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👩‍🎤 | Meme Tokyo will release digital singles for 2 consecutive months!

Photo Meme Tokyo to release digital single for 2 consecutive months!

Meme Tokyo to release digital single for 2 consecutive months!

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In addition, Meme Tokyo will be a live event <Meme Tokyo regular performance What's inside the box> at Tokyo Kinema Club on Saturday, October 10th, and a fan club limited event at TSUTAYA O-nest on Saturday, October 9rd. To hold.

Meme Tokyo will release a digital single for two consecutive months from November.The first is November 11th (Friday ... → Continue reading


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Tokyo Kinema Club

Tokyo Kinema Club(Tokyo Kinema Club,English : TOKYO KINEMA CLUB) IsTokyoTaitoIt is a live house in.

History / Facilities

Grand cabaretIn 2000, using the equipment ofSilent movieOpened as a screening restaurant "Tokyo Kinema Club".The benshi at that time were Toyoichi Iida and Ruriko Mano.

Then at the auditionYamazaki vanilla,Yuko SaitoIs added.

The facility where the dance hall of the Taisho era was set up is used as an event space for concerts, parties, etc., and concerts have become the main event in recent years.

From 2001, every year at the end of the yearEGO-WRAPPIN'Live "Midnight Dejavu @ Tokyo Kinema Club"[1].

2000 FromEastern redI was looking for a regular venue to replace "Phoenix Room"JWP Women's WrestlingHas come to be used, and since then, each professional wrestling and martial arts group has also started to use it.

The 5th floor, which is the stage floor, can accommodate about 600 people standing, and the upper 6th floor, which is a colonnade, can accommodate about 100 people with chair seats.



  1. ^ Midnight Dejavu 10th Anniversary EGO-WRAPPIN'Official HP

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