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📷 | "I like Shurijo Castle too much" Former employee has 180 photo exhibitions, straight love Okinawa City


Former employee "I like Shurijo Castle too much" 180 photo exhibitions, straight love Okinawa City

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For the photo exhibition, with the cooperation of former colleague Maino Kate (36) = Uruma City, Shinobu Yamazato (41) = Ginowan City =, we worked hard to raise funds, select venues, and make goods.

Taken by Masako Oshiro (40) = Naha City = an office worker who has worked at Shurijo Castle Park and likes Shurijo Castle too much ... → Continue reading

 Ryukyu Shimpo

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Uruma City

Uruma City(Urumashi) isOkinawa main islandLocated in the central partOkinawaThird city.


Naha,Okinawa CityThird in Okinawa Prefecture afterpopulationIt is a city with many.2005 (Heisei17 years) April 4Gushikawa City,Ishikawa,Nakagami-gunKatsuren Town-Yonagi Town2 city 2 townsNew mergerWas born.Unemployment rate in Uruma City is 18.2%It is the fifth highest in the country and the highest as a city. Okinawa main islandChubu,Kin BayLocated on the south bank ofKatsuren PeninsulaThere is, and at the tipUS Army in JapanPort facilitiesWhite beachとJMSDFOkinawa baseThere is.


Main terrain

East coast of central Okinawa Island (The Pacific OceanLocated on the side), onlyKin BayとNakagusuku BayFaceMunicipalities.Katsuren PeninsulaThere are 8 islands, Ikei Island, Miyagi Island, Henza Island, Hamahiga Island, and Yabuchi Island.Undersea roadIt is possible to pass from the Katsuren Peninsula because it is connected by a bridge or a bridge.In particular, the total length of 4.7 connecting the Katsuren Peninsula and Henza IslandkmThe mid-sea road has become a popular spot as a drive course.



The climate belongs to the subtropical oceanic climate, with monthly average temperatures of 17 ° C to 29 ° C and annual rainfall of approximately 1,900 mm, making it a warm and comfortable climate throughout the year.

Adjacent municipalities


Origin of city name

The city name is "CoralOld, which means "island"Okinawan dialectDerived from (Uchinaguchi) (Uru-coral, Ma-island). "RyukyuIt is an Okinawan name along with "", and in kanji it is "Uruma"(Japanese alphabet).dialectIs a rare example of adopting the city name as it is.

Chronological Table

Changes in administrative areas (after the enforcement of the municipal system)

For details on the circumstances before the merger,Gushikawa City,Ishikawa,Yonagi Town,Katsuren TownSee the history section of.


In Uruma City, in some areasAct on Residential Displaybased onHouse displayIs being implemented.

Former Gushikawa City
Town nameTown name readingHouse display dateTown name just before the display of the residenceRemarks
wordAkaNot implemented
wordequatorialAkamichiNot implemented
wordGive upNot implemented
XNUMX to XNUMX chomeGive upNovemberA part of each part of character Ankei name, character Taba, character Nishihara
wordIribaruNot implemented
wordUezuNot implemented
wordUkenNot implemented
wordEsNot implemented
wordEnobiNot implemented
word(I.e.Not implemented
wordKaneka DanNot implemented
wordEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euNot implemented
wordKawataNot implemented
XNUMX to XNUMX chomeKinakaNovemberEach part of Aza Kiyatake, Aza Takaesu, Aza Nakamine, Aza Toyohara
wordKyanNot implemented
wordGushikawaNot implemented
wordThis timeNot implemented
wordShioyaNot implemented
wordSuzakiNot implemented
wordTairagawaNot implemented
wordTakaesuNot implemented
wordCigaretteNot implemented
wordTenganCancerNot implemented
wordToyoharaNot implemented
wordNakamineNot implemented
wordMaeharaNot implemented
XNUMX to XNUMX chomeGreen townNovemberOaza Agena, Oaza Tengan, Oaza Akano, Oaza Taba
wordMiyazatoNot implemented
Former Ishikawa City
Town nameTown name readingHouse display dateTown name just before the display of the residenceRemarks
Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euNot implemented
XNUMX and XNUMX chomeEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euNovember 2000, 7 (31)Part of Azaishikawa
November 2001, 10 (9)Part of Azaishikawa
XNUMX to XNUMX chomeIshikawa AkasakiNovemberAll of Akasaki and part of Azaishikawa
XNUMX and XNUMX chomeIshikawa RariyamaNot implementedTown name lot number implementation area
XNUMX and XNUMX chomeIshikawa Agariyamamoto TownNovemberEach part of Azaishikawa and Higashiyama XNUMX-chome
XNUMX to XNUMX chomeIshikawa AkebonoNovemberAzaishikawa, Inami, and Higashi Onna
XNUMX and XNUMX chomeIshikawa ShizakiNot implementedTown name lot number implementation area
IshikawaiNot implemented
I knowNot implemented
XNUMX and XNUMX chomeIshikawa ShiramaNovemberPart of Ishikawa Shirahama
IshikawasoNot implemented
Ishikawa Higashi OnnaNot implemented
Ishikawa Higashi OnnazakiNot implemented
Ishikawa YamashiroNot implemented
Former Yonashiro Town
Town nameTown name readingHouse display dateTown name just before the display of the residenceRemarks
YonashiroNot implemented
Yonashiro AseriNot implemented
Yonashiro IkeiNot implemented
IkemijibiNot implemented
Yonashirou EharaNot implemented
Yonashiro OkuhiraNot implemented
YonashirochuouNot implemented
Yonashiro TerumaNot implemented
Yonashiro TobaruNot implemented
Yonashiro NishiharaNot implemented
Yonashiro no HenNot implemented
Yonashiro HiramiyaNot implemented
Yonashiro HenzaNot implemented
YonashiromiyagiYonashiro MiyagiNot implemented
I'm sorryNot implemented
Former Katsuren Town
Town nameTown name readingHouse display dateTown name just before the display of the residenceRemarks
KatsurenuchimaKatsuren UchimaNot implemented
KatsurenNot implemented
Katsuren HarubaruNot implemented
Katsuren HamaNot implemented
Katsuren HigaNot implemented
Katsuren HeshikiyaNot implemented
KatsurennaNot implemented

Address notation

With the new establishment of Uruma City, the address notation was changed in each area except the old Gushikawa City.

Before the mergerAfter the mergerRemarks
Gushikawa city character △△→Uruma city character △△
Ishikawa City Character △△Uruma CityIshikawa △△"Ishikawa" is added in front of the character and "character" is deleted.
Yonagusuku-cho, Nakagami-gun Character △△Uruma CityYonashiro △△"Yonashiro" is added in front of the character and "character" is deleted.
Nakagami-gun Katsuren-cho character △△Uruma CityKatsuren △△"Katsuren" is added in front of the character and "character" is deleted.

However, in the case of the former Ishikawa, Ishikawa City and the former Yonashiro, Nakagami District, Yonashiro, "Uruma City" respectively.石川, "Uruma CityYonashiroIt becomes.


Population distribution of Uruma, Okinawa, Japan.svg
Uruma City and National Population Distribution by Age (2005)Uruma City's population distribution by age and gender (2005)
■Purple-Uruma City
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Uruma City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


Successive mayors

AlgebraNameInauguration dateRetirement dateRemarks
Chinen Tsuneo2005 (Heisei17 years) April 52009 (21) April 51st term. On May 5, he was elected without a vote (15 years old at that time).Independent.LDP-KomeitoRecommendation.元・FormerGushigawaMayor.
Toshio Shimabuku2009 (Heisei 21)/5/152021 (Reiwa3 years) April 53rd term. First elected on April 2009, 4. (ElectionVoter turnout62.55%.56 years old at that time).Independent.Former UrumaCity councilChair.
Masato NakamuraJanuary 2021, 3 (5nd year of Reiwa)
Third term. 1年2025月4日初当選(選挙のApril 25, XNUMX First election (electionVoter turnout55.49%.56 years old at that time).Independent, newcomer.Liberal Democratic Party, Komeito, Parliamentary Group Okinawa, Group of Independents (former Sozo, Restoration)Okinawa Prefectural AssemblyParliamentary group) Recommended.Former Uruma city council member.

City hall, branch office, branch office, civic center, etc.

municipal office

  • (Main office): Located at 1-1-XNUMX, Uruma City.

Branch / branch office

  • Uruma City Ishikawa Government Building: 1-XNUMX Ishikawa Ishizaki, Uruma City.
  • Uruma City Katsuren Government Building: Uruma City Katsurenhenna 3032.
  • Uruma City Yonashiro Government Building: Uruma City Yonashiro Chuo 1.

Citizen service facility



Firefighting, disaster prevention, emergency lifesaving

  • Uruma City Fire Department: Located at 44-1 Ota, Uruma City.
    • Gushikawa Fire Department: 44-1 Ota, Uruma City.
    • Ishikawa Fire Department: 2596 Ishikawa, Uruma City.
    • Yokatsu Fire Department: 1435 Katsurenhenna, Uruma City.
    • Henza branch office: 2459 Yonashirohenza, Uruma-shi.
  • Uruma CityFire brigade: The number of branches is 12 (2011)[1].

Water supply business

  • Water supply:
  • Sewer:

Cleaning business

  • Cleaning:
  • Final disposal:

Sister city / friendly city

Japanese flagIwateMorioka 2012 May 7 Friendship City Alliance[2]


City council

Okinawa Prefectural Assembly

NameParliamentary nameNumber of winsRemarks
Teruya TaigaCitizen/Company/Yui Union3Party membershipSocial Democratic Party
Teruya MoriyukiOkinawa·LDP4
Sueko YamauchiIndependent3
Hiroki NakataOkinawa LDP4

House of Representatives

CommentCandidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedrepeat
ThisShimajiri Yasuko56LDP新87,710 vote○
Yara Tomohiro59Constitutional Democratic Party前80,496 vote○

Postal business

post office

  • Agena Post Office
  • Ishikawa Gusukuma Post Office
  • Ishikawa Higashionna Post Office
  • Ishikawa Post Office
  • Uehara Simple Post Office
  • Katsuren Post Office
  • Gushikawa Kawasaki Post Office
  • Gushikawa Toyohara Post Office
  • East Gushikawa Post Office
  • Henza Post Office
  • Yokatsu Post Office
  • Yonashiro Post Office

Zip Code

Zip CodeIs as follows.

The main island of the former Yonashiro Town and the former Katsuren Town were once handled by the Yonashiro Post Office,1990 eraMoved to Yokatsu Post Office.旧与那城町の島嶼部は平安座郵便局が担当していたがThe Henza Post Office was in charge of the islands of the former Yonashiro Town,2006 Was integrated into.さらに宮城島と伊計島ではFurthermore, on Miyagi Island and Ikei Island1980 eraUntil then, the Uehara Post Office was in charge of collection and delivery, and the postal code of "904-25" existed.


Educational institution

high school

Junior high school

Municipal junior high school

Prefectural junior high school

Private middle school

primary school

Municipal elementary school

  • Uruma Municipal Jozen Elementary School
  • Uruma Municipal Miyamori Elementary School
  • Uruma Municipal Inami Elementary School
  • Uruma Municipal Kawasaki Elementary School
  • Uruma Municipal Agena Elementary School
  • Uruma Municipal Taba Elementary School
  • Uruma City Tengan Elementary School
  • Uruma Municipal Gushikawa Elementary School
  • Uruma City Kanehara Elementary School
  • Uruma Municipal Takaesu Elementary School
  • Uruma City Nakahara Elementary School
  • Uruma Municipal Equator Elementary School
  • Uruma Municipal Yonashiro Elementary School

Private elementary school

Special school

Other educational institutions

  • Youth With A Mission Okinawa DTS Discipleship Training School



On the main islandTransit Bus TheRyukyu Bus Transportation-Okinawa bus-Naha bus-Toyo BusIt is operated by 4 companies.那覇バスは、前身の那覇交通時代に石川線と屋慶名線を運行していたものの、路線縮小でThe Naha Bus operated the Ishikawa Line and the Yakeina Line during the predecessor Naha Transportation era, but due to the reduction of routes1998 In (10), it completely withdrew from the current Uruma city area (the Ishikawa line has since reached Chibana, Okinawa city, and now it has stopped at Futenma, Ginowan city).After that, until now, when it became a Naha bus, it has only been operated jointly by highway buses.

In addition, Ryukyu Bus Kotsu in the cityGushigawa Bus Terminal, Okinawa busYakena Bus Terminal, Toyo BusAwase Sales OfficeThere is.

Before the merger with the islands (Henza, Hamahiga, Miyagi, Ikei Island), two companies, Momohara Transport Industry (Miyagi, Ikei Island), Heianza Comprehensive Development (Henza Island), and Katsuren Town Hamahiga Bus (Hama) It was operated by Hamahiga Island), but at the same time as the merger, Uruma City entrusted it to Henza General Development and started to operate it collectively.

In the table below, the operating company "Ryukyu" is the Ryukyu bus transportation route, "Okinawa" is the Okinawa bus route, "Naha" is the Naha bus route, "Toyo" is the Toyo bus route, and multiple notations are joint operation routes. ※BT=バスターミナル* BT = Bus Terminal

numberRoute nameOperating companystarting pointend point市町村Main stopovers in Uruma city
Via Uruma city general road
21Shintoshin Gushikawa LineRyukyuNaha BTGushigawa BTNaha City --Urasoe City --Ginowan City --Kitanakagusuku Village --Okinawa City - Uruma CityEquator Crossroads, Agena
22Nago Uruma LineOkinawaNago BTChubu HospitalNago City --Ginoza Village --Kin Town - Uruma CityIshikawa, Enobi, Agena
23Gushigawa LineRyukyuNaha Airport
Naha BT
Gushigawa BTNaha City --Urasoe City --Ginowan City --Kitanakagusuku Village --Okinawa City - Uruma CityAkamichi Crossroads, Agena, Uruma City Hall
24Naha Daigana LineNaha BTEquator Crossroads, Agena
27Yakena LineOkinawaYakena BTAkamichi Crossroads, Agena, Agena
30Awase East LineToyoAwase Sales OfficeNaha City --Haebaru Town --Yonabaru Town --Nishihara Town --Nakagusuku Village --Kitanakagusuku Village --Okinawa City - Uruma CityMiyazato entrance, Jusco Gushikawa entrance
31Awase West LineNaha City --Urasoe City --Ginowan City --Kitanakagusuku Village --Okinawa City - Uruma City 
48Ishikawa Yomitan LineOkinawaYomitan BTHigashiyama entranceYomitan Village - Onna village - Uruma CityIn front of Ishikawa High School, Ishikawa
52Winning lineNaha BTYakena BTNaha City --Urasoe City --Ginowan City --Kitanakagusuku Village --Okinawa City - Uruma CityAkamichi Crossroads, Takaesu, Maehara
60Awase Aeon Mall Rycom LineToyoAwase Sales OfficeAEON MALL Okinawa RycomUruma City --Okinawa City --Kitanakagusuku Village 
61Maehara LineOkinawaIn front of San-A Parco CityYakena BTGinowan City --Kitanakagusuku Village --Okinawa City - Uruma CityAkamichi Crossroads, Takaesu, Maehara
63Xiekari LineRyukyuNaha BTGushigawa BTNaha City --Urasoe City --Ginowan City --Chatan Town --Okinawa City - Uruma CityMyodo, Akamichi Crossroads, Agena
75Ishikawa Chatan LineHigashiyama parking lotChatan Town Elderly Welfare CenterUruma City --Okinawa City --Chatan TownIshikawa, Enobi
77Nago East (Henoko) LineOkinawaNaha BTNago BTNaha City --Urasoe City --Ginowan City --Kitanakagusuku Village --Okinawa City - Uruma City --Kin Town --Ginoza Village --Nago CityAkamichi Crossroads, Agena, Enobi, Ishikawa
80Yonagi LineYakena BTNaha City --Urasoe City --Ginowan City --Kitanakagusuku Village --Okinawa City - Uruma CityAkamichi Crossroads, Agena, Maehara
90Chibana (bypass) lineRyukyuGushigawa BTEnobi, Agena
93Yakeina-Aeon Mall LineOkinawaYakena BTAEON MALL Okinawa RycomUruma City --Okinawa City --Kitanakagusuku VillageAkamichi Crossroads, Agena, Agena
110Nagata Gushikawa LineRyukyuNaha BTGushigawa BTNaha City --Urasoe City --Ginowan City --Kitanakagusuku Village --Okinawa City - Uruma CityMiyazato entrance, in front of Gushikawa High School
112National highway lineNaha City --Urasoe City --Ginowan City --Chatan Town --Okinawa City - Uruma CityAkamichi Crossroads, Agena, Uruma City Hall
113Gushigawa Airport LineNaha AirportNaha City --Haebaru Town --Nishihara Town --Ginowan City --Nakagusuku Village --Kitanakagusuku Village --Okinawa City - Uruma CityAkamichi Crossroads, Agena, Uruma City Hall
123Ishikawa Airport LineHigashiyama parking lotAkamichi Crossroads, Agena, Enobi, Ishikawa
127Yakena (Highway) LineOkinawaNaha BTYakena BTAkamichi Crossroads, Agena, Agena
223Gushigawa Omoromachi LineRyukyuOmoromachi station squareGushigawa BTNaha City --Urasoe City --Ginowan City --Kitanakagusuku Village --Okinawa City - Uruma CityAkamichi Crossroads, Agena, Uruma City Hall
227Yakena Omoromachi LineOkinawaYakena BTAkamichi Crossroads, Agena, Agena
263Xiekari Omoromachi LineRyukyuGushigawa BTNaha City --Urasoe City --Ginowan City --Chatan Town --Okinawa City - Uruma CityMyodo, Akamichi Crossroads, Agena
331Express busToyoNaha BTAwase Sales Office 
777OkinawaYakena BTAkamichi Crossroads, Agena, Agena
Ikeiya Keimei Line(Heianza comprehensive development)JA OkinawaYonashiroIkei joint store(Uruma City) Mid-Sea Road, Henza Island, Hamahiga Island, Miyagi Island, Ikei Island
All sections of Uruma City via Okinawa Expressway
111Express BusRyukyu
Naha AirportNago BTNaha City --Haebaru Town --Nishihara Town --Ginowan City --Nakagusuku Village --Kitanakagusuku Village --Okinawa City - Uruma City --Kin Town --Ginoza Village --Nago CityIshikawa Inter
117Highway bus (direct to Churaumi)Ryukyu
Hotel Orion MotobuNaha City --Haebaru Town --Nishihara Town --Ginowan City --Nakagusuku Village --Kitanakagusuku Village --Okinawa City - Uruma City --Nago City --Motobu Town
  • In addition, there is a free bus between public facilities.[4]..Starting from Uruma City Hall (Gushikawa Government Building), there are two lines, the Gushikawa Ishikawa Line, which goes around the Ishikawa area and the kelp area, and the Gushikawa Yokatsu Line, which goes around the Katsuren Peninsula.


  • Hirashikiya Port- Tsuken IslandRegular boat operation between ports (Kamiya sightseeing by high-speed boat or ferry, 1 round trips a day)


General national road
Main local road
General prefectural road



Area codeIs throughout the city098AndNaha-Ginowan City-Urasoe City-Itoman-Okinawa City-Tomigusuku City-Nanjo City-Onna village-Ginoza Village-Kin Town-Yaese Town-Yonabaru Town-Haebaru Town-Zamami village-Aguni Village-Tonaki village-Kumejima Town-Nakagami-gunIt is common to all towns and villages (Naha MA).


Both radio and television are generally broadcast areas of the master station in Tomigusuku City, etc., but since there are places where it is geographically difficult to receive from the master station, the former Gushikawa City (along Kinwan Bay)Gushikawa TV relay station, In the old Ishikawa city areaOkinawa Ishikawa TV relay stationThere are two TV relay stations in the city.また沖縄市に接する旧具志川市南部やIn addition, the southern part of the former Gushikawa city, which borders Okinawa city,Nakagusuku BayLocated in Okinawa City (rooftop of city hall) in the coastal areaHuya relay stationIt is a broadcasting area of.

2009 May 12ToFM UrumaHas opened (Community FM station).また、沖縄市のAlso, in Okinawa CityFM Koza(Sent from the Huya relay station) can be received, and information about Uruma City may be broadcast from time to time.


American base

In Uruma City, in addition to various US military facilities and areas such as the headquarters of the US Marine Corps in Japan, there are many Self-Defense Force facilities and areas such as the Maritime Self-Defense Force Okinawa Base Corps and the Ground Self-Defense Force Katsuren High-Fire Education and Training Ground. The area is 6,632 thousand m86,030, which occupies about 7.7% of the area of ​​2016 thousand m4 in Uruma City. In April 20, a XNUMX-year-old woman was killed by a civilian employee who was a former Marine.Uruma City Woman Murder CaseThere is also a big problem.

baseareaProvided water areaRemarks
Camp Courtney1,339 thousand square meters1.47 kmXNUMX
Army oil storage facility720 thousand square meters0.98 kmXNUMX
Camp mactrias379 thousand square meters
Kadena Ammunition Storage1,877 thousand square meters
Tengan Pier31 thousand square meters6.25kmXNUMX
White Beach District1,568 thousand square meters323.69kmXNUMX
Tsuken Island Training Area16 thousand square meters9.45kmXNUMX

Returned U.S. military base

Self-Defense Forces base

Base transferred from US military base to Self-Defense Forces

Self-Defense Forces basearea水域Remarks
Ukiharajima Training Ground254 thousand square meters1.96kmXNUMXShared use
JMSDF Okinawa base corps87 thousand square meters
JMSDF Okinawa base corpsGushikawa transmission station169 thousand square meters
Ground Self-Defense Force Katsuren High-Fire Education and Training Ground192 thousand square meters

Famous places, historic sites, sightseeing spots, resorts, entertainment facilities, festivals, etc.

Famous places / historic sites / sightseeing spots

Commercial facility

Resort / entertainment facilities

Festivals and annual events

  • Uruma Cultural Festival
  • Children's Cultural Festival

Other areas / facilities

  • Okinawa Oil Storage Base

Celebrity with connection

Native celebrity

Other celebrities with connections


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