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🚁 | <Small country> Wild boar habitat survey with drone


<Small country> Wild boar habitat survey with drone

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Based on these images, it is said that it will lead to measures such as effective installation of electric fences.

The first demonstration experiment to investigate the habitat of wild boars with the latest drone in order to reduce the damage to the rapidly increasing crops of wild boars is small ... → Continue reading

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Electric fence

Electric fence-Electric fenceWhat is (Denkisaku / Densaku)?AnimalWhen touchedElectric shockAdded a mechanism to givefenceThat.


Various from wooden to metal.Both nakedElectrical wire,wireBy a dedicated power supplyElectric shockWeak controlled not to reach電流Is flowing and giving a shock.

When installing, it is necessary to consider the installation cost of the fence including the power supply, repair / maintenance cost, electricity cost, etc.

the purpose

  • cowな ど家畜When grazinggrazingGround (pasture) Is used for the purpose of enclosure so as not to deviate from.
  • boar,DeerEtc. in the fieldWild animalsUsed for the purpose of repelling so as not to invade and disturb
  • ZooUsed for a fenceless free-standing ecological exhibition.As with grazing, animal deviation prevention.


Livestock do not have to deviate outside the fence until they have survived an electric shock, so they are almost 100% effective unless there is human error, destruction or damage.Also, in most casesLearningDue to the effect, it does not naturally come close to the fence, so it may not be necessary to constantly apply current.

Wild animals collectively attack and damage fences to obtain food (boarDigging under the fence or jumping the fence (etc.)deerSince it shows unexpected behavior such as), it is necessary to improve the effect by trial and error at the beginning of installation.


  • 大規模 なLivestockApart from, for self-sufficiencyfieldIt is often not cost-effective for small areas of protected objects such as crops.
  • Around the fence on a regular basisgrassIf you do not mow the weeds and weeds, the growing grass will touch the fenceleakageThe effect of the electric fence is reduced or extra power is wasted.
  • noiseTo generateRadio disturbanceMay cause.So, for exampleç±³ 国Then.Amateur radioDue to complaints from homes, improvement orders and, in some cases, warning orders to stop using electric fencesFederal Communications CommissionThere are some cases ordered by.[Annotation 1]

Japan situation

Laws and regulations

In Japan, as a type of electrical equipmentElectricity Business LawIt is regulated by related laws and regulations.

Ministry ordinance that sets technical standards for electrical equipmentThen, it is described as "electric wire" and is defined as "a fence in which a bare wire is fixed and installed outdoors and the bare wire is charged and used" (Article 74).

In addition, it is permitted to install an electric fence only in the following cases (same article).

  • In fields, ranches, and similar places
  • In the case of facilities to prevent the invasion of wild beasts or the escape of livestock,
  • When installing the facility so that there is no risk of electric shock or fire in consideration of the lack of insulation.

Therefore, the following are inappropriate and illegal electric fences that are not allowed to be installed.

  • Facilities in places other than fields, ranches, etc.
  • To prevent human invasion and escape
  • Structure that may cause electric shock or fire, such as connecting the 100V power supply of the outlet as it is


In each case, a self-made electric fence is used without using a commercially available electric fence power supply device.

1978 May 10,TokyoOta-kuAn office worker is found dead in a pond at home by electric shock.Around the pondNishikigoiTheCatA self-made electric fence (equivalent to 100V15A) was made to protect it from the air, and it is believed that an office worker slipped and fell into the pond and touched the electric wire at that time.[1].

2009 May 8ToMinamiawaji CityWith a lamp line电源An accident occurred in which a farmer who made his own electric fence directly connected to the electric fence was electrocuted.In response to thisMinistry of Economy, Trade and Industry Nuclear and Industrial Safety AgencyAnd, we are taking measures such as creating pamphlets, requesting the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries to inform farmers, and revising the interpretation of technical standards (specifying the use of appropriate power supply devices and earth-leakage circuit breakers).[2].

2015 May 7ToShizuokaNishiizu TownIn a tributary of one color, an accident occurred in which seven men and women, including children, were electrocuted by an electric fence that leaked electricity, and two men died.[3]..This electric fence was made by the installer, and was not equipped with safety devices, etc., and was boosted to about 400v by a transformer.[4]..The Shizuoka Prefectural Police were investigating on suspicion of manslaughter, but the installer later committed suicide without securing himself.

Subsidy system

Until 2009, as a subsidy system for installing electric fences, etc.Ministry of AgricultureThere was a comprehensive measures project to prevent damage to birds and beasts, but in 2009Business sorting (administrative reform meeting)It was consulted by (WG3).At the meeting, as it is now, 2 people, 2 budget reductions, 1 postponement of accounting, and 8 people left to the local government decided, "Although we recognize that it is an important issue, it is not a country."[5]From 2010, the subsidy was not recorded and it was decided to be a grant measure.


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  1. ^ By FCCAmateur Radio Service Enforcement ActionsIn addition, you can browse documents for which the FCC has issued improvement orders based on such complaints.

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