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👩‍🎤 | "N-INNOCENCE-" Special program "Special program! Popular voice actors gathering! Nino ..." from 10:28 on October 20th today.


"N-INNOCENCE-" Special program "Special program! Popular voice actors gathering! Nino ..." from 10:28 on October 20th today.

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Character drawing challenge
・ Takeo Otsuka, Nobuhiko Okamoto, Masaya Matsukaze challenge with a real machine
・ Talk corner where 〇〇 treasured episodes of cast voice actors pop out
Narration will be delivered by a gorgeous cast related to Yukari Tamura!

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Masaya Matsukaze

Masaya Matsukaze(Masaya Matsukaze,1976 May 9[PR 4] -) isJapan OfVoice actor,Radio personality,DJ,An actor,talent.. My real name isMasaya Watanabe(Masaya Watanabe).Fukushimabirth,TokyoRaised.Height 177 cm[PR 5].Blood Type TheO[PR 5].Aoni ProductionBelongs.


1997 ,Super squadron series"of"Denji Sentai Megaranger』Debuted as an actor as Mega Blue / Shun Namiki[PR 5][PR 6].. afterwardsTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Variety show "Good morning』Continue acting activities such as Oha Suta Bancho[PR 6]..Also at the same timeSegathe game of"Shenmue』The main character, Ryo BatsukiMotion captureAlso entered the voice actor business[PR 6].

After that, he mainly works as a voice actor, but also as an actor.musical"Ribbon Knight』Plays the role of Prince Franz, as a talent radio personalitytvkProduction dayEntertainment shows"Thank you!Such asModeratorAlso served, "Dance! pacific saury Goten!!』But he is widely active, such as enlivening the atmosphere of the place with a talk.

2003 From October2007 Until Maybayfmof"BAY LINE 7300"soPersonalityIn charge of.Also, from October 2003 to September 10, "Dengeki Grand Prize』PersonalityMasumi AsanoServe with.

2004 In February, with a woman who had been dating for 2 yearsmarriage[PR 1].

2011 Since AprilAoni ProductionBelongs to.Before thatBig apple[PR 4] , Radix Movanimation Multic Eye Division[PR 3] , Belonged to Valoc Works.


Hobbies & Skills

Entertainment worldBefore entering, he was a painter, and from his career he was dexterous.HobbyDo-it-yourself-Electrical appliances-Silversmith, Special skillguitar-ノ ノ ー ボ ー-Scuba diving-kendo-Mr. Wu Kaimen Bajiquan[PR 2].

Large two wheels,Small vessel,Ordinary carlicense, And more than 20 typesQualifications/LicensesHave[PR 2].


The reason I aimed for the entertainment world was because I wanted to start what I felt was the most difficult, so I chose to be an actor who would carry out certain movements and lines.[PR 6].

Although he shows his entertainment activities as if he were wearing "two bundles of straw shoes", which is a side job of an actor and a voice actor, Matsukaze himself said, "I want to appear regardless of whether I am an actor or a voice actor in order to make a wonderful work."

In the band scene in the 37th episode of "Denji Sentai Megaranger", Matsukaze is actually playing the guitar.[PR 5]..Matsukaze, who had experience playing guitar, heard that there was a performance scene and was directed by the director.Rice field﨑RyutaI offered to play by myself, and I also made a musical score based on the sound source.[PR 5].

At the audition for "Shenmue" that I received while appearing in "Megaranger", I was told to do a roundhouse kick.JACI was used to seeing the movement of, so I thought I could do it, but it didn't work.[PR 6]..After that, JACHachisuka YuichiAfter successfully passing the audition, he became a disciple at the Kurata Promotion Dojo and learned Mr. Wu's Kaimen Bajiquan.[PR 6].

movies"Toy story 2Was released in an interview with "Oha Suta"John LasseterIn the next work "Toy story 3I asked him to incorporate "Ohassu" into the book, and he was allowed to do so.However, it was not actually adopted.

He is so familiar with home appliances that he mentions home appliances as a hobby.Dolly VarietyIn addition to making a guest appearance as a voice actor for home appliancesYamada DenkiHe also appeared as one of the voice actors of home appliances at the talk live held at "Home Appliance Fair 2011 & Flea Market in Fukuoka Yahoo! Dome".[1].

Yoko OfShinya ArinoI'm on good terms with Arino's houseFurnitureAre mostly pine-style special products.

Mitsuki SaigaHe often co-starred with him, and even lent outfits at events. In "Oha Suta", Matsukaze is "Oha Suta Bancho", Saiga is "Reijin Saiger", and "Rockman EXE』I was co-starring as a partner.

"Hell girl』Has appeared in both the live-action version and the anime version.However, the live-action version and the anime version have different roles (the live-action version has the role of Takumi Sakai, and the anime version has the role of Ren Ichimoku).

From my experience with "Megaranger" and "Oha Suta", I am sincerely dealing with children's fans, and I am conscious that it will be memorable for children.[PR 6].


TaiziIs the main character.

TV drama

Special effects

An actor
Voice actor


Television Animation


Theater animation

2000 era
2010 era
2020 era

Web anime



  • Shenmue II (Ryo Batsuki)

Drama CD

Radio Drama



Radio cd

TV appearance




Release datetitleStandard product number
1stNovemberMy laundryXQIT-1003

Character song

Release dateProduct NamesongSongRemarks
NovemberDenji Sentai Megaranger Song Collection 2Digiken Five[Member 1]"Megaranger with 5 people"TV drama"Denji Sentai Megaranger"Insert song
NovemberGood morning!Kazoe UtaTsunoda Shihan with Bancho (Masaya Matsukaze)"Good morning! Counting song"TV program"Good morning"Insert song
NovemberLOVE & CHASINGDear Boys[Member 2]"SHAKE IT UP"
"Go Go Goal!"
"Youth in the starlight"
Television Animation"DEAR BOYS] Related songs
NovemberDrama Album Vie Durant IIMasaya Matsukaze,Takahiro Sakurai"Union Of The Wolf"Drama CD "Vie Durant"Ending theme
NovemberGet Ride! Am Driver Character Single Vol.1 Am BuddyGenus Dila (Kousuke Kosuke), Laguna Laurelia (Masaya Matsukaze)"Lock on to the dream"
Television Animation"Get Ride! Am Driver] Related songs
NovemberGet Ride! Am Driver Character Single Vol.2 Laguna & SceneLaguna Laurelia (Masaya Matsukaze)"FEEL YOUR EMOTION"
Novembertactics SOUND FILE Vol.2Minamoto no YorimitsuMasaya Matsukaze)"Toki no thread"Television Animation"tactics] Related songs
NovemberOuran High School Host Club Soundtrack & Character Song Collection Part XNUMXKyoya Ootori (Masaya Matsukaze)"Cold night"Television Animation"Ouran high school host club] Related songs
Host part[Member 3]"see you tomorrow!"TV Anime "Ouran High School Host Club" Episode 26 Ending Theme
NovemberEnd of the Edo period Koika Hanayagi Kenshiden Character Song-Sonosan- "Hajime Soma" and "Yonosuke Rikuoku"Hajime Soma (Masaya Matsukaze)"Search"game"End of the Edo period Koika Hanayagi Kenshiden] Related songs
NovemberWith the prince!Celebrity ♥ Date ~ Love φ Summit ~Roy, Yuya, Burnett (Masaya Matsukaze), William (Hiroshi Kamiya)"LOVE CONNECTION"Drama CD "With Prince!Celebrity ♥ Date ~ Love φ Summit ~ ”related songs
NovemberSamurai Warriors Chronicle 2nd Zan / Singing Song MysteryTodo Takatora (Masaya Matsukaze)"Gong name is the way"game"Sengoku Musou Chronicle 2nd] Related songs
NovemberShimoten no Hana Character Song CollectionOda Nobunaga(Masaya Matsukaze)"Like burning"game"Inferior Flower] Related songs
NovemberDance Moulin RougeLupine Jr. (Masaya Matsukaze)"Dance Moulin Rouge"game"British detective mysteria] Related songs
NovemberSamurai Warriors 4 Sakuraka RanmanSanada Yukimura(Kusao Yi),Date Masamune(Nobuyuki Hiyama), Mitsunari Ishida (Takemoto Hideshi), Todo Takatora (Masaya Matsukaze)"Ikkitousen"game"Samurai warriors 4] Related songs
NovemberSamurai Warriors 4 Eternal BondsTodo Takatora (Masaya Matsukaze), Yoshitsugu Otani (Satoshi Hino)"watershed"
NovemberBullet principleYashiro Hagakure (Masaya Matsukaze)"SBSB"game"Danganronpa School of hope and high school student of despair] Related songs
NovemberSSSS.GRIDMAN CHARACTER SONG.4Vit (Masaya Matsukaze)"INTERSECTION!"Television Animation"SSSS.GRIDMAN] Related songs
New century junior high school student[Member 4]"Xenon's Justice"
NovemberShironeko Project 5th Anniversary Original SoundtrackClaudia (Reina Ueda), Theodor (Masaya Matsukaze), Leon (Kentaro Ito)"Song of joy"game"White cat project] Related songs
NovemberSpring, summer, autumn and winter, evening partyKoshinokanume (Hiroki Takahashi), Tamano Hikaru (Ryohei Arai), Sawanoi (Masaya Matsukaze), Kingame (Eiji Takemoto), Reizan (Yohei Azakami), Dewazakura (Miura Shiro), Kunimare (Genki Takashiro), Shuzo (Inomata Satoshi)"Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Evening Feast""Shinshu Noson-Mikino Mikoto-"Theme song

Other participating works

Release dateProduct NamesongSongRemarks
NovemberThat's WATANABE FLOWER SHOW SPECIAL !!Masaya Matsukaze"Spring color"
Park Lumei(Chorus:Masaya Matsukaze,Mamoru Miyano,Kenichi Suzumura, Takahiro Sakurai)"Musicman"
Mamoru Miyano (Chorus:Masaya Matsukaze, Park Romi,Tomokazu Seki, Kenichi Suzumura, Takahiro Sakurai)"Motor Bike Bugi"
NovemberShin Hyakka Seiran II Male Voice Actor EditionMasaya Matsukaze"Slight heat of C"~
"Super Gir"~
"Another dimension story"~
"Devilman Song"~
"Sun squadron sambalkan"~
"Burning hero"~
"Pegasus fantasy"~
"To the sadness that got dirty ..."~
"Maybe it's because of my mind'
NovemberPlatinum Voice ~ There is a song I want to deliver ~"Rainbow'
Junichi Suwabe,Masaya Matsukaze,Uchida evening,Kazuhiko Inoue,Ryutaro Okiayu,Kenji Nojima,Toru Furuya,KENN"Boyhood'


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