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📱 | Google wants to start freezing old apps you for…

Photo From the beginning of December, Android will be able to make sure that no old apps on your phone are still using sensitive permissions. Arne Immanuel Baensch / dpa

Google wants to start freezing old apps you for…

How many apps do you have on your phone? And how many of them have you not used for months? You don't know? That's exactly the problem – a security problem, in fact. Every installed app is a potential security and privacy risk With its planned “auto-reset feature”, Google wants to automatically revoke any permissions you granted, and Google is now rolling out a new feature to help deal with the problem of installed apps waiting to fill up with vulnerabilities as you forget about them. to Android apps that you haven't used in months, from location to contacts to calendar or camera. This is alre… → Continue reading


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