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👩‍🎤 | Dempagumi.inc, 10th Anniversary "Future Diver (10th anniversary v…)

Photo Dempagumi.inc, 10th Anniversary "Future Diver (10th anniversary ver.)" & 2 months new song digital single release decision!

Dempagumi.inc, 10th Anniversary "Future Diver (10th anniversary v ..."

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In addition, Dempagumi.inc will hold a one-man live special performance <Rules of Hakoba> at Nakano Sunplaza on Saturday, November 11th.

Dempagumi.inc will release "Future Diver (11th anniversary ...") on November 16th (Tuesday). → Continue reading


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Nakano Sanguraza

Nakano Sanguraza(Nakano Sunplaza,English name : Nakano Sunplaza) IsTokyoNakanoIt is in宿 泊-MusicComplex facilities such as.concertOften used as a venue.


oldMinistry of LaborConcernSpecial corporationIsEmployment Promotion AgencyBut,Employment Insurance ActBased onWelfare facility for workersBuilt as1973 (Showa48 years)May 6Official nameNational Working Youth CenterOpened as.Nakano StationClose to the north exit, the facility was in the black from the beginning.

It was a public utility and was not a facility that was required to be profitable, but as a facility that could be profitable, it was required to be transferred to the private sector.Abolition of worker welfare facilitiesIt was decided to sell it.It was sold in November 21 to the owner company "Machizukuri Nakano 52 Co., Ltd.", which was established by investing in the local Nakano Ward and financial institutions and companies, for 9987 yen.It is said that the operation will be carried out by "Nakano Sunplaza Co., Ltd.", which was established in parallel.2004 (Heisei16 years)OctoberStarted operation.Since then, Nakano Sunplaza has been operating a hotel / wedding venue, holding a cultural center, operating sports facilities, etc. as a cultural complex, and continues to use it as a concert venue / large-scale event hall.Of youth culturesub cultureAs a place of originHibiya Amphitheater,Nippon BudokanAlong with, in TokyoconcertIt is popular as a venue.

The "Sun Plaza Counseling Center", which is in charge of vocational counseling for young people centered on the employment promotion business,2003 (HeiseiIt was closed in 15 years).The annex facilities such as the library were also closed due to privatization.

2018 (30)May 9, Mayor of NakanoNaoto Sakai"Considering that it is closely related to the development of each area around Nakano Station, we will proceed with consideration for the redevelopment of the facility." "The history, brand, shape, etc. of the current (Nakano Sunplaza) facility Revealed policy to rebuild Nakano Sunplaza as "to take over DNA"[1].

On February 2020, 2 (Reiwa 2), Mayor Naoto Sakai of Nakano Ward announced the business schedule of the complex facility to be built on the site of the dismantling of Nakano Sunplaza and the selection method of private businesses. By October 6, the business operator will be decided by the "open call for participants type proposal method". Proposals from business operators will be accepted from May, the content of the proposals will be examined from July, and the business operator will be decided in October.The completion of the new facility is aimed at 2020.The main contents of the new facility will be an event hall that can accommodate 10 people, commercial facilities, offices, hotels, etc.[2].. On January 2021, 1, Nakano Ward included Nakano Sunplaza.Nakano Station New North Exit Station Area Redevelopment ProjectAnnounced the developer selection results ofNomura Real EstateA group represented by was selected.Both parties signed a basic agreement on May 2021, 5[3].

Equipment outline

The site area is approximately 1ha and 121m above sea level (92m above sea level), with 20 floors above ground and 3 floors below ground.It has a design that looks like two large and small triangular blocks placed together.

  • Concert hall(1-4th floor, 2,222 seats)- 100 excellent hallsHas been selected for.
  • weddingPlace (6th floor)
  • Training room (7th and 8th floors)
  • TennisCourt (8th floor)
  • Rental office (9th floor)
  • BanquetPlace (10th-15th floor)
  • Hotel (16th-19th floor)
  • Restaurant (20th floor)
  • Fitness Studio Rehearsal & Recording Studio (1st basement floor)
  • Pool(2nd basement floor)
  • BowlingPlace (2nd basement floor)
  • Internet cafe (MB floor)
  • Flower shop (MB floor)

In addition, the square in front of the front isGreat East Japan EarthquakeWas damaged inTohoku regionIt is often used as an event venue, such as "Chanpuru Festa", which supports the reconstruction of Okinawa, sells Okinawan products, and shows off performing arts.

Operating company

The operation of Nakano Sunplaza isNakano Sunplaza Co., Ltd.(Nakano Sunplaza,British: Nakano Sunplaza INC.).

Company Overview

The operation of Nakano Sunplaza started in December 2004, and as a cultural complex, it operates hotels and wedding venues, holds cultural centers, and operates sports facilities.[5]..It also operates as a concert hall and a large-scale event hall.[5].

Organization chart



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