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🎣 | Angler swept away by the waves is still missing High school student falls in Oda City Calls attention to accidents while the Japan Coast Guard is fishing


Angler swept away by the waves is still missing High school student falls in Oda City Calls attention to accidents while the Japan Coast Guard is fishing

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This high school student accidentally fell while moving over a wave-dissipating block.

On the 23rd at a fishing port in Yurihama Town, Tottori Prefecture, a man trying to pick up a fishing tackle that fell into the sea was kidnapped by the waves and disappeared ... → Continue reading

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Wave-dissipating block

Wave-dissipating block(Shoha block) iscoastal,RiverSuch asrevetment,GroyneInstall for the purposeConcrete block.Wave-dissipating root block(Block for shohage),Wave-eliminating blockSometimes called (Namikeshi block).

EnglishThen "tetrapod, And even in Japanese, the wave-dissipating block in general is sometimes called "Tetrapod".JapanThen "TetrapodIsFudo TetraOf four bundle branch block productsRegistered trademark(Details are#typeand#Trademark "Tetrapod" and broadcasting restrictionsSee).


In the area facing the open seaWater depthNear the shallow coastæ³¢Due tocoastlineIs being eroded.Especially in Japan, after the war, all over the countryWater systemIn large quantitiesdamWas built, so from the riverEstuaryExtremely low sediment runoff and sedimentation to the coastline andCoastal erosionIs occurring.In addition, buildings are often built near the coastline, and it is necessary to further prevent erosion of the coastline.

For this reason, it is installed for the purpose of attenuating and dissipating the energy of waves by arranging a large number of large blocks along the coast.In addition to the coastline, the place where it will be installedBreakwaterIt may be installed offshore as an (artificial emergent coastline).

Also blockcraneIn recent years, not only on the coast, but also because of the ease of workability of stacking inSabo,ControlIt is also used at disaster prevention construction sites such as[1],VolcanoeruptionIt is used for emergency construction in case of (in this case, simplyconcreteCalled a block).


波 OfEnergyThe feature is that the weight of a single unit is as large as 0.5t-80t because it resists.There are various shapes such as four-legged block, six-legged block, eight-legged block, hollow triangular block, and dome shape in consideration of meshing.They areFormworkIn addition to the variations that differ depending on the company that produces the product, the waves and riversWater flowThis is because the shape is suitable for the strength of the.Most of the wave-dissipating blocksconcreteMade, butJapanOn the southernmost islandOkinotorishimaExceptionally in the revetment of鉄The one made by is used.

The four-legged block "Tetrapod", which is often seen in Japan, is a concrete wave-dissipating block with four legs extending radially.1949 ToFranceIt was released by Nail Pick Co., Ltd.モロッコ OfThermal power plantIt was used for the revetment work of.In Japan, it was introduced and popularized by Nippon Tetrapod Co., Ltd. (currently Fudo Tetra) from around the 1960s.By the way, what is Tetrapod?prefixIsTetra"(4) legs, originally"QuadrupedMeans.

The first wave-dissipating block from Japan is a six-legged block (founded in 1).

Production and installation

It is often manufactured by pouring concrete into a metal mold near the site where it will be installed.Blocks are manufactured mainly by construction contractors who handle blocks.steelMade ofFormwork OfleaseReceived and lived around the siteconcreteIs poured and manufactured.Many othersConcrete blockUnlike the process of "manufactured at the factory and transported to the installation site", the large and heavy wave-dissipating block is cheaper to manufacture locally.

The block I madeCrane vesselInstall it locally.The shape of the block is designed so that multiple units can be assembled three-dimensionally and firmly, but depending on the workability and purpose, there may be "random stacking" that is not assembled from the beginning.

Landscape discussion

Installation of wave-dissipating block is due to its unique shape and colorJapan Ofcoastal OfOriginal landscapeIsWhite sand blue pineIs strongly criticized as destroying[2].

In addition,Alex carIs his own book, "Dog and Oni," which is an excess that Japan does not need.Public worksAnd Japan's ugliness due to inadequate regulationLandscapeAs an exampleElectrical wire,Signboard,Multi-tenant buildingTower shop,highwayElevated,Sabo damAt the same time, he criticizes the existence of excessive wave-dissipating blocks on the coastline of Japan.

In response to such criticismMinistry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismIn the "Beautiful Country Development Policy Outline", "Removal of wave-dissipating blocks that are obstacles to the landscape" is stated, and in factShizuokaThe wave-dissipating block has been removed on many coasts, including the Fuji coast, and artificialLeafAttempts have begun to be made, such as improving the beach and restoring the beach.[3].

However, due to disaster prevention issues such as coastal erosion and high waves, wave-dissipating blocks throughout Japan cannot be completely removed.

Trademark "Tetrapod" and broadcasting restrictions

JapanThen "TetrapodThe name and shape of "Fudo Tetra"Registered trademark(Trademark Registration No. 1184901[4] Etc.), and other companies cannot use it for the same type of products without permission.

Using a trademark in a book name or lyrics is not considered to be a trademark infringement.[5]..However, when the trademark is used as a generic name (for example, "tetrapod" is used in the general sense of "wave-dissipating block"),Standardization of trademarkTrademark owners are asking publishers and broadcasters to make corrections to prevent generic names because they may lead to (dilution of trademarks).[6].

Japan Broadcasting Corporation(NHK)Public broadcastingTherefore, broadcasting of brand names may be restricted as a promotional act.Therefore, songs with "Tetrapod" in the lyrics could be a problem when singing on NHK music programs.

  • Singer'saikoBut,2000 Released on the single song "boy friend"so,The 51th NHK Red and White Singing BattleWhen appearing in the same song "Tetrapod"GThe lyrics are the registered trademark "Tetrapod"DoIt became a problem if it was similar to.However, the trademark "Tetrapod" and the lyrics "Tetrapod" were judged to be different words, so they sang without changing the lyrics.[7].
  • Idol group ・HKT48Released the single "12 秒In the lyrics, "TetrapodContains the fully registered trademark name[8] However, in the same year,MUSIC JAPANI sang without changing the lyrics when I appeared in[9].

Even in commercial broadcasting, instead of Tetrapod, "Wave-dissipating block""Wave-eliminating blockMay be called.


Professional wrestler OfRusher KimuraIt is,Ichiro Furudate"Aesthetics of Tetrapod"NicknameWas attached[10].


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