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👍 | Taichi Kokubun declares that he will enjoy V6 with all his might.


Taichi Kokubun declares that he will enjoy V6 with all his might.

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It is reported that a video in collaboration with Kokubun and others TOKIO will also appear, and there is also a stage where the audience voted "Songs I want V6 to sing at the last M station" in a medley.

Taichi Kokubun of TOKIO updated his official Twitter account. Junior idol group V ... which will be disbanded on November 11st → Continue reading


fumumu is a web news media that delivers real and real data about girls. The editorial department, which mainly consists of female college students and female writers, covers and writes the latest information. The raw voice of girls is revealed!

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Music Station

BYR color wheel.svgIn this itemColorIs dealing with Depending on the viewing environment, the colors may not be displayed properly.

"Music Station(English name:MUSIC STATION) IsTV Asahiseries1986 (Showa61 years)May 10From every weekFridayToLive broadcastHas beenMusic program.2019 (ReiwaFirst year)May 10From 21:00 --21: 54 (JST) Has been broadcast.Stereo broadcasting[Note 1],High definitionProduction[Note 2],Linked data broadcasting[Note 3],Real-time subtitle broadcasting[Note 4].. The popular name is "M station] (Emste)[Note 5],M station] (M Station)[Note 6].. in the past"MSThere was also a popular name called "MS"[Note 7].

This item was broadcast live immediately before this programMini show"MinisteWill also be treated.


1985 (60)May 10Started inNews station, The first program to be commemorated with the title "Station" in the program title.[Note 8].. At the beginning of the program, he explained that the reason why he named "Station" was "I named it" Music Station "in the sense of its music version, after" News Station ", which had become established as a new type of news program."[1].. As a golden time music program produced by the same station,The Best Hit '83It's been 3 years since[1].

FridayWe have been broadcasting for many years at 20:XNUMXWorld pro wrestlingInstead of[Note 9],1986 (61)May 10Newly established fromLive broadcast OfMusic programSo, as of 2021, it entered the 35th year of broadcastingLongevity programIs[2][3][4][5]..Serve as general moderator of this programTamoriIs currently hosting a regular program, the late-night variety show "Tamori Club] Is the second length to succeed. The number of broadcasts2010 Over 1000 times in the same yearMay 2"Music Station 1000th Anniversary Special" was broadcast on[6]..In addition, more than 8300 songs have been shown on the program so far.[7].

"SongIs the concept of the program. As a general rule, each time a group of guest artists perform a live studio live (some times a year (such as winter and summer specials), there are no live shows. Details will be given later). Also, not only singers and bandsPerformerMusicians, actors/actresses, voice actors, etc.Comedian,YouTuber,Professional wrestlerAlso perform live as a guest artist.Between the studio live, talks between the moderator and guest artists, various corners and projects will be held.[8].

2010 Since the teenage years, J-POP singers for young people have mainly appeared,Prime timeIs regularly broadcast onTerrestrial televisionThe music program of is sometimes only this program depending on the time[Note 10]..Therefore, it is said that many new singers and bands are aiming to appear on this program.[8][9][10].

This program is2014 (26) Chairman and CEO of TV Asahi since JulyHayakawaHowever, he was involved in production when he was a production producer.Today, this program is the only one that he was involved in when he was a production producer of Hayakawa.[11].

Due to the reorganization in October 2019, the broadcast time was moved down by one hour and moved to the 10:1 frame on Friday.[12].. same yearMay 10At the "TV Asahi Friday 3 Program Joint Press Conference" held in Tokyo, the program general moderator Tamori explained that it was because there are no young people at home recently from 20:XNUMX.[13].

2021 May 10"By the same moderatorLive broadcastMusic programAs the longest broadcast ofGuinness World RecordsCertified by[14].


Main moderator

  • Tamori(2nd generation, April 1987, 4 -)
    • The color of the microphone is black.


  • Namiki Marina(10nd generation, April 2018, 10 -)
    • The color of the microphone is Orange.


periodMain moderatorSub-moderatorStudio sub
NovemberNovemberHiroshi Sekiguchi1Rie Nakahara1Yu Hayami2 · 3
NovemberNovemberTamori4Matsui Yasuma
NovemberNovemberMatsui Yasuma5Kinoshita Chikako6
NovemberNovemberHiroshi Ikushima(absence)
NovemberNovemberSatsuki Ariga
NovemberNovemberSatsuki Ariga(Abolished)
NovemberNovemberSayaka Shimohira
NovemberNovemberTakemi Emi
NovemberNovemberDoko Mariko
NovemberNovemberYukie Takeuchi
NovemberNovemberAyaka Hironaka
NovemberNowNamiki Marina

  • 1 At the beginning, it is treated as a title of "Music Caster".
  • 2 At the beginning, it is treated as a title of "Western music caster".
  • 3 After April 1987, he appeared as a regular and corner (YOU POP INFORMATION) program until March 4, 1988.
  • 4 From April to December 1987, he was in the middle of the program and proceeded only in Nakahara and Matsui.
  • 5 "News station] After serving as a sports caster, he also serves as this program for half a year.
  • 6 He has been in charge since 1989 and also serves as a relay reporter.

  • Except for Sekiguchi, Hayami, Tamori, Nakahara, Ikushima, and Ariga, all TV Asahi announcers (including those at that time and incumbent)[15][16].
  • Tamori was hospitalized for a golf accident in November 2001, and in July 11 a detailed inspection (Complete medical checkup)When白内障Emi Takeuchi (2001) and Yoshie Takeuchi (2009) acted as the main moderators for the rest due to health problems associated with the surgery, and the talk was conducted in a relay format by the performing artists of that time.[17].
  • Matsui has been playing for 1986 seconds since the program started in 15.Cross programAlso in charge of live broadcasting[18].. After that, the sub-moderator also served as the cross program (the cross program for 15 secondsMiniste』Is inherited).




Early (Hiroshi Sekiguchi, after taking office as the first general moderator)

First general moderator[Note 15]Before the start of this programSundayNoonWas broadcast live on the same stationMusic program"Great broadcast of Kayo』MainModeratorWas servingHiroshi SekiguchiIs in charge. The sub MC has a singerRie Nakahara, The same singer as Western musicYu HayamiWas appointed.this is,"Unlike the recent (1986) song program for young people, it seems to be 8 pm on Friday night, and I want to have a time where the whole family can enjoy it while focusing on young people."It is a casting that is in line with the aim of TV Asahi.[1].. At the beginning of the program, for young peopleIdol singerFromPopular song-Popular song OfsingerFor middle-aged and olderEnka singerIt was a "family-friendly" music program that appeared up to.As with other programs, the performance was a style of playing and showing songs using live performances by the orchestra (Koji Hatori and Swing Face, conductor Tadakazu Onodera).[Note 16].. It was frequently broadcast from all over the country. The catch phrase at the start of broadcasting is "Music Information Bureau'[20].

However, the first audience rating on October 1986, 10 struggled with 24%, and it fell to 1% for the third broadcast on November 8.1th.[21].. Although it recorded double digits for the first time at 12% on the broadcast on December 5, it has continued to have a low audience rating.[21].

One of the remnants of this time to date, the programnoveltyDistributed to performers asBox tissueThere is[22].. Originally, it was designed as "a lot of things can be made at a cheap price, something that all people need", and there were other "pilling machines" and "nail files" at the time, but it remains as of 2021 Only the tissue[22][23][24].. Performers have described it as "Legendary M-Stet tissue" and "The goal is to get a tissue from M-Stay".[25][26].

Middle-Late (Tamori, now since taking office as the second general moderator)

1987 (62)May 4Tamori became the second general moderator[27]..Tamori's TV Asahi live song program will be hosted by "Dream big studioIt was the first time in five years since then.

Around this,Light genji, And since the 1990s, Hikaru GENJI has belonged toJohnny's OfficeBelongingMale idol groupDue to the establishment of regular appearances in Japan, the route was clearly changed to a music program for "young people".[27][28][10].

Even after the change of general moderator from Sekiguchi to Tamori, low-flying flights continued, with only six double-digit records in 1989.[21].. In 1989, the diversification of music itself spurred,The Best Ten], [Song top tenWas completed one after another, and in 1990Night hit studio』Was over, but continued as the only song program in Golden Prime Time. Regarding the reason, in an interview with a newspaper article, Fumihiro Mikura said at the time, “Singing programs require unique know-how such as set making and lighting. There was an in-house consensus that[29], AlsoTakao YamamotoProducers say that "targeting to teens and 10s" continued[30][31].. In the mid-1990sBack programAt that timePocket biscuits,BraviDue to its popularity, it was in its heydayNTV series"Utchan Nanchan's Urinari!!There was a time when I was forced to struggle, but in 1999, I will explain later.Hikaru UtadaIt was also popular, and the audience rating was once again in the 20% range.At 20:2 on Friday, NTV vs. TV Asahi continued to be in the top two for a long time, and finally the program, which was the biggest opponent in 2002, was forced to end.At the same time, other stations have also begun to revive song programs in golden prime time.[27].

At the end of the Friday 20 o'clock period (the latter half of the 2010s), the average audience rating for regular broadcasts tended to be slightly low, in the 6-9% range.[32]..In addition to the conventional studio live talk, the variety of VTR projects has increased.[8][33].

2019 (First year of Reiwa)May 10Since then, the broadcast time has been lowered to 21:00 --21: 54[34][35].. The audience rating of the 18-hour SP on the 3th was in the 10% range, and the audience rating on October 21, 2019, the first broadcast that started at 10:25, was 6.7%.[36].. Since January 2020, it has been in the 1-6% range, which is the same as before the move.

2021 (3nd year of Reiwa)May 10,same yearMay 9At the time of broadcasting, the term of office since Tamori became the moderator was 34 years and 168 days, and the number of broadcasts reached 1365, "The longest broadcast of a live music program by the same moderatorAsGuinness World RecordsIt was announced that it was certified as.As a tamori,Fuji Television Network, Inc"Morita Kazuyoshi Hour I can laugh!It will be the second Guinness World Record since[14].

Changes in broadcasting time

AllJapan time (JST)Write.

(Regular broadcast)
(Special broadcast)


NovemberNovember20:00-20:54 (54 minutes)19:00-21:54 (174 minutes)20:00-21:54 (114 minutes)
NovemberNovember19:54-20:48 (54 minutes)19:00-21:48 (168 minutes)19:54-21:48 (114 minutes)
NovemberNovember20:00-20:54 (54 minutes)20:00-21:48 (108 minutes)[Note 17]
NovemberNovember21:00-21:54 (54 minutes)
NovemberNovember18:45-21:48 (183 minutes)[Note 18]
Novemberplans18:50-21:48 (178 minutes)[Note 19]
  • Until the 1990s, the three-hour special for spring and autumn and the two-hour special for winter and summer ended at 3:2,2000 eraLaterNews program"News stationIs 2000May 3As a result, with the start from 21:54, the end time was also shortened to 21:48 by 6 minutes.
  • As mentioned above, 2000May 4からMay 9Until then, the start time was advanced by 6 minutes and the flying start was carried out with the flying start of this program.May 10It returned to the original 20:00 start. Also,2001 Since the flying system of 10 o'clock program was abolished from October, until September 21Mini show"Music Station NEXT" was set up.
  • As mentioned above2019 From October, the broadcast time has been changed from the current 10:20 to 21:XNUMX.
  • 2020年6月12日から、番組が15秒前倒しでスタートするようになった。20:59:45 - 21:00:00は厳密には前枠「Going on the world roadBelongs to Subtitle broadcasting starts from 21:00:00, so there is nothing for these 15 seconds.
    • However, it is irregular to be broadcast ahead of schedule, and some weeks start from 21:00:00 as usual.


Number of appearances by artist

*Until August 2021

Reasons why Johnny's top monopoly on appearances

Launched this programTakao YamamotoAccording to the content of the lecture given by the producer as a lecturer of "JASRAC Endowed Lecture Music and Cultural Industry Theory" in 2007, at the beginning, the music program was struggling because it was a latecomer, and he was looking for a chance to get on track.So, the popular music program "The Best Ten』Successful example, very popularLight genjiI decided to release it every week.After that, Hikaru GENJI became a regular program and became the most appearing in the number of appearances.With this as an opportunity, he became intimate with Johnny's, and even now, one group of Johnny's always appears every week, which is one of the features of the program.[31].

Broadcast times of each episode

"Music Station 300th Anniversary Special"[39]
"450th Anniversary Music Station Special Super Live 96"
"500th Anniversary Music Station Special Super Live 97"
"Music Station Millennium Special"[40]
"Music Station 20th Anniversary Commemorative 3 Hours Special !!"
"Music Station 20th Anniversary Super Live 2005 in Makuhari"
"Music Station 20th Anniversary 2 Hours Special"
"Music Station 20th Anniversary 3 Hours Special"
"Music Station 1000th Anniversary Special"[6]
"Music Station 25th Anniversary 3 Hours SP"[41]
"30th year has entered! The first 10-hour SP MUSIC STATION Ultra FES in history"[42]
"30th Anniversary Special Program MUSIC STATION Ultra FES"[43]
"Music Station Super Live 2018" (total number of broadcasts 1300)[44]
"Music Station 35th Anniversary 4 Hours Special"[45]


1996 After that, there was no regular corner other than the "single ranking" corner,2002 Or later"M-STE Treasure MuseumAnd “Young Guns (YG)” are increasing.2010 Since then, famous song corners such as "BIRTH YEAR SONGS" have been born.

Current corner

M Steering
  • 2017 OctoberStart from. The main corner where "MUSIC TOPICS" has been renewed.The first title was "M Topi Ranking".
  • Create rankings by totaling songs that follow a certain theme through general questionnaires and street interviews.Announcing songs ranked according to the theme.In addition, rankings may be implemented and announced in connection with the artists who appear at that time.
    • From December 2017, the section entitled "○○ Special Feature" has changed to a corner related to songs by guests who appeared on that day, and the dance club of active high school students nationwide will perform with songs that are popular now.This broke in 12 and was a big hit.Osaka Prefectural Tomioka High SchoolThe dance club made it a storyBubble dance] Is the motif.When performing, use the school building or indoorsDrone,High definitionCamera is used.
    • Starting in 2018, we have been collecting interviews focusing on active high school students and young people under the title "Favorite songs taught by parents" and totaling them in a ranking format. In addition, there are cases where the child calls the parent directly and looks back on the episodes at that time.
    • May, June and August 2019 were held in that yearMusic Station Super LiveWe broadcasted "M-Stay at once! SUPER LIVE of that year" looking back on the pattern of[46][47][48].
Playlist challenge
MQ Music Question
  • 2021 May 4Start from the broadcast.A project to investigate, clarify, and feature questions related to music that viewers are interested in[65][66].
Determined by hitting the remote control repeatedly!Empathy song live vote
  • 2021 May 5Start from the broadcast.A plan in which guests and artists select one song according to the theme in advance, and the song that the viewers sympathize with is decided by remote control voting during the live broadcast.[67].
    • 1st: "Songs that make you want to fall in love when you listen"[67]
    • 2nd: "A song that will definitely be aggravated when singing at karaoke"[68]

Past corner

One-off corner

One-time corner


1980 era

1990 era

2000 era

2010 era

2020 era


"Ministe(English name:MINI STA) IsTV Asahi(ANN series) At2002 (Heisei14 years)May 10から2019 (ReiwaFirst year)May 9Until, every week before the start of the main part regular broadcast live broadcastFriday19:54-20:00 (JST)Live broadcastWas being doneミ ニ-Music program.Stereo broadcasting,High definitionProduction[Note 2],Program-linked data broadcasting[Note 3],Real-time subtitle broadcasting[Note 4]Carried out. title is"MINI MUSIC STATIONAbbreviation of.


The previous program of the main part of "Music Station" (hereinafter M Station) ("Spacecraft sagittarius→ →News shuttle→ →Hanakin Data Land→ →Crayon Shin-chan)) was introduced right after the end of the live guest artistsCross program(15 seconds) expanded to start broadcasting. This form of notice will be given at the end after the start of this program, and the relevant place after the end of the previous program is given notice of the program by a VTR that has been edited and produced in advance.

The moderator / progress of this program is the sub-moderator of the main story until the end of the program (at the end of the program)Namiki Marina) Was in charge, but at the end of the day, one group from the guest artists of the day was in charge every week. Only one sub-chairman of the dayGuestArtists1 to 5 pairs ofTalk1 frame just before the start of "M-STE" live broadcastingProclamation-Junction・Behind the scenes). Since the program started, like most of the time,Johnny's OfficeThe guest artist of the affiliation appears.

The illustration of a woman with a cat's face that was originally shown in this program (especially at the bottom left of the screen) was designed by Emi Takeuchi. ).

The main story of "M-STE" may be broadcast even if the special program is paused. In this case, give the next notice after the next week or two weeks later. On October 2, 2015, the main story was "Nice to meet you, I'm a Japanese entertainer! It was a special character wearing a rainy day character" (Asahi BroadcastingProduction) has been suspended for this program, but there is an example that this program was broadcast as usual.

Although the title of this program was stated in the TV Asahi and EPG program guides, the title of this program is not stated only in the TV section of the newspaper, and the "M station" itself including this program is from 19:54Flying startIt was treated.

Due to the change in the broadcast time of "Music Station", it will end on September 2019, 9.After the end, the opening program of "Music Station" (""Matsuko & Ariyoshi Karisome HeavenImmediately after the end of ")), a cross program (15 seconds) introducing live guest artists on the day is being held.[Note 70].


periodPerformer (Main sub-moderator)
Program start2004/3Takemi Emi(TV Asahi Announcer
2004/42008/9Doko Mariko(TV Asahi announcer)
2008/102013/9Yukie Takeuchi(Then, TV Asahi announcer)
2013/102018/9Ayaka Hironaka(TV Asahi announcer)
2018/102019/4Namiki Marina(TV Asahi announcer)
2019/52019/9One group from guests appearing on the day (weekly)

Internet station

At the beginning of broadcasting,Kanto localIt was broadcast in2005 OctoberからHokkaido TVAt the beginning of the Internet broadcasting began to expand the network stations, the end of the program was 11 stations Internet.

"Ministe" net stations and broadcast times
Broadcast target areaBroadcasterseriesBroadcast dateBroadcast period
Kanto wide areaTV Asahi(EX)
Production Bureau
TV Asahi seriesFriday 19:54-20:00March 2002, 10-March 18, 2019
HokkaidoHokkaido TV(HTB)2005 October - 2008 May 1[385]
2008 May 8 -XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Day
IwateIwate Asahi TV(IAT)2005 May 10 -XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Day
MiyagiEast Japan Broadcasting(KHB)2016 May 4 -XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Day
ShizuokaShizuoka Asahi TV (SATV)2019 May 4 -December 9
Yamaguchi Yamaguchi Asahi Broadcasting(Yab)2011 May 10 -XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Day
Kagawa prefecture, Okayama prefectureSeto Inland Sea Broadcasting(KSB)2018 May 10 -XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Day
EhimeEhime Asahi TV(Eat)2014 May 4 -XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Day
FukuokaKyushu Asahi Broadcasting(KBC)2011 May 4 -XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Day
OitaOita Asahi Broadcasting(OAB)March 2016, 4-March 15, 2019
KagoshimaKagoshima Broadcasting(KKB)2017 May 4 -XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Day
KumamotoKumamoto Asahi Broadcasting(KAB)TV Asahi seriesFriday 19:54-20:002008 May 7 - 2010 May 3
2011 May 4 - 2012 May 3

Special broadcasting/special organization

3 Hour Special

Every year,Spring:(October-OctoberPeriod) (until 2014Fall:(October-OctoberTime) also)TV programReorganizationInvited 6 to 7 groups of guest artists during the period, 19:00-21:54 → 19:00-21:48 (JST) Live broadcast "3 hours special". 2006 4 month - 2011 Until DecemberNext 9 o'clock frame program is drama frameTherefore, if the drama is being broadcast, it will be split into the first (19 hours special) from 00:20-54:1, and the second (2 hours special) when the drama is not broadcast, such as during the reorganization period. There was a case to do. As mentioned above, it is basically broadcast in the spring (also once in autumn),2009 May 1As a special program to commemorate the 50th anniversary of TV Asahi50-hour TV』Broadcast in[131],2019 May 2Also, a 60-hour special was broadcast as a SP to commemorate the 3th anniversary of the opening of TV Asahi.[226].

As for the autumn special, "Ultra FES" was launched,2014 May 9Was virtually the last to be broadcast. However2017 Although it was a "2 hour special", the autumn special was broadcast for the first time in 3 years.

2018 Since the spring special was 2 hours, the 3 hour special was not broadcast.

2019 As for the autumn special, "Ultra FES" was not broadcast due to organizational reasons, so it was broadcast as a 21-hour special for the first time in 5 years after moving the frame to 3:XNUMX on Friday.[245]. 2021 Autumn Special is to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the program.May 10Was broadcast as a special for 4 hours[3][4][45].

2 Hour Special

Every year,Winter: OfOctoberWith the first broadcast this yearSummer: OfOctoberLast andOctoberThe first broadcast and the first broadcast in October of autumn (10 onwards) live the "2017 hour special" from 20:00-21:54 → 20:00-21:48 (JST) Until the super live ofRecordingBroadcast, for the audience as well as regular broadcast).

Broadcast contents will be done by proceeding with VTR while talking with the moderator, including a collection of famous scenes of past broadcast talks, a summary of single rankings, request rankings and rankings independently researched and produced by the program. Since 2009, the omnibus has disappeared, and the number of scenes of talks between moderators in the rankings independently researched and produced by the program has become extremely small, and almost all VTR progress is made up. Since 2017, the number of 2-hour special broadcasts has been extremely high. After the renewal in the fall of 2019, the rankings that the program independently researched and produced decreased significantly.

2011 -2012 TheOctoberBeginning of (Golden week"2 hours special" was also broadcasted at. This is a live broadcast with a structure close to the "3 hour special".2015 から2018 UntilOctoberLast week of[Note 71]In 2017 and 2018OctoberAlso, each is broadcasting "2 hours special".

Previously, it was also broadcast as a "2 hour special" during the spring reorganization and the end of the year. In addition, "Super Live" started1991 Until the end 90 minutes special (19:30-20:54, JST) sometimes broadcast as.

Super live

Every year,OctoberAt the end of the year by several popular guest artists who became popular and talked aboutSpecial program"Music Station Super Live"ofLive broadcastIt is carried out.1992 Broadcasting is started from, and is not held from the Asahi Headquarters, which is normally broadcast live on regular broadcasts, but from the hall near Kanto. Since 1992, it has been broadcast as an annual special last year. From the first2003 UntilTokyo Bay NK Hall(Closed in June 2005), and then2004 OfSaitama Super ArenaThrough2005 LaterMakuhari MesseIt is held in the event hall. It is a derivative of this program, but was once broadcast on the same station.All Japan Kayo Music Festival] Is the successor program.

Broadcast time is two and a half hours (2 and 1992) → 1993 hours (2) → 1994 hours and 2 minutes (45) → 1995 hours and 3 minutes (45-1996)[Note 72]) → 4時間5分(2003年) → 4時間10分(2004年から2018年)→11時間10分(2019年)→6時間10分(2020年)と、傾向としては、年々長くなっている。現在は17:00 - 23:10(JST)。2001年〜2017年は、エンディングでShigeru Jojima(TOKYOThe leader of "Tamori Jojima" (Tamori'sImitation・ It was customary to show off (appearing in a dress)[Note 73].

2019 Combined with "Ultra FES" and was broadcast live for over 12 hours on December 27th.[254].

Ultra FES

Every year,OctoberLarge artists by popular guest artists ranging from currently popular artists to artists who have been popular in the past and colored each eraSpecial program"Music Station Ultra FES] Is being broadcast live.2015 Broadcasting started from 2015, and in 30 commemoration of the XNUMXth year of program broadcasting,2016 は番組放送30周年記念として行われており、2017年以降も年1回の恒例のスペシャルとして放送されている。第1部・第2部・第3部の三部構成で放送されており、第1部はテレビ朝日本社1階アトリウムに作られた特設セット、第2部以降は通常の生放送を行っているテレビ朝日第1スタジオから放送を行っている。

なお、放送時間が10時間(2015年・2016年) → 10時間半(2017年)→ 10時間(2018年)となっている。現在は12:00 - 21:48(2017年のみ22:18)(JST)。

In 2015 and 2016, the show was effectively the fall fall replacement for the special. Although it is two hours after 2017, the autumn special is also being broadcast.

In 2019, as a year-end special program combined with `` Super Live'', a live broadcast of over 12 hours was held on December 27th.[254].

Special with only one pair

"DREAMS COME TRUE "Magic Journey Special Live" ("JAZZY "M"", Tamori, the main host,trumpetJoin in)
"CHAGE & ASKA 15th Anniversary Special"
"Southern All Stars 30th Anniversary Special Number Music Station Marugoto Southern Special"[386]
"storm Whole 1 hour special "[336][337][Note 74]

2012 strongest artist LIVE special

2012 May 11, As the last regular broadcast in 2012, guest artist (The MONSTERS-EXILE-Ayaka-Kobukuro-AKB48-Mr. Children)'S "This year's piece", major reviews of 2012, top 5 single sales in history. Also in 2012May 12Broadcast of "Music Station Super Live 2012』Also announced the guest artist (this LIVE special project was done several times in the past at the end of the year)[387].

Super idol special

2013 May 3,SMAP,storm, AKB48,perfume"Super Idol Special" was broadcast live in live format.We also announced the 3 best dance numbers selected by viewers.[159].

Summer super live

2013 May 7, "Super Live", which is broadcast as a year-end custom, was held for the first time in the summer in the 26th year. 17 groups of 67 people appeared.Although it is the same as the conventional set, the guests were seated in the conventional audience seats, and the audience seats were moved to the front of the stage.In this broadcast, "AKB48 5th General ElectionCame in first placeRino SashiharaFirst center song "Fortune cookie in loveWas unveiled for the first time.This song is `` as of October 2019 of frame movementMost performed songs in the last 33 yearsBecame[162][388].

Since then, the first broadcast of the year and the summer special have become live broadcasts, and the format of recorded broadcasts has ceased.

Super Luxury Artist Premium Live

2013 May 1118:53 --21:48 (JST), "55-hour TV"Super Luxury Artist Premium Live" will be broadcast live for 3 hours as part of.The program was titled "Large Release! No. 1 Song & Star Video in Half a Century" and was accompanied by episodes of guest artists along with a VTR that introduced the famous songs that colored Japan from the start of this program.Also in 2013May 11Open inEX THEATER ROPPONGIPerformed a special live performance by guest artists[167].

Midsummer's strongest live

2014 May 7, "Midsummer's Strongest Live" will be broadcast live for 3 hours. The OP was held at Roppongi Hills Arena, not at the studio.Also,BUMP OF CHICKENAppeared for the first time and performed his first terrestrial live performance[174].

Halloween specials

2015 May 10, The first "HalloweenIt was broadcast live under the title of "Special".All the performers and spectators other than Tamori, the general host of the program, appeared in Halloween costumes.[187].

TV Asahi 60th anniversary special

2019 May 219:00-21:48 (JST), "TV Asahi 60th anniversary special programWas broadcast live for 3 hours[393].

90 minutes special

2019 May 7 Initially, it was scheduled to be broadcast regularly, but a memorial project for Johnny Kitagawa, who died 10 days ago, was held.Suddenly expanded by 30 minutes and became a special broadcast until 21:24[394].

Summer festival

2020 May 7From 18:30 to 21:48 (JST), it was called "M Ste Summer Festival" and was broadcast live for three and a half hours.[395][396].

2021 May 818:30-21:48 (JST), "Music Station SUMMER FESWas broadcast live for three and a half hours.[374].

35th Anniv. 4 Hours Special

2021 May 1018: 00-21: 48 (JST), commemorating the 35th anniversary of the program from the start of broadcasting "MUSIC STATION 35th Anniv. 4 Hours SpecialWas broadcast live for 4 hours.[3][4][45].

Theme song

  1. March 1986, 10-March 24, 1990[425]: "Music Station Original Theme" (Maeda Norio[223])
    An orchestra performance theme song that uses a lot of synthesizers. In the ending part, A Capella, which repeatedly called the program title, was also used. In addition, at the beginning of the program, there was also a jingle that called the program title with A Capella before and after the commercial.
    • "LOVE STATION" (Yu Hayami)-Used in the commercial advertising program before the start of broadcasting. At the same time, it was also used as an image song for TV Asahi's fall 1986 reorganization.[426].
  2. November[427] -XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Day[428]: "The Desire" (Original title: "DESIRE, THE* Desire") (Atsushi Yokozeki
  3. November[92] -March 2016, 3: "# 1090 ~ Thousand Dreams ~"(Takahiro Matsumoto(B'z))
  4. November[92][Note 92] - Current:"# 1090 ~ Million Dreams ~(Takahiro Matsumoto (B'z))[92]
    • A remixed version of the newly recorded track, based on "#1090 -Thousand Dreams-".
      • album"enigma] As a bonus track.

ス タ ッ フ

Regular broadcast (after April 2021)

Special broadcast

Past staff

Internet station

"Music Station" Internet stations and broadcast times
Broadcast target areaBroadcasterseriesBroadcast datedelayBroadcast start time
Kanto wide areaTV Asahi(EX)TV Asahi seriesFriday
21:00 - 21:54
Simultaneous netProduction Bureau
HokkaidoHokkaido TV(HTB)Program start-
AomoriAomori Asahi Broadcasting(ABA)February 1991- [Note 94]
IwateIwate Asahi TV(IAT)February 1996- [Note 95]
MiyagiEast Japan Broadcasting(KHB)Program start-
AkitaAkita Asahi Broadcasting(AAB)February 1992- [Note 96]
YamagataYamagata TV(YTS)February 1993- [Note 97]
FukushimaFukushima Broadcasting(KFB)Program start-
NaganoNagano Asahi Broadcasting(Abn)October 1991, 4- [Note 98]
NiigataNiigata TV 21(UX)Program start-
ShizuokaShizuoka Asahi TV(SATV)
IshikawaHokuriku Asahi Broadcasting(HAB)February 1991- [Note 99]
Chukyo wide areaNagoya TV Broadcast(Me-Tele / NBN)Program start-
Kinki wide areaAsahi Broadcasting TV(ABC TV)[Note 100]
HiroshimaHiroshima Home TV(HOME)
Yamaguchi Yamaguchi Asahi Broadcasting(Yab)February 1993- [Note 101]
Kagawa prefecture, Okayama prefectureSeto Inland Sea Broadcasting(KSB)Program start-
EhimeEhime Asahi TV(Eat)February 1995- [Note 102]
FukuokaKyushu Asahi Broadcasting(KBC)Program start-
NagasakiNagasaki Cultural Broadcasting(Ncc)February 1990- [Note 103]
KumamotoKumamoto Asahi Broadcasting(KAB)February 1989- [Note 104]
OitaOita Asahi Broadcasting(OAB)February 1993- [Note 105]
KagoshimaKagoshima Broadcasting(KKB)Program start-
OkinawaRyukyu Asahi Broadcasting(QAB)February 1995- [Note 106]

The station that was implementing the delay sales network

Toyama TV(Fuji TV series
Northern Japan Broadcasting(NTV series) Discontinued in September 2006.
Yamanashi broadcasting(NTV affiliate)-Unknown when the broadcast will end
Kochi Broadcasting(NTV series)-October 1996 start. Terminated in September 10.
Sanin Broadcasting(TBS series)-Started October 2000. It was discontinued in early October 10.

Broadcast outside Japan

2008 May 7 - 2019 May 7.
2007 3 month - 2008 6 month.
2002 May 11 - 2013 May 10.
April 2007-There is unbroadcast for bi-weekly broadcasting.
August 2005-January 8. Every weekSaturdayWas broadcasting a program half a year ago.


[How to use footnotes]

注 釈

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  6. ^ News (Chinese) OfRadio/TV program guide (La/Te column)So I used this notation before M-STE was used (especiallyG codeAfter popularization).
  7. ^ "News stationCommon name of "NS"(NS). It disappeared naturally after the end of NST.
  8. ^ 2004 (16)May 4From "News Station" successor program "News station] Has started broadcasting, but the title of this program is still in use.
  9. ^ In addition, "World Pro Wrestling" is still being broadcast while the terrestrial version changes the day of the week and the time zone, and from 2020 it will be called "World Pro Wrestling Returns".BS AsahiIt is resurrected at the same time.
  10. ^ From other stations from April 2016NHK"Utacon] Has started broadcasting. For commercial broadcasting, from March 2020, 3TBSIn seriesCDTV Live! Live!] Has started broadcasting.
  11. ^ Appeared at a pace of 2-3 times a few times.
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  13. ^ Appeared mainly in special programs and broadcasts.
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  17. ^ Until September 2019, it was sometimes 9:19-00:20.
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  25. ^ The performer's name was fixed to Susha, and the lyric/composer and title of the song were fixed to Nar. BothShakenMade.
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  28. ^ A CG animation in which the blue logo mark is overlaid with the edges of "music" and "station" from the top and bottom.
  29. ^ Other than "Music Station", I used to wear Ray-Ban sunglasses that I had been wearing since I debuted until July 1990 when my own yacht accident occurred.
  30. ^ This black sunglasses was shot separately on January 1988, 1 by Tamori.CCBI wore it when I interviewed the members.
  31. ^ A line with the "MUSIC STATION" English logo is formed, the "Music" logos overlap, the "Station" logos are lined up character by letter from the bottom, and a CG animation that flashes for a moment at the end.
  32. ^ Only on January 1991, 1, the set used from April 11, 1990 was used.
  33. ^ A glossy CG animation in which the logo mark is formed while rotating horizontally with the line in the middle.
  34. ^ After that, the top and bottom of the screen are black beltsLetter boxIt is,2005 It was once abolished on April 4st.
  35. ^ The Southern All Stars resumed their activities in 2013.
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  52. ^ Regarding the performance of the song, Yuzu was recorded.
  53. ^ King Gnu was recorded for the performance of the song.
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  56. ^ Regarding the performance of the song, AI was recorded.
  57. ^ R-shiteiDungeon monstersHe has appeared in the past as a member.
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  68. ^ This time, the content was based on VTR and recording.
  69. ^ From this time, on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the program, the program logo will be "MUSIC STATION 35th Anniv. × FRIDAY LIVE SINCE 1986 ×].
  70. ^ After the end of this program's cross program, the live news broadcast of the "News Station" cross program is also being held.
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  76. ^ Rika Mayama : Cure fortune(Happiness Charge Precure!),Ayaka Yasumoto : Cure Rouge(Yes! Precure 5 GoGo!),Aika Hirota : Cure rosetta(Pounding! precure),Mirei Hoshina : Cure dream(Yes! Pretty Cure 5GoGo!),Rina Matsuno : Cure beauty(Smile PreCure!),Hinata Kashiwagi : Cure Princess(Happiness Charge Precure!),Kobayashi Kaho : Cure honey(Happiness Charge Precure!),Nakayama Riko : Cure peace(Smile Precure!)
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  79. ^ In this project, profess to love DisneyShunsuke KazamaAlso participated.
  80. ^ In addition, the top 5 songs are decided by the audience vote in the program, and in order from the 5th placeGolden Bomberof"Feminine"Johnny's WESTof"Come on, it's ok"Shonan no Kazeof"Water lily flower"B'zof"ultra soul"stormof"Sakura SakikeThe result was.
  81. ^ In addition, we are soliciting songs from viewers according to the theme in advance.Toshl himself selects candidate songs from them.whiteberryof"夏祭り"Superflyof"Tamashii Revolution"Adoof""Dance" was sung from the rooftop of TV Asahi.
  82. ^ "Tamashii Revolution","One Night Carnival, "SUPER STAR", "Matsuken Samba IIShown in this order.In addition, in "SUPER STAR" of EXIT,DJ MatsunagaParticipated in the performance as a DJ.
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  89. ^ Candidate song is "2 Million Eyes-Exotic Japan-","GOLDFINGER '99","I can't say","Bride Samba","Regards, melancholy(Bold is the song).
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