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👍 | "Silhouette is very nice" UNIQLO's "Hakama-like" pleated skirt is a big success in autumn.


"The silhouette is very nice" In autumn, UNIQLO's "Hakama-like" pleated skirt is a big success.

If you write the contents roughly
Black, khaki, and dark green are available in calm colors, so you can get a sense of autumn just by wearing them.

UNIQLO's "Hakama-style pleated skirt" is gradually gaining attention on SNS. "It's very easy to mix and match ... → Continue reading

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Dark green

"Dark greenIsJunko SasakibyJapan OfGirl cartoonthe work.

"Weekly girl comic』(Shogakukan) Serialized in.1983 From the second issue1983 The series up to No. 23 will be the first chapter, and then the second chapter of the bimonthly magazine ""1984 From April issue1988 Serialized until February issue. A total of 2 books. Later MF paperback (media Factory) To all 5 volumes.


A strange called "R-Dream"夢Set on the world stage, through the battle between monsters called “Zell” and humans,Environment issuesA motivated work to sue. In addition to Sasaki's work depicting the dream world,1980 Published in the first issue of "Coronet"Red wall] (LaterTokyo IIIIssuing short edit "Who!]), both are often compared[1].

At the end of the first chapter of the serialization in the original "Weekly Shoujo Comics", the series was discontinued because the style that the army appeared in the work was not like a girl's manga and it did not fit the editorial policy of the magazine, and the beginning of the work ThenCensoredWas in crisis. Sasaki at that time was another series of worksBremen 5Was serialized in Coronet, but even though Bremen 5 has little image of shojo manga, serialization is allowed because the style of Coronet is relatively free. Knowing that, I was eager to write "Dark Green", so I suspended "Bremen 1984" in the spring of 5. Writing of "Dark Green" Chapter 2 started on "Coronet"[2].

This series, which continued in this way, became a masterpiece of Sasaki's masterpiece.[3], Serializedバ レ ン デ ーHad enough chocolate to fill the workplace from readers to the characters in the work.[4].. Although it didn't happen,recordAnd evenAnimeThere was also a story about becoming[5].

Side StoryFor works and sequels, see below.#Derived worksSee.


December 198, 12□. That day, people all over the world had the same dream.

In that dream, called the "R-Dream," people continue to fight the mysterious invaders called "Thel." The human being who can not get out of the R-dream is in realityPlant human conditionNext, I will be wandering around in the R-dream. And death in R-Dream becomes death in reality.

Beauty lifeNishiogi HokutoBecomes a warrior Hokuto in the R-dream and is said to be the strongest of the R-dream, but a boy who can not get out of the R-dream without knowing his identityLuon, Girl with golden skinMurouGet acquainted with them and fight with Zell together. And then they approach the secret of this world.


Those who enter the R-dream have the appearance of the R-dream in addition to the actual appearance. As a general rule, the appearance in the R-Dream looks like a person who has a memory of reality, but it does not always look as it is.

Nishiogi Hokuto
Art University Naniwa, 20 years old. In R-Dream, he becomes a warrior Hokuto, and his strength is also strong in R-Dream. When he got to know Luon and saw him sad without knowing his identity, he began to look for him. Actually, there is an R-Dream warrior Hokuto's personality apart from the real Hokuto, and even before the real Hokuto entered the R-dream, the R-dream warrior Hokuto who had a real memory fought with Zell. .. However, due to certain circumstances, Hokuto seals his memory and the real Hokuto will fight in the R-dream.
Isogai clams
Hokuto's friend, Sandai Minami. 21 years old. The house is rich and spends a lot of playful days with his life. You can see Zell, who can't enter the R-Dream but has advanced into the real world.
West Ogi Subaru[6](Nishioji Subaru)
Hokuto's brother and office worker. Extremely realistic, his younger brother Hokuto also refuses to be an artist, encouraging him to become an ordinary university or member of society. R-Dream is also called "escape" and is not a partner.
R-Dream's strongest boy warrior. I can't go back to the real world, and I don't remember any real memory. It looks like a junior high school student. He loves Hokuto and continues to fight Zell together.
A girl warrior with golden skin who acts with Hokuto and Luon in R-Dream.He uses words like a man, starting with calling himself "I" in the first person.The strength is equal to Hokuto.I like Hokuto.In the real world, a British man named Rupert Dyne, a journalist (photographer).Although Muro is not aware of himself in reality and Rupert is not aware of himself in R-Dream, Rupert later became able to take over only Muro's memory.Muro remains unable to recognize Rupert.
Gaston Barrow
West Germany[7]Professor at Sorbo University.A psychologist and R-dream researcher. In R-Dream, he becomes an old warrior in armor.Get acquainted with Hokuto and become a good understanding and collaborator of him.
When it happened that I couldn't enter the R-Dream temporarily, I came all the way to Japan to meet Hokuto by saying that I was an identified person. Later, he becomes "old" (described later).
A mysterious girl who plays the wind and tells the secret of R-Dream in R-Dream.I can't speak the language because of the death of God.It has the ability to touch weapons to plant them and lose their strength.
Its true identity is a baby (not a specific person) who became an R-dream patient immediately after birth, and is a symbol of the spiritual world of the human world.Therefore, even if the fin disappears for some reason, another fin is born.
A strong female warrior who travels the northern end of the R-Dream with ten horses. Show the behavior that you have known about Hokuto from before. Although I have a memory of reality, I have not been able to leave the R-dream since the day when the R-dream occurred. In the real world, a 10-year-old East German woman named Ruth Hermann[7].. When Hokuto came to see him in search of the real-world luon, she thought she was the real-world luon, but it wasn't.
According to Hokuto before his memory was sealed, he produced Lyon along with Hokuto.
Humans killed by Crane in the R-Dream lose their memory and personality in the R-Dream but can wake up in the real world.
Abdul Ali Ahmed
Klein's subordinates. A 29-year-old Egyptian youth.He continues his journey to the north with Klein and loves his lord, Klein, but because he knows her feelings for Hokuto, he follows Klein as a loyal subordinate.
Build a giant fortress and army organization to fight against Zell in the R-Dream. Due to his desire to become a hero, he also confines Lyon, Hokuto, and Murou who did not follow his opinion, and even tailor a puppet lure that works at his own discretion.
The anti-Zel weapons and the fortress itself that they built up become Zel. When Haites realizes his mistake, he destroys the fortress and disperses with it.
Yag Gorman
Appeared as an aide of Haytes. To fight against Zell even after the fall of Haites's fortress, he wanders while suffering from R-dream.
At the end of the wandering, a mysterious old man handed me a small glowing pyramid "Tupo" saying "This is the truth." When I asked Toopo about his doubts, there was an immediate reply, and the answer was always correct. Eventually, Yag Gorman became a leader of the emerging religion, Tupo, leading the scene at the end of the story.
Older R-dream patients who have gained the ability to interfere with the human spiritual world by being half-integrated with nature.It's an old man's version of Feen, and likewise everyone is a plant human in the real world.There are 24 people in all, and all the "old people" work together to interfere with the human spiritual world and produce luons, adjust the biorhythms of human beings all over the world, and set the world at a specific time. The majority of people were forced to sleep naturally.He is also fighting with Zel over interference with the real world.
The official name is Plantel Planty Planzellow. The only existence that can bridge the consciousness of plants and human will born with Mullow as a nutrient. Guide Hokuto and Ryuon to "dark green".
The mysterious existence that threatens humanity in R-dream. He possesses the inanimate object in the R-dream and is self-sustaining, killing the human being in the R-dream, but cannot attach it to the inanimate object touched by the human. An inanimate object can be softened like slime.
Its true nature is that "Dark Green" embodies all the factors that cause the destruction of the environment on the earth together with R-Dream as "enemy that threatens humanity". Therefore, when Luon saw the real world through the eyes of Hokuto, various objects of reality appeared to be Zell.
Dark green
Strictly speaking, it is not a character, but it is described here for convenience.
The existence that created R-Dream and Zel.Its true identity is the unification of the will of all plants that exist on the earth.I am worried that modern human civilization is causing the destruction of the environment of the earth, but because I do not have the ability to communicate with humans, I interfered with the unconscious world of humans and appealed for environmental protection through R-dream, but humans The intention was not understood by the side.

Derivative work

For works with independent articles, see the internal link for details.

Full colorSide Storythe work. Serialized1985 , Bimonthly magazine "Wings』(Shinshokan) Posted 3 times above. Later Sasaki's illustration collection "Dark green visual message dream" (Shogakukan,ISBN 978-4-09-199581-0), "Dark Green"media FactoryBypaperbackWhen it was made, it was recorded in the fifth volume.
2002 Gaiden work announced in.
"Deep green"
Sequel work.2007 からWeb comicsWas produced asMiChao!』(Kodansha) Was serialized in. Sasaki says, "It's possible to draw a sequel because there are fans who love old works."[8].
"Dimension Green"
Third product in the series. The concept at the start of this series was made up of these three parts,[9]In the postscript of the final volume of the book, it is said that the realization of the third work is unknown due to the end of Michao!, and Sasaki's own work is heresy compared to recent comics, so the third work It was difficult to realize the work.[10].. After that, there was advice from the editor in charge,2010 ToDoujinshiPublished as[11],laterE-bookIt is also sold as.


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