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😀 | [Cartoon] I want to put something on the cat's head "We are all doing it" Keeping the cat sleepy?

Photo Curga-chan with masking tape on her head (Courtesy: Cur-Z)

[Cartoon] I want to put something on the cat's head "We are all doing it" Keeping the cat sleepy?

If you write the contents roughly
Kyurga says, "I'm sleepy and I can't move because I'm on it all the time." But if I didn't collect it, I wonder how long it would have been with the masking tape on my head.

"Kur Z @ Volume 2 release (@kyuryuZ)", which draws a creative manga modeled on her beloved cat, will be released on October XNUMXnd ... → Continue reading

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Masking tape

Masking tape(English: masking tape) IsPaintingIncludingCeiling,CaulkingAdhesive tape for protection used for the purpose of not soiling other than the painted part at the time of. "Masking" means "covering up" and technically "masking"HealthThe masking tape is calledCuring materialare categorized. It is also used for temporary fixing because it has weak adhesiveness and is easy to peel off. In recent years, masking tapes of various colors and patterns have been released, and have become widely used for decoration and wrapping, and are becoming more popular.[1].


Masking tape3M OfEmployeeByinventionWas done. DrewAutomobileWe put glue or surgical cloth tape on the carButcher paperWhen I tried to peel it off, I saw that even the paint on the car was peeled off. If you repaint the peeled part,costFeeling bulky, Drew became keenly aware of the need for low-adhesion tape and began his research. Through trial and error,1925 Drew released masking tape to the world. However, since this masking tape was not elastic, it was later improved to an elastic product using crepe paper.

in Japan,1918 Sakujiro Yoshikawa of Nissin Kogyo Joint Stock Company of paper adhesive plasters and paper tapesUtility modelRegister,1938 Japan Adhesive Tape Industry Co., Ltd. (currentlyTeraoka Seisakusho) Started manufacturing masking tape made of Japanese paper for packaging explosives for painting. Since then, Japanese paper masking tape has been used all over the world.

As described above, it was originally used exclusively by professionals such as painting sites and photography sites to prevent the parts other than the work area from being soiled or to identify materials.Later, decorative masking tape with a pattern was put on the market, and it was reconsidered as "miscellaneous goods".文 房 具It has become explosively popular among enthusiasts.In recent years, masking tape in collaboration with well-known designers[2]And Scandinavian style masking tape with a cute pattern[3]Etc. are also on sale.


Masking tape (for curing)

Material-Width-Color・ There are various patterns, and the adhesive strength also differs depending on the product, and it is used properly depending on the intended use. Paper / vinyl is used as the base material, and rubber / acrylic is used as the adhesive material. Although it depends on the manufacturer, light blue is generally used for sealing (caulking), white is for building painting, and yellow is resistant to solvents and heat, so it is distinguished by color from automobile painting. The base material that can be obtained at home centers etc.Japanese paperGenerally, the adhesive strength is weak and there is little adhesive residue.

Curing tape

Common of the curing tapesDuct tapeThe base material has almost the same shape as (around 50 mm in width).polyesterThose are especially called curing tapes.

So that you can work quicklyScissorsIt can be easily cut by hand along the fiber without using such a material. Since it is supposed to be applied temporarily, its adhesive strength is weaker than that of gum tape, and even if it is peeled off, it does not leave a mark. In addition, there are more colors than gum tape, such as green, blue, and white so that you will not forget to peel it off.

In addition to curing applications, taking advantage of its easy-to-peel propertiestyphoonWhen the window glass is broken due to such reasons, it is attached to the window glass in advance to prevent the fragments from scattering.Disaster countermeasuresAlso used for[4].

Masking tape (for decoration)

Decorative masking tape is especially "MasteMay be abbreviated as[5].. Packing from decorations such as notebooks apart from the original purpose of curing,DIYIt is widely used and popular. In recent years, masking tapes of various colors and patterns have been sold at stationery stores and 100-yen shops, and their uses and types have expanded from practical ones with printed words to those with station name signs printed on them. ing[6][7].. Most of the base material is Japanese paper, but cloth is also used.[8].

Major manufacturers

  • 3M --Scotch series products
  • XNUMXM Japan --We import, manufacture and sell masking tapes from 3M of the United States, and have strengths for vehicle painting.
  • Nitto Denko ――It has strengths for architectural painting, and masking tape No.720 for architectural painting is famous.
  • Duck well processed paper --It has strengths for sealing and is famous for the mt series for decoration and wrapping.
  • Koyo Kagaku-Cut Ace, Ace Cross
  • Nitoms
  • Sekisui Chemical Industry
  • Teraoka Seisakusho -Released the Washi masking tape for the first time in Japan
  • Rinley Tape-Strong in Japanese paper adhesive tape and Japanese paper masking tape
  • Round top -Maker of masking tape for decoration and wrapping, developed masking tape called die-cutting/die-cutting
  • Tamiya --For models

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