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🎣 | "Stop fishing in" prohibited areas "" Niigata Prefecture and Japan Coast Guard joint patrol There have been fatal accidents in the past


"Stop fishing in" prohibited areas "" Niigata Prefecture and Japan Coast Guard joint patrol There have been fatal accidents in the past

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Approximately 10 people, including staff from the prefecture and the Japan Coast Guard, participated and called on 15 people fishing in the exclusion zone to evict.

On the XNUMXth, Niigata Prefecture and the Japan Coast Guard conducted a joint patrol to see if there were any people fishing in the exclusion zone ... → Continue reading

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Japan Coast Guard

Japan Coast Guard(Kaijo Hoancho,JapaneseAbbreviation:Japan Coast Guard[2]-Japan Coast Guard[3],British: Japan Coast Guard,Abbreviation: JCG[4]) IsJapan OfAdministrative agencyOne of the.SeaHuman life inpropertyProtection,lawPrevention of violationsinvestigation-SuppressTo the missionMinistry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism OfOuter officeIs[5][6].

Second World WarAfter1948 (23)May 5,Ashida CabinetUnderUS Coast GuardEstablished with (US Coast Guard) as a model[7]..The motto is "Justice Hitoshi"[8].


Japan Coast GuardNational Administrative Organization LawandJapan Coast Guard ActByMinistry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism OfOuter officeIs installed asNational administrative agency.decree OfSeaEnforcement inSalvage,Marine pollutionPrevention, at seacrime Ofprevention-Suppress,Criminal Ofinvestigation-Arrest,Ship trafficRegulations,waterway-Route signDo other affairs related to ensuring maritime safety[9].

2020 May 7Currently, the Japan Coast GuardStaffThe number is 13,104 (12,031 men and 1,073 women).[10].

budgetThe scale is2021 Degree (3rd year of Reiwa)General accountBudget 2225 yen[1]Is.Property cost andPersonnel expensesWhen divided by, the property cost is 1188 million yen and the labor cost is 28 million yen.[11][Annotation 1].

"Japan Coast Guard[4]From the mark, etc., the Japan Coast Guard is designated as a foreign country.Coast Guard(Coast guard),Border guardと 呼 ば れ るParamilitary organizationFrom a similar view, these organizationsEmergencyIn case of軍隊As part ofParticipationTo doWartime international lawWhat is recognized inSelf Defense Force ActBut when you recognize a special need, you can use all or part of the organizationMinister of DefenseIn some cases, it may be attempted to make a comparison with a paramilitary organization, such as being able to incorporate it under the control and command of the law (Japan Coast Guard Act) Above, clearly軍隊Is not supposed to be[12]..According to the above-mentioned article (Article 25), there is no article on the law of war in the Japan Coast Guard Act.

Most of the personnelCoast Guard College,Coast Guard SchoolGraduated from a professional education in JapanMaritime SheriffIn Although,Secretary,Deputy head,Part ofProvince Coast Guard HeadquartersThe chief isMinistry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismAnd othersMinistry OfCareer bureaucratMay take office after being transferred to the Japan Coast Guard Officer.

English name The1948 From the beginning of the opening of the agency in (Showa 23), from the insistence of the United States, "Maritime Safety Board"Or"Maritime Safety AgencyThere is a historical background using[13].Ministry of TransportAt the time of jurisdiction2000 From April (12), "In order for the general public to understand the operations of the Japan Coast Guard in an easy-to-understand manner, the Japan Coast Guardlogo, Logo mark and catch phrase. "[4]After the announcement, there was no change in authority or law, but after the transfer to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.2001 After (13), this logo was also used for ships, etc.Japan Coast Guard(Abbreviation: Abbreviation: JCG : Translated literally, it has been changed to "Japan Coast Guard").

2018 (30)May 3Currently, a total of 435 ships[14], Owns 83 aircraft[15]. Also,2019 (31)May 4Currently 5,213 route signs (5,116 light wave signs, 63 radio wave signs, 34 other signs)[16]Owns.

Scope of activity

Japan Coast Guard ActThe provisions of Article 1 only say "at sea" and do not set geographical limits.[17]..However, the main active sea area isJapan OfWaters,Connected water area,Exclusive economic zone(EEZ), Japan and the United StatesSAR agreementIt is a search and rescue area based on (about 1,200 nautical miles southeast of the mainland).Of this, the combined area of ​​the territorial waters and EEZ is approximately 447 million square kilometers.territoryEquivalent to about 38 times (about 11.8 square kilometers)[18]..When the SAR agreement sharing area is added to this, it is in charge of a vast water area of ​​about 36 times the national land area.Search and rescueOn a mission, the Japan Coast GuardPatrol boat,aircraftIf it is difficult to deal with by itself, eachProvince Coast Guard HeadquartersからJMSDF,Japan Air Self-Defense ForceToDisaster dispatchIs issued.The Maritime Self-Defense Force, which received a request for disaster dispatch,Destroyer,Patrol aircraft,Rescue squadronThe system is set up to cooperate with the activities of the Japan Coast Guard by dispatching such items.Similarly, in the case of the Air Self-Defense Force, mainlyAir rescue team OfRescue team 1958 Since (Showa 33), he has cooperated with the Japan Coast Guard in numerous search and rescue activities.

Initially, the scope of activity was "Harbor,Bay,StraitIn other coastal waters of Japan ”(Article 1, Paragraph 1 of the Japan Coast Guard Act at the time of enactment)[17], Was later amended to simply "at sea" and the scope of activities was lifted.The range of activities extends to the whole world, and as an example, the dedicated ship "Shikishima"byEurope --Between JapanplutoniumTransport escort mission,Pirates in the Straits of MalaccaThere are search missions and so on.In the event of a large-scale disaster inlandMunicipalitiesThe range of activities is wide, as it may be involved in rescue operations in the inland area based on requests from the government and related organizations.

Based on the fact that the Japan Coast Guard's mission is "prevention and suppression of crimes at sea, investigation and arrest of criminals at sea" (Japan Coast Guard Law, Article 2, Paragraph 1).Maritime SheriffIs also on landinvestigation,Information gathering activitiesIt is possible to do.As the legal basis for the Japan Coast Guard's onshore operations, the wording at sea is a modifier for "crime" and "criminal", and if the preventive suppression and investigation and arrest of crimes are limited to the sea, "crime" This part is the basis for legal interpretation because it is "prevention and suppression at sea".Therefore, it is legally possible for coast guard officers to work on land to investigate crimes that have occurred at sea and to arrest criminals.[19].

US Coast GuardThen as part of the oceanographic surveyAntarctica observation shipI am in charge of the operation of1957 From (Showa 32)1962 The Japan Coast Guard operated the Antarctic research ships (37st to 1th) until (Showa 6),1965 Since (40), the Antarctic research ship has been operated by the Maritime Self-Defense Force.

The know-how gained in the process of that mission will be applied to each country.Water police,Coast GuardMay be provided to.Malaysia,Indonesia,フィリピンSuch asSoutheast AsiaFor the Japan Coast Guard staff and retireesJapan International Cooperation AgencyDispatching personnel through[20].

Character of Japan Coast Guard

Japan Coast Guard ActArticle 25[12]In the article, the Japan Coast Guard軍隊It is clearly stipulated that it is not.for that reason,symbol mark-insigniaKind・uniformEtc. are considered so that those that do not have the image of military colors can be adopted.Patrol boat艇The operation system of the ship itself is almost the same as that of a private ship, and the coast guard operations, etc. remain.CrewIt is executed by (staff).Also, several people are at the berthOn dutyWait on board or in the dormitory, etc.

But worldwideNavyAnd the Coast Guard have much in common, and the uniform design is similar, so the Japan Coast Guard, which adopts uniforms similar to the Coast Guard of other countries, actuallyJMSDFOf each country's navy, includingMilitary uniformSimilar to, and generally when viewed globallysovereigntyBorder guards and coast guards who can exerciseParamilitary organizationIn some cases, the Japan Coast Guard is treated as a "paramilitary organization" in overseas media reports and materials.In addition, it was once established for the purpose of integration such as the Japan Coast Guard.Security AgencyDuring the transition period, the internal organizationMaritime Guard(Coast Guard) existed as a paramilitary organization for a short period of time[Annotation 2].

What is a paramilitary organization at sea?International law(United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea)From the point of viewwarshipIs defined, and also for the crewclassAnd a list is needed[22]..In addition, the rank of coast guard officer is as an administrative officer boarding a ship.Captain-Navigator-Chief engineer-Correspondent・ ・Main accountClose to the seafarer system that shows the responsibilities and scope of duties of personnel, etc.[Annotation 3]From this, it is hard to say that the Japan Coast Guard is a paramilitary organization, and the treatment as a "paramilitary organization" based on materials is due to the fact that Japan's domestic circumstances and legal system are not well known.

Relationship with the Maritime Self-Defense Force

The Japan Coast Guard is responsible for maritime safety andSecurityThe mission is to secureMinistry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism(OldMinistry of Transport) Institution (Outer office).Meanwhile, overseasShipThe mission corresponding to is administratively separateMinistry of Defense OfSpecial institutionIsJMSDFIs in charge ofShipThe Japan Coast Guard is responsible for[24]..Maritime Self-Defense ForceMinister of DefensebyMaritime security actionFor the first time at seasecurityTake action[25].

Japan Coast GuardSecond World WarBefore the end of the warHigher Commercial Ship SchoolFromOld NavyReserve officerPlays the core1948 While it was established in May (23), the predecessor of the Maritime Self-Defense ForceMaritime Guard TheNaval schoolFormer Navy regular fromSergeantPlays the core role in the Japan Coast Guard1952 (Showa 27) It was installed in April.

Higher commercial ship school students are appointed as second lieutenants of the Navy or second lieutenants of the Navy reserve institution at the time of graduation, and are convened during the war.Marine defense shipHe was active in the front lines of fleet escort and coast guard as the captain of the ship, the captain / captain of special ships, or the chief engineer of those ships.

After the end of the war, when the Japan Coast Guard (from the Higher Commercial Ship School) and the Maritime Self-Defense Force (from the Naval Academy) were organized, the candidate's school and career were affected in terms of personnel. ..

1999 (11)May 3ToSuspicious ship off Noto PeninsulaAs the situation exceeds the capacity of the Japan Coast GuardJMSDFFirst toMaritime security actionWas activated.After the incident, the Japan Coast Guard and the Maritime Self-Defense ForceSuspicious ship"Joint coping" about measuresmanualWas formulated[26], It became an opportunity to improve the estranged relationship between the two, which has been going on for a long time since the resentment at the time of establishment, starting from the position in the former Navy during the war and the treatment received, strengthening the information communication system and jointly between the two organizations.TrainingHas come to be done.At this point up to senior executivesNational Defense Academy,Coast Guard CollegeThe graduates were coming to occupy.In addition, patrol boats with high speed, excellent ballistic resistance, and long-range shooting capability have been built.Moreover2001 In (13) in maritime security workWeapon usage standardsThe revision of Article 20, Paragraph 2 of the Japan Coast Guard Law has been carried out, and even if the crew of the ship is harmed and fired only under certain conditions, the coast guard officerIllegalness is blocked(Exemption from liability)[17]..Immediately after this revisionKyushu Southwest Seacraft Ship IncidentIs occurring.

In addition, since the Maritime Self-Defense Force temporarily takes over the duties of the Japan Coast Guard during maritime security actions, the Maritime Self-Defense Force alsoPolice Officer Execution Law-Japan Coast Guard ActTheMutatis mutandisAnd act.

Operated by the Japan Coast GuardFixed wing aircraft OfPilotTrains Maritime Self-Defense Force pilotsKogetsu Educational Aviation GroupEntrusted to receive education equivalent to that of members of the Maritime Self-Defense Force[27].. (Rotorcraft is trained at the Japan Coast Guard School)

Command by the Minister of Defense

Self Defense Force ActArticle 80[Annotation 4]By the Self-Defense ForcesDefense dispatch,Public orderIf there is a particular need, it may be incorporated under the command of the Minister of Defense at the order of the Prime Minister.This is the early Japan Coast Guard (laterMaritime GuardThroughJMSDFWas founded) became the establishment modelUS Coast GuardBut during the warUS NavyUnder the command of軍隊It follows the regulations that are operated as.

However, even under the command of the Minister of Defense, the scope of action and activity authority are the same as in normal times (especially).Use of weaponsAbout, to the lastPolice Officer Execution Law(You must obey), so you should instruct the Self-Defense Forces to provide more security to where they need it (Self-Defense Forces facilities, etc.), and centrally command the Self-Defense Forces and the Japan Coast Guard in actual security actions. However, it seems that it will only facilitate cooperation between the two.In addition, it has been pointed out that "As far as the text is concerned, Article 80 of the Self-Defense Forces Act may be inconsistent with Article 25 of the Commissioner of the Japan Coast Guard," but the Minister of Defense will direct the Commissioner of the Japan Coast Guard. Not the Commissioner of the Japan Coast Guard (Civil servant) Is only (indirectly) done[28]..Therefore, it is considered to be consistent.

Command by other ministers

According to the proviso of Article 10 of the Commissioner of the Japan Coast Guard, the Commissioner of the Japan Coast GuardMinister of Land, Infrastructure and TransportThe affairs under the jurisdiction of other ministers are subject to the command and supervision of each minister. "Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and FisheriesIn the immigration controlMinister of JusticeUnder the command and supervision of[29].



TotalStaffThe number is 13,104 (as of July 2020, 7)[10]) And this isAichi Prefectural PoliceIs almost the same as.

For reference, nationwidePolice officer259,369 people[30](August 2020, 4),JMSDF45,329 people[31](March 2021, 3).

  • budget: 2225 yen[1].. (Initial budget for 2021) (Reference: The Maritime Self-Defense Force budget for 2021 is 1 billion yen)[32]

Secretary and special position

Internal department

Internal departmentThere are five departments and a chief inspector general.

Facility, etc.

Facility, etc.As twoEducational training facilityIs installed.

Local branch office

Local branch officeAs a result, 11 regional coast guard headquarters have been established.

Province Coast Guard Headquarters

In the case of other local institutions, it is usual that there is a regulation to set up the institution and its jurisdiction is determined.In the case of the Japan Coast Guard, unlike these, the first thing to do is to divide the national and coastal waters into maritime security divisions.[33]"There is one thing first, and it is stipulated that" a regional coast guard headquarters should be established for each coast guard district "followed by this.Therefore, under the legal system, "the area of ​​the Japan Coast Guard"[34]Is the formal way of saying.Unless otherwise specified, the area of ​​each province is applicable.PrefecturesResponsible for the area (land), coastal waters and offshore waters.The division numbers are basically clockwise from Otaru (Hokkaido) to the Japanese archipelago.However, at the beginning, the XNUMXth Regional Coast Guard had jurisdiction over the entire Kyushu region, but the southern Kyushu region was divided into the XNUMXth Regional Coast Guard, and the XNUMXth Regional Coast Guard was newly established with the return to Okinawa, so this part has consecutive numbers. Not.

Area and name of each coast guard district and location of the coast guard headquarters
District nameHead office locationregion
XNUMXst Regional Coast GuardHokkaidoOtaruHokkaido(Northern TerritoriesIncluding)
Second districtMiyagiShiogamaAomori,Iwate,Miyagi,Akita,Yamagata,Fukushima(Offshore watersThe Pacific OceanOnly on the side)
Third districtKanagawa横 浜 市Naka-kuIbaraki,Tochigi,Gunma,Saitama,Chiba,Tokyo,Kanagawa,Yamanashi,Shizuoka
Fourth districtAichiNagoya cityMinato-kuGifu,Aichi,Mie
XNUMXth Regional Coast GuardHyogoKobe CityChuo-kuShiga,Kyoto(Nantan citySouth),Osaka,Hyogo(Seto Inland Seaside),Nara,Wakayama,Tokushima,Kochi
XNUMXth Regional Coast GuardHiroshimaHiroshima citySouth wardOkayama,Hiroshima,Yamaguchi (Yamaguchi CityEasternSeto Inland Seaside),Kagawa,Ehime
XNUMXth Regional Coast GuardFukuokaKitakyushuMoji WardYamaguchi Prefecture(Ube CityWest of the Seto Inland Sea side,Sea of ​​Japanside),Fukuoka,Saga,Nagasaki,Oita(On the water areaKumamoto OfAriake SeaAlso in charge)
XNUMXth Regional Coast GuardKyotoMaizuruKyoto(Kyotanba TownNorth),Fukui,Hyogo(Sea of ​​Japanside),Tottori,Shimane (TakeshimaIncluding)
XNUMXth Regional Coast GuardNiigataNiigataChuo-kuNiigata,Toyama,Ishikawa,Nagano(Offshore watersTohoku regionAlso in charge of the Sea of ​​Japan side)
Tenth DistrictKagoshimaKagoshimaKumamoto(On the water areaAriake Seaexcept for),Miyazaki,Kagoshima
XNUMXth Regional Coast GuardOkinawaNahaOkinawa Prefecture(尖 閣 諸島Including)

It is official that the name of the Coast Guard Division is added to "Marine Security Division" such as "First Maritime Security Division" (Headquarters is "First Regional Coast Guard Headquarters").[35].

Regional Coast Guard Headquarters Office


Japan Coast GuardclassとPosition
Class \ AffiliationMain officeDistrict HeadquartersJapan Coast GuardJapan Coast GuardMaritime Transportation CenterAir basePL type patrol boatPM type patrol boatPS type patrol boatPC type patrol boatCL type patrol boat
SecretaryCommissioner of the Japan Coast Guard----------
Deputy head
Japan Coast Guard
Japan Coast GuardDeputy head
Japan Coast Guard
First-class coast guard, AManagerGeneral manager---------
First Class Coast Guard, BCounselorDeputy headLarge-scale manager--------
Second-class coast guardManagerManagerManager-chiefBase managerCaptain
Business manager
Third Class Coast GuardAssistant manager
ManagerDeputy headChiefDeputy headDeputy head
Chief of each department
○○ lengthCaptain
Business manager
First Class Coast GuardChiefAssistant manager
ManagerDeputy headManagerBusiness Manager
Chief of each department
Senior ○○
Chief ○○
Chief ○○○○ lengthCaptain--
Second Class Coast GuardExpertChiefExpertDeputy head
-Chief ○○
Chief ○○Chief ○○Chief ○○Captain-
Third Class Coast GuardStaffExpertChief
Chief ○○
Chief ○○
Chief ○○
Chief ○○
First-class coast guard-StaffStaffStaffStaffStaff
○○ member
XX AssistantXX AssistantXX AssistantXX AssistantXX Assistant
Second-class coast guard-StaffStaffStaff-Staff
○○ member
XX AssistantXX AssistantXX AssistantXX AssistantXX Assistant
Third-class coast guard-StaffStaffStaff-Staff
○○ member
XX AssistantXX AssistantXX AssistantXX AssistantXX Assistant
StudentSecurity University Student
Coast guard school student
  • In the case of ship staff, XX includes voyage, engine, communication, main budget, operation command, artillery, observation, flight, maintenance, aviation communication, etc. depending on the ship type.
  • In the case of air base staff, flight / maintenance / communication / search radar is entered in ○○.



Indispensable for maritime navigationcompassDesignedsymbol markThe deep blue color that represents the color of the sea is used.

For Japan Coast Guard vesselsNational flagAnd the Japan Coast Guard flag is displayed[37].


Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismSee the relevant section of


As of July 2020, 7, Japan Coast GuardStaffThe number is 13,104 (12,031 men and 1,073 women).[10].

Capacity is 14,427 according to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism capacity rules[38].

Japan Coast Guard staff are due to the nature of their dutiesRight to organizeIs not allowed,UnionMust not be formed or joined (Article 108-2, Paragraph 5 of the National Public Law).


Takahiro Okushima, Commissioner of the Japan Coast Guard

Shohei Ishii, Deputy Director of the Japan Coast Guard

Japan Coast Guard Yoshio Seguchi

General Manager Koichi Miyazawa

Equipment Engineering Manager Izumi Iwamoto

Security and Rescue Department Manager Masami Shiraishi

Yukihiro Kato, General Manager of Marine Information Department

Transportation Manager Takahiro Yoshinaga

Chief Inspector General Junichi Kikunaga

* Source: List of executives (October 2021, 10 version)[39]

マ ス コ ッ ト

1998 (10), in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of establishmentMascot characterWas enacted.Harp sealWith the motif of a childUmimaruIs enacted.

2002 In (14), "Umin" was established with the image of a female sheriff for her younger sister.

These characterspublic relationsIt is actively used in activities.again,Akita OfNamahage,Aomori OfNebutaThere are also local versions nationwide such as.

The work that became the subject

  • Years of joy and sadness - Lighthouse keeperA movie with the main character.In the opening roll of "Supported Japan Coast Guard"creditThere is.
  • New, joy and sadness for many years -A remake version of "How many years of joy and sadness".The scene ends with the hero's son, who decided to become the same coast guard officer as his father, graduated from the Japan Coast Guard Academy and set out on a practice voyage.
  • Sea monkey --The coast guard officer is the main characterComic, And based on thismovies,TV drama.
  • Tokkyu!! - Special rescue teamA manga whose main character is a coast guard officer who belongs to.
  • OCEAN --Used as the theme song for the TV drama "Umizaru"B'zSong. PLH typePatrol boat "Mizuho"AbovePVThe shooting was done.
  • DCU --A mystery in which the DCU (Deep Crime Unit), a fictitious specialist group that investigates underwater incidents and accidents newly established by the Japan Coast Guard Officer, plays an active role.TV drama.


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  • Weekly newspaper "Japan Coast Guard NewspaperJapan Coast Guard Foundation (published on Thursday, to be exact, published four times a month)
  • Monthly magazine "World shipsGaijinsha (25th of every month)
  • Quarterly magazine "J-SHIPS"Icarus Publishing (February / May / August / November 2th)
  • Quarterly magazine "Kaiho JournalJapan Coast Guard Foundation (issued in January, April, July, and October)

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