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👩‍🎤 | Sukiiro Drop, project start for successful solo performance!

Photo Sukiiro Drop, project start for successful solo performance!

Sukiiro drop, project start for successful solo performance!

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This is a project to make a successful solo performance at the Alternative Theater on Saturday, December 12th.

Sukiiro Drop will start the "Sukiiro Drop Solo Performance Success Project" from October 10th (Wednesday).Here ... → Continue reading


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Alternative theater

Alternative theater(Alternative Theater) IsTokyoChiyoda WardYurakuchoIt is inYurakucho Center BuildingIt is a theater on the 7th floor of the annex.The number of seats is 462[1].

It was open as a movie theater until 2014Marunouchi RubleRefurbished, "You can laugh!』FamiliarStudio AltaIs operated by.

Kokeraotoshi was performed for half a year in "ALATA". From the spring of 2019, "MANGEKYO-" is being performed for a long run.


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