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🐈 | Small life waiting for "family" to meet I met a protected cat under Corona

Photo A kitten that Animal Peace took from Iwanuma Health Center.Innocent look is cute = September 9, Aoba-ku, Sendai

A small life waiting for the "family" to meet I met a protected cat under Corona

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Cats are waiting for a new family in public and private shelters and shelters.

People are forced to refrain from going out due to the new coronavirus, and as they spend more time at home, some people welcome cats as pets ... → Continue reading

 Kahoku Shimpo

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Shelter(Hogoshisetsu) isWelfare ActProtection based onWelfare) Will be installed to carry outwelfare facility.. According to Article 38 of the lawFirst aid facility,Rehabilitation facility,Medical protection facility,Childbirth facility,Accommodation facilitiesFive types are specified.

Life assistanceIs the home of the protected person (home), But if this is not possible, if the purpose of protection is difficult to achieve, or if the protected person wishes, go to an appropriate facility such as a relief facility or rehabilitation facility. You can be admitted or entrusted with admission (Article 30, Paragraph 1 of the Act). However, the provisions of Article 30, Paragraph 1 of the Act should not be construed as being able to force admission to a facility against the will of the protected person (Article 30, Paragraph 2 of the Act).

In addition, the implementing agency of protection is the protected personParental authorityOrGuardianIf the right (such as custody of a child and a minor ward) is not properly exercised, even if there is an objection to it,Family courtIt is possible to take measures for admission or entrustment of admission with the permission of (Article 30, Paragraph 3 of the Act). Protective money for living assistance by entering the facility will be delivered to the protected person or the director of the facility. (Article 30, Paragraph 3 of the Law).


You can set up a shelterPrefectures,市町村,Local independent administrative corporation,Social welfare corporation,Japanese Red Cross SocietyLimited to (Articles 40 and 41 of the Act). When a municipality or a local incorporated administrative agency sets up a shelter, a notification is required to the prefectural governor, and when a social welfare corporation or the Japanese Red Cross Society sets up a shelter, submit an application to the prefectural governor. Need to be approved.

Prefectural governments are responsible for the equipment and operation of sheltersOrdinanceMust set the standard in. (Article 39, Paragraph 1 of the Law)
In establishing the ordinance, the prefectures are "staff and the number of staff assigned to the shelter", "floor area of ​​the living room related to the shelter", and "matters related to the operation of the shelter, ensuring appropriate treatment and safety of users". In addition, regarding the three items specified by the Ordinance of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare as being closely related to the maintenance of confidentiality.Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Ministerial OrdinanceIn accordance with the standards specified in the above, the standards specified by the Ordinance of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare will be set as the standard for "capacity for use", and the standards specified by the Ordinance of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare will be taken into consideration for other matters. (Article 39, Paragraph 2 of the Law)

The ministerial ordinance based on Article 39, Paragraph 2 of the Act was issued by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare as "Standards for Equipment and Operation of Relief Facilities, Rehabilitation Facilities, Workshops and Accommodation Facilities" (July 41, 7, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Ordinance No. 1). The installation standards for each facility, excluding medical protection facilities, have been established.


First aid facility

First aid facility(Kyugo Shisetsu) states, "The facility aims to provide living assistance by admitting persons requiring protection who have difficulty in living their daily lives due to significant physical or mental disabilities." It is stipulated (Article 38, Paragraph 2 of the Law).

Life guidance, work training, at the facilityMedical checkupWill be implemented, and residents will be able to use the cultural and entertainment facilities.

When applying for admissionWelfare officeTo do.

Medical assistance and long-term care assistance are basically not applied while in the relief facility.

At the relief facility, a home-based life training program is being implemented, and for residents who are expected to be able to live at home by conducting the training.ApartmentWe rent out housing such as, etc. and train them to live at home. In addition, outpatient services are also being implemented, and people who have left the facility are sent to the office to provide life guidance and life training.Outpatient trainingIn addition, the staff of the facility visits the homes of the displaced people and provides on-site guidance such as living guidance.

Rehabilitation facility

Rehabilitation facility(Kousei Shisetsu) is stipulated as "a facility whose purpose is to provide living assistance by admitting persons requiring protection who need nursing care and life guidance for physical or mental reasons." (Article 38, Paragraph 3 of the Law).

Life guidance, work training, and health examinations are conducted at the facility, and residents can use the cultural and entertainment facilities.

Apply for admission to the welfare office.

At the rehabilitation facility, the same outpatient services as the relief facility are being implemented.

Medical protection facility

Medical protection facility(Iryohogoshisetsu) is stipulated as "a facility whose purpose is to provide medical benefits to persons requiring medical care who need medical care" (Article 38, Paragraph 4 of the Act). Item).

Medical benefits are basicallyNational Health InsuranceMedical treatment policy andMedical feeIt is done by the example of (Article 55-2 of the Law).

Childbirth facility

Childbirth facility(Jusan Shisetsu) "provides the opportunity and convenience necessary for employment or acquisition of skills to persons requiring protection whose employment ability is limited due to physical or mental reasons or household circumstances. The facility aims to promote its independence. ”(Article 38, Paragraph 5 of the Act).

When the protected person receives the necessary money, basically the necessary money is paid, but when the protected person who is in the vocational aid facility receives livelihood assistance, the necessary in-kind benefit is received from the director of the vocational workshop. (Article 36, Paragraphs 2 and 3 of the Law).

Accommodation facilities

Accommodation facilities"For households of people requiring protection who do not have a residence,"Housing assistanceIt is a facility whose purpose is to do. "(Article 38, Paragraph 6 of the Act).

Former shelter

Endowment facility

Endowment facility(Yoroshisetsu) is one of the shelters that was once stipulated by law.

Established before the warRelief methodbased onElderly housing with careHowever, with the enforcement of the law, it was positioned as an endowment facility. No relativesSenior citizensWas in, but1963 (Showa 38)Elderly Welfare ActIs stipulated in Article 5-3 of the same law by the enactment ofWelfare facilities for the elderlyIt became one of the nursing homes for the elderly.


When setting up a shelter, the area is affected by local residents who say that there is a risk of insecurity.EgoismOpposition movement may occur[1].

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