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👍 | Reproduce a certain story that buzzed on SNS in the real world!An exhibition "#Aaarene Exhibition" that you can experience with your eyes and ears!


Reproduce a certain story that buzzed on SNS in the real world!An exhibition "#Aaarene Exhibition" that you can experience with your eyes and ears!

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At the venue, we will prepare content that allows visitors to have a simulated experience of "talking to their hearts."

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Web version of the free magazine "Rooftop" published by Livehouse LOFT. Pop culture information presented by the Rock Hall of Fame, where Southern All Stars, BOOWY, and Tatsuro Yamashita also stood on the stage. Artist exclusive interviews and various reviews.

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virtual reality

virtual reality(British: Virtual Reality) Is not the actual product or the actual product (original)FeaturesAs本質Seems to be the sameEnvironmentOf the userfive sensesincludingsenseCreated science and engineering by stimulatingTechnologyAnd its system.略語としてAs an abbreviationVRTomo.JapaneseThen "Artificial reality"Or"virtual reality"WhenTranslationDone (About the translation of "virtual reality").古くは小説や絵画、演劇やテレビなども、程度の差こそあれVRとしての機能を有しているIn the olden days, novels, paintings, plays, television, etc. also had more or less VR functions.[1].


Virtual reality isComputerAn artificial environment that is a world created byCyberspaceTherealityAsPerceptionIt is a technology to make[2].SpacetimeIt is an environmental technology that exceeds(I.e. OfCognitionTo extend[3].

Computer graphicsIt is roughly divided into those that are presented to the user by using such as, and those that acquire the real world and record it offline or present it to the user online.The latter requires space sharing when the user is in a remote location,Telegression (Telexistence), Telepresence (Telepresence), Teleimmer John (Teleimmersion).The latter is5GIt is expected that it will be easier to realize in cooperation with.

When the computer adds and presents more information to a real-world object that the user can directly perceive.Augmented reality (Augmented reality) AndMixed reality (Mixed reality).

As a concept that expresses a state that has evolved indistinguishable from realitySimulated reality(Simulated reality) And Artificial Reality (Artificial reality), Which is a term used in science fiction and literature.

As for commercialization, the first VR boom in the early 1990s had a low number of polygons and resolution on the screen display due to technical limitations, and the accuracy of the sensor was low, so the movement of the user and the screen drawing were misaligned and it was easy to get drunk. , The price of VR equipment is also very expensive, and it did not spread and ended in failure.After that, commercialization progressed after the second VR boom in the early 1s.iPhoneAppeared2007 In the smartphone development competition from Japan, not only mobile CPUs but also sensors have been made smaller, more accurate and less expensive, which has led to the success of the second VR boom.


Concept stage in science fiction works

Stanley G. WeinboumGoggles-type VR system appears in the 1935 short story "Pygmalion's Spectacles" by[4]..This is a system that records virtual experiences of sight, smell, and touch in holography and projects them on goggles, pioneering the concept of virtual reality.

Technology development

1960 era
1962 To the video engineeren: Morton Heilig SensoramaWe have developed a prototype of a VR experience device called.It was a mechanical device (not a digital computer) that simulated sight, hearing, smell, and touch.これは、コンピュータのThis is a computerGUIIt was about the same time as when was started to be developed.
1968 ToUniversity of Utah OfIvan Sutherland ByHead mounted display(HMD, head-mounted typedisplay)ofThe Sword of DamoclesWas developed[5]Is said to be the first wearable virtual reality device.
1970 era
1978 ToMITIn the early daysHypermediaAnd a VR systemen: Aspen Movie MapWas developed.これはユーザが、仮想世界の中でThis is a user in a virtual worldColoradoAspenIt was a system that allows you to take a walk in.The season could be summer or winter.The early version was a world of glued together photographs taken, but from the third version the virtual world was recreated by a 3D computer model.
1980 era
1982 ToAtariFounded a VR research team, but broke up in two years.
1989 ToJaron LanierFounded byVPL ResearchWith the introduction of the VR products Data Glove, Eye Phone, and Audio Sphere announced by the company, the term "virtual reality" has begun to be commonly used.[6].
1990 era
1991 ToUniversity of IllinoisThomas DeFanti et al. Of the Electronic Visualization Laboratory of Japan proposed a VR system that creates an immersive environment by projecting images in all directions of the wall of the room instead of wearing a wearable type.CELLAR [7](Cave automatic virtual environment,ImmersiveProjection display) is famous.
1992 May 7からMay 7OverNHK TheNHK Satellite 2nd TelevisionIn "Virtual Reality Game Taizen-Invitation to the Game World" broadcasted in, we introduced the games using VR that are being developed and the future game industry with interviews with people involved in the game industry.[8].. actuallyarcade game OfVirtuality(1991 ) AndJoypolisVR-1 installed in1994 ),Sega VR(1994) and home video gamesVirtual boy(1995 ), PC gamesVFX1(1995) was developed, but at that time the display pixels were coarse, the tracking accuracy was insufficient, and the processing power of the computer was limited, so it did not reach full-scale spread.[9].
In 1994, a file format for VR dataVRMLWas developed.
CABIN in 1997Tokyo UniversityInstalled in Intelligent Modeling Laboratory and operated for 2012 years until 15[10].GifuKakamigahara CityCOSMOS with 6 large screens was installed in the VR techno center of[11][12].
From the 1990s to the early 2000sHead mounted displayThere was a time when (HMD) was evaluated as unsuitable as a display device for virtual reality, and by combining this type of projection display device with a liquid crystal shutter glass, an immersive digital environment was realized and research on virtual reality was developed. Although there was a time when it contributed, the space and maintenance costs for installing the equipment on a large scale may be required, and in recent years, with some exceptions, it has been declining.[13].
2000 era
2007 ToGoogle Google mapYou can experience the scenery of the street that was panoramicly shot in all directions.Street viewAdded the function.
In the United States in the militaryparachuteHMDs have begun to be used for training.
2010 era
2010 ToGoogle Google mapAdded a 3D model to.
2012 Appeared in the second halfOculus RiftInvestment in VR has accelerated[14].
2016 TheValve Corporation OfSteamVRStandard compliant "HTC Vive"SmartphoneIt is a "mobile VR" that is used by wearingVR GearCorresponding to "MinecraftWas released[15](SimpleGoogle CardboardAnd integrated all-in-one VR[16]). furtherPlayStation 4HMD device to connect with "PlayStation VRWith the appearance ofVR first yearIt is said that[17][18].
2017 Is one of the three major film festivals in the worldVenice International Film FestivalEstablished "VR Division" ahead of the rest of the world.As a Japanese VR video work, an animation production companyProduction igVR video work "Ghost in the Shell New Theatrical Version Virtual Reality DiverIs the first official invitation[19].
In Japan in 2019NTT Media SupplyHas developed a smartphone app "REALIVE 360" that allows you to experience live music with high image quality, multi-angle, and stereophonic sound.Momoiro Clover ZLive content of artists such as[20].


Modern virtual reality involves three elements: three-dimensional spatiality, real-time interaction, and self-projection (Presence / Interaction / Autonomy).

Visual,Hearing,taste,Sense of smell,Vestibular sensation,SomatosensoryAnd so oninterface(Multimodal interface) Is used.

There are guidelines for measures against sickness in the field of VR games[21].

At the momentCan be put to practical useIsVision and hearingOnly, the operation iscontrollerWill be done at.Operate with the bodyIt can be done, but it hasn't changed in essence.

fictionLike the work, both consciousness and bodyCompletely enter the worldThere is no hope of realizing that.Also, than in the real worldDelay the experience timeNo theory has been put forward (moving at speeds close to the speed of light speeds up the flow of time, but vice versa).

Underlying technology and applications

The elements that make up virtual reality technology are:Computer science,Robotics,communication,Measurement engineeringとControl engineering,art,Cognitive scienceEtc. are included.また、そのAlso, that(English edition)Is of information in science and technologyVisualization (en: Scientific visualization),softwareBuilding theSecurity, Training, medical care, art, etc.For example, about VRIEEE,ACMThe following sessions are prepared at international conferences in Japan.

About the translation of "virtual reality"

Virtual reality was originallyシ ュ ル レ ア リ ス ムPoetAntonin ArtaudIs a coined word[22]It was an artistic term."Father of virtual reality" in the current sense[23][24]と 呼 ば れ るJaron LanierPopularized.

Originally, the English word "virtual" originally meant "strictly different but almost the same", and in computer-related contexts it was used to mean "it doesn't physically exist but looks like it". "Virtual reality" is one example (in other fields, but in electronic engineering terms).Virtual groundThe English text of the term is called "Virtual ground".It is not actually grounded, but it is the concept of being grounded in theory).

"Virtual reality" is used, for example, for applications such as robot operation in places where humans cannot go, and for making the virtual space created on a computer perceive as if it were real.Technology that superimposes and displays various digital information on a real sceneAugmented reality Different from (Augmented Reality).

On the other hand, the word "virtual" originally means "assuming" (Virtual enemyIn computer-related contexts, it is used as a translation of "virtual" in the above sense (eg).Virtual memory (Virtual memory, etc.) In that sense, "virtual reality" is sometimes translated as "virtual reality."

While the concept of virtual did not exist in China, there was no proper one-letter kanji and two-letter idiom to write it, while the currently used "virtual" and "imaginary" are misleading translations. Because of that, the University of Tokyo graduate school professor (at that time)Susumu TachiWas used as a translation of virtual reality at the 2005th Annual Meeting of the Japan Virtual Reality Society in 10.Vr kanji.pngI proposed the word "reality".Vr kanji.pngWas proposed for thisnative scriptso,Standing biasWrite Minoru (actual orthodox font) and read "Jitsu" or "Bacharu"[25][26][27].

Works dealing with virtual reality


VR device

Nintendo Switch
MR (Mixed Reality)

VR problems

Health risk

Only one case of a child under the age of 10 being strabismus using a VR device has been reported in the past.[30]..In early childhood, eye muscles and eyesight are developing, and it is said that they are more likely to have adverse effects than adults.ちなみに立体細胞は6歳までに形成され、瞳孔間距離については10歳ごろまでに発達するため、VRデバイスの業界標準では対象年齢13歳以上など保守的な設定となりつつあるBy the way, three-dimensional cells are formed by the age of XNUMX and the interpupillary distance develops by the age of XNUMX, so the industry standard for VR devices is becoming a conservative setting such as the target age of XNUMX years or older.[31].

VR sickness

VR images cause VR sickness and cause headaches and nausea.PlayStation VRThen, as a precaution for health, by expressing light on the image (stimulation of light)痉挛,Consciousness disorderIf you feel any discomfort such as headache, dizziness, or nausea, stop using it immediately, and if it does not heal, consult a doctor. Is[32].. VR酔いはなぜ起こるのか完全な解明はされてはいないが、視覚系と前庭系の間でミスマッチが生じることではないかとされているThe reason why VR sickness occurs has not been completely elucidated, but it is suspected that there will be a mismatch between the visual system and the vestibular system.[33]..開発側でもこれらの問題が認識されており、不快感を軽減するため視点の移動速度やゲーム内の重力を調整するなどの対策が行われているThe development side is also aware of these problems, and measures such as adjusting the movement speed of the viewpoint and gravity in the game are being taken to reduce discomfort.[34].

Interest in VR

2016 was said to be the first year of VR, and it was expected that VR would become a boom, but when one year from the first year of VR opened the lidVR headsetSales are sluggish[35]..When asked why research firm Slive Analytics is not considering purchasing a VR headset, there were answers such as "price is high and content is low" and "it is likely to cause motion sickness".The most common answer was "simply not interested" at 53%.[36].

Chinese media reports that 9% of VR startups went bankrupt in China[37].

Use of virtual reality as electronic sports (esports)


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