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🐈 | South Korean President Moon suggests ban on dog meat eating declining demand


South Korean President Moon suggests ban on dog meat eating declining demand

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Governor Lee Jae-myung of Gyeonggi-do, a leading candidate, also spoke about dog meat at a political rally.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in has suggested that dogs may be banned from eating food nationwide on the 28th.In Korea ... → Continue reading


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Gyeonggi-do(Gyeonggi-do, Keiki-do,Korea: 경기도) IsSouth KoreaNorthwestKorean PeninsulaIn an administrative district located in the MidwestKorea HachidoInGyeonggi-doFromSeoul Special CityとIncheon,as well asDPR KoreaExcludes the scope of governance ofRegion.Location TheSuwon..WestYellow seaFacing.

1945 North-south division and1950 - 1953 OfKorean WarGyeonggi Province was divided by.Of North Korea in Gyeonggi ProvinceEffective dominationRegarding the areas below, North Korea has not established an administrative district in Gyeonggi Province and is currentlyGaeseong Special CityAnd govern as part of the surrounding roads (Later).

The population isSeoul Special CityMore and more, it is the most populous regional government in Korea.Seoul, the capitalCapital) And port townIncheonIt is an area that has prospered by connecting[2].

In addition, North Korea, along with South Korea, has a territory of the entire Korean Peninsula under the Constitution, so it does not recognize Seoul Special City.Seoul City, Gyeonggi ProvinceAnd

History of Gyeonggi Province

Gyeonggi ProvinceB.C.18 years,Mikuni periodIt was a very politically important place.Was one of the three countriesBaekjeFounder ofOnsen HenanSince the Wiryeseong was established as the capital, the middle of the 5th centuryHan RiverBasinGoguryeoWas merged into553 (Maxing king14 years)SillaBecame the territory of.After that, of the nine states of Unified Silla that unified the three countries, the current Gyeonggi region has come to be called Hansangju (Hansanzhou).

The next dynasty of Unified SillaGoryeo OfTaejo Wang GeonOpened the castlecapitalSince then, the Gyeonggi region has emerged as the central stage of history.1018 From (9th year of Hyeonjong of Goryeo), the area was officially called "Gyeonggi".andJoseon eraTo the great ancestorLee SeijiReadjusted the Gyeonggi region after the capital was set to Hanyang太宗-世宗From the era, the southeastern region including Guangzhou, Suwon, Yeoju, and Anseong was transferred to Gyeonggi, making it almost the same administrative area as the current Gyeonggi Province. From 1895, the existing administrative district was reorganized and newly reorganized.Twenty-three prefecturesGyeonggi Province now belongs to Hansung, Incheon, Chungju, Gongju, and Kaicheng territories.

During the Japanese colonial era, on October 1910, 10, the traditional Hansung prefecture was incorporated into Gyeonggi province and renamed Gyeonggi province, and the prefectural office was established.At the end of the warSouth KoreaThe government was established,1946 From Gyeonggi Province to the capitalSeoul Special CityWas separated and a part of Gyeonggi Province was incorporated into Seoul Special City.1967 The location of the Gyeonggi-do government office is from Seoul Special CitySuwonWas moved to.1981 Incheon City was separated from Gyeonggi Province1989 と1995 Part of Gimpo-gun, Ongjin-gun, Ganghwa-gun and other Gyeonggi areasIncheonWas incorporated into.

Geography of Gyeonggi Province

Gyeonggi Province is on the west side of the central part of the Korean Peninsula.east longitude126 degrees and 127 degrees,north latitudeIt is located between 36 degrees and 38 degrees, and its area is 10.2, which is 10.114% of the total land area.km2Is.86 in the northkmAcross the truce lineYellow Sea North Road,Yellow Sea South Road,Gangwon-do (north), WestYellow seaFacing (413km), to the eastGangwon-do (south), To the southChungcheongbuk-do,Chungcheongnam-doIs adjacent to.The capital city of South Korea, Seoul Special City, is located in the center.The prefectural office is located in Suwon City, but for administrative convenience in the northern region.Uijeongbu CityThe "Northern Government Building" (formerly known as the Second Government Building) has also been set up.


In Gyeonggi ProvinceclimateIt is,Summer: とWinter:It is a continental climate with a large temperature difference, and it is clear.(I.e.There is.Spring:Is warm and hot and humid in summer.Fall:It's cool, it's cold in winter and it snows.The average annual temperature ranges from 11 ° C to 13 ° C, with low mountainous areas in the northeast and slightly higher coastal areas on the southwest. The average temperature in January isKeiki BayNear -3 ℃,Namhan RiverThe basin is -3 ° C to -4 ° C.Bukhan RiverAs the Imjin River basin goes from -4 ℃ to -5 ℃ and goes inland from the coast, it gets colder and the temperature difference becomes larger.Especially close to the truce line with North KoreaDongducheon,Paju, In the southeastern mountainous regionYangpyeong-gunIt is very cold.In summer, there are few regional differences compared to winter, and the inland region is higher than in the vicinity of Keiki Bay.The hottest placePyeongtaek CityAnd the average temperature in August is 8 ℃.

The annual averagePrecipitation amountThere is a lot of rain inside and outside 1,100 mm in summer, and dry days continue in winter and there is little rainfall.With the Bukhan River basin, which is the inland region of the northeastern partImjin RiverUpstreamPrecipitation amountIs 1,300 mm to 1,400 mm, which is more than 900 mm in the coastal area.

Average temperature in January : Seoul(-2.5 ℃) Incheon(-2.4 ℃) Suwon(-3.2 ℃) Icheon(-3.9 ℃) Yangpyeong(-4.9 ℃) Ganghwa(-3.9 ℃)

Average temperature in January: Seoul (25.4 ℃) Incheon (24.9 ℃) Suwon (25.2 ℃) Icheon (24.8 ℃) Yangping (24.6 ℃) Jianghua (24.4 ℃)

Nature / National Park

Gyeonggi Province flows from east to westHan RiverBysouthNorthThe feature is that it is divided into.The north side of the Hangang area is mainly mountainous, and the south side is plain.The topography of Gyeonggi Province is represented by high east and low west, but it extends to the east and gradually becomes lower, and the Gimpo Plain, Gyeonggi Plain, and Pyeongtaek Plain extend to the west.

Gyeonggi Province is blessed with beautiful nature of rivers and lakes, mountains and the sea.A typical riverHan River,Imjin River, Etc. flow into the Yellow Sea, and the Gyeonggi Plain, Enhaku Plain, Anshiro Plain, etc. form a fertile plain area around the river.Gyeonggi Province has the Guangzhou Mountains and the Goyang Mountains extending toward China.Mt. Akechi (1,267m) ・ Gungmangbong Peak (1,168m) ・Longmenshan There are many high mountains over 1,157m such as (1000m).Due to the development of the granite area, the strange rock cliffs due to the exfoliation of the granite are beautiful and the valleys are deep.The Carmine MountainsChungcheongbuk-doIt is a hilly mountainous area with a relatively low altitude.

As a national park in Gyeonggi Province, it is located in Uijeongbu, and as a prefectural park, Chungnyungsan Natural Recreation Forest,NamhansanseongPrefectural Park,Kahei・ There are Lover's Mountain Trail Park and Murhangi Arboretum.BesidesDongducheonMt. Saiharu,Yangpyeong-gun OfLongmenshan,Anyang-GwacheonFamous mountains such asHan River-Imjin RiverIt is blessed with a beautiful natural landscape.

Population Distribution

It can be said that Gyeonggi-do is a region where the population has increased rapidly due to the modernization and urbanization of South Korea.1960 274 people,1970 329 people,1980 493 people,1992 661 people,2000 898 people,2009 The number increased to 1154.2009 Currently, the number of households is 428, the population per household is 4475, and the population density is 2.7 people / km on average nationwide.2Higher 1134 people / km2.

2014 Currently, the area with the largest populationSuwonThere are 120 people.Next isGoyang(100 people),Jonan CityThe order is (97 people).The area with the smallest populationRengawa-gunThere are 4 people,Gapyeong-gun(5 people),GwacheonThe order is (6 people).The area with the highest population density isBucheon1 people / km2.


Gyeonggi-do is a production complex behind the capital Seoul, where heavy industries such as electronics, machinery, heavy chemicals, and steel, light industries such as textiles, agriculture, livestock and fisheries, and forestry are developing.In recent years, the proportion of various manufacturing industries in the Korean economy has been low due to the effects of high wages, and Gyeonggi Province is also making multifaceted efforts to modernly improve the conventional industrial structure.Gyeonggi-do is a state-of-the-art IT industry and fostering service industries centered on software competitiveness such as design, conventions, and tourism.HirasawaWe are actively investing to grow as a trading hub in Northeast Asia that utilizes ports.Besides,IcheonRice and pottery have long been known as special products, and Suwon'sSamsungsemiconductor,Paju OfLG-LCDIn the housing complex, ToshikawaHynix semiconductorThere are many manufacturing bases of global IT companies that represent Korea.

Governor and Parliament

Source:Successive governors(Gyeonggi-do homepage)
Number of seats by party (as of July 2018, 7)
TotalBreakdown by party
Democratic togetherFree Korean PartyJustice partyBareunmirae
Breakdown by electionRegional district129128100
Proportional representation137321
Source: “Gyeonggi Province Council Homepage(Viewed on October 2018, 10).

Administrative district

As of September 2013, Gyeonggi-do consists of 9 cities and 28 counties (excluding uncollected areas).Of these, 3 cities are in the south and 19 cities and 9 counties are in the north.


  1. Suwon
  2. Bucheon
  3. Jonan City
  4. Yongin
  5. Anyang
  6. Ansan
  7. Gwacheon
  8. Gwangmyeong
  9. Guangzhou
  10. Gunpo City
  11. Siheung City
  12. Anjo City
  13. Karasuyama City
  14. Uiwang City
  15. Icheon
  16. Pyeongtaek City
  17. Hanam City
  18. Hwaseong City
  19. Goyang
  20. Guri City
  21. Gimpo City
  22. Namyangju City
  23. Dongducheon
  24. Yangju City
  25. Uijeongbu City
  26. Paju
  27. Pocheon
  28. Yeoju


29. Rengawa-gun
30. Gapyeong-gun
31. Yangpyeong-gun

Unrecovered area

Of Gyeonggi Province in South KoreaMilitary borderNorth ofnorth koreaIt is a nominal administrative division that exists in the effective control area, and has 1 city and 2 counties.Northern roadsThe mayor and county guard who belong to the committee are placed.

In the administrative divisions of North KoreaYellow Sea North RoadandGaeseong Special CityBelong to.


Gyeonggi Province has very well developed international air traffic.The gateway to South KoreaIncheon International AirportIs close and is the second international airportGimpo International AirportIs also close.Korea's first railwayGyeongin LineAnd the first highwayGyeongbu Expressway,Gyeongin ExpresswayAs an area through which, it belongs to the Seoul metropolitan area and the metropolitan area and is closely linked with the city of Seoul, so transportation access is convenient.

Road pavement rates average 86.5%, andSeoul cityThe railway network centered on is also well developed.Subway Line 1Communicate directly withMetropolitan Electric Railway1Is in the southAnyang-Suwon-Pyeongtaek CityAnd so onChungcheongnam-doAsan CityUntil the northUijeongbu CityThroughDongducheonIt runs to.again,3Is in the northGoyangUntil,4 TheGwacheonThroughSiheung CityUntil,7Is north of Uijeongbu City and south ofBucheonUntil,8 TheJonan CityIt runs to.In addition, Seoul CityJoto OfGojuri StationFrom Seongnam CityYonginConnect to Suwon City viaBundang LineThere is also.Moreover,Paju OfRintsue StationからGoyang・ Seoul City ・Guri City-Namyangju CityThroughYangpyeong-gun OfTodaira StationLeading toKyogi / Chuo Line, SeoulJungnang-guKamiho StationからGuri City-Namyangju City-Gapyeong-gunThroughGangwon-doChuncheon OfChuncheon StationLeading toGyeongchun LineAnd so on.The proportion of vessels that use the ship is also high, because the neighboring areas such as Seoul play an important role as a gateway to trade such as imports and exports.


Gyeonggi-do is also actively investing in education to develop human resources in the global era.We are promoting the relocation of the university campus to Gyeonggi Province and the establishment of an additional high school for special purposes, and we are also opening and operating "", which is the largest in Japan, as well as "" and "" for English education. There is.

University in Gyeonggi Province

  • National
National Police Academy,Hankyo University
  • private
Catholic University,Kangnam University,Kyonggi University,Kyungwon University,Gyeonghui University,Dankook University,,,Myongji University(Science),Seoul Theological University,Holy University,University of Suwon,,,Ajou University,Anyang University,Yongin University,Chuo University(Anjo),Calvin University,Hirasawa University,,,Korea Foreign Language University,,,,Hanshin University,Hanyang University,


Historic site

Gyeonggi-do has a long history of prospering as the capital, so many archaeological sites remain.As a royal tombGuri CityEast hills,Namyangju CityThere are Koryo, Hongryo, Yuryo, etc. as a castle.world HeritageRegistered inSuwon OfHwaseong,Namhansanseong, Haengjusanseong, Ganghwasanseong, etc.The temple is the oldest wooden building in Korea, JianghuaUkisoji TempleThere is Mugenjuden, and there are many other old temples where you can experience Temple Stay.YonginFolk culture in the Korean Folk VillagePaju OfPanmunjomThen you can feel the sadness of the division of Korea.

Performance / art

Gyeonggi-do is actively working on the road so that you can enjoy diverse cultural life without having to go to Seoul.Various performances are held at Suwon / Gyeonggi Province Culture Hall and Yongin / Gyeonggi Province National Theater.AnsanGyeonggi-do Museum of Art,GuangzhouThe Ceramic Museum of No. is a facility established and operated on the road.In addition, Changxing Art Park, PajuThe Heili Publishing Arts Complex in Icheon and the Ceramic Expo in Icheon are famous.


Suwon World Cup StadiumThen.2002 Japan-Korea World CupThe match was played.A professional soccer club based in Gyeonggi-doK League ClassicToSuwon Samsung BluewingsとJonan FC,AlsoK League Challenge10 out of 5 clubs are based in Gyeonggi Province.

volleyball OfV LeagueFor boys, for boys, for girlsSuwon Hyundai Hill State-Korea Expressway Corporation Hi-Pass Jennis-IBK Corporate Bank AltosIs located.

basketballIs a boy'sKorean basketball league(KBL) isAnyang KGC Ginseng CorporationとGoyang OrionsBut for girlsKorean Women's Basketball League(WKBL) has four teams: Shinhan Bank S. Bird, Samsung Life Bloomins, KDB Life Weenus, and Bucheon Hana Foreign Exchange Bank.

In addition,GwacheonToSeoul Race Park,GwangmyeongToGwangmyeong Dome Bicycle Racetrack,Hanam CityToBoat racing OfMisa Boat Race ParkIs located.



There are many famous theme parks and resorts in Gyeonggi Province.Everland, selected as one of the 10 largest theme parks in the world based on the number of visitorsYonginIs located inGoyangIs a Korean wave content theme parkKorean wave woodIs being formed.There is a National Museum of Contemporary Art and a zoo果川-Seoul Grand Park, Yongin and Korean Folk Village are also facilities visited by many family tourists.In addition, many famous ski resorts and golf resorts are located in Gyeonggi Province, aiming for the population of Seoul.Icheon-SpaIs also very famous.


Gyeonggi Province has been around for a long timeIcheonRice,Yangpyeong-gunKorean beef,Suwon OfCalvi, Miyanaka cuisine, and fresh seafood from the West Coast are widely known.


There are a total of 2004 festivals in Gyeonggi Province based on 49.

RegionNameScheduleMain contentsOrganizer / Supervisor
SuwonSuwon Hwaseong Cultural Festival10Reproduce the procession when Jeongjo the Great goes to visit the grave, the tea ceremony of Hanning Hall, the XNUMXth birthday celebration of Mr. Hyegyeong Palace, the reproduction of the old official examination

National Housewife Traditional Musical Instrument Festival, Traditional Flag Exhibition, Cultural Arts Celebration, International Cooking Festival, Suwon Hwaseong Sketch Tournament

Suwon City, Hwaseong Cultural Festival Executive Committee
KBS Drama FestivalJuly to SeptemberKBS Magic, Studio Tour, Digital Video Equipment, Public Broadcasting, Era Reproduction Drama, National Amateur Video ExhibitionSuwon City, KBS
Jonan CityJonan World Folk Art Festival5World folk dance, music and costume festival with more than 12 performances from 400 countriesSeongnam City / Kyung Pyeong International Co., Ltd.
Jonan Culture and Arts Festival10International Dance / Music / Drama / Film Festival, Art Exhibition / Photograph Exhibition / Citizen's Poetry Contest, Citizen's Throat TournamentSeongnam City, Seongnam Geiso and member organizations
Moran Folklore 5th Market Festival4Various traditional folk art performances, memorable gayo stage performances, modern art performancesMoran Folklore 5th Market Festival Promotion Committee
Jonan Art Village Festival7Lotus and Nature Learning Center Viewing Exhibition, Lotus Cuisine and Local Cuisine CornerLotus Festival Promotion Committee
AnyangAnyo Culture and Arts FestivalDuring 5 monthVarious cultural and artistic events such as art, music, dance and theaterAnyang

Korean Cultural Center and Geiso Anyo Branch

Anyo Citizen Festival10Sightseeing / Playing / Shopping / Food Local FestivalAnyang City / Anyang Citizens Festival Promotion Committee
GoyangKoyo Koshu Cultural Festival10Battle of Haengju Street March, Folklore Competition, Haengju Battle of Haengju Festival, Haengju Battle of Haengju Memorial FestivalGoyang City / Goyang Cultural Institute
BucheonBossacol Arts Festival5Student / Citizen's Poetry Contest, Street Festival, Video Photo Open Call Exhibition, Art Festival, Citizen's Throat Tournament, Dance Festival

Children's family musicals, theater festivals, music festivals, civic film festivals, civic photography competitions

Korean Performing Arts Bucheon Branch
AnsanDanen Art Festival (Gim Hongdo Festival)10Art Grand Exhibition: Art Open Call Exhibition, Art Appreciation Class, Street Art Festival

Ansan Gim Hongdo Festival: Danen Public Relations Center, Old Living Goods Exhibition, Madang Drama, Art Experience, Traditional Cuisine, etc.

Ansan City / Danen Art Association Steering Committee
Betsubojo Arts Festival9Betsubo Shiroyama Festival, "Betsushomai" trial performance, fireworks display, youth theater festival, national music festival, and other art eventsAnsan City / Ansan Geiso
Star Lake Cultural Festival5Star Lake Worship Festival, National Important Cultural Festival Performance, Keiki Folk Song Chorus Performance, Star Lake Thought Academic Conference, Other EventsAnsan City / Ansan Cultural Institute
Uijeongbu CityUnified Arts Festival5Exhibition, traditional dance performance, Hanmaum Citizen's Song Festival, poetry contest, contemporary art invitation exhibitionUijeongbu Government Branch
Kairyu Cultural Festival10Reproduction of the royal family's "departure", exhibition,龍舞, Madang drama, etc.Uijeongbu Cultural Institute
Uijeongbu International Music Theater Festival5Invited performances by overseas groups, events incidental to university student showcases, exhibitionsUijeongbu Arts Hall of Fame
Namyangju CityChayama Cultural Festival10Chayama Nomad Award Ceremony, Literary Competition, Traditional Folk Performance Experience Event, etc.Namyangju City / Namyangju Cultural Institute
Namyangju Outdoor Performance Festival8Invited performances of famous groups in Japan and overseas, youth exchange meetings, hands-on events, etc.Namyangju City
GwangmyeongKumoyama Arts Festival10National music festival, art exhibition, calligraphy exhibition, photo exhibition, poetry contest, student music competition, theater performance, national music competitionGeiso Komei Branch / Class Association
Ori Cultural Festival5Li YuanyiLectures on life and thought, Madan Nori, painting competitions, musicals, shortened marathons, traditional mask dance (Talchum) performancesKorean Cultural Center
Siheung CityMurwan Arts Festival5Korean Traditional Music Concert, art events such as literature, citizen song festivalGeiso Siheung Branch / Siheung City Hall
Renjo Cultural Festival10Children's plays, poetry contests, public concerts,ChancenSculpture and Jangseung FestivalSiheung Cultural Center / Siheung City Hall
Gunpo CityGunpo Citizen's Festival4Fancy-dress parade, street exhibition, Maul (village) concert, silver festival, photography competition, etc.Gunpo City Cultural Bulletin Division
Azalea Garden Festival4Various exhibitions and concerts
Guri CityGuri Hangang Rape Flower Festival5Butterfly flying, concert, citizen's throat pride competition, art, composition contest, photography competition, youth rock concertGuri City / Korean Performing Arts Guri City
Guri Cosmos Festival9Eve festival, Chinese art troupe circus, outdoor movie watching, smile photography, various experience events, etc.Guri City / Korean Performing Arts Guri City
Hanam CityHenan Ison Cultural Festival9Invitation to public broadcasts, performances by prefectural theater companies, performances by citizen groups, venues for citizen participationHenan City Hall / Henan Cultural Institute
Uiwang CityUiwang Hakuun Arts Festival10Walking on the old road, I am also an artist, poetry contest, sketching competition, fairy tale oral performance, puppet show, traditional musical instrument performance, traditional toy making, guitar performance, etc.Uiwang Hakuun Arts Festival Promotion Committee
Anjo CityAnjo Namsadang Baudgi Festival9Reproduction of academic competition, candy store play, mask play competition, tightrope walking competition, Baudgi public relations hall, Namsadang Nori 6 Madang, street drama, general drama, Madang drama, folk market and livestock marketAnjo City
Anjo Takeyama International Arts Festival6Dance, music, creative performances of world-famous artists, Avangard exhibition, video exhibition with writersIncorporated association "Unnundre"
Takeyama Children's Festival5Children's play Twice a day performance, experienceFestival theater company "Muchon"
Yangju CityYangzhou Traditional Culture and Arts Festival5Performances by intangible cultural properties and traditional folk art groupsYangju City / Festival Promotion Committee
Yangzhou Cultural Festival10Traditional folk art performances and participating events, incidental events
Karasuyama CityBald Mountain Castle Culture and Arts Festival9Art events such as cultural performances, places for citizen participationKarasuyama City / Karasuyama Cultural Center
YeojuSejong Cultural Festival10Citizen's Concert, Hangul Poetry Contest, Empress's Visit, Various Exhibitions, National Photograph Open Call ExhibitionYeoju City, Yeoju Cultural Institute

Geiso Yeoju Branch

Yeoju Ceramics Expo5Pottery sales event, traditional kiln burning, exhibition / performance and hands-on eventYeoju Ceramics Expo
Yeoju Jinsan Masterpiece Exhibition10Jinsan Agricultural Products Exhibition, Excellent Agricultural Products Sales, International Sweet Potato Cooking Tournament, Agricultural Experience Event (Sweet Potato Tour)Yeoju Jinsan Masterpiece Exhibition Promotion Committee

Yeoju Agricultural Technology Center

Empress Myeongseong Memorial Festival10Youngsan Festival, Haewon Prayer MeetingYeoju City, Yeoju Cultural Institute
PajuKuriya Cultural Festival9Shiun Shoin Memorial Meeting, Academic Symposium, Confucian Procession Reproduction, Kuriya & Chinese Poetry Contest, Local Artist Invitation Exhibition, Calligraphy Exhibition, etc.Paju City / Paju Cultural Institute
Paju Children's Book Exhibition10Book exhibition and sales Book culture exhibition, seminars, Norimadan, experiential learning, etc.Paju City, Paju Publishing Complex
Heili Festival10Exhibition of art and sculptural works at Heili, architectural tourism, performance, percussion, dance, theater, classical jazz, workshop class, etc.Paju City, Paju Construction Committee, Heyri Festival Organizing Committee
Paju Arts Festival5Music performances, national music performances, literary seminars, poetry contests, art association member exhibitionsPaju City / Paju Geiso
IcheonYukimine Cultural Festival10Exhibitions, literary events, celebration events, folk eventsFestival Promotion Committee / Korean Cultural Center
Toshikawa Ceramics FestivalApril, MayExhibitions, sales events, performance eventsIcheon City / Festival Promotion Committee
Icheon Chokoin Peach Festival9Folk events, literary events, seminars, harmony eventsFestival Promotion Committee / Eastern Fruit Tree Agricultural Cooperative
Toshikawa Rice Festival10Folk play, country market, agricultural machinery exhibitionIcheon City / Festival Promotion Committee
Icheon Nagisa Sanshuyu Flower Festival4Literary eventFestival Promotion Committee / Shamian, Icheon Geiso
Gimpo CityShigemine Culture and Arts Festival9Cho Hong's memorial service, concert, pedestrian paradise, excellent traditional folk art demonstration, direct agricultural product market management, food market management, etc.Gimpo City / Promotion Committee
PocheonLake Yamai Myeongseongsan Miscanthus Festival10Feast of romance, harmony of tradition, Myeongseongsan mountain climbing tournament, singer king selection tournament, hero birth, traditional folk play, Pocheon public relations hall, masterpiece hallPocheon
GuangzhouGuangzhou Royal Ceramics Festival5Ceramic museum exhibition, shopping mall, soil experience, ceramic auction, traditional kiln burning,Tea ceremony試演Guangzhou City / Guangzhou Royal Ceramics Association
Namhansanseong Cultural Festival9King procession, traditional dance performance, cultural experience school, castle pilgrimage, mountain castle tourGuangzhou

Namhansanseong Cultural Festival Promotion Committee

Yangpyeong-gunShimizu Saran (Love) Arts Festival6Forest Concert, Shimizu Saran Concert, Nogaku Nori, Chorus Performance, Poetry Reading, and Other Ancillary EventsYangpyeong-gun / Shimizu Saran Practice Council
Hakuun Cultural Festival9Ryumonyama Spiritual Festival, Volunteer Tournament, Sketch Tournament, Traditional Musical Instrument Competition, Folklore (Play), etc.Yangpyeong-gun / Yangpyeong Cultural Institute
Ginkgo festival9Family photo shoot, Ryumonyama Ginkgo Festival, traditional Buddhist culture demonstration, forest concert, etc.Yangpyeong-gun
World Samulnori Competition9World Samulnori Competition & PerformanceYangpyeong-gun / Samulnori (traditional musical instrument) Han Ulim
GwacheonGwacheon Hanmadang Festival910 kinds of domestic and foreign invited cultural experiences, flower exhibition, food market, etc.Gwacheon Hanmadang Festival
DongducheonDongducheon Rock Festival8High school, university competitions and professional rock group performancesDongducheon Rock Festival Organizing Committee
Gapyeong-gunYeoninsan Festival5Parade and eve festival, unification / prosperity / good harvest prayer festival, wildflower exhibition, traditional cooking trialGapyeong-gun / Gapyeong-gun Yeoninsan Festival Promotion Committee
Bukhan River Festival9Bukhan River Race, Rowing Competition, Nature Maintenance Walking Competition, Motorcycle Competition, International Jazz FestivalGapyeong-gun / Gapyeong-gun Festival Promotion Committee
Rengawa-gunYeoncheon / Jeongok Paleolithic Festival5Paleolithic experience, hole making, virtual archaeological excavation performance, prehistoric experienceYeoncheon-gun / Paleolithic Festival Promotion Committee

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