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👍 | Miyu Honda opens official Twitter Fuku Suzuki and others "Four Tennos who are not certified" also react


Miyu Honda opens official Twitter Fuku Suzuki and others "Four Tennos who are not certified" also react

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Suzuki, Hamada, Sato, and Matsumaru report the results every time their application is rejected, and they are sometimes called "four heavenly kings without an official mark" in disgrace.

Miyu Honda opens Twitter.When Fuku Suzuki of the same period congratulates, the official certification mark material will be a big hit. 15th, actress ... → Continue reading


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Four heavenly kings

Four heavenly kings(Shinno[Annotation 1],Sanskrit: चतुर्महाराज catur mahārāja[Source required]) IsBuddhismIn viewSumiyama・ In the middleFour heavenly heavensFour gods guarding Buddhist monks on all four sidesto East MalaysiaOneChi Guotian,southOneZochoten,WestOneWide-eyed sky,NorthOneTamonten)[1].Four great kingsAlso called (Shidaiou)[2].


LiuyutianFirst heaven,Four Great KingsLord of (Four Kings).SumiyamaLive in Toriten at the topTaishakutenTo serveYabe OnishuAffiliate and control, and protect Buddhism together on the hillside.

Protecting the four islands of Mt. Meru (Higashi Katsumishu, South Jambudvipa, Nansenbushu, Nishigyu Coinshu, Saigokeshu, Kitakyu Roshu = Hokkurushu) He is a vassal of Teishakuten.The height of those who live in this heaven is half-yojana, the life span is 500 years, and the day and night is equivalent to 50 years in the human world.

Faith in Japan

The four heavenly kings were worshiped in Japan from early on. "Japanese calligraphy』According to BuddhismSoga horseとMoriya MoriyaParticipated in the battle withPrince ShotokuThank you for praying to the four heavenly kings and winningSettsuTamatsukuri (OsakaTennoji Ward)Shitennoji(Four Tenno Daigokokuji Temple) is said to have been built[Annotation 2].


In India, it was represented as a nobleman, but in Japan, it takes the form of wearing armor, holding a weapon, and trampling on evil spirits.[1]..The statues are placed at the four corners of the Sumidan[1]..As a statue of the four heavenly kingsTodaiji TempleThe one of Kaidanin is famous[1].


Usage as a metaphor

Four influential people in a certain field are described as "four heavenly kings".Tokugawa Shitenno,Imitation Four Tenno,Heisei Four Go Player(Go) etc.


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注 釈

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  2. ^ Later, moved to the current location of Ara Mausoleum.


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