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🥾 | Snowy Mt. Fuji, seen from Gunma!A distant view from Tataranuma in the eastern part of the prefecture


I saw it from Mt. Fuji and Gunma in the snow!A distant view from Tataranuma in the eastern part of the prefecture

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The contrast between the snow-covered mountains and the red floating island Benzaiten delighted the eyes of anglers = photo.

Gunma prefecture on the 21st was covered with high pressure, and the sunny days expanded during the day.Wealth from Tataranuma, which straddles Tatebayashi City and Ora Town ... → Continue reading

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Snow makeup

"Snow makeup"(Yukigesho) isTeresa Teng OfJapanThe third piece inSingleIt's a song.1974 May 10ToPolydor Records(Record part number: From DR 1900)LP boardReleased in format. It was also covered by Teresa herself as a Chinese version with the title "Fuyu no Koijou".


Michio YamagamiIs the lyrics,InomataIs composed,Yukio SasakiIs the producer, and Yoshi Muto is the jacket photographer. Performed by the Kenny Wood Orchestra. It's a love song that I thought of a man who couldn't come even though I waited.

recorded music

  1. Snow makeup [3: 40]
    Lyrics:Michio Yamagami, Composition:Inomata, Arrangement:Kenichiro Morioka
  2. With love from afar [3: 54]
    Lyrics: Michio Yamagami, Composition: Kimiaki Inomata, Arrangement: Kenichiro Morioka


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