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📚 | [Cartoon] "I'm not a kid" Abusive to my son who nails <I don't care what my uncle's pants are ...


[Cartoon] "I'm not a kid" Abusive to my son who nails <I don't care what my uncle's pants are ...

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Makoto Okita, 48 years old.He has a wife and children, works for a company, and is entrenched by common sense and prejudice, and he cannot understand "recent young people". … → Continue reading

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LINE manga

NAVER > LINE manga

LINE mangaIs LINE Digital Frontier Co., Ltd.[2]An electronic comic service operated by.


LINE Digital Frontier isNAVERGroup WEBTOON Entertainment Inc. (Headquarters:The United States of AmericaCalifornia, CEO :) Subsidiary[3].

A platform that provides three types of services: "day of the week serialization" and "daily free" for free and paid story sales with serialization, "book" for selling comics in units of books, and "indies" for free manga posting and sharing services by users. Yes, it is compatible with apps, WEB, tablets, etc.

March / April 2020AppAnnieThe number of domestic application downloads has exceeded 2700 million, and the number of monthly active users and the average usage time of application users are the highest in the smartphone manga application industry.[4].

According to the "Ebook Business Survey Report 2021" of Impress Research Institute, it is the most used ebook service app in Japan, overtaking the Kindle store.[5].

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