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👍 | Ebizo Ichikawa reports that his hair has grown. The deco shot is similar to Purgatory.


Ebizo Ichikawa reports that his hair has grown. The deco shot is similar to Purgatory.

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Some people say that they remember the late Danjuro Ichikawa.

Kabuki actor Ebizo Ichikawa has updated his official Instagram.Upsho with long bangs brushed up ... → Continue reading


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Danjuro Ichikawa

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  • Danjuro Ichikawa
  • Danjuro Ichikawa

Ichikawa Danju(Ichikawa Danjuro, new font:Danjuro) IskabukiActor'sSignature.Name TheNarita.Fixed pattern TheThree boxes(to watch),Replacement crest TheApricot peony(Gyoyo Botan).Actor pattern TheSickle(I don't care).Counting 11 generations from Genroku to Showa[1].


The Ichikawa Danjuro family is KabukiIchikawa style OfHouseAnd of Kabuki's Ichikawa IchimonSoyaBut also.Due to its long history and numerous achievements, Danjuro IchikawaKabuki actorIt is considered to be the most prestigious name in the history of.

To the name that is closely related to DanjuroEchizo IchikawaThere is.For Danjuro Ichikawa in the previous term, Danjuro → EbizoAttack nameIn the latter half of the year, this is reversed and the case of Ebizo → Danjuro becomes conspicuous.

The twelfth generation Danjuro, the predecessor, first took the nameShinnosuke IchikawaSince it was Shinnosuke Ichikawa who was the first child to be named Ebizo, it is often misunderstood that it is customary for the Ichikawa Muneya to call him Shinnosuke → Ebizo → Danjuro, but in reality, those who once called themselves Shinnosuke later. In addition to this XNUMXth generation, there are only XNUMXth and XNUMXth generations who have taken the name of Keijuro.Echizo IchikawaSection).

On the other hand, it is known that half of the generations of Danjuro's name have somehow reached the end of their non-business.That is, the first generation was stabbed to death by a co-star on the stage (44 years old), the third generation got sick in Osaka, where he performed, and returned to Edo, but died two months later (2 years old), and the sixth generation. Suddenly died of a cold (21 years old), the 21th generation committed suicide in Osaka (31 years old), and the 3th generation died of illness (56 years old) only three and a half years after the attack on Danjuro. The twelfth generation suffered from leukemia and died after nine years of fighting illness (9 years old).The tombs of generationsAoyama cemeteryIt is in.

Danjuro Ichikawa for generations

The eldest son of the twelfth generationEleventh generation Ichikawa EbizoNamed "XNUMXth generation Ichikawa Danjuro White Monkey"KabukizaWas scheduled to be announced at the May, June, and July performances of 2020.[2], March 2020Emergency declarationIt was announced that the performance would be postponed[3].



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