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⛺ | Compare and verify Konan's "Aluminum Skillet" with Nitoski!Excellent gear that is light and hassle-free


Compare and verify Konan "Aluminum Skillet" with Nitoski!Excellent gear that is light and hassle-free

If you write the contents roughly
Kohnan's skillet is made of aluminum and is surprisingly light!

It is SLOW CAMP of outdoor Youtuber!This time, it is sold by the home improvement store Kohnan ... → Continue reading


Camping / outdoor information media "Hapican".
Based on the concept of "Let's go find Takaramono", we send useful information such as popular camping goods, campgrounds, cooking recipes, and fashion.
In addition to broadcasting the TV program "Ogiyahagi no Hapikan" on Me-Tele (Nagoya Broadcasting Network), we also deliver fun content on YouTube "Hapican Channel"!
You will surely find your Takaramono!

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KonanIt is,OsakaOsakaYodogawa WardHeadquartered inKonan Trading Co., Ltd.Operated by (Kohnan Shoji)Home centerchainStoresbrand..Under the store names of Home Center Kohnan (HC), Kohnan PRO (Kohnan Pro), and Kohnan Home Stock (home stock)KinkiIt is mainly open for business.This section also describes the operating company, Kohnan Shoji Co., Ltd.


Operates an oil sales business, etc.Kohnan Co., Ltd.Entered the home improvement business to diversify its business1978 (ShowaEstablished Kohnan Shoji Co., Ltd. in September of the same year, and in December of the same year, it became the first Kohnan store in Osaka Prefecture.Sakai CityOpened the Senboku store in Japan.

Stores are mainly in the Kinki regionTohoku region(Miyagi-Fukushima),Kanto region(Tokyo,Kanagawa,Chiba,Saitama,Ibaraki)・Chubu region,Chugoku,Shikoku,Kyusyu(Fukuoka,Nagasaki,Kumamoto) (As of April 2020).

Although the ground is in the Kinki region including Osaka,ShigaThen.Aya HadioMay be strongKusatsuStore (Kohnan + Fresh Super Hazui +Joshin(Combined type) and Otsu Setagawa store only (previously existed)Otsu City OfOtokoStore2006 (18)May 2Closed with).Also,Yamaguchi And in the Shikoku region, there is a tendency for many Kohnan Homestock stores to open.

Home improvement stores often open in the suburbs, but in the case of Kohnan, it is also characterized by opening stores in central Osaka.With KohnanConsumer electronics store(JoshinEtc.), food (lifeThere are also many types of stores such as one-building co-resident type (Kohnan + food supermarket + large specialty store, home appliance mass retailer) in other industries.In many old stores, the site is small, so the store is often too small, and in some cases, the neighboring land is rented to build an annex or a parking lot is added. In store openings after the 1sPrivate carThe number of suburban stores is increasing in anticipation of their visit.WorkmanSome stores open early in the morning in opposition to (workwear specialty stores), but in principle, the open floors are limited to the material building (construction materials, construction supplies, etc.).

2008 (20), Kohnan Fleet Co., Ltd. (currently, the oil sales business and petroleum product retail business) of Kohnan Co., Ltd.Enex Fleet Co., Ltd.)ITOCHU ENEXSold to.The shareholders at the time of saleLimited companyKN Service 66.5%, Hikita Kozo 32.3%, Hikita Yonezo 1.2%, and the home improvement store itself is not directly related.As a result, we withdrew from the petroleum product retail business, which was our founding business, but at some home improvement stores.keroseneThere is handling of.In addition, it should be noted.2016 (28) Currently, self-refueling is available on the premises of Kohnan Bay Ichikawa Mall, Home Center Kohnan Wakayama Nakanoshima Store, Home Center Kohnan Higashi Izumo Store, Home Center Kohnan Ichinomiya Ise Store.gas station"Auto Joint Kohnan" is open.

2000 eraLaterNagoya cityWe are also trying to increase the number of stores by opening stores in Tokyo and Chiba prefectures.Shopping centerDevelopment etc.DevelopmentWe are also involved in business,2007 ToTama New TownToGreen Earth TamaWas opened and opened as an anchor store.

2017 In (29)Odakyu Electric RailwayからBeaver Than(Kanagawa PrefectureAtsugi,originallyHakone Tozan RailwayAcquired all shares of (DIY division) and made it a subsidiary[1].

Bankruptcy to KyushuOsadaIn the storeOpen a branchBy doing so, we will re-enter for the first time in about 15 years.2020 (Reiwa2 years) In March, the partnerHome Improvement HiroseEntered Kumamoto Prefecture by converting the store operated by Kohnan PRO to "Kohnan PRO".Overseas2016 (28)Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euAdvanced to.

2019 (31)May 4,RakutenCommon operated by a corporationPoint service"Rakuten reward cardWas introduced and the handling started (the point award rate in Kohnan is 200 point for every 1 yen excluding tax).At the same time, Rakuten official is the first member company tie-up cardcharacterDesigned "Shopping Panda" and started distributing Kohnan original "Rakuten Point Card"[2]..Also from the same day, the company's own charge typePrepaid typeElectronic moneyIntroduced "Kohnan Pay" and started the service.We have prepared two types of cards: a plastic card that can be issued immediately at the service counter and a mobile card that is issued from the "Konan App".[3].

2020 (Reiwa2 years)May 2,- Pan Pacific International Holdingssubsidiary·DoitAcquires home improvement business[4]..The acquired stores opened on February 2 as "Kohnan Doit" and "Kohnan PRO Doit".


  • 1967 (Showa42 years) June 7- Kozo Hikita Kohnan Co., Ltd.Founded (oil sales business, golf course management business, aviation business).
  • 1978 (53)
    • September --- Kohnan Co., Ltd. with capital of 9 million yen due to diversification of managementOsakaSakai CityAt 4-23 Higashi XNUMX-chome, Kumano-choKonan Trading Co., Ltd.Established.
    • December --Opened the first store, Kohnan Senboku store, in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture.
  • 1982 (57) --Acquired RIX Corporation, which manages home improvement stores RIX.
  • 1986 (61)
    • Joined the Japan DIY Association.
    • Moved the head office to 401-1, Otorihigashimachi, Sakai-shi, Osaka (currently the registered head office location. The head office of Konan Co., Ltd. is located, and the Kohnan Medical Otori General Medical Examination Center operated by Hikita Yonezo is located).
  • 1996 (Heisei8 years)- Osaka Stock ExchangeListed in the second part.
  • 1999 (11)
    • Moved the head office to 637-1, Otorihigashimachi, Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture.
    • subsidiaryOsaka Hc Co., Ltd.Established.
  • 2001 (13)
    • Started direct import of overseas products.
    • Opened the first small-scale home center "Homestock" in Awaji City, Hyogo Prefecture, and opened the first store for professionals "Konan PRO" as an annex to the Higashiyodogawa Sugawara store.
    • With Osaka Securities Exchange Part 1Tokyo Stock ExchangeListed in the second part.
  • 2002 (14) --Marucho Co., Ltd. in Wakayama Prefecture was made a subsidiary and the trade name was changed to Wakayama Kohnan Co., Ltd.
  • 2003 (15)
  • 2004 (16)-Bankruptcydiscount store OfOsadaAcquired Odo store (→ Kohnan Meinohama store) and Daito store from.
  • 2006 (18) --The import business and real estate leasing business of Osaka HC Co., Ltd. were succeeded due to the company split.
  • 2007 (19)-SubsidiaryKonan Logistics Co., Ltd.Established.Absorbed subsidiary KF Co., Ltd. (made a subsidiary on August 2007, 8).
  • 2008 (20)
    • Kohnan Fleet Co., Ltd. (currently, the oil sales business and petroleum product retail business of Kohnan Co., Ltd.)Enex Fleet Co., Ltd.)ITOCHU ENEXSold to.
    • Tokai regionFirst store of Kohnan PRO (PRO Atsuta Yonbancho store, PRO Ichinomiya store).
    • Opened the first "Konan Shoji Naokan" store in the home stock Kamitomita store.
  • 2011 (23) -First store opened in Tohoku region (PRO)Sendai Higashi Interchangeshop).
  • 2012 (24) -Opened the first Kohnan PRO store in the Kanto region (PRO)Kohoku interchangeshop)
  • 2013 (25)
    • Opened the first Kohnan (HC) store in the Tohoku region (Asutonagamachi store).
    • October-President'sKozo HikitaBut of the companyFemaleDirectorThere is a suspicion that he had made unclear transactions totaling more than 1 million yen with the company he manages.In response to this, the company embarked on an investigation by a third-party organization, and in the same yearMay 10Canceled the announcement of quarterly financial results scheduled for.
    • May 11 ――Vice President Naotaro Hikida (the eldest son of Kozo Hikida) is promoted to President, and President Kozo Hikida retires as a director and advisor.
  • 2014 (26) -Achieved 300 stores.
  • 2015 (27)
  • 2016 (28)
  • 2017 (29)
  • 2018 (30)
    • Celebrate the 40th anniversary of its founding.Formulated the second medium-term management plan "I love you more !! Kohnan" and started "Axel-on Daisakusen".
    • Ltd.Home Improvement HiroseCapital and business alliance with[7].
  • 2019 (31/First year of Reiwa)
    • April 4-Introduced Rakuten Point Card and started operation of "Kohnan Pay".
    • May 6 -All the shares of Ken Depot Co., Ltd., which operates a member-only construction material wholesale store "Ken Depot" for professional usersLIXILTransferred from, etc., made a wholly owned subsidiary[8].
    • May 7 --Unauthorized access to "Kohnan Pay" has occurred.Service stopped on July 7, the following day,May 8Service resumed.
    • Kawasaki kuHigashi-OgishimaThe Kohnan Kawasaki Bay Distribution Center started operation.
  • 2020 (2nd year of Reiwa)
  • 2021 (3nd year of Reiwa)
    • Formulated the 3rd medium-term management plan "I love you forever !! Kohnan-I will continue to be perfect for you".

Store type

Home Center Konan

2000 eraSince then, we have been focusing on strengthening the product lineup and price, aiming for a product mix that can meet a wide range of needs from general-purpose products to professional use.There is also a large store with a sales floor area of ​​2,000 tsubo or more.

Konan home stock

Based on the store concept of Deep Discount & Convenience Home Center (small home center pursuing cheapness and convenience), it targets a commercial area with a population of 8,000 to 1.In-house developed product "Everyday isContactValue product (EDLP)”Convenience storeThis type home center has a sales floor area of ​​300 tsubo and handles 2 products.

Konan PRO

Building, paints and work suppliesCraftsmanTarget store. The opening hours on weekdays and Saturdays are 7:XNUMX am, which is earlier than that of ordinary shops, and it is convenient to stop by before visiting the site. In addition, many stores have a structure in which trucks can be installed horizontally or can be loaded into the store, and a large amount of material can be loaded by forklifts.

Camp depot

A store centered on camping and outdoor equipment.

Own brand

A brand name that is based on Konan, which is the Chinese character for Konan.TarpOutdoor products such asBicycleThere are many brands.
Light carIs cheap, but3 speed,Roller brake,Auto lightYou can choose from either. Car typeCity cycleからFolding bicycle"Bicycle that is hard to blow out" has also been developed.
Many products have been developed, including daily necessities. Most of them are directly imported from outside Japan, but there are also OEM products by domestic manufacturers.
PortTech(Port tech
It is sold in household appliances.
EDLP(Everyday Low Price
Many OEM products are produced by domestic manufacturers, but due to soaring costs, items are being reduced and converted to LIFELEX.
EDLP products are basically not priced down even if they are posted on leaflets. The concept is to offer the same price all year round.

Incidentally,2018 In November 30, the "Product Supply Project Team" was established to supply products such as "LIFELEX" to its subsidiary Beavertozan and Home Improvement Hirose, which has a capital and business alliance. Beavertozan, HI Hirose, OK Home & Garden (Home Improvement Hirose)NagasakiIt is also sold at[11].

Related Companies

  • Royal Takamatsu Country Club (KagawaGolf course)
  • Watarase Onsen (WakayamaHot spring facility.Watase OnsenLocated in a rural area)
  • La Grace Golf Club (Golf course in Wakayama Prefecture)


President resigns due to unclear transaction

2013 (25) October, founder and presidentKozo HikitaBut of the companyFemaleDirectorThere is a suspicion that he had made unclear transactions totaling more than 1 million yen with the company he manages.In response to this, the company embarked on an investigation by a third-party organization and the same year.May 10The president apologized for canceling the announcement of quarterly financial results scheduled for[12][13][14][15].. same yearMay 11 --The vice president, the eldest son of Kozo Hikita, was promoted to president, and Kozo Hikita resigned as president and became a director and advisor.[16][17][18].

Suspension of sales due to violation of the Electric Safety Law

In Kohnan2001 After that, the imported electrical productsElectrical Appliance and Material Safety LawIndicates that the safety inspection specified inPSE markIt was sold for a long time without acquiring2014 Turned out to[19]..Of these, 1015 items were sold without checking the operation by turning on the power before shipping, and 88 items were sold over the counter without satisfying the materials and shapes stipulated by law.[19]..In response to the discovery of a violation of the law, Kohnan Shoji carried out a voluntary recall of the relevant product from May of the same year.[20].. same yearMay 6, The companyMinistry of Economy, Trade and IndustryからBusiness improvement orderReceived[19][21]..The display of the "PSE mark" on about 1,000 home appliances is prohibited for up to three months, and home appliances without the PSE mark cannot be sold, so sales will be virtually suspended.2001 This is the first time that the PSE mark has been banned since the law came into effect, but the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has taken the first action due to the large number of violating items.[19].

Unauthorized access to Kohnan Pay

2019 (First year of Reiwa)May 7, The company's housepre-paidElectronic money500 unauthorized accesses to the customer account of Kohnan Pay.At that timeTwo-factor authenticationSecurity measures such as are not taken, and as a result, 20 password list type attacks were received and the service was suspended.[22].. Of "Kohnan Pay"AccountIssuance informationE-mailWas sent to an unspecified number of people (from outside)PasswordBy attackUnauthorized access) Cases and fraudLogin Suspected case was confirmed[23].

In response to this, the company nextMay 7Announced that the service provision of "Kohnan Pay" will be suspended[24][25]

same yearMay 8, The company resumed the service provision of "Kohnan Pay".When resuming, use a mobile cardSMSThe security was strengthened by introducing two-step authentication using the, and limited-time money was also charged.[26][27].

At the same time, due to the same cause as Kohnan PaySeven PayAn unauthorized access incident has occurred (service ended at the end of September 2019).

Person involved

  • Kozo Hikita --Founder and former president.
  • --The current president (second generation), the eldest son of Kozo Hikita.
  • Suzu Mio --The daughter of Kozo Hikita.FormerTakarazuka RevueStar setMale role.In Kohnan, there was also an invitation campaign for the Takarazuka Revue.


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