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🚁 | Prompt response in the event of a disaster ... Disaster drill using drones


Prompt response in the event of a disaster ... Disaster drill using drones

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Benefits of sharing image data taken with a drone with the prefectural office The prefecture wants to strengthen cooperation with related organizations so that it can respond quickly in the event of a disaster.

Earthquakes have been occurring one after another around Suzu City, Ishikawa Prefecture since the beginning of this year, and earthquakes with a seismic intensity of XNUMX or higher with Oku Noto as the epicenter yesterday ... → Continue reading

 MRO Hokuriku Broadcasting

Hokuriku Broadcasting is a radio and television broadcasting station headquartered in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture. It has been supported by viewers for more than half a century as the first private broadcasting station on the Japan Sea side of Honshu.
Our mission is to broadcast programs that show the current (current) state of Ishikawa on radio and television, to plan events that make people happy, and above all, "close to the community."

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image(Gazo) is a phenomenon visually媒体It was established in and developed fromTextDoes not include (eg: text and images,Calligraphy). Mainly fixed medium is two-dimensionalflat OfpaperIn Although,金属,stone,Thu,bamboo,cloth, Resin,monitor-ProjectorEtc.Output deviceThere is. Also, three-dimensionalPasting,holographyEtc. are also included.


The existing old image isLate Paleolithic OfCave paintings(スペインof"Altamira CaveMural'' (Full text: La Cueva de Altamira(Museo de Altamira)[1]AndFrance'Lascaux CaveMural >> (Calligraphy: Sadatoshi Miura (2008)[2]). ) Etc.). Abstraction is done from these images, i.e. petroglyphs, and belongs to the imagesPictogram(絵 文字),furtherTextBelongs tohieroglyphWas born.


  • painting OfEtymologyIs the "world" (the four boundaries of the field) and the "shape" (calligraphy: "" p.763.[3]).
  • imageIs derived fromImage, It is (Calligraphy: "Kanhee character web version" p.116[4]).


Classification of the term "image"

Image file

Computer graphicsFile format of
Bitmap image(Raster graphics)WhenJaggyWithoutVector graphicsAnd the vector graphics often use the term "graphic".
MImage file format
There are many image file formats,W3CRecommended byRaster formatToJPEG,PNGEtc.,Vector formatToXMLCan be expressed because of the baseSVGThere is. Also,Adobe OfVector formatDocument filePDFInternational standard ISO 32000-1:2008[5]It became.

Image unit

Handle with computerimage dataMinimalunitThePixelSay. Physical point information is called a dot, 1inchThe dot density perdpiThat.

Image element
Color expression
In order not to have different color expressions on different devices,Color management systemIt is necessary to control each device with.
To combine colorsAdditive mixing(Three primary colors of transmitted light, eg:RGBvalue),Subtractive mixing(Three primary colors of reflected light, eg color printingCMYK) And so on.
Image compression
To raiseImage compressionOr reducedCatalogsForthumbnailOften uses or.


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