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📱 | How far can the iPad be used at work?39th Let's master the new features of iPadOS 15 (multi ...


How far can the iPad be used at work?39th Let's master the new features of iPadOS 15 (multi ...

If you write the contents roughly
In such a case, the center window display added in iPadOS 15 is convenient.

On September 2021, 9, the latest version of the iPad OS, "iPad OS 21," was released.This new ba ... → Continue reading

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iPadOS 15

iPadOS 15It is,AppleIs developingiOSDerived from the tablet operating systemiPadOSThis is the third major release of. Released on September 3, 2021[2].

System requirements 

iPadOS 13andiPadOS 14Compatible with models supported by. iPad ProAll models ofiPad Air 2LateriPad Air,iPad (5rd generation)LateriPad,iPad mini 4LateriPad mini.

New features / changes


versionBuildDelivery date注 釈
15.0XNovemberFirst release
15.0.1XNovemberBug fixes
15.0.2XNovemberSecurity update[4], Bug fixes
15.119B7419B75NovemberSecurity update[5],Release notes[6]


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