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📷 | High-class Shine Muscat at the peak of harvest The camera captured the moment of theft!


The camera captured the moment of theft of high-class Shine Muscat at the peak of harvest.

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Vineyard Nakazato, Yosuke Nakazato: Shine Muscat can be seen from the road.

About 3 yen worth of the popular luxury grape "Shine Muscat" was stolen from the vineyard.I'll be hurt ... → Continue reading

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Shine Muscat

Shine Muscat (Shine Muscat) is from JapanMinistry of AgricultureHas jurisdiction overNational Agriculture and Food Research InstituteBy (National Agriculture and Food Research Organization)breeding·RegisteredHiroshimaBorn[1]Grape OfCultivar[2]..The naming registration number is "Grape Agriculture and Forestry No. 21'[3].


HiroshimaHigashihiroshima CityAkitsu TownNARO Grape Research Center (formerlyMinistry of AgricultureFruit Tree Experiment StationWith cultivars cultivated at Akizu branch)[1], Maturity in mid-August in Hiroshima, the breeding groundEarly species.

Generally in JapanMuscatCalled "Muscat of AlexandriaIs a grape with a good taste and texture, but European grapes, including the same species, are prone to cracking and getting sick in rainy areas.[4], It was not suitable for the climate of Japan and required facilities such as a glass greenhouse for cultivation.American grapes, which are resistant to diseases and can withstand the climate of Japan, have a texture that is difficult to chew and are generally considered to be inferior in taste to European grapes.It also has a unique scent called Foxy scent.

In order to improve these drawbacks, "Steuben", a cultivar with a high sugar content among American grapes[5]And of Muscat of Alexandriamating"Grape Akizu No. 21" was born.この安芸津21号はマスカット・オブ・アレキサンドリアに似た肉質を持ち、やや大粒であったが、マスカット香とフォクシー香が混ざった、あまりよくない香りを持っていたThis Akizu No. XNUMX had a meat quality similar to Muscat of Alexandria and was a little large, but it had a bad scent with a mixture of Muscat and Foxy scents.[6].. Therefore,Yamanashi"Hakunan" is a large European grape cultivar that was born at the Uehara Grape Research Institute in Japan, and is a "cultivar with the best quality and taste, but the skin is badly soiled."[7](A hybrid of Kattakurgan and Kaiji) was crossed to produce this variety with only Muscat scent.

1988 (ShowaSelected from seedlings that crossed Akizu No. 63 and Hakunan in 21)1999 (HeiseiFrom 11 years)2002 Until (14), "Grape Akizu No. 23"System nameThe characteristics were examined nationwide by using the system for the system adaptability test.Named "Shine Muscat"2003 (15)May 9Named and registered as the registration number "Grape Agriculture and Forestry No. 21"2006 (18)May 3Registered as a variety (expiration date: 13,891 years) as the registration number "No. 30"[3].

Cultivation outside Japan

The National Agriculture and Food Research Organization of Japan, which developed Shine Muscat, registered varieties in Japan in 2006.しかし輸出を想定していなかったため、日本国外での品種登録を行わなかったHowever, because it was not supposed to be exported, the variety was not registered outside Japan.[8].International Convention for the Protection of New Species of PlantsIt is stipulated that the registration of fruit varieties outside the home country should be done within a certain period (6 years for grapes) from the registration in the home country.[9], Shine Muscat has passed the application deadline in 2012.このため日本国外では日本の許可などを要さず合法に栽培できるTherefore, it can be cultivated legally outside Japan without the need for permission from Japan.[8].

Products from China and South Korea are sold in markets such as Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam.[10], Cheaper than Japanese Shine Muscat, for example KoreanGimcheonThose cultivated in Japan are exported at about one-third the price of Japan.[8].


The tufts are cylindrical and weigh 400-500 grams. The color at maturity is yellowish green, and the grains are oblong. The size is 11 to 12 gramsKyohoIs about the same as.sugar contentIs high at about 20 degrees, and the acid content is low at 0.3-0.4 g / 100 mL, which is sweet.Gibberellin treatmentYou can eat the whole skin without seeds[4].

All grandparent varieties have outstanding strengths and weaknesses, as mentioned above for Muscat of Alexandria and Steven. Kattakurgan is large and can be eaten with its skinGibberellinThe treatment results in seedlessness and high sugar content, but the flowers are stamen-reversing, have very weak disease resistance, and have many fruit cracks. Kaiji can be eaten with its skin, has a good taste, and has excellent storability and transportability, but its disease resistance is weak, and even if it is treated with gibberellin, it does not become seedless. However, this variety has almost eliminated the drawbacks of grandparents and has a certain degree of disease resistance, which is a characteristic of American grapes. Problems with viticultureDowny mildewIn terms of climate, it is relatively resistant to the cold, and the coloring does not deteriorate even in the heat of summer.[4].. It can be said that the greatest feature is that the taste, texture and aroma are of the same quality as European grapes. It also has excellent storability.[11].

The germination periodKyohoIt is about the same time as. In addition, fluff grows densely on the underside of the leaves.

Main production area


South Korea


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