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😀 | "Smash Bros. SP" Fans are eager to "commercialize!"

Fans "commercialize!" To the genuine "all-group" illustration of the photo "Smash Bros. SP" -Mr. Sakurai's tweets are filled with eager voices

Fans aspire to "commercialize!" To the genuine "all-group" illustration of "Smash Bros. SP"

If you write the contents roughly
At that time, gamers were very excited about the luxury of the participating fighters, but the number continued to increase, and including 89 species (Squirtle, Fushigisou, Lizardon, Homura, and Hikari are counted individually).

Participation in the battle action "Super Smash Bros. Smash Bros. SPECIAL" for Nintendo Switch ... → Continue reading


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Zeni turtle

Zeni turtleAndReed turtleorJapanese pond turtleAbout the juvenilePetMay be kept as.At the time of sale at night stalls, the body length is several centimeters, but if it can grow to an adult, it will grow to about 20 cm.It is a container made of land and water, and is bred by feeding it with dried sardines.The round shellEdo PeriodCoinMoneyBecause it resembles, it was called Senkame.sea ​​turtle, Along with the turtle child, in the summerSeason wordsBut also.俳 句It can be seen that it was widely known at least during the Edo period (the Japanese pond turtle is a Japanese pond turtle at that time).Originally, the Japanese pond turtle was a juvenile Japanese pond turtle, but now that the number of Japanese pond turtles is decreasing, the juvenile Reeve's turtle is sold as a Japanese pond turtle.Both have a long tail in common.

Major works on squirtles

  • Yosano Village ――Yama Shimizu, who doesn't even know about Senkame or Aoto.
  • Maruyama Election --Sengame figure.
    • A painter in the middle of the Edo period squirtlesFanThe work drawn in.

Facilities related to Zenigame

  • TokyoTaitoAsakusaに 位置 す るSensoji TempleThere is a temple called Bentenyama in.This temple was called Senkame Benzaiten.
  • NaraIkoma-gunTairamachiに 位置 す るChogosonshiji TempleSenjuin is dedicated to the Zen turtle good god.There is a golden coin turtle, and it is known as a god who carries fortune.Every year in April, the Senkame Festival is held.



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