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👩‍🎤 | Yuki Kaji, voice actor audition is “narrow gate” !? “I'm grateful that I can receive it.”


Yuki Kaji, voice actor audition is "narrow gate" !? "I'm grateful that I can receive it."

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Hama: But some of the characters you play are "fighting men" and Hovernyan (Yokai Watch) (laughs).

Set in a fictitious record shop, TOKYO FM delivers the concept of "tasting high-quality music carefully." → Continue reading


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Yokai watch

"Yokai watch"(Yokai Watch)(English:Yo-kai Watch[1]) IsLevel fiveMainly in JapanCross media project,and,2013 May 7Was released inNintendo 3DSdesignatedGame software, And in the worksclockThe name of the type item.Now the series is "Inazuma ElevenAnd 'Cardboard fighterAs with the previous two works, it depends on comics and anime.Multi-faceted media developmentIt was planned on the premise of.The total number of game series sold worldwide2021 At that point, it exceeded 1700 million.


One summer day, the heroinsect catchingWhile doingApparitionButlerWhisperA mysterious clock where you can meet and see youkaiYokai watchTo get.Make friends with youkai that appear everywhere, and sometimes cooperate with them to advance the story while solving the worries and problems of the people in the town.In the work, all the troublesome problems and mysterious phenomena in the world are said to be "the work of youkai", and if you make a "friend" contract with youkaiYoukai medal(In some seriesYoukai Ark) Is handed over and can be summoned with Yo-Kai Watch.

MediaTie-upIs mainlyShogakukanof"Monthly Korokoro Comic"When"Chao], And both are in charge of serializing the comicalized version.In addition, with many companies, characters, and eventscollaborationIt is carried out.

In making the work日常On the stage of "<span>Grade 1-2</span>Researching "worries" and embodying it as a modern-style "youkai"共 感Aims to increase[2]..In addition, the settings and character names of the past yearsmovies-TV program-Comic-literatureWorks, real people, etc.Tribute,Parody,punTypicalWordplayIt is also characterized by incorporating abundantly, and it is a content that can be enjoyed widely not only by elementary school students who are the main target but also by gender and generation.For both the game and anime versions, the system and style have changed significantly for each series.

RPG classic "monster"WhenDifferentiationIn that sense, the youkai of this work is not animal-likeselfhave"A humanIt is regarded as an existence that is likened to "", and even in overseas expansion, "Yo-kaiIs expressed[3].


This work was first made public2012 May 12Than"Monthly Korokoro ComicIt was when the comicalize serialization was started.[4]..As a cross-media project work, it started serializing a little earlier than the game sold later.

after that,2013 May 7ToNintendo 3DSsoft"Yokai watchWas released[5]..Sales of 3 units were sold in the 7rd week (late July) and 10 units in the 14th week (early October), but the number of units sold has been declining over time, and sales are mediocre. Met.

However, six months after the software was released2014 May 1ThanTV animation versionWas broadcast, and it came to the spotlight.To support this, the number of Yo-Kai Watch sold has fluctuated upwards since 2014, and exceeded 1 in early January (26th week), just before the start of anime broadcasting. It showed signs of a hit.

continue,May 1ToBandaiWhen the toys "DX Yo-Kai Watch" and "Yo-Kai Medal" were released, a boom broke out mainly among elementary school students.One month after the sale, a total of more than 1 million youkai medals were shipped, and it became a popular product that sold out in various places in a blink of an eye.[6][7]. Also,May 3ToTokyo station first street"Yokai Watch Discovered! Yokai Town" was opened for a limited period of two months, but it was closed in two days due to a series of out-of-stocks due to more visitors than expected. The number of 2DS software "Yo-Kai Watch" soldMay 5Over 100 millionMillion sellerBecame[8].

May 7In the sequel "Yo-Kai Watch 2 Original / HonkeWas released, the number of packaged versions sold exceeded 4 million within four days of its release, and already exceeded the number of "Yokai Watch" sold.[9]. further,May 12The first movie work "Movie Yo-Kai Watch Nyan, the secret of the birth!Was released, and the screening of the next work was decided before the release.[10]..The work will be released for 2 daysperformance incomeExceeded 16 billion yen and set a new record in Toho movie history[11]. Also,May 12Was broadcast toThe 65th NHK Red and White Singing BattleThen, a planning corner was set up to showcase the characters and songs of this work.

Due to the success of various cross-media projects, this workNikkei TrendyWon the 2014nd place in the 2 hit product ranking selected by[12],Shogakkan DIME Trend Grand PrizeSelected for the grand prize[13], 2014New Word/Buzzword AwardSelected as the best ten,Yahoo! Search Award2014 ・ Awarded the Anime category[14]Achieved such a feat.

2015 ThanSpin-offthe work"Yo-Kai Watch Busters Akanekodan / Shiroinutai''Yo-Kai Sangokushi],2016 The third work in the series "Yo-Kai Watch 3 Sushi / Tempura / Sukiyaki』Released, againOfficial shopExpand.

2017 In the new "Yo-Kai Watch Shadowside" series (movies-Television Animation) Was announced.The TV anime version2019 It was broadcast until September.

From April 2019 to December 4, the second phase of the main series, "Yokai Watch!Was broadcast. First in JuneNintendo SwitchThe 4th work in the series that will be software forYo-Kai Watch 4 We are looking up at the same sky] Is released.In addition, the version including the paid update of the same work "Yo-Kai Watch 4++Is the first in the seriesPlayStation 4But it was released[15].

Announced new brand "Yokai Watch Jam" in March 2019[16]..As part of this, from December 2019, the "Yokai Gakuen Y" series (movies-Television Animation) Expand.2020 The game software of the same series "Yokai Gakuen Y ~Waiwai Gakuen Life~Was released.

2021 From April, the third term of the main series, "Yo-Kai Watch ♪』Started broadcasting[17].

Series list

Timeline of release (main story only)
2013Yokai watch
2014Yo-Kai Watch 2 Original / Honke
Yo-Kai Watch 2 True Hit
2016Yo-Kai Watch 3 Sushi / Tempura
Yo-Kai Watch 3 Sukiyaki
2019Yo-Kai Watch 4 We are looking up at the same sky
Yo-Kai Watch 4++

Main work

Yokai watch(3DS : 2013 May 7/Switch : 2019 May 10/iOS-Android : 2021 May 7)
The first work in the series.Also known as Yo-Kai Watch 1.
Yo-Kai Watch 2 Original / Honke(3DS:2014 May 7)
The second work in the series.For the first time in the series, two versions were released at the same time, and it became possible to exchange and play against each other.
Yo-Kai Watch 2 True Hit(3DS: 2014May 12)
Of "Original / Honke"Minor changesEdition.Movie-linked quests, new youkai, areas, etc. have been added.
Yo-Kai Watch 3 Sushi / Tempura(3DS:2016 May 7)
The third work in the series.USA will be added as a new area, and the two main characters will be switched at any time to advance the story.In addition, it became a battle specification using the "Tactics medal board".
Yo-Kai Watch 3 Sukiyaki(3DS: 2016May 12)
A minor change version of "Sushi / Tempura".Movie-linked quests have been added.
Yo-Kai Watch 4 We are looking up at the same sky(Switch: 2019May 6)
The fourth work in the series.The number of characters has increased to more than one, and the graphics, character design, battle system, etc. have changed significantly.
Yo-Kai Watch 4++(Switch ・PS4: 2019May 12)
A minor change version of "4". If you have purchased "4", you can get the same content by purchasing an additional DLC.A new mode such as Purapura Busters has been added.

Spin-off works

Yo-Kai Watch Busters Akanekodan / Shiroinutai(3DS:2015 May 7)
Two versions released at the same time. An action game that makes the mini game "Yo-Kai Watch Busters" in "2 Ganso / Honke / Shinjitsu" independent.
Yo-Kai Watch Dance JUST DANCE Special Version (WiiU: 2015May 12)
Released on July 2015, 12Wii USoftware.ダンスgame"Just Dance series』Yokai Watch version.Contains all 10 songs that appeared in anime and games.Production isUbisoft[19].
Yo-Kai Sangokushi(3DS: 2016May 4)
HistorySimulation games"Mikuni will series]collaborationthe work.
Yo-Kai Watch Busters 2 Hidden Treasure Legend Bambaraya Sword / Magnum(3DS:2017 May 12
An action game that is an independent version of the mini-game "Busters T (Treasure)" in "3 Sushi / Tempura / Sukiyaki", and is a sequel to "Busters Akanekodan / Shiroinutai".
Yo-Kai Watch Jam Yo-Kai Gakuen Y ~ Wai Wai Gakuen Life ~(Switch:2020 May 8/ PS4: 2020May 10)
The genre is school life RPG. Through my life at Y Gakuen, I will make friends, solve cases, and get rid of grudges.Released as a regular update type large download version software, released a package version containing updates on December 2020, 12[20].

Derivative work

Yokai Gymnastics First Puzzle Nyan(IOS / Android: 2013May 7)
The genre ispuzzle game.. Song "Gymnastics first, And erase all the character-shaped pieces.
Yokai Gymnastics First Puzzle Nyan DX(Android: 2015May 3)
A power-up version of "Yokai Gymnastics Daiichi Puzzle Da Nyan" with new elements such as new songs and character additions.
Yo-Kai Watch Punipuni(Android: 2015May 10/ iOS: 2015May 10)
The genre is a puzzle game.GummyEnlarge or erase the "Yokai Puni" in the shape to capture the enemy.Development and operationNHN PlayArt.
Youkai Sangokushi Country Steal Wars(IOS / Android:2018 May 1)
The genre isCountry theft strategyRPG.Warlords and youkai unfold the Three Kingdoms on the stage of mainland China.Development and operationKoei Tecmo Games.
Youkai Watch Gerapolism(IOS / Android: 2018May 5)
The genre isRhythm action game..Play an instrument on the music of the Yo-Kai Watch series.
Yokai Watch World(IOS / Android: 2018May 6)
The genre is youkai explorationLocation games..Development and operationGungHo Online Entertainment.
Yo-Kai Watch Medal Wars(IOS / Android: 2019May 7)
The genre is Yokai Battle RPG.Development and operationNetmarble monster.
Service will end on December 2020, 12[21].

Discontinued work

Youkai Dictionary
App for iOS and Android.The genre isquizRPG.Play while solving Yo-Kai Watch related and general quizzes.Initially scheduled for delivery in November 2016, development discontinuation was announced on January 11, 2021.[22].


See each section for details on the series.

the term

Here, the settings that are basically common to all media are described.See each section for details on the series.
The "Yokai" that appear in this work are original creations (whisper, Jibanyan, USA Pyon, etc.), old and new creations.Lore-urban legendFamous for (Tsuchigumo,Big cattail,Jinmen dog,Hanako,Daidarabotchi,NurarihyonEtc.), and even those that play with those youkai (Roughraff,Murikabe,Only the mouth,I'm sorry once,GashadokuroEtc.) appear in a mess.AlsoOtohime-Ashura-Nanda Ryuo-Seven Lucky Gods-Emma the Greatsuch as"神The motif of "" is also treated as a youkai.
It is divided into each "race" according to its appearance and characteristics, and in the main game, each has the skill attributes of fire, water, lightning, wind, soil, ice, recovery, and absorption.
It exists in various parts of the world and cannot be seen by ordinary humans, but it can be seen and talked to by humans with the "Yokai Lens" mounted on Yo-Kai Watch.Inspired humans may feel their existence, see only their appearance, or hear only their voice, even without a youkai lens.However, it is extremely rare for a person to be able to see and talk without a youkai lens.Even invisible humans may be able to temporarily recognize the existence of youkai if they are obsessed with youkai and their minds are controlled.In this case, you lose your memory when the youkai leave.In addition, it seems that there are times when "humans whom youkai truly trust will be able to see the youkai."
Many youkai have disappeared from humans, but if they are "careless", they may become visible to ordinary humans.In addition, there are exceptional youkai that can be seen by ordinary people and youkai who pretend to be humans.[Note 1]..You can also eat food and drinks for humans, and in the game version, giving these items to youkai during the battle will increase the probability of becoming "friends", and each youkai has likes and dislikes.
Even after signing a "friend" contract with a human who has a Yo-Kai Watch, he lives freely except when summoned, and in the anime version, he may refuse to summon due to the circumstances of the youkai.
Many youkai are originally humans, animals, or tools / objects (so-called).Tsukumogami) Is said to have been.In the second anime movie and its comicalized version, it was revealed that "all dead creatures will be reborn as youkai at the youkai city hall."However, in some cases, the existence itself may be erased as it is.If the soul in the body is removed, it will be in a state of asphyxia, and if it is returned to the body, it will be able to work again.Also, if you receive a prayer[Note 2]It may "ascend", and when it completely ascends, it is no longer a youkai.
Japanese youkai that are not classical youkai are classified as "Imadoki youkai" or "Japon youkai" to distinguish them from classical youkai and brass knuckles.
In the derivative series "Yokai Gakuen Y", measures were taken such as reincarnating into humans due to the destruction of the demon world.
Legend youkai
A youkai with legendary power. You can make a "friend" by collecting specific youkai in the "Yokai Dictionary" and breaking the seal.As a derivative, there are also "Meriken Legend Youkai" from USA, "Great Legend Youkai" that has become a monster in history, and "Mystery Legend Youkai" that exists on the Nu Continent.
Classic youkai
A youkai that has existed in Japan for a long time.Since it has a strong magical power, many species can be seen by ordinary humans.
Brass knuckles
A youkai from USA.Even when a youkai from Japan has made a unique evolution in the USA, it is treated as a brass knuckles youkai.
Hidden Youkai
A general term for youkai who are revived by combining the Kaseki medal and the hidden treasure youkai emblem.Also, if you collect specific treasure youkai, you can revive the great treasure youkai "Yodelsen".
Yokai watch
A watch-shaped item that Whisper gave to the main character.In the case of the boy hero (Kata), it is a wristwatch type, but in the case of the girl hero (Fumi-chan), it is a pocket watch type that hangs from the neck like a pendant.Youkai can be found by measuring the position and rank of youkai lurking in the vicinity with a radar, looking through the youkai lens on the lid, and finding and analyzing the youkai that you cannot normally see.You can also summon a youkai who has become a "friend" by inserting a youkai medal.
In the game, if you ask the owner of Chosi-do, you can upgrade to find a higher-ranked youkai, but you must clear the quest presented by the owner each time.In addition, since the doors of the seal called "Watch Lock" that are released when the watch rank is set above a certain level are scattered at key points, it is essential to strengthen the story.
Among the youkai, it is transmitted as an important key item for connecting humans and youkai, but there are also youkai who completely deny it and try to aim and destroy it with a Yo-Kai Watch.
This Yo-Kai Watch cannot use medals after the Z medal.However, since the comicalized version does not have Yo-Kai Watch Zero, these can be used.
The position of the youkai lens is different in the rolling version of the manga.In the manga, it was once destroyed by Jibanyan, but later repaired by Kata with glue.
Both the anime version and the CoroCoro version have been kept by Hiki bats after the appearance of Yo-Kai Watch U (in the CoroCoro version, to find someone to repair it).
In the anime version of "Yo-Kai Watch ♪", due to the mistake of Whisper who put out all the watches for maintenance, only this first watch is back, but it has been improved such that all medals so far can be used.
Yo-Kai Watch Zero type
The world's first Yo-Kai Watch developed by the main character's grandfather. It was developed together with the "clock".A wristwatch type with the same design for both male and female protagonists. "Punipuni" requires additional "Fairy Fragment" and "Old Gear".
"Z medals" and "classical medals" can be used, but medals before and after that cannot be used.You can find "monsters" that have more hiding power than youkai, but since the monsters themselves do not exist in the world 60 years later (that is, the present age where the main characters live), this function is available from modern Yo-Kai Watch. It has been removed.You can also summon 1 youkai at the same time.
In modern times, "Yopple"CEOReplicas are mass-produced by youkai Steve Joes[Note 3]..In the movie version, Keizo naturally appeared on his left hand as he opened his heart to making youkai "friends".After that, it will be given to Kata.
It does not appear in the CoroCoro version of the manga, nor does it appear in the comicalized version of the movie.[Note 4]However, Whisper bought it at a bargain when the old watch broke down.
Both the anime version and the CoroCoro version have been kept by Hiki bats after the appearance of Yo-Kai Watch U.
Yo-Kai Watch U Prototype / U1 / U2 / U3 / U4 / U5 / Version E (Yo-Kai Watch E)
Appeared from the game "3".The prototype is a limited edition that is not sold to the general public in the anime version, and Inaho is obtained by USA Pyon via a top secret route and is directed to be bought at a toy store as a "space watch".Kate handed over a gift from Mark Schatchieberg, the new CEO of Yopple, a friend of Hikikomori, instead of rent.In the Korokoro version of the manga, the Hiki bat gave this watch, which was won by the sweepstakes, to Kata instead of rent.
In the anime version, the prototype became the official model by updating the data, and the Kata became the white U1 and the Inaho became the yellow U2.In the game version "3", you will have U1 and U2 respectively from the beginning.Previously, it was necessary to exchange the type-XNUMX with the first generation depending on the type of medal, but from the beginning it is now possible to handle everything from the medal to the brass knuckles and U medals.
In the second movie, Kate set the medal of Emma the Great (before awakening), and by matching the two Yo-Kai Watches, it changed to two Emma the Great medals and Version E.The official name is Yo-Kai Watch E.
Yo-Kai Watch Dream
Appeared from the game "3".To Yo-Kai WatchrouletteFeatures have been added.By removing the core unit (main body) and setting it on the youkai blaster, youkai drill, youkai bazooka, youkai cleaner, emma blade, and awakening emma magic whistle (dream link), you can use the power of the youkai medal.The Emma Blade only supports the Emma Great Medal, and the Awakening Emma Magic Whistle only supports the Awakening Emma medal. (All support for toy version)
In the anime version, it was a 5th prize in the roulette of "Yokai Dreamland", and it was obtained by Kata by bartering prizes with other youkai one after another from one piece of tissue hit by Whisper.
Youkai medal
A medal required to summon a youkai with Yo-Kai Watch, which is given by a youkai who has become a "friend".The illustration and name of the youkai are displayed in the center, and the symbol marks of each race are displayed below and on the back side, and the design differs depending on the youkai.
In the animation, it is set as a monster identification card, and in order to be summoned by Yo-Kai Watch Zero type, it is necessary to renew the medal at the medal station.
In the game, "2" to "Z medal" and "classical medal", "Busters" to "B medal" "Emma the Great E medal", "3" to "U medal" "Meriken medal" "Dream medal", "Yokai" "Sangokushi" will be the "Bushou Medal", "Black Yo-Kai Watch" will be the "Black Yo-Kai Medal", and "Busters 2" will be the "T Medal" and "Hidden Treasure Youkai Medal".
Since the Yo-Kai Watch Zero type does not appear in the manga version of CoroCoro, the Z medal and the classic medal have been changed to the initial design.
According to the movie version and the game version, the lid of the milk bottle with the names of the youkai who helped the hero's grandfather is the base of the youkai medal.
Regarding the appearance of medals, it depends on the work.In the anime and chao versions of the manga, it may appear naturally at the will of the youkai who became "friends", or it may be handed over or dropped in some cases.In the game version and the CoroCoro version of the manga, it appears by combining the left fist with the Yo-Kai Watch with the fist of the youkai (or a hand or something close to it) that has become a "friend".
Youkai Dictionary
A file that stores youkai medals contains detailed information about youkai.Legendary youkai are sealed on some pages, and when you get the youkai medal specified for each page, you can be released and become a "friend" with the legendary youkai.
The Yokai Encyclopedia does not appear in the CoroCoro version of the manga.In the anime version, it has appeared in the main story[23]There is also a section for "Today's Youkai Dictionary" every time, but when Kata usually summons, he often takes out medals from his pocket.
Youkai pad
Whisper and USA Pyon have,TabletType item.In the game version, various functions can be managed in the form of applications.
"Ukiukipedia" (""Wikipedia”Mojiri) can be viewed, but in the anime version, Whisper, who is completely ignorant of youkai, is in a hurry.CheatIt has become a standard to wear something that you know.
Youkai Blaster
In the game "3", the item that appeared in Chapter 4 of the Kata edition, and in the animation from Episode 143.In each case, the core unit of the Yo-Kai Watch Dream mentioned above is separated before being attached and used.
In the animation, Whisper won the product monitor that he had applied for and was sent.Another core unit is attached to the rear arm. If it is LOW, the normal special move of the youkai that is set will be activated, but if it becomes HIGH, it will cause a ridiculous situation such as firing lava or calling a meteorite toward the earth.[24].
Yo-Kai Watch Ogre
Appeared in the game "4" and the anime version "Yo-Kai Watch Shadowside" series.The official name is "Ogre Enclosure Mirror".Originally, it was a demon eye gear that Touma had.KitaroThe one whose evil spirit was removed by.The name of the auger is Emma the Great.Possess and summon the Genma that resides at each time alone.You can also possess and summon a sword dance demon by piercing the auger with a fairy sword and adjusting its power.
Yo-Kai Watch Elda / Elda Zero / Elda God
Elda appears in the game "4", the animated version of the "Yo-Kai Watch Shadowside" series, and "Yo-Kai Watch!".The official name is "Elda Magic Mirror".It was made by the phantom monster, and it was obtained and repaired by King Emma.As for the acquisition route, in "Kiou", Natsume was selected as the owner of the Yo-Kai Watch, and in "Yokai Watch!", The Yo-Kai Watch that Whisper had put out for maintenance was changed to this product. In "Kiou", Natsume will be used, and in "Shadowside", in the first episode, after the owner temporarily moves to Caseke, in addition to Natsume, Caseke will be used depending on the situation.
The summon item has been changed from the previous youkai medal to a key-shaped youkai arc, and in "Shadowside", youkai summon and side change of the youkai are performed by turning the arc left and right and then holding it over. In "Yo-Kai Watch!", Turning clockwise is a summon, and turning counterclockwise is a one-chan side summon that does not know what will happen (the effect of one-chan side is different each time you use it).
Elda Zero / Elda God (Jin) appeared in "Movie Yo-Kai Watch FOREVER FRIENDS".Elda Zero is a 60-year-old Yo-Kai Watch in the world of Kata, which Shin uses to summon youkai.Compared to Elda, the lid has a blue border.The Elda God is used by Itsuki and can summon Godside Youkai that can only be summoned by the Elda God.The big difference from Elda Zero is that the gold and silver dragons are drawn on the lid.
Yo-Kai Watch Animas
Appeared in the game "4" and the animated version "Yo-Kai Watch Shadowside".The official name is "Animas Tensho Mirror".Used by Akinori and used when summoning a phantom beast.During the summoning of the phantom beast, the calories of the summoner are used, so Akinori loses weight during that time.For summoning, use a triangular disc called a phantom beast disc.
Youkai Ark
Appeared in the game "4", the anime version "Yo-Kai Watch Shadowside" series, and "Yo-Kai Watch!".The medals have changed from the previous medals to the shape of a key, and the name and illustration of the youkai on the front side and the back side differ depending on the type of arc. In "Shadow Side", the front side is the light side and the back side is the shadow side to summon or change the side. In "Yokai Watch!", The front side is a youkai summon and the back side is a one-chan side summon.Summoning is changed from the previous insertion of medals into Yo-Kai Watch, and it is done by inserting the arc into the keyway in front of Elda, rotating it to the summoning side, and then touching the illustration part of the arc to Elda.
YSP watch
Appeared in the game / animation "Yo-Kai Gakuen Y" series.Based on the technology of N aliens who plan to invade the earth, it was analyzed and mass-produced by Kumako Unike and others at Y Lab as a countermeasure.It can only be used by YSP abilities who can manipulate spiritual beings, and can be used to summon grudges and youkai by inserting Y medals, or to transform into a youkai HERO.YSP watch zero type,Viper connector,UR watch,Genie watchDifferent bezels and different shapesA (alien) watchThere are various variations such as.
Y medal
It is a medal dedicated to YSP watches and their derivatives, and there are various types depending on the purpose, such as summoning grudges, transforming into a youkai HERO, and using weapons and techniques.The mystery medal is the key to the mysterious building "Y Circle" that appeared in the school.When solving the mystery of the school or exterminating the grudge, the energy is condensed by the power of the watch and newly appears as a medal.


Each series is basically the following "Sakura New Town"When"Youkai world”Is the center.Please refer to each section for details and other stages depending on the series.
Sakura New Town
Kate Fumi-chan and the town where the modern hero lives. An ostensibly ordinary local city with shopping streets and residential areas centered around "Sakura Chuo Station".However, in the back of the "Omori Shrine" in the Sakura residential area, there is a youkai Gasha with a whisper sealed and a sacred tree that serves as the entrance to the "Yokai", and many youkai live in hiding in the city.In the Showa period, it was called "Sakuramachi".
In the main TV anime series, the universal daily life in this city is basically depicted.
IbarakiTsukuba CityUnrelated to the place name of the same name in, the model has the headquarters of Level-XNUMXFukuokaFukuoka CityIt is said that
Youkai World / Yokai World
The world where youkai live.You can go back and forth with the human world through a special elevator called "Yokai Elevator" that is sealed inside the Shinboku of the Omori Shrine, and a youkai / ungaikyo. In the works after "Busters", it is sometimes called "Yokai World".
At the palaceEmma the GreatThere is a council that governs and administers politics (chaired by Ikacamone in the game "1" and Nurarihyon in the games "2" and later).
The overall appearance changes for each series.The building is characterized by eye-spots, and there are restaurants, resorts, and leisure facilities, which are basically of the human world.Red light districtIt is a similar style to.
In the game series, the main characters will visit each time for some reason in the story.
In the anime version, Kate visited for the first time with Ungaikyo when he went to purchase Yo-Kai Watch Zero with Whisper, and since then he has visited frequently for the purpose of watching programs and appearing.
In the derivative series "Shadowside" and the game "4", Kaila the Serpent King is governing instead of Emma, ​​and in "Yo-Kai Gakuen Y", it is said that it was destroyed by the invasion of N aliens.

Media mix

So far for both in-game animation and TV / theatrical animationLevel fiveThe work "Inazuma Eleven"series,"Cardboard fighter』I have worked on in-game animation in the seriesOh ElmIs in charge.

Television Animation

TV anime seriesTV TOKYO 6 stations net,BS JapanBroadcast from January 2014.

Movie version

Movie versionIs also produced.

Notitlerelease datedirected byscriptperformance incomeSpecial appearance (guest voice actor)
1Movie Yo-Kai Watch Nyan, the secret of the birth!2014
May 12
Shigeharu Takahashi
Yoichi Kato78.000 million yenKen Shimura,Ainosuke Kataoka,Haruka Shimazaki(AKB48)
2The movie Yo-Kai Watch Emma the Great and 5 stories, Nyan!2015
May 12
Yoichi Kato
Akihiro Hino
55.300 million yenMasami Nagasawa,Chiemi Hori,Hakata Hanamaru/Daikichi,Takeda Tetsuya
3Movie Yo-Kai Watch A big adventure between a flying whale and a double world, Nyan!2016
May 12
Kenji Yokoi
32.600 million yenYamazaki Kento,Saito Ko,Minami beach,Kuroshima Yuna
Yu Sawabe(Haraichi),Kenichi Endo,Takei Saki * Live-action cast
4Movie Yo-Kai Watch Shadow Side: The Return of Onio2017
May 12
UshirosinjiAkihiro Hino20.400 million yenShang Baishi Meng Yin,Chiba Yudai
5Movie Yo-Kai Watch FOREVER FRIENDS2018
May 12
Shigeharu Takahashi12.500 million yenShun Oguri,Blouson Chiemi
6Can Movie Yo-Kai Gakuen Y Cat Become HERO?2019
May 12
7.300 million yenKimura Yoshino,Watanabe Ken(Unjash)
7Movie Yokai Watch ♪ It's the encounter between Kate and Orecchi Nyan ♪ Wow, I'm also ~ ♪ ♪2021
May 11
Norihiko SutoYoichi Kato-


Konica Minolta PlanetariumDistributing TV animeplanetariumProduced a version, and since April 2016, Nakano City Museum (Nagano), And it was projected all over the country.


Yo-Kai Watch toysSee.

Comic version

Only serialized works are described.
CoroCoro Comic version "Yo-Kai Watch"
作者:Konishi travelogue
38 timesKodansha Manga AwardChildren's department[25], 60thShogakkan Manga AwardChildren's department[26]Award-winning work. "Colo comic] Gag manga serialized from the January 2013 issue[27].
The basic setting follows the anime version, and the main character isKata..Fumi doesn't have a Yo-Kai Watch, and youkai can only be seen by Kata.Sister magazine "Separate volume CoroCoro ComicBut from the August 2013 issue, "Korokoroichiban!] But started serializing from the January 2014 issue.The Korokoroichiban version basically serializes an extra story in which Jibanyan plays the leading role.In the monthly CoroCoro Comic, a movie version of comicalize is also serialized at the same time.
From the May 2015 issue,InahoWill be posted at the same time as the main character, and there is also a depiction that the Inaho edition and the Kata edition are linked.
As with anime and games, the author has been working on `` from 2018Yo-Kai Watch Shadow Side, From 2019Yokai Gakuen Y] Is also serialized, but in parallel with this, the conventional series continues with the separate CoroCoro Comic and CoroCoro Comic Van.
Ciao version "Yo-Kai Watch-Waku Waku ☆ Nyanda Furu Days-"
作者:Chikako Mori
"Chao』Shojo manga serialized from the February 2014 issue to the May 2 issue[28].Fumi-chanIs the main character.Contrary to the anime / CoroCoro version,KataDoes not have a Yo-Kai Watch.
From the August 2015 issue, the short story-based Fumi-chan side and the 8-frame-based Inaho side have been posted at the same time.
Also, the girls' magazine "", also published by Shogakukan.Puchigumi], A manga version by Mori Chikako was also published.
"Four-frame Yokai Watch Geragera Manga Theater"
"CoroCoro Comic SPECIAL] Serialized from January 2014 to February 10.
"Yokai Watch Atsumare! Friend Yo-Kai"
作者:Yumiko Sudo
"TV-kun] Serialized from the March 2015 issue to the June 3 issue.It has not been made into a book.
"Koma-san ~ Hanabi and Kiseki's Time ~"
作者:Sho Shibamoto
"Hibana"No. 1("Big Comic Spirits』April 2015, 4 special issue) to 10 ("Big Comic Spirits "September 6, 2015 special issue) serialized.A spin-off work with Koma as the main character.
"Koma-san-Friends of Tamaki and Shooting Stars-"
作者:Sho Shibamoto
"Yo-Kai Watch 4 frames Dajare Club"
Serialized from the April 2015 issue of "CoroCoro Ichiban!"
"Yo-Kai Watch Busters"
作者:Atsushi Oba
"Monthly CoroCoro Comic" serialized from June to October 2015.The manga is based on the game "Yo-Kai Watch Busters Akanekodan & Shiroinutai", but the story is original and some settings are different.
"Emma's Holiday"
Author: Yumiko Sudo
Web comics"Manga 5』Serialized from October 2020, 10.A spin-off work in which Emma the Great and Nurarihyon enjoy eating gourmet food in the human world.

arcade game

Data card

Yo-Kai Watch Friend Wikipedia
Started operation in January 2014BandaiMore on saleData cardThe first of the titles.The housing is "Kamen Rider Battle Ganba Rising] Data Carddass O type with the same appearance.Instead of the first pre-printed card in Data Carddass,Monster Retsuden Oreka Battle"likeon-demandThe card printed in is paid out.It is also the first Data Carddass chassis to have a lever.The characters that appear will differ depending on each bullet, but it is also possible to select the area that appeared in the past bullets.
  • December 2013, 12-Location test held.All 26 species.
  • January 2014, 1 --The first operation started.The new area is "Icho Town".
  • April 2014, 4 --The second operation started.The new area is "Niwatoko Town".
  • June 2014, 6-The third operation started.The new area is "Mitsuba City".
  • July 2014, 7-The 24th operation started.The new area is "Peony Shrine".
  • October 2014, 10-The 9th operation started.The new area is "Itsusaki Elementary School".
  • December 2014, 12-The 11th operation started.The new area is "Kemamoto Village".
  • March 2014, 3-The 19th operation started.The new area is "Nyanja Town".
  • June 2014, 6 --The 26th operation started.The new area is "Mentha Beach Resort".
  • July 2014, 7 --- 23th G Big Boss Brawl! Start of operation
  • September 2015, 9-The 17th Yokai Nyaru Quiz starts operation.The new area is "Yokai Nyaru Quiz".
  • October 2015, 10 ―― 29th G Aim! USA! Start of operation
  • December 2015, 12 --The 17th operation started.The new area is "Sakura New Town".
  • February 2016, 2 --The 4th Boss Rush Bullet Train (Express) started operation.The new area is "Youma Limited Express".
  • March 2016, 3 -24th edition Unify Sakura Country! Start operation.The new area is "Sakura Kuni".
  • May 2016, 5 --The 12th operation started.The new area is "Nyan Bar One Park".
Yo-Kai Watch Friend Wikipedia Dream
Started operation from July 2016, 7BandaiMore on saleData cardThe sequel to the Wikipedia series, with three titles.The number of bullets in the Wikipedia series has been reset, but you can also use the cards you have obtained from Wikipedia so far, and if you set it and convert it to a new card, you will lose the equipment items that the card had so far, and the dream Cards that have not yet been set as cards do not have unique skills, but they will change to dream cards and will be added to youkai that have also been owned by "Yokai My Page".Also, if it is newly added to the Dream card after the version upgrade, it will change to a Dream card with skill.
The specifications of the housing and card design have changed from this work, and you can use a new youkai dream medal.The effect of powering up differs depending on the race.Furthermore, if "Youki" is charged, the probability of becoming 1st prize in the exciting dream roulette after the battle will increase.Also, the friendship level limit has been raised to 20, and when it reaches, the card design will change to rainbow.
Finished with the 11th bullet, "Yo-Kai Watch Shadowside』Transition to.
  • July 2016, 7 --The first operation started.
  • July 2016, 9 --The first operation started.
  • July 2016, 12 --The first operation started.
  • December 2016, 12-Added movie-linked area for a limited time.
  • July 2017, 2 --The first operation started.
  • July 2017, 4 --The first operation started.
  • July 2017, 6 --The first operation started.
  • July 2017, 8 --The first operation started.
  • July 2017, 10 --The first operation started.
  • July 2017, 12 --The first operation started.
  • July 2018, 2 --The first operation started.
  • July 2018, 4 --The first operation started.
Yo-Kai Watch Busters Iron Demon Army
Started operation in January 2015BandaiMore on saleData cardThe second title. "Large Monster Rush Ultra FrontierYoukai medals and Wikipedia cards can also be used in a four-player simultaneous battle that uses the case of. Works with "Yo-Kai Watch Busters Moon Rabbit Group".Service ended with 4 bullets of the Iron Demon Army.
  • December 2015, 12 --The first iron demon army is in operation.
  • December 2016, 3 --The first iron demon army is in operation.
  • December 2016, 5 --The first iron demon army is in operation.
  • December 2016, 7 --The first iron demon army is in operation.
  • December 2016, 9 --The first iron demon army is in operation.
  • December 2016, 11 --The first iron demon army is in operation.
  • December 2017, 1 --The first iron demon army is in operation.
  • December 2017, 4 --The first iron demon army is in operation.
  • December 2017, 7 --The first iron demon army is in operation.
  • December 2017, 10 --The first iron demon army is in operation.
  • December 2017, 12 --The first iron demon army is in operation.
  • March 2018, 3-Tetsuonigun 1 bullets start operation.
  • September 2018 License card, 9DS game linked service ended.

Touch panel game

Yo-Kai Watch with Jibanyan / Yo-Kai Watch with Koma-san
From March 2015BANDAI NAMCO Games(Current:Bandai Namco Amusement) A touch panel game for younger people that has been in operation.There are two types of housings, Jibanyan type and Koma-san type, and the mouth and body are images of the touch panel.


"Yo-Kai Watch attachment card battleIs from May 2014, 5 to December 2, 2016BandaiMore developedTrading card game..In addition to the start pack (15 sheets) and booster pack (5 sheets), there are vending machine boosters (3 sheets).

LINE stamp

"Yokai Watch Everyday Edition" "Yokai Watch Yokai Edition" "Yokai Gakuen"
Level Five of the newly drawn illustrationLINEstamp.
"Yo-Kai Watch Anime Stamp" "Yo-Kai Watch Anime Stamp 2" "Yo-Kai Watch Pop Out! Pop-up" "Yo-Kai Watch Yurukawa Anime Stamp"
A moving LINE sticker of Level Five of the newly drawn illustration.
"Yo-Kai Watch Talking Quotations Stamp"
A LINE sticker with audio of Level Five of the newly drawn illustration.
"Yokai Watch x Sanrio Characters"
SanrioCollaboration LINE stickers with characters.Currently, the distribution has ended.
"Yo-Kai Watch 5th Anniversary Stamp"
A LINE sticker delivered to commemorate the release of the iOS / Android app "Yo-Kai Watch World" and the 5th anniversary of the Yo-Kai Watch series.Currently, the distribution has ended.
"Yokai Watch Medal Wars Stamp"
A LINE stamp delivered during the pre-registration period of the iOS / Android app "Yo-Kai Watch Medal Wars".Currently, the distribution has ended.

LINE dress up

"Yo-Kai Watch" "Yo-Kai Watch (POP & CUTE)"
Level-XNUMX LINE dress up with popular youkai.

Collaboration game app

ニ ッ ク ス ク ウ ェ ア ス · エProductionMMORPG..For a limited time, we will hold an event where youkai will appear in "FINAL FANTASY XIV"[29].
Monster strike(Monster Strike)
XFLAG (Mixi) Production pull hunting RPG. After the collaboration with the characters of Monster Strike in "Punipuni" from August 2019st to August 8th, 1, the collaboration was held on the Monst side from October 8th to October 16th, 2019.Jibanyan, Fuyunyan, and Koma will appear as exchange characters for the event quest reward "Yokai Coin," and Whisper, Kyubi, Fubukihime, and Orochi will appear as event quest bosses (whisper is not available as a character).

Theme park attractions

"Yo-Kai Watch Oni Time Escape Daisakusen"
TokyoIkebukuro OfSunshine CityInNamjatownIn 2014May 11[30]From 2019May 2[31]A walk-through type attraction that has been permanently installed up to.
I got lost in the demon time, and with the attraction item Yokai Pad (denoted as "Yokai Pad"), I performed various missions such as "Don't make a sound" and "Avoid the light", and found it by red demons and patrol demons. An attraction that aims to escape from "demon time" with a friend youkai.
"Black Yo-Kai Watch in Nanja Town"
A limited-time event in Nanja Town from March 2017th to May 3th, 24.Replaced the permanent attraction "Mononoke Expedition" with the character of "Black Yo-Kai Watch" and sold collaboration menu goods.
"Yokai Watch THE REAL / 2/3/4" "Yokaitaiso THE REAL"
Announced at LEVEL 2015 VISION 4 -THE BEGINNING- in April 5Universal Studios JapanLimited time attractions[32]..The Yo-Kai Watch used at the attraction faithfully reproduces the original.
Initially scheduled for limited operation from July 2015rd to September 7th, 3[33], "Children's Seiriken" for elementary school students and younger and their families so that they can enjoy attractions smoothly, but other than thatUniversal Express PassTwo types ("Universal Express Pass 2 + 5 ~ Yo-Kai Watch ~" and "Summer Special Express Pass ~ Yo-Kai Watch ~") were prepared.
Announced on August 2015, 8 that the period will be extended to October 24, 2015[34]。延長最終日の2015年10月12日には、2015年11月13日から2016年1月13日の期間で第2弾の開催を発表した[35].. On October 10th, it announced that it would take strict measures such as invalidating tickets that were found to be resold.[36].
Announced that the third "Yokai Watch THE REAL 2016" will be held from July 5, 20 on May 3, 3.[37].. In addition to this attraction as "Universal Yo-Kai Watch the Festival", "Yokaitaiso THE REAL" will be held in the Anime Celebration, and "Yokai Studio Stars Restaurant" will be held at Studio Stars Restaurant.After that, the extension of the period was announced[38], In addition to "Yo-Kai Watch THE REAL 10" and "Yokai Gymnastics THE REAL" where youkai will be added and park original youkai will appear from October 7, you can download a special quest with "Yo-Kai Watch 4 Sushi / Tempura". It becomes the composition of "Meow Minator Youkai Research Institute". On December 3, 2016, the extension of "Yokaitaiso THE REAL" to March 12, 26 was announced on USJ's official Twitter account.[39]However, due to various reasons, it was shortened by January 2018, 1.

Permanent shop

Since 2015, we have been handling various goods related to works.Character shop"Yokai Watch Official Shop Yorozu MartWas open.

Previously a limited-time shop "Discover Yokai Watch! Yokai TownWas opened all over the country, but on October 2015, 10, it will be the first permanent store, "Yorozu Mart in". Urban Dock LaLaport ToyosuHas opened[40]..In addition, on July 2016, 7, the "Yorozu Mart Fukuoka Sohonten" with the first permanent accan bakery was opened.Canal City HakataOpened in[41]..Fukuoka, where the Level-XNUMX headquarters is located, will be treated as the head office.Management cooperationBandai Namco Amusement.

In addition to this, a small and medium-sized store "Yorozu Mart Mini" was opened in July 2016.[42][43].

In addition, "Yorozu Mart" and "Akkan Bakery" will actually appear in the game.convenience store, A bakery.The interior of the permanent "Yorozu Mart" reproduces the world inside the work (the stage to be reproduced differs depending on the store).[40][41], "Yorozu Mart Mini" medium-sized store (oak-Musashi Kosugi-Tokyo station first street) Reproduces "Yorozu Mart" in the game[44].. The small stores of "Yorozu Mart Mini" and "Business Trip Yorozu Mart" are open as regular shops. In addition to the permanent store in Canal City Hakata, "Akkan Bakery" was sold at various events such as "Mobile Akan Bakery", which is a mobile type by wagon.

Initially in the Kanto area and Kyushu, which is also a place related to[Note 5]Permanent stores were opened in the Kansai area, Chukyo area, and Hokkaido in the spring of 2017, centering on opening stores in[45][46][47][48].

From July 2017, at some stores, the same level five cross-media work "Snack world] Started handling related goods[49]..From August 8th of the same year, the number of stores will be expanded to all stores except First Avenue Tokyo Station, and the store name will be changed."Level Five Yorozu Mart"Will be changed[50], "LEVEL 5 Cross Media Mark" has been added in place of the conventional Yo-Kai Watch logo.

From 2018, stores in various places will be closed in quick succession[51][52][53][54], After June of the same year, only 6 stores, Fukuoka, Musashi Kosugi, and Ebina, are open, and the Fukuoka main store is closed in February 3.[55]With this, all the actual stores were temporarily closed.

instead ofONLINE SHOPFrom July 2018, 7Avex Ofmu-moOpened in the shop[56][57]..Also from the same period, Level-XNUMX's cross-media work "Inazuma Eleven''Layton series(Layton Mystery Detective Company)] We have also started handling related goods.

After closing the main store, a character general storeGraffArt Shop"Business trip Yorozu Mart" is newly installed as a permanent corner in the store. April 2019, 4ShibuyaMAGNET by SHIBUYA 109 store[58][59], EBeanS Sendai store, Nagoya store, Namba store, Fukuoka Tenjin store opened on May 5th[60]..Management and planning cooperation has been transferred to A3 Co., Ltd.The EBeanS Sendai store and Fukuoka Tenjin store will be closed due to the closure of the Graff Art Shop.[61][62].

2020 years,Epidemic of new coronavirus infectionAccompanyEmergencyIn response to the declaration, the Shibuya store was temporarily closed from April 4th to May 8st, and the Nagoya store, Namba store, and Fukuoka Tenjin store were temporarily closed from April 5th ​​to May 31th.[63][64][65]..During this time, the Ikebukuro store opened temporarily from May 5nd to July 22st.[66].

Stores currently open

Past stores

Collaboration products

Level-XNUMX Yorozu Mart sold products in collaboration with famous confectioneries from all over the country, including Fukuoka Prefecture, the hometown of Level-XNUMX.

  • Original Manju / Honke Manju-Appears at the beginning of "2"ManjuSo, one of Tokyo's famous confectionery, "Shihose bun"(Shiose Sohonke) collaboration
  • Jibanyan's Niwaka Senpei-One of Fukuoka's most famous confectioneries, "Ni◯ka rice cracker"(Toundo) Collaboration
  • Koma-san's cheeks-one of Fukuoka's most famous confectioneries, "Tsurunoko"(Ishimura Manseido) Collaboration
  • Businyan's sword, last Businyan's sword-One of Fukuoka's most famous confectioneryWoman in Hakata"(Nitsurudo) Collaboration
  • Youkai Princess Fubukihime-Collaboration with "Nagoya Miss" (Momo no Yakata), one of the famous confections in Aichi Prefecture
  • Komatart- Ehime"One of the famous confectionery that representsIchiroku Tart"(XNUMX Honpo) Collaboration


JR West Japan

West Japan Railway CompanyIn (JR West), from December 2014, as an advertisement to coincide with the release of the movie "Yo-Kai Watch Birth Secret Nyan!", The 12 series wrapping train was held at the same time as the "JR West 2014 Winter Yo-Kai Watch Stamp Rally" was held. Was operated for a limited time until February 201.

Seibu Group

Many animation production companies are scattered along the railway lineSeibu Railway(Seibu) recorded the largest mobilization of the company's stamp rally, such as when the stamp rally was held during the summer vacation of 2014, the promotion card of "Friends Wikipedia", which is a privilege of the achievement award, was temporarily out of stock. ..Also,Seibu 20000 seriesI ran a vehicle with wrapping.Due to its popularity, the stamp rally was held again during the summer vacation of 2015.Also the sameSeibu Group OfIzu Hakone Railway(Daiyuzan Line-Suzu Line) But the stamp rally was held in 2015[80].

Nishi-Nippon Railroad (Nishitetsu)

Since Level-XNUMX is a company in Fukuoka prefecture, it is a railway company in the prefecture.Fukuoka City OfWest Japan RailwayTie up with (Nishitetsu)Nishitetsu Tenjin Omuta LineRunNishitetsu 8000 series trainTo Yo-Kai WatchWrapping vehicleWas running.The period is from December 2014, 12 to April 1, 2015[81][82].

JR Kyushu

Like NishitetsuKyushu passenger railway(JR Kyushu) was also running a wrapping train.The vehicle isKyushu ShinkansenRunShinkansen 800 seriesAnd the period is from December 2014, 12 to March 20, 2015[83](Extended the original schedule until March 3st[84]).In connection with "Kemamoto Village" that appears in this work,Kumamoto Station"Kemamoto Station" was built in Kema, and a stamp rally was also held.

Japan McDonald's

Japan McDonald'sThen, on the calendar, from the 2007 edition to the 2014 edition,PokemonWas appointed, but from the 2015 version to the 2017 version, "Yokai Watch" was appointed. The 2015 version will be on the Pokemon calendar two weeks after its release.Guinness World RecordsRecorded sales of more than 150 million copies.also,Happy setBut it is appointed regularly.Initially, there were many Wikipedia cards, but from 2016, regular toys have also appeared.

Nankai Electric Railway (Nankai Electric Railway)

KansaiNankai Electric RailwayBut a similar tie-up project was held from April 2015th to June 4th, 29.Nankai 10000 seriesWrapping the Yo-Kai Watch to "Limited express Southern Operated as "Yo-Kai Watch"[85].

Hawaii Tourism Board

Campaign from March 2015 to February 3 as "Aloha! Yo-Kai Watch Paradise Hawaii Geragerapo!"[86]..Appoint Jibanyan as a Kids Goodwill Ambassador to the Hawaii Tourism Board to convey the charm of Hawaii and hold stamp rallies on the island of Hawaii.

Guam (Premier Hotel Group)

"Yo-Kai Watch IN GUAMFrom June 5, 2015 to March 6, 1, the campaign will be held at five luxury hotels owned by the Premier Hotel Group in Guam.[87]..The world's first concept room in collaboration with Yo-Kai Watch, a seal rally, a children's food menu, a wrapping bath, a dinner event, a yokai gymnastics dance event, etc. were held.The prize of the seal rally is an original design limited to Guam[88].

Yo-Kai Watch IN GUAM Target Hotel
Sheraton Laguna Guam Resort, Hyatt Regency Guam, Pacific Islands Club Guam, Hilton Guam Resort & Spa, Hotel Nikko Guam

Youkai-related tie-up projects and events


  • In 2014, when this work was a hit, there were a series of books, games, events, and other media dealing with youkai.Cultural anthropologist-Folklore OfKazuhiko KomatsuIn the same year in Japan's postwar entertainment, "GeGeGe no Kitaro" etc.4th Youkai BoomIs positioned as[91].
  • Conducted on January 2017, 1University entrance examination center examinationof"Japanese history AIn ", as a problem related to" the background of the increase in cute youkai in recent anime, "Shigeru Mizuki"Illustrated Japanese Youkai Encyclopedia, And the youkai of this work, "Mudazukai" and "Robonyan," appeared in the exam questions.[92].
  • In the above-mentioned "Great Yokai Exhibition" exhibition and Natsuhiko Kyogoku's column / dialogueEdo PeriodIn the youkai picture of, multiple youkai that reflect the social situation at that time or named in a pun style have been created, and it is pointed out that the youkai of this work also conforms to the ancient Japanese youkai expression.[3].


  • The dealers bought up toys such as "DX Yo-Kai Watch" and "Yo-Kai Medal" that became popular at the time of release in 2014, and advance tickets with purchase benefits for theatrical animation.Net auctionThere was a situation where it was resold at a high price due to[93].
  • In 2014, allegedly infringed the copyright by producing and selling youkai medal toys without the permission of the copyright holder.May 11untilGunma Prefectural PoliceHowever, he arrested the man who performed the act.The direct charges of arrest were from June to August 2014.Internet auctionIt is said that it made a profit by exhibiting nine fake youkai medals.The man said, "At first, I made it for the purpose of letting my children play, but since the work became popular, it started to be sold from around May (9)," the prefectural police said to a total of 2014 people. On the other hand, it is said that it sold 5 sheets, about 31 yen.[94].
  • In the game app "Yokai Sangokushi Kokutou Wars", illegal information was sent to the server from January 2018th to 1th, 14 using a dedicated tool acquired on the Internet, and a total of about 17 paid items (about 23) By November 150, 2019, the Kanagawa Prefectural Police Cybercrime Investigation Division and Kohoku Station said that they had illegally obtained (equivalent to 11 million yen).Unauthorized creation and use of private electromagnetic recordsA total of nine people, including a first-year high school boy living in Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture, and a second-year high school boy student in Tsurugashima City, Saitama Prefecture, were sent documents.[95].

注 釈

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