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🚁 | Volocopter establishes joint venture with Geely in China. Gain a foothold in UAM


Volocopter establishes joint venture with Geely in China. Gain a foothold in UAM

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It is said that the service will be operated based in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province.

Volocopter is a joint venture with Aerofugia, a subsidiary of China Giryu Technology Group, Volocopter ... → Continue reading


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Sichuan Province

Sichuan Province(Sho, Suchuwan,Chinese: Sichuan Province,pinyin: Sì chuān Shěng,English: Sichuan) IsPeople's Republic of ChinaLocated in the southwestprovince.. Abbreviation isriverOrLizard..The provincial capital成都..NorthwestTibetIn the traditional regional division ofAmdoIn the southeastern and western parts of the regioncamIt corresponds to the eastern part of.Also in the eastChongqing TheCityAs1997 Separated into.


Sichuan is northwestQinghai Province, NorthGansuas well as the Shaanxi, EastChongqing, SouthGuizhouas well as the Yunnan, WestTibet Autonomous RegionContact with.

Located in a steep mountainous area protected by the fortress of the heavens, in the eastSichuan BasinIs widespread and warm and fertile despite the inland areaRice cropIt is called "Tenfu no Kuni" because it is a land.Also, although it does not face the sea, it is one of the largest lakes in China.Lugu LakeAnd marine products, especiallyIt is also a major production area.It corresponds to the Ba country of the former Ba 蜀ChongqingPreviously belonged to Sichuan Province,1997 ChongqingCitySeparated as.Northern provinceMinshan MountainsIn the western and southern parts of the provinceTibetan,Yi,QiangThere are many ethnic minorities.Northern SichuanGiant pandaKnown as the habitat of.What is China's largest panda sanctuary?The highest altitude point in the province isMt. Taisetsuzan pulse OfMount GonggaThe summit is 7,556m.


recent yearsGuanghanSanxingdui RuinsWas excavated 3,000 years agoAncient ShuThe masked kingdom that existed in the land was revealed.Sichuan is ancient(Chinese version(Hashoku, "(English editionIs the current Chongqing area, "LizardIs the land of the present Chengdu area). (→ →Sankaikyo

316 BCToDestroyed the 蜀 蜀 ((Chinese version), It was incorporated into the Qin version and was exiled due to its rugged mountainous geographical conditions.From 256 BC to 251 BC, Rihyo, Shu-gun, Qin, tried to save people suffering from floods.DujiangyanThe Chengdu Plain has become the richest agricultural area in China since ancient times, with no floods or droughts.206 BCToIs destroyed,Liu Guo Xiang YuからHanzhongIs given.Emperor Gaozu, who named Hanzhong King, increased his power based on this area, and eventually defeated Xiang Yu and unified China, as the Chinese dynasty.漢朝Was founded.When the Han dynasty was first established, it was not cultivated except as a penal colony, but it gradually became richer.Mikuni periodIsZhuge LiangHas commented on Yi Province (Sichuan Basin, Hanchu Basin) and stated that it was a land of Tianfu, which is a natural fortress and rich in soil, and became the basis of Han's Emperor Gaozu's empire).Former Han royal family with him as a staff memberLiu ShengDescendants ofRyu-biTo this place byShu HanWas built,WeiKureAnd fought over the world.

The Five and Sixteen KingdomsToCheng Han-Later Shu JinDomination ofFive Dynasties and Ten KingdomsToFormer Shu-Later ShuHas escaped Nakahara's rule and has established its own government centered on Sichuan Province.1001 (Happei4 years),Northern Song DynastyIs Chengdu Road, Azusa Road, Zhaozhou Road, Rishu Road (formerlyHanzhong, Currently in Shaanxi Province) and established Sichuan Road, which has been called Sichuan until now.

LightEndclearDuring the first turmoil, the rebelsZhang ZhongchuUp to 300 million people in SichuangenocideIs done ((Chinese version), The Sichuan people who have been around since ancient times are almost extinct.In the next 100 yearsHubei Province-Hunan Province-GuangdongImmigrants from Japan flowed in and reconstructed.

1926 , British troops bombard the city of Manchuria (Man prefecture case).

1938 ,Sino-Japanese warThe result ofNanjingWas chasedChiang Kai-shekThe national government, which it leads, has moved its capital to Chongqing.After that, after the end of the Sino-Japanese War1946 The National Government returns to Nanjing,National warWhen Chiang Kai-shek intensified, Chiang Kai-shek escaped to Chongqing again,1949 12To成都ThroughTaiwanHave escaped to.

1949 May 12ToPLAOccupies Chengdu and Sichuan comes under effective control of the People's Republic of China.

Almost the same as thisXikang OfKangdingAlso occupied,XikangThe area of ​​jurisdiction is only the area (eastern Kam) that was effectively controlled by the Xikang provincial government during the Republic of China, not the nominal area ofXikang Zhuang Autonomous RegionWas launched.The Tibetan government "Gunden ButtonWas in control, but "Nishizo Peace LiberationWas held in 1950 the following year as part ofBattle of ChamdoDue to his victory, he was placed under occupation.The People's Government of China did not incorporate the western part of the Kham region into the Xikang Province Zhuang Autonomous Region, but set up a separate "" in this area to separate it from "Xikang."

1955 ToXikang Tibetan Autonomous RegionFrom an independent ministryKanze Zhuang Autonomous PrefectureAfter being downgraded to, it was merged into Sichuan Province.The members of the Chamdo Liberation Committee were established in 1956, the following year.Tibet Autonomous Region Rattan Committee(Tibetan Autonomous Region Preparatory Committee) ”, where the formation has been sought since 1905 at the end of the Qing dynasty.XikangThe regional framework has disappeared.

1997 ChongqingCityPromoted to.

2008 , Aba Tibetan Qiang Autonomous RegionWenchuan County(Unton) was the epicenterSichuan earthquakeWas caused and suffered great damage.

Administrative division

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Sichuan administrative division
Sichuan prfc map.png
No.NameChinese notationpinyinarea
Government location
Deputy city
9ChengduChengduChéng dū Shì14378.1814,047,625Wuhou District
3MianyangMianyang CityMiányáng Shì20267.464,613,862Fucheng District
4GuangyuanGuangyuan CityGuǎng yuán Shì16313.702,484,125Lizhou District
5Nanchong CityNanchong CityNánchōng Shì12479.966,278,622Shunqing District
6Bazhong CityBazhong CityBāzhōng Shì12301.263,283,771Bazhou District
7DazhouDazhouDázhōu Shì16591.005,468,092Tongchuan District
8Ya'an cityYa'an cityYǎ'ān Shì15213.281,507,264Yucheng District
10Deyang CityDeyang CityDéyáng Shì5951.553,615,759Jingyang District
11Suining CitySuining CitySùiníng Shì5323.853,252,551Chuanshan District
12Guang'anGuang'an CityGuǎng'ān Shì6301.413,205,476Guang'an District
13Meishan CityMeishan CityMéishān Shì7173.822,950,548Dongpo District
14ZiyangZiyang CityZī yáng Shì5747.543,665,064Yanjiang District
15Leshan CityLeshan cityLè shān Shì12827.493,235,756Shizhong District
16Neijiang CityNeijiang CityNèijiāng Shì5385.333,702,847Shizhong District
17Zigong CityZigong CityZì gòng Shì4373.132,678,898Ziliujing District
18Yibin CityYibin CityYíbīn Shì13293.894,472,001Cuiping District
19LuzhouQuzhou CityLúzhō u Shì12233.584,218,426Jiangyang District
21Panzhihua CityPanzhihua CityPānzhīhuā Shì7423.421,214,121Higashi Ward
Autonomous region
1Kanze Tibetan Autonomous RegionGanzi Tibetan Autonomous PrefectureGānzī Zàng zú Zìzhìzhōu147681.371,091,872Kangding
2Abba Tibetan ChangAba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous PrefectureĀbà Zàng zú Qiāng zú Zì zhì zhōu82383.32898,713Barkam City
20Liangshan Yi Autonomous PrefectureLiangshan Yi Autonomous PrefectureLiángshān Yízú Zìzhìzhōu60422.674,532,809Xichang



Sichuan cuisineIt is the home of Sichuan cuisine, and the form of Sichuan cuisine was formed OfEmperor ShikiFrom the age ofMikuni periodIt is said to be over[1]..However, originally Sichuansugar caneIncluding cultivationsugarProduction is thriving, especiallyからIt is said that sweets were preferred in Sichuan during the period of[1].

From the beginning to the Ming dynasty in the southern part of SichuanZigongSalt makingBecame popular and gradually changed to a deeper seasoning[1]..Sichuan cuisineSpicyIt was in Sichuan that the dish was characterized byRed peppersIs transmittedMing DynastyFrom the endQing DynastyIt is said to be after the beginning[1].


world Heritage

Friendship city


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Coordinate: 30°08'N 102°56'E /30.133 degrees north latitude 102.933 degrees east longitude / 30.133; 102.933 (Sichuan Province)

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