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👩‍🎤 | Includes 26Jino Masquerade, 1 night 2 days location, solo project, long interview, etc.!5th Anniversary of Formation Oh ...

Photo "26Jino Masquerade Official Book (Tentative)" (published by Tokyo News Service)

Includes 26Jino Masquerade, 1 night 2 days location, solo project, long interview, etc.!5th Anniversary of Formation Oh ...

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* Sale of products with benefits and limited editions will end as soon as the stock runs out.

26Jino Masquerade will release "10Jino Masquerade Official Book (tentative)" on October 26th (Tuesday) ... → Continue reading


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Limited edition

Limited editionWhat is (gentaiban)?CD,DVD,Blu-ray DiscFor example, a product (product) that is released in a limited quantity and period. "LimitedVersionIs often written.

In this section, "○○Board].


The difference from the normal product (regular edition) varies depending on the product. A typical one is "Disc jacketAnd the specifications of the special package" "Bonus such as bonus CDs, DVDs and BDs are included". In this case, since the cost is higher than that of normal production, it is mostly sold at a higher price than the regular edition. There are many cases where such limited benefits are mainly given at the first time of production, and such products are referred to as “first edition board”, “first edition limited board”, “first production board”, “first production limited board”, “first press board”, etc. Is called. There is also a "limited-time limited edition," in which a limited period of time is given to production and sales to grant limited benefits. However, there are some products that offer special benefits even on the regular edition. Depending on the work, there are limited editions such as "First edition limited edition A" and "First edition limited edition B" that have been changed.

Besides this, after the first shipment and the second shipmentcut,mixingFor example, it may be a limited edition due to the fact that the video and audio are different only for the first time. Also the old generationStandard disputeIt may be released for a limited number or period of time for media and game hardware whose production of hardware has been discontinued due to the defeat.

In Western music released in Japan, there are cases where it is sold at a lower price than usual as a limited time edition from the initial release.

Depending on the popularity and rarity of the product, it may be traded at a high price.

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