that is easy to see on smartphones. Tomorrow, 10 years later, or 100 years later. Every day, we will deliver various events that shape our future with easy-to-understand videos from the editorial department's perspective. I hope that it will be a small opportunity for someone to think about the future, move their hands to realize their dreams, and take that step.

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