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👩‍🎤 | AKB48 Team8, Virtual Music Festival <SANRIO Virtual Fes in Sa…

Photo <SANRIO Virtual Fes in Sanrio Puroland>

AKB48 Team8, Virtual Music Festival <SANRIO Virtual Fes in Sa…

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By connecting the head-mounted display and the gaming PC and participating in the event, you can experience a high degree of immersion.

AKB48 Team8 will hold a virtual music festival <SANR ... → Continue reading


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Head mounted display

Head mounted display(English: Head Mounted Display, abbreviation: HMD, Head-mounted display.To be exact, as you can see from the English spellingHead mounted displayIs) is worn on the headdisplayIt is a device.

It is roughly divided into binocular and monocular, and there are types such as "non-transparent type" and "transparent type" that completely cover the eyes. It can also be classified into 3D / 2D.


1968 ,virtual reality A pioneer of (VR)Ivan SutherlandDeveloped by.

Normal,EyeTry to form an image imaged as far as possible in order to suppress fatigue.by thisEye strainCan be suppressed.Since it is possible to project different images to the left and right eyes, it is possible to create a three-dimensional image by slightly changing the left and right images.Of the eyeballconvergenceWith hornsFocal lengthIn this case as well, it causes eye strain.Completely obscure the outside worldHeadphonesIf "visual" and "hearing" can be controlled in combination with, a more complete "virtual reality" can be realized.

TraditionaldisplayHas to look at the device, whereas this display does not.Also,Hat,glassesBecause it is in the shape of, it is convenient to carry and can be used at any time.

It is very power-saving because it uses a small display.Especially when a large virtual display is formed, it produces a considerable energy saving effect.However, since it is not possible for multiple people to see a common display, it does not make much sense when viewing a common image.

The consumer HMD is1990 eraIt has begun to be released by each manufacturer.Around 2010 when smartphones became widespread[Source required]Goggles in the shape of setting a smartphone and using the screen have also become widespread.[1][2], You can also make your own with cardboard etc.[3], Inexpensive self-made kits are also on sale[1].



Glasses type
glassesA projection device is attached to the upper or front part of the screen, and the projection is performed on the transparent plate portion.
Hat type
From the brimdisplayThe device is hanging.HeadphonesSome are attached.Helmet mounted displaySometimes called.

Display method

When you put it on, you can't see what's going on outside, and you'll feel like you're in a completely different world.Since the outside cannot be seen, it is necessary to consider the safety of the user.
Video Transparency (Video See-Through)
Head up displayIt is also a kind of.When worn, it is not possible to see the outside, but the outside is shown on the display through the camera, so the user can move safely.
Optical transmission (optical see-through, Optical See-Through)
It is also a type of head-up display.The display deviceHalf mirrorIt is made of and you can see the outside.Some have a display device on only one eye.In addition, displays using holographic elements have also been developed, which is exactly what it is.glassesIt is also possible to project images on a light guide plate placed at a short distance, such as the lens of the above, and realize "glasses that show images" as depicted in SF.Optical multilayer filmHalf mirrorBy using, it is possible to see through the outside while displaying only the necessary information on the surface of the display board.

Projection method

Virtual image projection
A virtual image is formed by using a half mirror or the like so that an image can be observed.
Retinal projection
Eye OfCrystalline lensUsingretinaDirectly imaged on.The user can see a clear image even with myopia or hyperopia.However, it is very difficult to implement because it depends on the eye movement.

Degree of Freedom (DoF)

3 degrees of freedom (3DoF)
A method to detect the inclination of the XYZ3 axes.Although it is cheap, there are restrictions on the operation of VR content because location information cannot be obtained (viewing live-action / pre-rendered VR video content with a fixed viewpoint position is not a problem).
6 degrees of freedom (6DoF)
A method of detecting position information in three-dimensional space in addition to tilt.While you can experience more immersive VR content, there was a problem that the system became large and expensive, but in recent yearsOculus QuestThere are also products that realize 6DoF with only the built-in camera.


Wearable computer OfdisplayEquipment and sports[4], Medical[5] It is widely used.


U.S. ForcesAnd somearmyThen.FighterTo use inHead up display It has been put to practical use as an alternative to (HUD) (JHMCSetc,helmetDue to weight increasepilotThere is concern about the burden on (fighters are fierce)ManeuverTherefore, the increase in the weight of the helmet has a large effect on the pilot. For example, if a 100G turn is performed with the weight of the helmet increased by 9g, the burden on the pilot will increase by 900g).Therefore, in the development of head-mounted displays for fighter aircraft, the issue was how much weight increase could be suppressed while satisfying the required performance.afterwardsCarbon fiberDue to the development of processing technology, very lightweight helmets have been developed, but the cost has become a problem.

For training purposes, it is used to show images indoors without using a large screen in parachute and shooting training.

infantryIt is being considered for application to information support of troops.Also,aircraftIt is also expected as a means to realize maneuvering from a bird's-eye view.

In the world of fiction, in 1983 the movie "Blue ThunderIt had already appeared in.

Computer games

The technique of combining the head-mounted display with head tracking (detecting the movement of the head) and linking the images according to the direction of the face to express a 360-degree field of view is more realistic.virtual reality It has been used in computer games since the mid-1990s as a way to create (VR).[6][7].. There was an early boom in the mid-1990s[6], One of the earliest commercially available products(English editionAnd products such as 1994SegaYokohama, the theme park of (at that time)JoypolisThe attraction "VR-1" that you can experience VR, which was operated in, has appeared[7].

However, all of the VR head-mounted displays released in the 1990s are too expensive to purchase individually, or you can not experience it unless you visit a dedicated amusement facility, which is a hurdle to play. Is high[8]Also, the performance of the hardware that expresses VR was not enough, so it was not attractive.[7]..Furthermore, due to insufficient response performance of hardware and insufficient know-how, the sense and the field of vision are deviated, and symptoms such as motion sickness are exhibited.3D sickness”, Etc., also exposed health problems[6].. The boom in the 1990s failed with disappointment among many users and investors, and these technologies remained unnoticeable for the next 20 years or so.[6].

After that, the conventional problems were overcome to some extent by improving the technology, andGyro sensor,AccelerometerEquipped withSmartphoneIn the 2010s, it was announced that VR-related head-mounted displays would be marketed one after another at a price range that can be purchased by individuals, and it was regained attention.[6][8].Cloud Funding OfKickstarterAppeared in and became a hot topicOculus RiftWas also talked about on Kickstartertreadmillof"Virtuix OmniVR experience is also possible by combining[8][9]..In addition, the motion controller "Razer Hydra'[10][11] And shockfeedbackMulti-sensory suit "ARAIG" with[12] Has also been announced on Kickstarter, and by combining these, you can expect a more immersive VR experience.Besides this, it looks likeSunglassesWe are trying to reduce the weight with styleNVIDIA"Near-Eye Light Field Displays"[13] And made a new VR experience possible by seamlessly fusing past images and current imagesSony"PROTOTYPE-SR"[14] Those that assumed various scenes such as were announced.

In 2016, when such VR-compatible HMDs were released one after another,VRCalled "first year" etc.MediaBut it got a lot of attention[6][7]..Especially appeared in October of the same yearPlayStation 4VR device forPlayStation VRIt was expected that VR games would become widespread in earnest.In the same year, VR using a head-mounted displayEntertainmentAn experimental facility where you can experience contentBANDAI NAMCOIs open for a limited time[15],Amusement facilityIt is also expected to be deployed at various facilities such as.


People's Republic of ChinaThen, from streamlining law enforcementPolicemenIt has also been put to practical use for[16], In 2017Chinese Ministry of Public SecurityByFace recognition systemDevelopment is decided together with smart glasses equipped with[17], With technology that reduces the weight of the head mounted display for fighter aircraftArtificial intelligence(AI) andAugmented reality(AR) technology5GA smart helmet that integrates functions such as communication is adopted[18][19][20][21].Outbreak of coronavirus infection in mainland ChinaAt that time, this smart helmet was also used by the police to monitor the body temperature of citizens.[22].

AV equipment

When it first appeared on the market, it was talked about that even in a small room, you could enjoy a sense of realism comparable to that of a large TV, but soon the following disadvantages and disadvantages caused problems and sales were sluggish.There are various names such as goggle-type TVs and glass TVs, but there is no clear mainstream name yet.

  • The subtitles that are displayed when viewing a work that contains only foreign language audio that the viewer does not understandEyeballIt is necessary to capture only the movement of the eye, which causes great eye fatigue.When watching TV normally, it is possible to handle other things such as turning the head according to the subtitle display, but this method cannot be adopted because the display screen is fixed to the head and integrated.
  • It is not possible to share and watch the same sense of presence with a large number of people at once.It is necessary to prepare the equipment for the number of viewers, and the financial burden is not ridiculous.

Robot-assisted surgery

TraditionalEndoscopic surgerySo I needed help from (the doctor holding the endoscope),Gyro sensorUsing a head-mounted display withSurgery support robotAs a result, the burden on both the surgeon and the patient has been reduced.

Appearance on the work

SFIt has appeared in many works, mainly works.Perhaps because of the convenience of describing the facial expressions of the charactersOne eyeglassMany of them are models and are attached to communication headsets.The projected information is the distance to the enemy andarmsRemaining bullets, aiming, etc.


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