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👍 | "I think it's worse to be influenced by the opinions of people like writing on SNS, and I'm super reading SNS ...


"I think it's worse to be influenced by the opinions of people who write on SNS, and I'm super reading SNS ...

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In addition, Takashi Uto, acting chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party, who appeared on the 22nd, said, "Information gathering is mostly online.

Along with the House of Representatives election, "ABEMA Prime" invited representatives from nine parties to hear about policies and visions. ... → Continue reading


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Freedom and democracy

LDP > Freedom and democracy

Freedom and democracy(Jiyuuminshu) isJapan OfPolitical party OfLDPIssued byJapaneseWeeklyEngine paper.


The motto is "If you read this, you will understand the Liberal Democratic Party."President, Party officer,MinisterMessages and interviews such as, topics and remarks made at the party headquarters and prefectural federations are posted.The publisher is the Party Public Relations Headquarters.

Japan Communist Party OfRed flagUnlike, there are few cases where current affairs are published.

Paper version,Internet versionIn the Internet versionBack numberCan also be viewed.The paper version is published every Tuesday, the Internet version is published every Wednesday, and the Braille version is published every other month (mid-odd month).

Monthly edition of the same nameBraille versionHowever, the monthly version was discontinued in the April issue released on March 2010, 3, and the Braille version was discontinued in the June 15 issue.The publisher is.


  • 1955 November --Launched under the paper name "Liberal Democratic Party" at the same time as the Liberal Democratic Party was formed.同時に月刊誌「政策月報」も創刊At the same time, the monthly magazine "Policy Monthly Report" was launched.[1].
  • 1967 October-Renamed to "Free News".
  • 1974 --Renamed "Monthly Policy Report" to "Monthly Liberal & Democratic Party".
  • 1999 January-The weekly edition has been renamed to "Free Democracy" again.
  • 2010 March 3-"Monthly Free Democracy" is discontinued (the final issue is the April issue).

Chief Events

  • 1973 (48)May 7,Tokyo Metropolitan AssemblyOn this day, which was the day before the election vote, the extra of the fake "Free News" with the same title and appearance was printed.Shinjuku wardApproximately 10 copies were distributed around.While pretending to be a LDP newspaper, the content was skillfully defaming the LDP candidates, and the election broker who was later involved in the creation was arrested.対立候補が選挙ブローカーに依頼したものと目されたOpponents were alleged to have asked an election broker[2].


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