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📱 | Three-company collaboration Smart store demonstration store opened Utsunomiya


Demonstration store opening of a smart store in collaboration with three companies Utsunomiya

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We are also aiming to improve the efficiency of product disposal loss and ordering work by forecasting demand using AI.

A demonstration store where three companies, including financial institutions in Tochigi Prefecture, can collaborate and visit banks to purchase prefectural products without cash. → Continue reading

 Tochigi TV

Tochigi TV is a Tochigi TV station that celebrated its 2019th anniversary in April 4. We will deliver the latest news in Tochigi Prefecture.

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Demand forecast

Demand forecast(Juyo Yosoku) is a thingneedIs to predict short-term or long-term.

Fluctuations in demandTrend fluctuation,Circular fluctuation,Seasonal variation, Disassembled into irregular fluctuations.これらを組み合わせる方法として、加法モデルと乗法モデルが考えられている(詳細はAdditive models and multiplicative models are considered as methods for combining these (for details, seeSeasonal adjustmentSee).

There are various methods for forecasting demand, and it is important to select the method that best suits the situation.moving average (moving average)Exponential smoothing method (exponential smoothing) is the most widely used.

A type of moving average methodRatio-to-moving average ratio methodIs a method that is easy to calculate but can predict well when there are trend fluctuations and seasonal fluctuations (such as fluctuations in a certain period).[1].


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