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⛺ | [Easy recipe] Easy tacos with ingredients from business supermarkets!Let's taste authentic Mexican at the camp!


[Easy recipe] Easy tacos with ingredients from business supermarkets!Let's taste authentic Mexican at the camp!

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Taco rice is more voluminous than tacos, and it's easier for children to eat because it's less spicy with rice.

Hello.Actually, I don't love Mexican food.This time, "Business Sue ..." → Continue reading


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Taco rice

Taco rice(English: Taco Rice)Mexican american food OfTacoOf ingredientsCooked ricePut onOkinawa OfCuisineIs. Tomato basedsalsa(In Spanishソ ー スMeaning) and eat.1984 ToOkinawaKin TownWas born in[1].

In Okinawa prefecture1990 eraIt has become a popular dish since it was adopted for school lunch.


On top of the white rice on a plateminced meatTaco meat, shredded cooked with seasonings and spices added tocheese,lettuce,TomatoIt is common to put such items in order, but the original taco rice was only rice and taco meat. At the original store, cheese and vegetables are still served as toppings at an additional charge, and pilaf made from cooked chicken or seafood as the base rice is also offered.

As a sense of how to eat Soboro riceDry curryClose to. Usually served with red salsa based on tomatoes, but at mass restaurants and lunch boxestomato ketchupMay be substituted by.

The restaurant industry operating nationwide may also add taco rice to the menu at stores in Okinawa.1996 (8)Kentucky Fried ChickenIn addition, a similar item appeared as "Rystacos" in the menu[2],2004 From (16)Yoshinoya(After July 2017, 7, it is sold only in the summer in mainland stores other than some stores)[3][4],2006 From (18)Hokka Hokka Tei,2007 From (19)SukiyaBut it is sold (Sukiya is2009 (Discontinued in spring 21). Also, in a strange placeMos BurgerAlthough it is limited to stores, taco rice was sold as one of the "moss rice" menus[5].

In addition, the recipe site, some restaurants, taco rice ingredients, etc. with beans such as red kidney beans are added, and the sauce is strong.Chili con carneSome products are sold as taco rice with (Chilicon Carne), but such taco rice is not available at taco rice stores in Okinawa and products manufactured by Okinawa manufacturers such as Okinawa Ham General Foods and Okinawa Hormel. In Okinawa, which was not seen and originated as taco rice, the taste, ingredients, and texture are strictly different.However, in Mexico, the birthplace of the word "tacos," "tacos" are eaten with various ingredients wrapped around corn tortillas, and "taco" means light meals, so they are strictly called taco rice. It is difficult to judge whether it is because there is no standard.


Taco rice is OkinawaKin Town,Camp HansenInvented by Gizo Matsuzo, the founder of "Parlor Senri (Seri)", which was located in the restaurant district in front of the gate1984 Born in (59)[1].. Originally it was Matsuzo Gibo who was running a bar, but looking at the Marines who tended to be austere due to the introduction of the floating exchange rate system, they switched to a business that provides cheaper and more volume meals. Consider[1].. Property without a house[Annotation 1] With the opportunity of finding, I started to offer a menu with taco popular in the bar on rice[1].. There is also a theory that it was originally a clerk's meal. Taco rice, which was well received at "Parlor Senri", spread throughout the main islands of Okinawa through "King Tacos", a chain store that will be expanded later.

Tacos are "taco" in English ("tacos" comes from the plural "tacos"), and taco-rice means "rice with taco ingredients." In Okinawa, not a few stores use "kana" notation closer to the original sound, such as "turquoise" and "turquoise."

In addition, manga "Cook under the Ambassador", Taco Rice is a dish that Okinawa women and U.S. Army soldiers co-produced in 1964.fictionTherefore, when recording a book, a notice to that effect is added to the margin.[7].


  • octopusWithBaked,cooked riceExamples of calling taco rice etc. existed all over the country before taco rice was born in Okinawa.
  • As a joke,octopusThere is also a store that offers "octopus rice with octopus," which is made from the ingredients.
  • MiyakojimaThere is a shop that specializes in "octopus bowl", but this is not a taco rice in a bowl, but a Japanese style rice bowl with octopus and vegetables as an egg.
  • As a variationStone grilled bibimbap"Stone grilled taco rice" similar to, and taco meatOkinawa soba"Octopus soba", a combination ofLoco MocoThe original derivative dishes such as "Tacomoco" with fried eggs are also made.[8].


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  1. ^ The name Senri was given because the signboard of the store there was reused.


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