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👍 | Taichi Kokubun, impressed by the actions of Naniwa Danshi Kazuya Ohashi "I was able to regain my forgotten heart"


Taichi Kokubun, impressed by the actions of Naniwa Danshi Kazuya Ohashi "I was able to regain my forgotten heart"

If you write the contents roughly
For recording men's rice
Naniwa boys
Kazuya Ohashi came
After recording
With a voice that all the staff can hear
thank you very much!

[After recording the program, Kazuya Ohashi shouted, "Thank you."Kokubu also said, "I'm tired of imitating myself and making a loud voice ... → Continue reading


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Men's rice

"Men's rice』(Danshi rice) is2008 May 4からTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.seriesIs being broadcast onCuisine-Entertainment showsIs.Every week on TV TOKYO of the production stationSunday11:25-11:55 (JST) Has been broadcast.

From the beginning2012 May 7Until,Taichi x Kentaro Men's Rice』(Taichi, Kentaro-), broadcast asTaichi Kokubun(TOKYO)WhenKentaroIt was also the crowning program of 2012, but in XNUMXMay 8Has been temporarily renamed as "Men's Rice" above (Later).


I love to eat but I'm a beginner to cookTaichi Kokubun(TOKYO)But,Cooking Researcher OfKentaroWhile receiving guidance while developing a talk, complete the dish and even sample it.Every time, Kokubu takes a picture of the finished dish.We occasionally introduce tips for making (Kentaro's Point in the program, abbreviated as KP), storage, and useful tools.Sometimes the ingredients used are made in the program,tofu,beer,Fruit wine,Dried persimmon,cheese,バ タ ー,Worcestershire sauce,Ponzu sauce,pickles,Anchovies,Pea soy sauce,miso,Salted plum,Rice,Olive oil,Soy sauce,Makgeolli,Chili Oil,Sprout,Squid Tokuri,Oyster sauce,GarlicEtc. were made.The dishes we pick up basically emphasize the season of the ingredients and give a sense of the season.

Kokubu will start this programNHKAnd all the commercial broadcasting key stations in Tokyo will have regular programs at the same time (at the time of the program start).

As a guest if you rarely broadcast an hour or 1 minute extended specialNine Tine OfTakashi OkamuraIs customary to appear.Most of the expansion specials are organized during the year-end and New Year holidays.

From 2015:1 to 4:16 on January 00, 18, the program's first 00-hour SP will be broadcast.In addition, it is broadcast in the evening time zone, which is not the regular broadcast frame (2:11-25:11).In addition, Takashi Okamura, who is the customary of the above-mentioned expansion special, has decided to make a regular appearance once a year as "annual regular" instead of "guest appearance".

Kentaro accident / medical treatment

At midnight on February 2012, 2, Kentaro was seriously injured in a solo accident while driving a motorcycle.[1]..For this reason, the three weeks from the 12th to the 26th of the same month were broadcast with a telop saying "This program was recorded on the 3nd of February", and the "Men" scheduled to be recorded on the 2th of the same month. "Rice 2th Anniversary Kitchen Live" is postponed indefinitely[2]It is said that the broadcast of the program after March 200, which will be the 3th time, is undecided.[3]However, during March, the past broadcasts will be rebroadcast as the "best selection".[4].. President of TV TOKYO at that time held on February 2Masayuki ShimadaAt the interview, "I will refuse the recorded ones until this week (February 2th), but from next week (March 26th) I would like to have people who have appeared in the past come out." I also learned that it is a policy to wait for Kentaro's return after continuing the program, but he also commented, "We are considering how to continue broadcasting, including the title of the program."[5].

In the broadcast on April 2012, 4, Kokubu explained the rest due to Kentaro's medical treatment.And the broadcast from the same day will show Kentaro's friends and people who are related to the program.Monthly GuestWe invited guests on a monthly basis and decided to proceed with the program together with Kokubu.

On June 2012, 6, Kentaro's agency officially contacted me because he wanted to concentrate on his treatment because his medical treatment was prolonged.For this reason,"Taichi x Kentaro Men's Rice], It will end once on July 7th of the same year.From August 29th of the following week, after changing the title, he appeared as a monthly guest in April as a fixed cook to replace Kentaro.Shinpei KuriharaHas appeared, but the TV TOKYO side says, "When Kentaro returns, I would like to ask you to appear again."[6][7][8].


The performers are drawn with illustrations of cooking utensils and ingredients, and appear frequently in the program.



  • "Genius to make" ・Kentaro(Cooking Researcher) --Due to the serious injury caused by the above accident, I was resting from the broadcast on March 2012, 3, but temporarily dropped off on June 4, 6.
  • Shinpei Kurihara(Cooker) --Appeared on August 2012, 8. --Voice is light blue


  • Koh Kentetsu(Cooker) --Appears once to several times a year.
  • Takashi Okamura(Nine Tine) --Appears once to several times a year. Decided to be "annual regular" from the 1-hour SP on January 2015, 1.
  • Aoi Yu(Actress) --Appears once to several times a year. He has appeared for 1 consecutive years by 2019, and is actually regular once a year.

Monthly Guest


List of guests who have appeared so far

Main series planning

  • 47 prefectures rice
  • A plan to make and eat local dishes and local gourmet foods from all over Japan while staying at home

| 1st |Kagoshima |Chicken rice&Deep-fried& Gane

2nd |Akita |Kiritanpo pot& Shinpei styleYokote Yakisoba

| 3st |Saga |Sicilian rice& Squid Shumai

| 4st |Kumamoto | Nankan Aburaage Bowl &Mustard lotus root

| 5th Gifu | Toritoma Don &Pickled steak

| 6st |Miyazaki |meat wrapped rice ball& Spicy noodles |

7nd |Mie |Hand-made sushi& Dashi Chazuke &Kameyama miso yaki udon

| 8st |Ibaraki | Shinpei-ryuStamina Ramen& Natto pork cutlet

| 9st |Okayama | Shinpei-ryuShrimp& Cheese demiglace katsudon

| 10st |Yamanashi | Agedashi Udon &Boiled Kofu tori

| 11st |Hyogo |Akashiyaki& Crispy onion and sea bream risotto

| 12st |Miyagi |Auction pot& Shime no Japanese soba & Hara rice

| 13st |Shiga | Takashima Tonchan &Omi Champon |

| 14st |Fukushima |Cabbage mochi&Carrot&Aizu Curry Yakisoba

| 15st |Ishikawa |Hanton rice& Jibu-ni

  • Man's romance series
  • A project that is close to the theme that men have something they really want to stick to

| 1st |Black pepper

| 2st |Garlic

| 3th hormone

| 4th | Handmade pasta

| 5st |Shellfish

| 6st |Octopus

| 7st |Red peppers

| 8st |Lamb meat

| 9th | Garlic

| 10st |cheese

| 11st |Ginger

| 12st |bacon

13th | Handmade soba

| 14st |squid

| 15st |lever

| 16st |Japanese pepper

| 17th | Chili pepper

| 18st |Ham

| 19th vinegar

20th | Soba restaurant snacks

21st | Soba restaurant snacks 2

| 22st |Zanthoxylum bungeanum

| 23st |Green chili

| 24st |バ タ ー

| 25th Natto

| 26st |Duck meat

  • Men's rice report

A project that is held every autumn-winter, where two people jump out of the studio and go abroad and various places.

| 1nd |Hong Kong

| 2nd | South Korea

| 3nd |Hawaii

| 4nd |Bali

| 5nd |Thailand

| 6nd |Singapore

| 7nd |Taiwan

| 8nd |フィリピン

| 9th | KoreaSeoul

| 10th | Hong Kong

| 11nd |Macau

| 12nd |Spain

| 13nd |Hatsushima

Other plans

  • Men's share bowl
  • Arrange noodle festival
  • Iron pot series
  • Showa Western-style restaurant series
  • A series that uses the seasonings that tend to be left over at once
  • Spring classic festival
  • Pre-made side dish series
  • Let's cook a bistro-like dish
  • Hot plate series

Broadcast list


2008 broadcast content
Number of broadcastsOn-air date(TX)MENUDating
#001May 4Of spring vegetablescurryNorabou vegetables OfTopping
#002May 4HandmadeGyozaCucumberLightly pickled
#003May 5Mabo tofuTossed cabbage with sesame seeds
#004May 5Skipjack pasta &Chinese styleSeared---
#005May 5Potatoescroquette---
#006May 5AnkakeJapanese styleOmelette riceGrilled green onionsMarinated
#007May 6Boiled flatfish and shishito set meal
(Flounder and ShishitoBoiled/ Turnip with cod roe / Turnip leaf with shirasu / Nori and tofuMiso Soup)
#008May 6Of tender meatGinger grilledBowl of riceTofu with shiso
#009May 6Three types of bread lunch using handmade bread!
(Scrambled eggsToast/French toast/Hot sandwich)
#010May 6Soft tomato boiled octopusGarlic potatoes
#011May 6Eelchirashi sushiClam soup
Sesame bonito flakes with kelp
#012May 7Now is the season! Summer vegetablesBowl of rice and fried fishLightly pickled turnip
#013May 7Kentaro style chillingTantan noodlesPetantofu
#014May 7Super easy! Authentic cream shrimp mayoShrimp
#015May 7Eliminate summer heat!Goya champuruJuicy mix of pork and garland chrysanthemumOwa
#016May 8Kentaro styleChilled juiceTaichi-kun's mother recipe 1st mother's soaring
(Grilled salted salmon with mozuku seaweed)
#017May 8Summer spicy ☆Taco
(Taco skin /salsaAnd vegetables / stir-fried beef with spices)
#018May 8Recommended for hot summers! KoreaChigeSquid choregi salad
#019May 8Kobayashi family secret! Plenty of gravyhamburgerCold edamame soup
#020May 8Pepper steakChinese set meal
(Chinjao roast / green onionFried Rice)
#021May 9Full of affection Meat and potatoesKobayashi family burdockKinpira
Taichi-kun's mother recipe 2nd Kokubunya lotus root Kinpira
#022May 9From now on! Autumn seasonal set meal
(Ground meat and sweet chestnutscooked rice/ White bean sauce / Mushroom miso soup / Saury grilled with salt)
#023May 9Stamina dishes using garlic
(Garlic at the wingsStir-fried/ Of broccoli and cauliflowerArio Orio)
#024May 9Now is the season! This cream pasta with autumn salmonI'm not doing it wind salad
#025May 10Nourishing! Autumn pork pork set meal!
(Millefeuille pork cutlet/Miso soup with pork and vegetables)
#026May 10Men's rice inHong Kong Dim sumHen
-Renkaro (drinking tea) ~ Aozora Market (seasoning) ~ Yung Kee Restaurant (Chinese restaurant)-
#027May 10Men's Rice in Hong Kong Part XNUMX
-Bree Niunan (Chinese porridge) ~ Hundred things (tableware) ~ Cat Street (miscellaneous goods) ~ Shengki (stall)-
#028May 10Handmade shrimp gyoza with mochi mochiWater spinachStir-fried oysters
#029May 11Plenty of chicken flavor! ExquisiteChinese foodChinese pickled radish
Boiled egg century egg style
Fried toaster grilled
#030May 11The second seasonal curry! Chicken and root vegetable soy milk curryWith tofuMozzarella cheeseSalad
#031May 11Directly from the Kobayashi family! Nostalgic three-color soboro bowlMiso soup with radish and fried tofu
#032May 11Now is the season! Crispy and juicyDeep fried oysters
(Deep fried oysters/Tartar sauce)
Taichi-kun's original salad "Darsara"
#033May 11Delicious to brownMacaroni gratinPersimmon yogurt salad
#034May 12Winter taste
"Buri Buri set meal" that eats up yellowtail
(Simmered yellowtail / yellowtail)
#035May 12Crab pork jjigae that even children can eatpotHawfinch
#036May 12Easy at home!
Kentaro styleRoast chicken
(Mushroom cream sauce / soy sauce sauce)


2009 broadcast content
Number of broadcastsOn-air date(TX)MENUDating
#037May 1"New Year 1 Hour SP Guest:Takashi Okamura (Nine Tine) ”
Kentaro-style beef curry with rumbling ingredients
Aemono of Hitashi beans and Kazunoko (Kokubun family recipe)
Sweet and sour chicken (Kobayashi family recipe)
Thick roasted egg(Okamura family recipe)
#038May 1"Best 5 recipes I've received many inquiries about to make again"1st place: # 019 Hamburger with plenty of gravy
2nd place: # 035 Crab pork jjigae that even children can eat
3rd place: # 005 Kobayashi family secret!Potato croquette
4th place: # 010 Whole octopus boiled in tomato
5th place: # 025 Millefeuille-style juicy pork cutlet
#039May 1Ingenuity for noodles!
Gomoku Ankake Kata Yakisoba
Taichi-kun's original soup "Poo Soo"
#040May 1Super easy!
Fluffy egg omeletHayashi rice
Steamed vegetables
Miso mayo sauce
#041May 2Super juicy!
3 types of Kentaro styleDeep-fried chicken
#042May 2Easy at home!
Kentaro style 3 colorsChinese Steamed Dumplings
Rape soup
#043May 2Once you eat it, you become addicted!
Kentaro style sardinesPickled nanban
Of sardinesTsumirejuice
#044May 2Super easy!
Kentaro style softsweet and sour pork
Taichi-kun's original recipe 4th! Anxiety Darsara
#045May 3Anyway big!
Kobayashi familyRoll cabbage
Yogurt mousse
#046May 3Must-see for boys! Popular dishes
Easy and easy! Authenticpaella
Spanish styleGarlic soup
#047May 34 crispy dishes! Seasonal spring set meal
(Spanish mackerel grilled with Saikyo / mixed rice with clams / rapeseed soup / asparagus soup)
#048May 3There is no loss to remember!
Classic fried rice!
#049May 3Eat a whole bottle!
Bamboo shoot dishes that are synonymous with spring
(Chicken and bamboo shoots boiled in cream / roasted bamboo shoots)
#050May 4The 4th curry!
You can make it at home!Soup Curry
Cabbage anchovy marinade
#051May 4Authentic at homeItalianSuper easy
GnocchiBroad bean cheese cream sauce
Taichi-kun's original recipe 5th! Pig happening
#052May 41st Anniversary SP "Kentaro acclaimed! Harumi Kurihara's best recipe Guest:Kurihara Harumi"
Soft biteGround Meat Cutlet
Super easy!Cheesecake
#053May 41st Anniversary SP "Harumi Kurihara x Kentaro Dream Collaboration! Spring Lunch Box Guest: Harumi Kurihara"
☆ Harumi Kurihara Recipe:
New ginger cooked rice / salmonTosa vinegarPickled
★ Kentaro Recipe:
Pickled turnips & turnip leavesNamul/ Curry chicken
#054May 5Crispy that you can make at homeSpring rollChicken bowl
#055May 5Nostalgic but new!
Exquisite Kobayashi familyNeapolitan
Shrimp and asparagus salad
#056May 5Never fail!
Kentaro styleIkameshi
Stir-fried squid with cotton
#057May 5Arrangement is fun!
Make at homeHamburger
Butter corn
#058May 5Eat the season!
(I.e.Horse mackerelZukushi cuisine
(deep-fried horse mackerel/ Grated sesame sauce / Curry tartar sauce)
Baby leaf salad with marinated horse mackerel
#059May 6You can easily do it at home!
Kentaro style juicySpareribs
Taichi-kun's mother recipe 3rd mother's greed (potato salad)
#060May 6Crispy and juicy!
Kentaro styleChicken Nanban
Green beans and dried shrimp
#061May 6Enjoy with your family
Kentaro style!Hiroshima style okonomiyaki
Tofu Salad
#062May 6I want to eat it to prevent heat fatigue!
Original soft gizzardBarleySet meal
Pork bonito broth
#063May 7A new sense of summer Chinese food!
SpicyMarvo eggplantTomato
Apricot tofu
#064May 7Authentic Italian at home!
Cold tomato pasta that makes you happy in the summer!
White fishSaute
#065May 7The 5th curry!
I want to eat in the summer! Seafood curry!
Taichi-kun's original salad "Tomato"
#066May 7I want to make it with my family!
Mango yogurtsherbet
#067May 8Summer stamina menu!
steakNose garlic pilaf
Chicken wings and dried sardines soup
#068May 8A bold arrangement of summer classic menus!
Kentaro style! Black stagnationchilled Chinese noodles
Stir-fried bean sprouts and garlic chives
#069May 8Jjigae 3rd!
The spiciness is addictive! Chicken and summer vegetable jjigae
Cucumber salad
#070May 8The second hamburger steak!
Kentaro style white hamburger that overturns common sense
Taichi-kun's mother recipe 4th Umene (Baikon)
#071May 8Easy Asian rice at home!
Indonesian foodRoyal road!Nasi goreng
#072May 9Recommended for lunch boxes!
Kentaro style croquette bowl
#073May 9Using the taste of autumn, saury
Excellent! Autumn Japanese set meal
(Stir-fried saury / miso soup with pork and taro)
Carrot namul salad
#074May 9Authentic Chinese food that you can easily make!
Pripli juicyShrimp chili
Taichi-kun recipe 7th pepper cave-kun
#075May 9I used seasonal mushrooms now
Kentaro stylerisotto&fly!
Shimeji fry
#076May 10Autumn Camp SP "Part XNUMX Guest: Takashi Okamura (Ninety Nine)"
Kentaro style! Outdoor pork soup
Delicious cooked with Mess tinrice ball
#077May 10Autumn Camp SP "Part XNUMX Guest: Takashi Okamura (Ninety Nine)"
This is Kentaro style!
BBQ& Camp Curry
#078May 10It's fun to make!
Autumn lunch box using seasonal ingredients
Beef Okowa / Japanese mustard spinach mixed with shirasu / cod roe omelet /Chicken dumplings
#079May 10Now is the season!
Mackerel and fashionable Italian
(Simmered mackerel and clams in tomato)
Parmigiano-Reggiano pasta
#080May 11Full of vegetable flavor
Kentaro style juicy minced meat cutlet
Taichi-kun's Mother Recipe 5th Mother's Soaring ~ Kichijoji Edition ~
#081May 11Perfect for this cold season
Easy with your homeCurry udon!
Warabi Mochi
#082May 11Super easy! Make with fresh cream
Kentaro style creamy salmon gratin
Marinated lotus root
#083May 11Dashi is life! Warms from the core of the body!
Authentic that can be made at homeOden
(Japanese white radish/Boiled egg/Beef tendon/kelp/Cancer/Roasted chikuwa/Chikuwabu/ Mochi purse /Shrimp dumplings)
#084May 11Men's rice in South Korea "Eat all Korean vegetables!"
Gyeongdong Market (Red peppers-Allium monanthum・ Inuya Fushisou ・Toraji) ~ Oil shop Gwangju oil (Sesame Oil)
Hirozo Market ~ Wonjo Sarpolipa (BibimbapYa)
Sheraton Grand Walkerhill (Superpex)KimchiMaking experience)
Learn the taste of Korean version from OmoniJAPCHAE)
#085May 12Men's rice in Korea The theme is "health"
Inkstone Yamakata (Sampha tea, Sengan tea, Yuja tea, Omija tea, Kukka tea, Techu tea)
Soul Partners House (Taraku Porridge, Tampyungche)
Myeongdong ~ Kotoku-dong Street Food Street Mapo Harmoni Pindetok (Tigim・ Oden)
Mauraya (Sorongtan)
#086May 12Arrange the authentic Korean taste in Japanese style!
Seolleongtang and Japchae!
#087May 12I want to eat for Christmas!
Excellent with plenty of gravy!meatloaf
#088May 12Great response recipe TOP3 & special edition to answer questions from viewers1st place: # 048 It's like the taste of a shop! "Parapara Kimchi Fried Rice"
2nd place: # 046 You can do it with just one frying pan! "Super easy authentic paella"
3rd place: # 055 "Omnapolitan" which is a nostalgic Neapolitan bound with an egg


2010 broadcast content
Number of broadcastsOn-air date(TX)MENUDating
#089May 1New Year 1 hour SP! Guest: Takashi Okamura (Ninety Nine)
For Kentaro style hayashi rice
Greedy hayashi burger with hamburger steak
Kokubun family's rice cake dish "Other people's juice"
Kobayashi family's rice cake dish "roast beefAnd kimchi and mochi wrapped in seaweed "
Okamura family's rice cake dish "tea rice cake"
#090May 1Moroccan traditional food
spicesstew OfCouscousServed
Chinese cabbage with cumin mayonnaise
#091May 1Authentic Italian at home!
Milan stylecutlet&Peperoncino
#092May 1A new texture that makes you addicted!
With gizzardMeat ballspot
Namul of squid and spinach
#093May 2Full of scallop flavor
Crispy and fragrant! Spicy gyoza
Bok-choyStir-fried dried shrimp
#094May 2I want you to make it for Valentine's Day
Winter snack special!
sum·Yellowtail radish
Western chicken sauteed green onionsCream cheeseToss
Chinese pickled radish
#095May 2Warms from the core of the body in the cold winter
Kentaro styleMiso stewed udon!
Kayaku rice
#096May 3Family restaurant menu that you want to make at home once
Never fail! SpicyJambalaya
Taichi-kun recipe 8th
Salad "Chobi" using spring vegetables
#097May 3New proposal on White Day!
Plenty of delicious seafoodbouillabaisse
Grilled vegetables
#098May 3Nostalgic
Kentaro style lunch recipe!
(Macaroni salad/Ham cutlet/Ingredients for miso soup)
#099May 3Can be done at home
Thick porkCorner boilSet meal!
Tataki cucumber
Stir-fried bamboo shoots and asparagus with salt
#100May 4Men's rice 100th anniversary!
Special that invited customers
Let's make it fun with friends! Make it from dough!
Chicken and swordfish half & half pizza
#101May 4Fill the boy's belly tightly
Salted fried noodles & pork Chinese bean paste
#102May 4You can definitely taste it at home
Classic pork cutlet &&Hidden ball recipe
Rape mustard
#103May 4The texture is lingering! It's crispy and fragrant.
3 kinds offried oystersTenzaru udon with
Dashi roll egg
#104May 5The first request menu!
Kentaro style! Plenty of vegetablesQuiche
Request menu (2): Tofu and avocado salad
#105May 5(1) Aemono (2) Aemono (3) Pottery
Spring snacks 3 special!
Cold dressing:sashimiAssorted
Warm spicy sauce: powdered butterbur blue cheese sauce
Hot pottery:Nirachijimi
#106May 5A little gorgeous brunch SP!
Scone&Manhattan Clam Chowder
Baby leaf salad
#107May 5SeasonalGruntAnd garlicWontonOf soup
Gutsuri Chinese set meal!
(Boiled grunt in soy sauce, hot sesame oil)
#108May 5The skin is crisp! The contents are juicy
Kentaro style soaked with the taste of herbsJerk chicken
Bean rice
Cheese dressing salad
#109May 6The third authentic Italian series at home!
Spread the taste of clamsレ ン ゴ レRosso & beefCarpaccio
#110May 6A stamina set meal that you want to make for your father!
Stir-fried mustard oyster with leva cutlet & garlic chives and bitter gourd
#111May 6Kentaro style authentic Indian curry
Can be made with a frying pannaan!
#112May 6Twice cooked pork& Soy milk miso soup
& Taichi recipe miso set meal!
Taichi-kun recipe 9th
Vegetable stick "Siberian Husky"
#113May 7I want to eat tightlyHawaiian food!
Juicy hamburgerLoco Moco& TunaPoki
#114May 7I used summer vegetables
3 refreshing Japanese-style set meals
Rice: Boiled chicken topped plum rice
Stir-fried food: Stir-fried okra and green beans with sesame miso
Soup: Japanese-style soup with tomatoes and eggs
#115May 7Arranged dishes using somen noodles this summer
Bibin somen noodles & stir-fried ribs and scallions!
#116May 7Okinawan cuisine2 new standard items!
With Fu ChanpuruHirayachi
#117May 8Perfect for cold beer and wine!
3 special summer snacks!
Mozzarella cheese and cucumber with miso
Stir-fried paprika and octopus with garlic
Shrimp spring rolls
#118May 8The 4th authentic Italian food at home!
Of cold tomatoesCaperiniAnd sautéed swordfish
Mushroom with basil cheese (cold pasta topping)
#119May 8Chicken and seafood W soup chige
Kokubun family secret summer salad!
Taichi mother recipe 9th!
Mrs. Curie
#120May 8Spicy menu that blows away summer heat
chickenTaco rice& Kobayashi family direct story! Handmadesausage
#121May 8Let's make fun with children!
Fluffy omeletteSoba rice& Pork ginger salad
#122May 9You can eat it easily even in the stomach of summer heat!
Amami specialtyChicken rice& Easy marinade of celery and flavored vegetables
#123May 9Eliminating summer heat and garlic special
The temptation of Mr. Yang& Lotus root and chicken simmered in garlic tomato
#124May 9Cheese hamburger with red wine sauce
& Broccoli hotPotage!
#125May 9Kobayashi family secret taste!
Autumn Japanese set meal using seasonal ingredients
(Saury rice / fried eggplant / kimchi miso soup)
#126May 10Curry 8th volume perfect autumn mushroom curry
& Cauliflower and cherry tomatoespickles
Special editionMay 10Men's rice
Perfect for beer, shochu and wine
3 special autumn night snacks!
I want to eat after drinking!
Dashi is the decisive factor! Excellent noodle recipe
Mushroom frit
Chicken and watercress with Parmesan cheese
Fried wonton
Shime Inaniwa udon
#127May 10The taste of the shop you can do at home!
Crab cream croquette & consomme soup with lots of ingredients!
#128May 10Old-fashioned richmeat saucepasta
Taichi recipe! Arugula and mushroom salad
The 11th Taichi recipe!
#129May 10We used plenty of seasonal ingredients
3 special autumn snacks!
Mushroom type: Grilled shimeji mushrooms and mustard with cream cheese
Autumn eggplant: Carpaccio of eggplant and white fish
Deep-fried chicken: Deep-fried pork with Chinese food
#130May 10Perfect for white rice!
Spicy mapo tofu & scallops and vegetables stir-fried with salt
#131May 11Men's Rice in Hawaii "Learn Hawaii's Local Food"
Nu'uanu Okazuya Nu'uanu Okazuya (Squah W / Chicken and Tofu Boiled winter melon and chicken / tofu / Furikake Chicken sprinkled chicken cutlet)
Frankie's Nursery (Pomelo/Star fruit/ジ ャ ッ ク フ ル ー ツ/Santo/Snake fruit)
ETHEL'S GRILL Mochiko Chicken Tataki Sashimi Plate Tuna beaten
#132May 11Men's Rice in Hawaii "Making Original Hawaiian Cuisine!"
Mochi flour chicken & Kentaro style poke
#133May 11We used plenty of seasonal ingredients
Excellent! Autumn mackerel set meal!
(Lotus root dumpling miso soup / grilled mackerel / broccoli and fried trumpet sesame gochujang
#134May 11The 5th authentic Italian food at home! Don't fail !!
Carbonara& Burdock and zucchini grilled salad
#135May 12This winter! New classic gyoza hot pot
& Spicy stir-fried century egg and egg!
#136May 12Tomato stew of pork and lentils that can be made without boiling
& With grilled cornMashed potatoes
#137May 12The third Christmas party menu!
easy!Aqua pazza&Chocolate cake
#138May 122010 Great Response Recipe
& Question corner from viewers
1st place: # 117 Summer snack SP
2nd place: # 130 Kentaro style spicy mapo tofu
3rd place: # 111 Authentic chicken Indian curry


2011 broadcast content
Number of broadcastsOn-air date(TX)MENUDating
#139May 1Red, white and green shades are also fun!
Easy Italian set meal
(Spinach and olive salad /PenneArrabiata/ Fried mozzarella cheese)
Long-term product series "Our Doubanjiang"
#140May 1New Year Snacks Special Guest:Kunimura Hayabusa,Kikunosuke Onoue(VTR appearance)
Easy to make with familiar ingredients
4 excellent snacks recommended for the beginning of the new year
Mr. Kunimura's request "Sea BreamShiogama'
Mr. Kunimura's original snack "A hot pot that can be a little bulky"
Onoe Kikunosuke's request snack "Shijimi Tofu"
Kentaro snack "Beef tataki wasabi butter joyu"
Our miso / returns
#141May 13 winter Japanese set meals! Seasonal cod bowl with fat
& Shirako miso soup & Japanese mustard spinach and sakura shrimp stir-fried!
#142May 1Easy to make with a frying pan!
Kentaro Original! SpicySundubuSet meal!
Taichi-kun's mother recipe 10th mother's limit!
Potato, cream cheese and shirasu sauce
#143May 1Kobayashi family secret taste!Dry curry&
(Secret) IngredientsGrilled salad mixed with
#144May 2No meat! Full volume!
Using seasonal vegetables! 3 exquisite winter snacks
Spinach and scallop gratin
Chinese cabbage and anchovy salad
#145May 2Authentic rumbling meatBeef Stew
Don't fail! Kentaro styleBrownie
#146May 2Sandwiched garlic & plum meat
Gutsuri systemCutlet cutlet
Cucumber and cabbage salad
#147May 2Rape blossom and shrimp fried rice &
Thick Chinese stew with pork roses and fried tofu
#148May 3The second bowl series using seasonal fish!
Yellowtail bowl with fragrant sweet and sour sauce
Stir-fried garland chrysanthemum and shimeji mushrooms with butter
#149May 3Authentic Italian popular food!
Gorgonzola risotto
Asparagus saute
#150May 3Kentaro stylehot and sour soupnoodles
& Squid and tomato with Chinese food
#151May 3Korean set meal! Authentic with the flavor of meat and vegetablesBulgogi
& Kentaro style chicken and wakame spicy soup
#152May 4Half & half pizza using summer vegetables
New potato spice potato
#153May 4New life support SP
You can do it with one frying pan! Chinese mackerel and auction stewed in Chinese
& Stir-fried auction and pork rose & cabbage with menta
#154May 43 anniversary
History special
#155May 4Cream pasta with salted squid
& Sautéed white fish with tomato sauce
#156May 510th curry! Cheese curry with meatballs
& Stir-fried sausage and broccoli with lemon mayo
#157May 5Carefully selected by Kentaro! Excellent compatibility with beer!
3 spring snacks using seasonal vegetables!
Green peas frit
New potato and turnip miso doubanjiang sauce
#158May 5The first man's romance series! You can eat black pepper more deliciously
Rice cooked with pepper chicken & conger eel and pepper
#159May 5The second one that goes well with rice! Lots of pork kimchi
& Tofu and chives soy milk soup
#160May 5Parent-child SP! Exquisite made with a frying panOyakodon
& Kokubun family parent and child original association 2 items
The 12th Taichi recipe!
Suddenly my boss came
Taichi mother recipe 11th!
Yakekuso miso soup
#161May 6Easy to make! Spicy!Jar noodles
& Refreshing! Chinese stir-fried tomatoes and eggs
#162May 6Authentic Italian! Sautéed sea bassGenovese sauce
& Romaine lettuce anchovy mayo salad
#163May 6Authentic Chinese food that you can do at home!Yurinchi
& Tuna and green bean egg fried rice
Long-term product series "Our Umeboshi"
#164May 6The second in the man's romance series!
Three exquisite dishes that use garlic for three delicious flavors
Garlic meat and potatoes
Bonito with garlic and kimchi
Stir-fried garlic sprouts somen noodles
#165May 7Using seasonal ingredients! Summer Italian!
Eggplant and zucchini pasta & squid carpaccio
#166May 7You can do it with a frying pan!
Obihiro-style pork bowl& 2 refreshing summer items
Cabbage and scallop soup
Lightly pickled summer vegetables
#167May 7Kentaro style that can be done at homeThai curry
&Thai styleStir-fried water spinach
#168May 7Easy at home! Handmade!
Stir-fried meat! Chilled sesame sauce udon!
Meita omelet
#169May 7Special that Yu Aoi has arrived
Yu Aoi request menu!
Sautéed sea bass Watercress salad Nokke &Khums
Yu Aoi characteristicsshaved ice
evaporated milkAnd ice molasses shaved ice
#170May 8Hot! Hiyahiya! It's delicious as it is!
Excellent compatibility with beer! 3 summer snacks!
Cold snacks: Marinated zucchini
Easy snacks: avocado dip
Hot snacks: garlic shrimp
"Our Umeboshi" Soil Dried Edition
#171May 8W soup chige of pork dumplings and seafood
& Grilled Atsuage Tataki Plum Cucumber Nokke
#172May 8You can make it at home!Vietnamese food!
I used chickenFour& ShrimpRaw spring rolls
#173May 8Mexican food The second!
Delicious in the hot summer! Mexicanplate
(Stewed chicken and beans /Shrimp Mexican Salad/avocado dip)
#174May 9Okinawan cuisine 3rd!
Grilled spareribsSoki& Taichi recipe using bitter gourd
Taichi recipe 13th!
Bitter gourd and sasamida plum (by)
~ No scratches at all ~
#175May 9No Kentaro soupDandan noodles
& Stir-fried green beans and eggs
#176May 9This Japanese-style hamburger steak with pork
& Stir-fried cabbage with Nozawana
#177May 9Kobayashi family secret! You can do it at home
Curry bread & Chinese style fried bread!
Salad green sesame salad
#178May 10Autumn 4th consecutive week guest festival "1st week guest:Yuhi Kitagawa (Yuzu) ”
The spicy taste makes the rice delicious!
Stir-fried pork and eggplant with Japanese pepper
Yuzu Kitagawa's recipe!
The (secret) stamina dish I always eat "Kimchi mixed well"
#179May 10Autumn 4th consecutive week guest festival "2nd week guest: Onoe Kikunosuke
Onoe Kikunosuke's request menu!
Curry-flavored paella with plenty of seafood &Ratatouille
#180May 10Autumn 4th consecutive week guest festival "3rd week guest: Takashi Okamura (Ninety Nine)
Takashi Okamura presents!
Fishing Revenge Sea Fishing & 2 exquisite items made from caught fish
Horse mackerel sashimi garlic miso sauce
Deep-fried sea bass and mackerel Lemon Mayo
#181May 10Autumn 4th consecutive week guest festival "4rd week guest: Takashi Okamura (Ninety Nine)
Okamura-san's request! Pork tokinokoStroganoff
& Okamura's recipe (secret) Egg soup!
#182May 10The second in the man's romance series!
Two exquisite dishes that eat up all the hormones
Miso hormone pot
Stir-fried hormone salt
Our miso 2 halfway through
(Jun Kunimura VTR appearance)
#183May 11The 10th snack special!
Three Japanese-style snacks to enjoy autumn in Japan!
Boiled food: Stir-fried gizzard
Japanese mustard spinach with shirasu ponzu sauce
Fried food: Fried saury
#184May 11The 8th authentic Italian food you can do at home!
Of shrimp and tomatoLinguine& Eggplant with blue cheese
#185May 11The 4th series that goes well with white rice!
Garlic chives roasted dumplings & bean sprouts fried in doubanjiang
#186May 11Local cuisine series "Tohoku edition"
Lots of taro and beef ingredients Boiled&Fukushima local cuisineSquid carrot
#187May 12Men's Rice in Bali "Eat and Learn Indonesian Food and Culture"
Ibu Oka (Ibu Oka)BABI GULING)
Our place mat made with batik
(Batik Studio BATIK PEJENG)
#188May 12Men's Rice in Bali "Let's learn by eating the authentic taste of nasi goreng at home in Bali"
The taste of Balinese bath!
Wayang's special! Nasi Goreng
San Barmela
#189May 12Arrange the taste of Bali with Japanese ingredients!
Kentaro style nasi goreng &Fried corn in Balinese style
San Barmela
#190May 12Family-friendly party menu
Japanese-style meatloaf & 2 typesBruschetta
Our series!
"Handmade olive oil"


2012 broadcast content
Number of broadcastsOn-air date(TX)MENUDating
#191May 1Osechi is good, but curry is also good! 1 hour SP
Kentaro style soup curry
& Taichi x Kentaro's mother recipe 2 items
Kobayashi family recipe
(Steps of cabbage and pork)
Kokubun family recipe
(Mother, squeeze!)
"Our soy sauce"
#192May 12011 Great Response Recipe Best 3
& Question corner from viewers
1st place: # 143 Kobayashi family's dry curry
2nd place: # 150 Sun Rattan Noodles
3rd place: # 160 Oyakodon with Torori Eggs
#193May 1Japanese set meal in winter! Grated salmon &
Lightly pickled carrots & pork and grilled long potato miso soup
#194May 1You can do it with a frying pan!
Chicken and scallop cream stew & mixed rice
"Our smoked"
#195May 1The second in the man's romance series!
Handmade fresh pasta and seared meat tomato sauce
Stick vegetable miso cheese dip
#196May 2New winter staple! Kentaro style soymilk chili oil pot
& Yellowtail Chinese Marinated Salad
#197May 2Winter snack special
Exquisite items I want you to make for Valentine's Day! 3 items
Boiled pork onion ginger sauce
Potato cream gratin
Watercress and cucumber salad
#198May 2Kentaro style stamina bowl
& Liver stamina salad
#199May 2Easy Italian plate!
porkPiccata& 2 items
Grilled broad beans and red paprika with Parmigiano
Cabbage curry marinade
#200May 3Broadcast 200th Anniversary Best Selection (1) # 001
Spring vegetable curry
Norabou greens
#201May 3Broadcast 200th Anniversary Best Selection (2) # 046
Must-see for boys! Popular dishes
Easy and easy! Authentic paella
Spanish garlic soup
#202May 3Broadcast 200th Anniversary Best Selection (3) # 047
4 crispy dishes! Seasonal spring set meal
(Spanish mackerel grilled with Saikyo / mixed rice with clams / rapeseed soup / asparagus soup)
#203May 3Broadcast 200th Anniversary Best Selection (4) # 049
Eat a whole bottle!
Bamboo shoot dishes that are synonymous with spring
(Chicken and bamboo shoots boiled in cream)
Roasted bamboo shoots
April Monthly Guest: Shinpei Kurihara
#204May 4A new standard with a pleasant texture! Lotus root and minced meat curry
& New potato dill sauce
#205May 4Using seasonal seafood
Shinpei style spring Japanese set meal
(Mixed rice with sakura shrimp and wakame seaweed / Grilled Spanish mackerel / Mackerel fish ball soup)
#206May 4New sensation pasta! Dried fishArio Orio
& Watercress salad & clam soup
#207May 4Moromi miso garlic steak with
Mushroom rice & spicy bitter gourd salad
#208May 4Chinjao roast spring rolls
& Shinpei style ethnic mixed rice
May Monthly Guest: Takashi Okamura
#209May 5Sea bream fishing to make aqua pazza
& Captain's direct story! 3 fishermen's dishes
(Aji'sLet's name/ Sanga grilled / Horse mackerel fish ball juice)
Grilled mackerel with salt
Mackerel sashimi
#210May 5Authentic Italian at home!
Sea bream aqua pazza & mackerel herb bread crumbs
#211May 5Takashi Okamura Presents
Bamboo shoot hunting & exquisite bamboo shoot dishes
(Bamboo shoot foil grilled / bamboo shoot croquette)
#212May 5Outdoor cooking with Takashi Okamura
HandmadeGrilled porkOne plate recipe
Mayo salad with roast pork and lettuce (it's delicious!)
Grilled pork fried rice
June Monthly Guest: Koh Kentetsu
#213May 6Authentic Korean food that you can cook at home!
Kentetsu styleKorean barbecue& KimchiRamyon
#214May 6Kentetsu style
Taiwanese style pork bowl& Stir-fried water spinach
4th sake brewing
Our makgeolli
#215May 6It goes well with alcohol! Easy to do
3 Kentetsu-style Asian snacks
Beer x sea bream boiled in Asian
Makgeolli x cucumber black namul
Shochu ×Yangnyeomchicken
#216May 6Kentetsu style Italian! Korean style carbonara &
Chopped vegetable salad &Shrimp boiled in garlic oil
July Monthly Guest: Yu Aoi
#217May 7Yu Aoi's request plan! Okinawan cuisine
squid'sHirayachi&LoofahStir-fried miso
Squid somenMayopon with vinegar
Okinawan style brown sugar honey and brown sugar shaved ice
#218May 7Yu Aoi's request project 2nd
Authentic Indian curry "SagPanille&Paratha'
Helper: Yoshimi Nile (Nile restaurant3rd generation)
July Monthly Guest: Harumi Kurihara
#219May 7Easy arrangement in the style of Harumi Kurihara!
Japanese-style mapo tofu & octopus flavored salad
July Monthly Guest: Yuzu Yujin Kitagawa & Harumi Kurihara
#220May 7Harumi style! Summer snacks using flavored joyu
Chinese stir-fried edamame & fried chicken & shrimp mixed soba
July Monthly Guest: Yuzu Yujin Kitagawa
#221May 7The 5th summer jjigae! Spare ribs and watercress jjigae
& Kitagawa's recipe! Exquisite pasta salad
August-Cook: Shinpei Kurihara
#222May 8Shinpei-ryu! Salt Dalesta Mina Butadon & Okra and Tofu Soup
& Crispy potato and ham salad
#223May 8Shinpei style! Chilled sesame sauce noodles with sea bream and eggplant
& Shrimp dumplings and tomato soup
#224May 8Very popular snack special
Shinpei-ryu! 3 simple summer snacks
Cold snacks: Grilled salmon pickled in nanban
Easy snacks: peppers and chikuwa with sesame oil
Hot snacks: Milanese chicken katsu
#225May 8Shinpei-ryu! Gutsuri-type one plate
Hamburger & coleslaw with tomato sauce
#226May 9Party menu!
Shinpei style feastManual winding& Easy Sun Rattan
#227May 9Shinpei style stamina menu 3 items
Sticky pork soboro bowl & eggplant sesame soup & gizzard vinegar
#228May 9Shinpei style! Grilled dumplings with plenty of vegetables
& Seafood Ankake Fried Rice
"Our chili oil"
#229May 9Shinpei style using pork block meat and seasonal mushrooms! Autumn curry
& Tomato salad with genovese sauce
#230May 9We used plenty of seasonal ingredients
Shinpei style! Autumn Japanese set meal
(Takikomi gohan with grilled saury / Burdock and long potato soup /
Fried eggplant enoki mushroom)
#231May 10Shinpei style! Showa set meal Japanese-style menchi-katsu &
Macaroni salad & chopped onion miso soup
#232May 10Authentic Italian food you can do at home!
Shrimp tomato cream pasta & salmon and garland chrysanthemum salad
#233May 10Authentic Chinese food!Sichuan Mapo Tofu&
Scallops and bok choy in cream
#234May 10Very popular! Snack special
Excellent compatibility with cold white wine! 3 autumn snacks
Marinated mushroom and eggplant yogurt sauce
Steamed clams with wine
Salmon burg mustard cheese dip
#235May 11The first men's share bowl!
Sweet and spicy sauce crispy pork bowl & Taichi recipe salad
"Our soy sauce (completion & tasting)"
Taichi recipe 14th
Avocado and scallions met
#236May 11Chinjao Roast Ankake Yakisoba
& Steamed chicken soup
#237May 11Dry curry with spicy chicken
& Ethnic carrot salad
#238May 11Exhausted seasonal oysters!
Shinpei-ryu spicy oyster hot pot & oyster chijimi-style omelet
Hot pot squeeze:egg×Kishimen
#239May 12Men's rice in Thailand "excellent"タ イ 料理Eat and learn about food culture "
Learn Gaithon Pratunam[Broken link] (Khao Managai)
Baan Khanitha at Fifty Three (Massa Man curry)
#240May 12Men's Rice in Thailand "Authentic Thai HomeTom yam kunglearn"
The auto-auto market
General household (Tom Yum Kung, stir-fried Thai-style vegetables)
Sawson Geo (Kao Nya Oma Muang)
#241May 12Arrange the tastes you met in Thailand with Japanese ingredients!
Shinpei-ryu! Khao Man Gai & Senmy Pat
#242May 12Christmas menu to enjoy with family
Roast beef & crispy chicken & flavored potatoes
#243May 12Can be made immediately during the year-end and New Year holidays
8 excellent recipes! Guest: Takashi Okamura, Koh Kentetsu, Harumi Kurihara
(Boiled whole chicken in soy sauce & crepe roll / Chinese rice cake /
Shinpei pork cutlet topped beef curry / Chili pepper and this cheese boiled /
Yellowtail heaven / chicken soba with plenty of green onions / mackerel soba with plenty of green onions)


2013 broadcast content
Number of times
#244May 12012 Great Response Recipe Best 3
& Question corner from viewers
1st place: # 229 Pork block meat this autumn curry
2nd place: # 207 Moromi miso garlic steak
3rd place: # 231 Japanese-style Menchi-katsu with Mentsuyu sauce
#245May 1Very popular! Snack special
Shinpei style! 3 winter snacks
Stewed beef tendon
Grilled yellowtail carpaccio
Bacon and cheese roll chicken cutlet
#246May 1Salted garlic pot with pork roses and cabbage
& Burdock tempura
#247May 1Warm your body from the core and boost your immunity!
Full of attention! Winter Japanese set meal
(Simmered sea bream ginger / grated root vegetable miso soup /
Stir-fried green beans and fried ginger)
#248May 2The second share bowl for men!
Three-layer beef sukiyaki bowl & radish pickled in sweet and sour sauce
#249May 2Pork and mushroom ragout sauce pasta
&Chocolate cake
#250May 2Men's Rice Kitchen LIVE 2013
Shrimp and potato mayonnaise bacon
Half & half pizza made from dough!
#251May 22 gutsuri menu items
Boiled pork fried rice & fried levanilla
#252May 3Handmade ethnic curry tukejiru udon
& ChikuwaIsobe fried
Curry udon noodles: rice x cheese
#253May 3Authentic Italian! Chicken tomato risotto
Taichi recipe! Salad with delicious dressing
Taichi recipe
Ichikoro salad
#254May 32 request menu items
Shinpei styleAdobo& Marinated green pepper of horse mackerel
#255May 3White rice goes on!
Chinese set meal
(Thick soup of trefoil and shiitake mushrooms / black vinegar meat dumplings / fried garlic sprouts and paprika)
"Oyster sauce"
#256May 3The second in the man's romance series!
Three exquisite dishes that thoroughly eat seasonal shellfish!
(Paella of clams and clams, turban shellEscargotWind, carpaccio of tori shellfish)
#257May 4Very popular! Snack SP
Shinpei style spring vegetable snacks 3 dishes
Japanese: Rape blossomsBoiled fish
Yo: Bamboo shoots with raw ham cheese
Medium: Stir-fried chicken and broad beans
#258May 4Fluffy egg omelet rice
& Snack coleslaw
#259May 4Authentic Italian! Gizzard tomato sauce pasta
Grilled squid with spices Liver cream sauce
#260May 4We used plenty of seasonal ingredients
Shinpei style spring Japanese set meal
(Sesame bonito / Trefoil and green onion salad / Stir-fried pods and chicken with miso)
Sesame bonito chazuke
#261May 5Spring vegetables and swordfish curry
Pickles of okra and paprika
#262May 5You can easily do it with supermarket ingredients!
Shinpei style Turkish food
(GrilledManti/Yogurt salad/Shish kebab)
#263May 5Revenge project! 2nd guest: Takashi Okamura
Let's catch sea bream and make aqua pazza this year
& Exquisite using mackerelsandwich
#264May 5Guest: Takashi Okamura
Make with the caught sea bream! Tomato and sea bream
Acqua pazza & salad-style carpaccio
Urgent planning!
Tasting sea bream milt
#265May 6The second share bowl for men!
Tonteki bowl & horse mackerel spicy black vinegar salad
Taichi recipe
Men's salad
#266May 6Lunch royal road menu
MisoTanmen& Takana and Jako fried rice with egg
#267May 6Deep-fried chicken!
I eat it with two kinds of sauce, so fried chicken and fried chicken bowl
#268May 6The guests:Tomo Kurihara
The second in the man's romance series!
3 exquisite dishes that thoroughly eat seasonal octopus
Octopus carpaccio
Deep-fried octopus
#269May 6Local cuisine series "Kumamoto edition'
Taipien&Chikuwa potato salad
#270May 7Guest: Yu Aoi
Shinpei style meat dumplings &
Okonomiyaki of fluffy Chinese cabbage
Shaved ice of strawberry milk
#271May 7Guest: Koh Kentetsu
Make with Koh Kentetsu!
3 summer snacks that go well with beer
(Korean-style green onion ball grilled / sardine nanban tataki / Kentetsu style chicken wings fried)
The 4th men's rice!
Thai rice (Khao Home Mali) Making
#272May 7Guest: Koh Kentetsu
Shinpei vs Kentetsu
Somen cuisine & association showdown
Wax gourd and meatballs boiled in spicy cream
Ankake somen with shiitake mushrooms and pork
Sichuan-style spicy somen
Pickled bitter gourd in sweet and sour sauce
#273May 7Cartilage crunchy avocado burger
& Shrimp cutlet burger
#274May 8Arrange Okinawan food!
Manganji chili and bitter gourd chanpuru fried egg
& Gorogoro meat heart flat flowJuicy
#275May 8Midsummer Jjigae 6th!
W soup of pork and clams, chige & garlic fried rice
#276May 8White rice goes on! Shinpei style spicy ginger grilled
& Stir-fried mustard soy sauce with bean sprouts & Moroheiya and seaweed soup
#277May 8Milanese katsuretsu bowl with thresh tomato sauce
& Avocado and Bean Mayonnaise Salad
#278May 9Bone-in chicken thigh and fried eggplant soup curry &
Taichi recipe! Summer vegetable saute with basil yogurt sauce
Taichi recipe
Yogurt dar
#279May 9Eat in the heat of the heat Chicken salt chilled Chinese
& Kakiage of corn
#280May 9Easy Chinese food at home!
Shinpei style Tianjin rice& Seafood Shumai
#281May 9We used plenty of seasonal ingredients
Shinpei style! Autumn Japanese set meal
(Takikomi gohan with mushrooms / Stir-fried miso soup with root vegetables / Grated flatfish)
#282May 9The second share bowl for men!
Demi-glaceSteak bowl & okra and garlic soup
#283May 10The guests:Ueno Juri
AuthenticGapaoRice & coriander and mushroom salad
& Stir-fried shrimp with ketchup
Stir-fried water spinach
Juri Ueno recipe
#284May 10Authentic Italian! Gazami crab tomato sauce pasta
& Carrot and celery cottage cheese salad
#285May 10Enjoy the taste of autumn
Easy snack special
Sanma oil sardine style
Grilled pork and maitake with cheese
Taichi recipe
"Eggplant work (eggplant and long potato snacks)"
#286May 10The second in the man's romance series!
3 chili dishes that are particular about spiciness and deliciousness
(Spicy stir-fried potatoes / Fried chicken and spicy stir-fried raw chili peppers / Tahini and meat miso with heart-shaped noodles)
#287May 11Cheese in tomato stewed hamburger &
Broccoli and mushroom saute
#288May 11Men's Rice in Singapore "Eat and Learn Singapore"
Na Ah Sio (Huang fine)
-Bak kut teh
Sakunthala's (Sakuntarasu)
・ Fish head curry
・ Chilli crab / ・chicken rice
#289May 11Men's Rice in Singapore "Learn Singapore's Home Cooking!"
Liz mom special!Laksa
Maxwell Food Center
・ Bean sprout
・ Duck Quay Chap
・ Popia
・ Seafood Delight
#290May 11Arrange Singaporean food in a heart-warming style!
Bak kut teh & steamed bean sprouts and gizzard garlic soy sauce
Making original sausage
#291May 12Chicken and bonito dashi W soup chicken salt hot pot
& Kakiage of auction and sakura shrimp
#292May 12The royal road for lunch!
Spicy lettuce fried rice & tuna dumplings
#293May 12Two exquisite dishes using yogurt!
Chicken tomato gratin & coleslaw
#294May 12Kurihara family roast chicken &
Grilled Camembert cheese with avocado and mushrooms
#295May 122 simple New Year's Eve noodles
Natto fried noodles & fried meat udon


2014 broadcast content
Number of times
#296May 1New Year 2 Hours SP Guest: Takashi Okamura, Koh Kentetsu, Juri Ueno
If you get tired of osechi, you want to eat it!
10 fish dishes and snacks that you can make right away
・ Grilled sea bream with herbs
・ Tsukiji Bouillabaisse
・ Shinpei-chan's special! Sweet and spicy Japanese-style bonito flakes
・ Kentetsu's special! Inada's eaten with yolk miso sauceShabu shabu
・ Okamura Recipe Pepper sesame oil & salt sauce "Super easy with bell peppers! Speed-oriented guy"
・ Kentetsu fried dumplings using seasonal ingredients as ingredients "Kaki fried dumplings"
・ Juri Ueno's snack "Nakayo skewer", a change of pork and vegetables
・ Juri Ueno's snacks Shimadōfu!
・ Taichi Recipe Garlic soy sauce grilled with scissors and vegetables "Sasamin"
・ Shinpei recipe Grilled rice ball with kelp Beef soboro
#297May 12013 Great Response Recipe Best 3
& Question corner from viewers
2 kinds of all-purpose sauce (dill sauce / genovese sauce)
1st place: # 266 Miso tanmen that can be easily made at home
2nd place: # 247 Japanese set meal in winter with ginger
3rd place: # 246 Pork rose and cabbage salt garlic hot pot
#298May 1Mushroom curry with W sauce boiled in cream
& Shinpei style grilled curry
#299May 1Winter feast Japanese set meal・ Teriyaki yellowtail
・ Spinach and enoki mushroom soup stock
・ Shiitake mushroom stuffed miso soup
・ NagaimoTororo
#300May 2Men's rice 300th anniversary!
Special that invited customers
TomatoItalian sausageShirasu cheese
Half & half pizza!
#301May 2Japanese-style hot pot of duck and watercress &
Deep-fried chicken and tofu
#302May 2The first bowl of men's commitment!
W chicken Yurinchi bowl & super easy! Pickled cabbage in Harbin
#303May 22 request menu items
Steamed vegetables and seafood & crispy rice cake chige soup
#304May 3The second in the man's romance series!
3 exquisite dishes that are particular about lamb meat
・ Garlic sauteed lamb with vinegar sauce
・ Lamb chop herb bread crumbs
・ Lamb's Lagu Pasta
#305May 3Women rejoice!eggs Benedict&
Tomato clam chowder & simmeringPudding
#306May 3A new standard lunch that you want to eat
Dandan noodles & fried green onions and shirasu
#307May 3Spring snacks SP using seasonal ingredients・ Parmigiano-Reggiano of grilled broad beans
・ Sea bream
・ Stir-fried pork and rape blossoms with oysters
#308May 3Spicy stir-fried pork and squid & shrimp cashew spring rolls
Sasami with Zha cai and soup
"Our beer making"
#309May 4You can easily do it with just one frying pan!
Shinpei-ryu loco moco that is particular about rice and sauce
#310May 4Spring Japanese set meal that can be used as a lunch box・ Grilled chicken thighs with white miso
・ Moist sesame sauce
・ Mixed rice balls with pork and bamboo shoots
・ Grilled rice balls
"Our beer making"
#311May 4Shinpei style! Spring vegetable curry &
New potatoes with green onions and orangecompote
#312May 4Aji fry bowl to enjoy with 2 kinds of sauce
& Ushi soup
・ Ooba miso mayo sauce
・ Yuzu tartar sauce
#313May 5Shinpei style seafood chirashizushi &
Deep-fried chicken wings & chicken terimayo skewers
#314May 5A little fashionable and easy to make
Mediterranean style one plate
・ Sauteed pork roses
"Our beer making"
#315May 5Pho's shabu-shabu tailoring &
Vietnamese okonomiyaki Vinceo
#316May 51 hour SP guest:Oizumi Hiroshi
Soft juicy pork cutlet & natto carbonara
&Matsumoto green onion(Secret) exquisite dishes using
Oizumi's recipe "Special Duck pot'
#317May 6WholeMao eggplant& Chinese style clam soup
Taichi recipe mizuna salad
Taichi recipe "polka dots"
#318May 6Guest: Yu Aoi
Yu Aoi's request! Mackerel miso
& Make with hot plateTile soba
Mr. Aoi's snack "Iburi Pone"
#319May 6The second in the man's romance series!
3 garlic dishes with perfect stamina
・ Stewed pork roses in stamina
・ Garlic Menchi
・ Shrimp garlic oil
"Our garlic"
#320May 6Lunch royal road menu
Dumplings with plenty of gravy & soup fried rice
#321May 7Sea bream and zucchini carpaccio &
Fried chicken wings BBQ grilled & fried eggplant and garland chrysanthemum with Chinese food
#322May 7NamulBibim noodles&
Green onion ginger who's meat dumplings
Our garlic harvest
The 2 bullet
Shinpei-chan instant recipe
"Kamaboko and tomato with kimchi"
#323May 7A new standard for summer curry!
Butter chicken curry & 2 kinds of naan
#324May 7The guests:Tadayoshi Okura(Kanjani Eight)
Simple but delicious classic fried rice &
Boiled chicken with coriander & oyster soup
Okura's recipe
"Chicken Park" "Gautama Buddha"
#325May 8A standard menu that is very popular at family restaurants!
Grilled scallops and summer vegetables &Vichyssoise
Instant recipe for the first time in Mucha "Scallop string carpaccio"
#326May 8Easy at home! Absolutely deliciousGrilled meatYou can easily do it with the remaining ingredients! Bibimbap-style yakimesh
#327May 8Okinawa's classic lunch!
Shinpei styleSoki Soba& Juicy
#328May 8Easy to make at home! Popular family restaurant menu
Jambalaya & Jerk Chicken &Caesar salad
#329May 8Japanese-style stewed hamburger & carrot grain mustard salad
& Eggplant and shimeji mushroom soup
#330May 9The second in the special bowl series!
WSauce cutlet bowl& Komatsuna miso soup
Pickled yogurt
#331May 9Nostalgic taste A classic lunch menu!
Shinpei style Napolitan &Taramo salad
#332May 9The second in the man's romance series!
Three exquisite dishes that are particular about cheese
・ Cheese in a frying pan
・ With mozzarellaParmigianoPasta
-Gorgonzola Ofsauteed pork
#333May 9We used plenty of seasonal ingredients
Shinpei style autumn Japanese set meal 2014
・ Autumn salmon and mushroom cooked rice
・ Super easyGrilled eggplant
・ Fried saury
#334May 10Mushroom noodle soup & shrimp and lotus root pancake
& Grilled miso chicken
#335May 10White rice goes on Easy at home! Chinese set meal!-Fried meat
・ Chinese cabbage and ham soup
・ Grilled wonton
#336May 10Italian dry curry & Taichi mother recipe exquisite salad-
#337May 10Japanese-style ankake stewed udon with shrimp and carrot fried
& Chopped ginger grilled rice balls
#338May 11Recipe using seasonal ingredients oysters・ Oyster tapping
・ Kakinira egg
·Deep fried oysters
#339May 11Guest: Koh Kentetsu
Easy at home! Local B-class gourmet
Hanton rice& Hormone miso-yaki udon
#340May 11Guest: Koh Kentetsu
Malaysian home-cooked nasi lemak & chicken spiced
Larb-style pork shabu-shabu salad
#341May 11Beef and rich miso cream sauce pastaPop candy
#342May 11Fried rice and Negimunchi with beef stewed in oyster sauce
#343May 12Winter Japanese set meal Shinpei-chan bag taste special・ Sablefish scent
-Miso soup with pork and vegetables
・ Boiled lotus root and suki kelp
#344May 12The second in the man's romance series!
An exquisite recipe that sticks to ginger
・ Oni ginger sauce beef bowl
・ Shredded ginger meat dumplings
・ Tsukudani of ginger
#345May 12New winter staple! Sukiyaki pot with chicken and flavored vegetables
& Lotus root and long potato fried on the beach


2015 broadcast content
Number of times
#346May 1New Year 2 Hours SP Guest: Takashi Okamura,Tomoya Nagase,Nana EikuraBroadcast at 16:00-18:00.
#347May 1Great response recipe 2014 best 3
#348May 1Sanratanmen
#349May 1Roll cutlet set meal of melty cheese
#350May 2Spicy rib bowl
#351May 2The guests:Ryoko Hirosue
Just before Valentine's Day! Snack Special
#352May 2Seafood Nori Jjigae & Shrimp John
#353May 2TaiwanFirst half Taiwanese cuisineEat and learn!
#354May 3The second half of the Taiwan edition Let's learn Taiwanese food at home!
#355May 3Taiwan takeaway menu
#356May 3Okonomiyaki using a hot plate
#357May 3The 12th man's romance series! Bacon
#358May 3Spring Japanese set meal
#359May 4Japanese-style paella of salted salmon & chicken and potato cheese gratin
#360May 4Whole black sesame mapo tofu
#361May 4Spring snack special
#362May 4Char siu noodles & grilled pork fried rice
#363May 5European-style beef curry
#364May 5Easy authentic Italian Genovese pasta at home
#365May 5The guests:Kimura Tae
Bulgogi hot pot & puttanesca style meatballs
#366May 5Coarse ground demiglace hamburger & macaroni tuna salad
#367May 5Fried Tatsuta
#368May 6Easy Italian snacks at home
#369May 6Discerning bowl series 4th grilled mackerel bowl
#370May 6Stamina Chinese set meal
#371May 6The 13th man's romance series Soba
#372May 7Chinese style soup curry
#373May 7Hamukatsu & okra and long potato plum miso soup
#374May 7Tom Yum Kung & Pad Thai
#375May 7Use up ingredients! Cooking with bitter gourd
#376May 8The guests:Yoshihiko Inohara
Midsummer 1 hour SP
#377May 8Summer classic! 3 kinds of somen noodles
#378May 8Hiyajiru & Chicken Nanban
#379May 8Guest: Koh Kentetsu
Korean food that you want to eat in the summer
#380May 8Guest: Yu Aoi
2 types of burritos & Aoi recipe raw spring rolls
#381May 9Ethnic herb dumplings & water spinach fried noodles
#382May 9Easy Italian at home using autumn ingredients
#383May 9Autumn Japanese set meal
#384May 9Discerning bowl series 5th Spicy Sansho Soboro rice steak bowl
#385May 10Spanish snack SP
#386May 10Man's romance series squid
#387May 10Musouro & spicy fried spring rolls & ham and lettuce soup
#388May 10Seafood Sara Udon & Seafood Champon
#389May 11Pork hayashi rice & Taichi recipe mushroom salad
#390May 11Delicious oden up to the squeeze
#391May 11Cooked rice "Biryani" & Indian-style tempura
#392May 11Salted mackerel rice & fried mackerel black vinegar sauce & mackerel grated
#393May 11Now to the hottest Philippines! Eat Philippine specialties!
#394May 12A hot topic in the gourmet world! Suitable for Japanese people! Learn Philippine home cooking!
#395May 12Perfect for Japanese people! Filipino food and takeaway recipes that are popular now
#396May 12Chicken sesame mizore nabe & tuna and bean sprouts with Chinese food


2016 broadcast content
Number of times
#397May 1New Year SP Full of real charm! Takashi Okamura & Juri Ueno & Masahiro Higashide's special dishesBroadcast at 16:00-18:00.
#398May 1Shock curry !? Discerning bowl !? (Secret) ramen !? "Great response recipe best 3"
#399May 1Nabeyaki udon with tongue salt and lettuce & fried green onions and carrots
#400May 1Chicken rice croquette & curry rice croquette
#401May 1Soy milk cream pasta & cod and egg fusilli
#402May 2Beef Stew & Thousand Island Dressing Salad
#403May 2Yellowtail flavored vegetable sauce & taro boiled & sesame chicken
#404May 2Sunratan fried rice & bite-sized shiso dumplings
#405May 2Winter Japanese set meal using meat
#406May 3The 15th man's romance series!
#407May 3Grilled cheese curry and basil chicken & Taichi recipe
#408May 3Pork shabu-shabu spicy noodles & avocado egg cheese (other)
#409May 3Two types of rice balls that go well with fluffy juicy hamburger steak and bento
#410May 4Super easy & plenty of seasonal ingredients! Spring Japanese set meal 2016 & unusual cheese
#411May 4Supporting a new life! Exquisite omelet rice and special salad that can be made with just one frying pan
#412May 49th series that goes well with white rice Spicy ginger grilled
#413May 4Salted steak that you can enjoy bonito tartar and katsuretsu shime
#414May 5Hot plate dish! Hand-rolled crepe & tonpei-yaki & chicken-chan-yaki
#415May 5Authentic Spanish Shrimp and Mushroom Plancha
#416May 5Popular! Discerning bowl series Beef kakuni spicy bowl & okra and egg soup
#417May 5Japanese-style fried rice & Japanese-style dumplings
#418May 5Breaded pork amatriciana & sardines
#419May 6Three exquisite products using the popular "Man's Romance Series" and "Sansho"
#420May 6Blow away the rainy season! Tororo! Garlic pork! Bean sprout kimchi! Exquisite stamina set meal
#421May 6Seafood curry and refreshing salad using summer vegetables
#422May 6Arrange Noodle Festival 2016
#423May 7Delicious for both children and adults! Easy! Decorate your summer dining table with Okinawan home-cooked food!
#424May 7It goes well with beer! Summer exquisite snacks SP! Seasonal eggplant! Spare ribs! Shrimp!
#425May 7Koh Kentetsu's (secret) technique! Perfect for side dishes! Popular side menu of yakiniku restaurant
#426May 7Exquisite Brazilian home cooking
#427May 7Tae Kimura's super-easy! Summer exquisite dishes that can be done in no time with few ingredients
#428May 8Ethnic chicken rice & Taichi special salad
#429May 8Authentic hamburgers and potatoes you want to eat in the summer
#430May 83 exquisite bukkake rice
#431May 83 best stamina dishes to eat in the summer
#432May 93 kinds of arranged somen
#433May 9Yu Aoi Recipe! Easy salad & dressing that goes well with anything! Crab croquette
#434May 93 exquisite autumn snacks
#435May 9Rice cooked with octopus and mushrooms, etc.
#436May 10Popular! The 7th in the special bowl series! Roast pork bowl with sweet and spicy rice bowl
#437May 10Gomoku Uma Boiled Noodles & Exquisite! Spring Rolls
#438May 10Man's romance series Chili Manganji Chili miso miso and 2 other items
#439May 10"Leek cream cheese hamburger steak" using the popular skillet
#440May 10in Korea! Eat delicious Korean gourmet food at specialty stores for Japanese people!
#441May 11Korean SP! Exquisite direct from mom! Home cooking! Galbi-jjim & Japchae
#442May 11Easy arrangement of the taste of famous Korean restaurants! Digikarubi & Kongnamul Kuppa
#443May 11Hot plate project 5th Arranged dishes with takoyaki plate!
#444May 11The strongest fried rice! Fried rice and shrimp dumplings using bonito flakes
#445May 12Just simmer tomato pazza & peperoncino
#446May 12Japanese-style pot-au-feu and easy turnip salad with seasonal root vegetables and pork ribs
#447May 12Apple pie & shop taste that won't fail! Bone-in chicken thigh with white wine and herbs


2017 broadcast content
Number of times
#448May 1New Year SP Kuranosuke Sasaki& Juri Ueno & Takashi Okamura cook exquisite dishes!Broadcast at 16:00-17:55.
#449May 1Everything is excellent! Easy! The 2016 best recipes of 3!
#450May 1W sauce curry of beef tendon and tomato & potato salad of Takuan
#451May 1The second popular! Soba! Chinese noodles! Udon! Super easy! Winter arrangement noodle festival
#452May 1Plenty of seasonal ingredients! Warm Japanese set meal in winter! Spicy yellowtail radish
#453May 2Man's romance series "ham" ham and Chinese cabbage baked cheese pasta (other)
#454May 2Specially made by Ryoko Hirosue! Fluffy chicken dumpling soup & fried swordfish
#455May 2Shrimp and chicken !! Double dumpling ethnic hot pot
#456May 2Exquisite steak & seasonal turnip pottage
#457May 3Enjoy the texture of fried rice and gyoza
#458May 3Handmade pasta & herb scent! Authentic Bolognese sauce
#459May 3Cold pork roses & thick tofu & Spanish mackerel
#460May 3Keema curry and dandan noodles with meat
#461May 4Piccata & Italian hormone grilled & exquisite pasta on a hot plate
#462May 4Spring Japanese set meal Two dishes using spring ingredients, including rice cooked with clams
#463May 4Spicy ginger grilled & hamburger (other)
#464May 4Mixed fried set meal
#465May 4Pork cream sauce pizza
#466May 5Discerning bowl series! Teritama chicken bowl & chicken soup
#467May 5Plenty of umami seafood mapo tofu & octopus and celery onion oil
#468May 5Whole Hokkaido! Plenty of delicious seasonal vegetables!
#469May 5Rich black sardines & chicken lemon chilled Chinese
#470May 6New project! Local rice series Kagoshima !! Chicken rice & fried rice & gane
#471May 6Stamina set meal !! Garlic sprout pork roll roll and 2 other items
#472May 6Popular fried rice dumpling series !! Tom Yum fried rice and flavored vegetable dumplings
#473May 6In the hot season! Easy! Summer small bowl snacks that go well with beer !!
#474May 7Know the role of spices and make them! Summer authentic chicken curry
#475May 7Iron hot pot series !! Japanese style burdock roll hamburger & burdock miso soup
#476May 7Tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers! Let's eat summer vegetables deliciously! Easy & excellent 4 dishes
#477May 7Summer arrangement noodles made with Koh Kentetsu! Gomajiso pasta & Mouthwater chicken
#478May 7Even if you don't have an appetite, you can eat it lightly! 3 super-easy "bukkake rice"
#479May 8Refreshing with chilled sauce and grated cucumber! Summer shabu-shabu
#480May 8Perfect for summer lunch! Two sandwiches that both adults and children can enjoy
#481May 8The taste of meat! Soft in the style of kakuni! Chinese set meal mainly made of black sweet and sour pork
#482May 84 noodles, soba noodles, Chinese noodles arranged noodles
#483May 9Super horse & trendy food on hot plate! Cheese Dak-galbi & John
#484May 9Fluffy omelet rice & cold vegetables with mushrooms and tomatoes
#485May 9Yu Aoi and BBQ! Easy for beginners! Cooking with a Dutch oven
#486May 9It's easy, but it's one rank higher! 3 excellent barbecues!
#487May 10Autumn snacks using seasonal saury! 3 exquisite arrangements that are different from usual
#488May 10Showa Western restaurant menu 2nd roll cabbage
#489May 10Autumn Japanese set meal using seasonal salmon and oysters!
#490May 10Local rice triple soup stock Kiritanpo hotpot & Yokote Yakisoba with sauce
#491May 103 easy Italian dishes at home! Seasonal mushroom Ario Orio
#492May 11Popular discerning bowl! Three layers of delicious food! Demi-glace beef cutlet bowl
#493May 11Easy but authentic! Soup curry with plenty of autumn vegetables!
#494May 11Stick to seafood! Garlic fried rice & dumplings without meat!
#495May 11Healthy & authentic "hot pot" & Chinese style white
#496May 12Chicken is the leading role! Winter Japanese set meal XNUMX dishes Chicken sesame vinegar & cooked rice
#497May 12in Hong Kong Crab miso noodles & cooked rice ... Eat new classic Hong Kong dishes
#498May 12Home-cooked shrimp and vermicelli XO sauce and soup from the gourmet city of Hong Kong
#499May 12Hong Kong Takeaway Recipe! Minced Pork Clay Pot Rice & Stewed Chicken


2018 broadcast content
Number of times
#500May 1Broadcast 500 times commemoration!Yakushimaru Hiroko Arimura Kajun Takashi Okamura's exquisite home cookingBroadcast at 16:00-17:55.
#501May 1Announcing the No. 2017 recipe for 1!
#502May 1Soba, udon, Chinese noodles! 3 winter arranged noodles
#503May 1Warm hot pot! You can eat a lot of vegetables! Hirahira Yuzu Kosho hot pot
#504May 1Adult Menchi-katsu Curry & Salmon and Avocado Tartar
#505May 2Easy with actress Tae Kimura! Snack special! Plenty of meat and vegetables
#506May 2Authentic lasagna and colorful vegetable cup salad & caramel
#507May 2Salted beef ribs with plenty of vegetables & Taichi recipe, garland chrysanthemum namul
#508May 3The third local rice! Saga Sicilian Rice & Squid Shumai
#509May 3Easy but authentic on White Day! Chicken and seafood paella & onion soup
#510May 3Seasonal spring cabbage! 3 exquisite dishes to enjoy according to cooking method
#511May 3The strongest combination Lagyo 2nd! Onion oil scented sanma noodles & ginger dumplings
#512May 4New life support SP! Stewed chicken in tomato that can be arranged in various dishes
#513May 4Spring Japanese set meal using shellfish! 2 exquisite seasonal clams & new bamboo shoot cooked rice
#514May 4The first 10th anniversary SP! Announcing the 1 best recipes for great response!
#515May 4Announced the 10st place of the great response recipe for 1 years &Yousuke Eguchi2 excellent requests
#516May 4Yosuke Eguchi groans! Easy but not easy to see! 4 snacks
#517May 5Make with a hot plate! 2 kinds of takoyaki! Pork lemon teppanyaki!
#518May 5Showa Western-style restaurant series! Omu Hayashi & Onion Tomato Salad
#519May 5Ryoko Hirosue is easy! Show off Brazilian classic home-cooked food that Japanese people like!
#520May 5New arrangement of chilled Chinese! Spicy & Western style !?
#521May 6Easy for beginners! 2 excellent barbecues! Spare ribs & pork pilaf!
#522May 6A higher-grade barbecue menu taught by outdoor masters!
#523May 6Melty cheese! Luxury cheese hamburger curry &Salad chickenAppetizers
#524May 6Eggplant, tomato, zucchini easy! Eat summer vegetables deliciously in Japanese, Western, and Chinese
#525May 7Exquisite arrangement of local gourmet! Kumamoto / Nankan fried & Karashi Renkon
#526May 7Blow away the heat! Stamina set meal! Stir-fried pork and garlic sprouts with stamina
#527May 7Three exquisite summer snacks using the popular gizzard, edamame, and eggplant!
#528May 7Plenty of seasonal vegetables!Easy at home! 3 Italian summer dishes!
#529May 7Udon, soba, yakisoba, refreshing & gutsuri summer arrangement noodles 3 items!
#530May 8Easy at home, exquisite ethnic! Nasi goreng & satay!
#531May 8Aoi Yu3 exquisite summer bukkake dishes!
#532May 8Perfect for hot summers! 3 refreshing and easy dishes using vinegar!
#533May 8Recommended for this time of harsh summer heat! Special feature on curry you want to eat in the summer !!
#534May 9Make the surplus somen even more delicious! 3 exquisite arrangement somen!
#535May 93 exquisite recipes using seasonings that tend to be left over!
#536May 9Autumn Japanese set meal using seasonal mackerel!
#537May 9Tae Kimura's cold lunch recipe
#538May 9Popular project! Fried rice & dumplings 10th!
#539May 10Three exquisite snacks made with seasonal ingredients in autumn!
#540May 10Showa Western restaurant series! Crispy chicken sauteed tomato sauce
#541May 10Salted parco noodles & spicy bean sprouts
#542May 10Sour hot pot is popular this year !? Onion black vinegar hot pot !!
#543May 11Pandemic! Let's make Osaka spice curry
#544May 11Local rice in Gifu prefecture! Toritoma bowl & pickled steak !!
#545May 11Radish, burdock, taro ... Let's eat seasonal root vegetables deliciously!
#546May 11Man's romance! Let's make soba shop snacks at home !!
#547May 12Japanese set meal in winter! Grilled pork loin with white miso and kenchin-jiru !!
#548May 12Overseas edition! Learn Macanese food by eating it!
#549May 12Learn Macau home cooking from a local mom!
#550May 12Macanese food at home! African chicken & minced !!


2019 broadcast content
Number of times
#551May 1
Tadanobu Asano, Haru Kuroki, Takashi Okamura are here !! New Year 2 hour special
Haru Kuroki (Kuroki family special dumplings, easy! Authentic green curry)
Tadanobu Asano (Jibu-ni, pork ginger teriyaki, sesame miso soup)
easy!Hot plate menu
(Makimaki pork ribs, okonomiyaki specially made by the Kuroki family)
Legend Matsushita's 2019 fashionable goods
(Dream Gen Peeler, Super Stone Barrier Knife, Rubber Pon Smooth)
"New Year's New Year's Challenge!"
#552May 1Announced last year's number one dish !! Men's Rice Award 1
((XNUMX) Udon noodles, (XNUMX) Adult Menchi-katsu curry, (XNUMX) Stir-fried pork ribs and garlic sprouts with stamina)
Introducing ham cheese egg toast.
#553May 1Warm arrangement noodles in winter!Three exquisite dishes in Japanese, Western and Chinese !!
(Sweet and spicy sauce udon with beans and burdock, miso noodles with meat dumplings, salted fried noodles with lamb and tomato)
Wild boar gourmet
(Kon boar, wild boar dumplings, wild boar ramen)
#554May 1Popular this winter !? The second sour hot pot!Taiwanese style pork rose Chinese cabbage hot pot !!
(Steamed spareribs, pork roses and pickled Chinese cabbage)
Evolutionary sweets
(Kikyou Shingen Mochi Fried Bread, Split Chocolate Senbei, Pine Baum)
#555May 1Both adults and children can enjoy!Three exquisite fried chicken !!
(Crispy fried grated onion, deep-fried crispy texture, crispy fried chicken)
Slicer for certain ingredients
(Banaslapon !, cake slicer, mochisura)
#556May 2The second recipe that uses seasonings that tend to be left over, such as bean plate jean and yuzu pepper!
(Fried sand liver and long potatoes with yuzu pepper, winter melon and pumpkin doubanjiang miso, and boiled flatfish in gochujang)
The latest coriander products
(Coriander-spicy, coriander bath base, cilantro mint natural tooth paste)
#557May 2Four Japanese dishes that will make Valentine's Day happy, such as meat potatoes and chawanmushi!
(Steamed seafood chawanmushi, licked tofu soup, grilled apples, meat potatoes with plenty of flesh)
◯◯ 3 gourmet dishes
(Magic sprinkle, Arimanma, Misomaru)
#558May 2Very popular !! The 11th fried rice & dumpling project uses whole oysters ...!?
(Prippuri oyster dumplings, green pepper steak ankake fried rice)
Curry using popular products
(Tyrolean chocolate and kelp curry, lemon milk curry, Nakano no Miyako Konbu curry)
#559May 2Local gourmet in Miyazaki!Meat-wrapped rice balls and spicy noodles !!
(Meat-wrapped rice balls, spicy noodles, Miyazaki craft beer)
Unknown snacks from Miyazaki prefecture
(Obiten, plum meat takuan, sleepy tofu)
#560May 3Ryoko Hirosue is here!3 party menus that you can enjoy at the Doll's Festival !!
(Salt herb sausage, children's happy party petit burger, everyone is happy ♪ adult paella)
Guest, Ryoko Hirosue ⑤
#561May 3Japanese food you want to make on White Day!Beef tongue set meal !!
(Gyutan grilled salted beef with nanban miso of eggplant and white miso of cucumber, fried tofu, beef tail soup style)
Our calendar 2019-2020 photo session
#562May 3Using seasonal wild plants and shellfish ... Spring snack special!
(Cauliflower cream croquette, steamed hard clam lemon whiskey, spring salad of udo and fukinoto)
Spicy chicken snacks
(Chicken meatballs, Tsukune chicken meatballs, Koshu Jidori tomato chili oil)
#563May 3Potato salad, pilaf and lasagna with popular mackerel and sardine cans
(Pilaf in mackerel cans, potato salad in mackerel cans, lasagna in sardine cans)
Incandescent game
(Finger hammer marking, AMAZING ROULETTE, pie face)
#564May 3Octopus, new potatoes and rape blossoms!Spring Japanese set meal using seasonal ingredients !!
(Octopus rice, new potato soy sauce butter, rape blossoms and fried miso soup, chicken plum simmered in miso)
3 new sensation kamaboko
(Shimane prefecture, squid kamaboko, Tottori prefecture, long potato kamaboko, Hyogo prefecture, squid skin kamaboko)
#565May 4Spring classic festival!The first is 3 classic bowls !!
(Gyudon, chicken soboro bowl, oyakodon)
Announcement of "Men's Rice Book No. 11".
Our edamame making: Introducing "Otsunahime".
#566May 4Commemorating the release of "Men's Rice Book No. 11"!Recommended recipes for spring, summer, autumn and winter
(Hot plate planning 2 kinds of takoyaki, crispy chicken chanpuru, beef mala fried rice, crispy fried grated onion)
Announcement of "Men's Rice Book No. 11".
#567May 4The second spring classic festival!3 classic pasta items !!
(Carbonara, minced meat sauce, Japanese-style soy sauce pasta with pork and Japanese mustard spinach)
Change of service area Dane dog
(Natto dog, Tochio fried dog, Mitarashi dango coppe with first goose soy sauce)
#568May 4The third spring classic festival!3 classic fish dishes !!
(Simmered mackerel miso, teriyaki swordfish, fried hydrangea)
3 tabletop cookware
(Homemade Yakitori Maker, 360 Degree Rotating Tissery Grill, Dancing! Takoyaki Machine)
#569May 5The 3th spring classic festival!XNUMX classic stir-fried dishes !!
(Ginger pork, stir-fried meat and vegetables, stir-fried pork kimchi)
Cross-section gourmet 3 items
(Panda / Rabbit bread, watermelon moist Baumkuchen, freshly picked! Fresh !? This maglor)
#570May 5Gradually popular new sensation curry!Marvo Curry !!
(Marvo curry, King trumpet ethnic nira sauce)
3 unusual mayonnaise
(Explosion MAYO, apple mayonnaise, black truffle mayonnaise)
#571May 5Recommended for the holiday season!Two exquisite hamburgers !!
(Sweet chili chicken cutlet burger, teriyaki moon viewing burger, green laver gang fried potato & onion ring)
3 evolved chili oils to eat
(Shizuoka prefecture, eating eel chili oil, Niigata prefecture, persimmon seed oil pickled garlic chili oil, Miyagi prefecture, beef tongue chili oil)
#572May 5Hiyashi chuka has begun!Exquisite arrangement 3 chilled Chinese dishes !!
(Cappellini-style chilled tomatoes, black vinegar chilled Chinese, soymilk sardines chilled Chinese)
3 unusual konjac gourmet dishes
(Konjac ice cream, black soybean-style konjac, mountain konjac)
#573May 6Man's romance!The second snack from a soba shop !!
(Chawanmushi-style omelet rolls, kamaboko with plum meat mixed with wasabi, and duck meat grilled with bandits)
Two cookware filled with a man's romance
(Pot, kitchen knife, good but unused tools)
#574May 6Let's survive the rainy season with a stamina set meal !!
(Gizzard tororo ponzu, okra and ginger soup, beef rib bowl with orange sauce)
Wakayama Prefecture's unusual Western-style umeboshi 3 types
(Tomato plum, olive oil shirara, plum cheese truffle tailoring)
#575May 6Mie Prefecture's local cuisine & 3 exquisite B-class gourmet dishes!
(Kameyama miso-yaki udon, hand-made sushi, hand-made dashi chazuke)
3 unknown seafood snacks from Mie prefecture
(Kihoku Town, Tuna Egg, Deep-fried Moray Eel, Minamiise Town, Sunfish)
#576May 6The strongest combination!Fried rice and dumplings with surprising ingredients ...
(Juicy dumplings of edamame and mustard, Japanese-style fried rice with sakura shrimp and salted kelp)
3 evolutionary gourmet dishes of garlic
(Jats! Taccola, garlic tofu, black garlic jelly)
#577May 6Produce whole camping food!BBQ that you can enjoy day and night!
(Salt lemon fried noodles, tomato rice & exciting meatballs, ajillo)
Two discerning camping goods
(Kokubu: GS Touring Chair, Hudson Bay Ax / Kurihara: Beacon light LED, flint stone set)
#578May 7A barbecue that even women can easily enjoy!
(Steamed sea bream and herbs in the oven, roasted pork ribs)
Outside rice stylist Yoshie Kazamori appears.
BBQ sweets that children can enjoy: Making whole apple cinnamon cake
#579May 7tomato!zucchini!eggplant!Let's eat summer vegetables deliciously !! 3rd
(Lightly pickled caponata, chilled eggplant-flavored sauce, myoga meat roll)
3 different dressings
(Lactic acid bacteria fruit dressing Fruit aesthetics, Lake Hamana eel dressing, natto dressing)
#580May 7Ethnic in summer!Gapao Rice & Tom kha kai !!3 strange cider products
(Hokkaido Cider Sparkling Tomato, Sannohe Jomi Cider, Chichibu Specialty Maple Cider)
#581May 7Summer snacks that go well with beer & a big harvest of "our edamame" !!
(Fried chicken and plum meat with green perilla, stir-fried edamame with pepper, crispy chicken eggplant miso sauce)
Our edamame making: Harvesting "Otsunahime".
#582May 8This is the hot season!The third special feature on summer bukkake meals !!
(Instant chilled bowser with minced chicken and Zha cai, cooked rice with grilled salmon and cream cheese, crispy cooked rice with garlic chives)
3 unusual noodles
(Wakame noodles, pike conger noodles, curry noodles)
#583May 8I want to eat hot pot even in summer!Summer chilled hot pot !!3 convenient kitchen goods
(Vegistaki Dai-chan Caro-chan, Choioki Leaf, Mom's Hand Wrap Arm)
#584May 8Summer plum chicken curry & eggplant plum soupMust-see for children having trouble with their summer vacation homework: Colorful Yakisoba
#585May 8Summer fried rice & dumplings special feature !!Broadcast in December 2013: Spicy lettuce fried rice & tuna dumplings
Broadcast in November 2016: Bonito fried rice & shrimp dumplings
#586May 9Arrange somen left over at the end of summer!Arrange somen 4th!
(Cold somen from Thailand and dill, fried somen from shrimp and chicken, mixed somen from garlic and sakura shrimp)
3 new flavored gummy candies
(Rosemary candies caor, Tapioca Milk Tea gummy, Kyoto gummy)
#587May 9Autumn of appetite coming soon!A hamburger steak with plenty of mushrooms in an iron pot !!
(Japanese-style mushroom hamburger steak, mushroom white pepper soup)
3 unusual mushroom gourmet dishes
(Shiitake mushroom ice cream, kinko that can be eaten as it is ., Shiitake mushroom Madeleine)
#588May 9Salmon, lotus root, eggplant ... Let's make an autumn Japanese set meal using seasonal ingredients !!
(Fried salmon Japanese-style tartar, lotus root soup, eggplant and grated shishito pepper with ponzu sauce)
#589May 9Make with Yu Aoi!Autumn snacks that women also love !!
(Ethnic salad of sardines and shirasu, boiled pork with mala sauce, balsamic vinegar chicken with avocado dip)
Guest Yu Aoi ⑨
#590May 9Make with a hot plate!Cheese dishes that both adults and children can enjoy !!
(Grilled peppers and cheese with pork loin, grilled sardines with cheese, mushroom cheese risotto)
3 unusual cheesecakes
(Kamabokoya's cheesecake, Kuromaru is a long-established bamboo charcoal cheesecake, Lake Kuni's raw cheesecake Tanrei)
#591May 10Italian food using fish and shellfish that you can make at home!
(Authentic pestore, sauteed swordfish with easy genovese sauce)
There is no doubt that it will look great on Instagram!3 colorful gourmet dishes
(Kamakurayama Rusk, Quattro Shrimp Cheese, Rose Gyoza Garden)
#592May 10Cream croquette & open sandwich & curry udon using mackerel cans3 exquisite spreads that go well with toast
(Eggplant spread, persimmon seed oil-pickled peanut butter, Echizen crab miso butter)
#593May 10easy!3 Chinese dishes in a row !! Stir-fried shrimp chili, twice-cooked meat, and bean sprouts with green vegetables !!3 purple varieties of vegetables
(Quiet Murasaki, Banana Heart, Shadow Queen)
#594May 10Local rice in Ibaraki prefecture!Stamina Ramen & Natto Tonkatsu !!
(Natto pork cutlet, Shinpei style stamina ramen)
3 classic gourmet dishes in Ibaraki prefecture
(Frozen konjac, misopinatsu, plum & yogurt)
#595May 11The third hot pot with sour taste!Chicken yuzu ginger mizore nabe !!
(Chicken Yuzu Ginger Mizore Nabe, Nagaimo Ponzu Yakko)
November 11th is 10 items on the day of the declaration of abstinence
(Hey! Ball, Kozuru Zero, Vintens Chardonnay: White, Vintens Merlot: Red)
#596May 11Man's romance series!Become a man who can master Chinese pepper !!
(Simmered pork with pepper, kimchi, and stir-fried gizzard with pepper)
3 men's romantic goods
(Toilet paper blaster, retro arcade, delusion mapping T-shirt)
#597May 11Autumn barbecue!Grilled pork shoulder loin in a salt pot and smoked sashimi !!
(+ Super easy! Men's breakfast)
A-suke's recommended goods 3 items
(Camp cooker, hexagon wood stove, man's grill plate)
#598May 11Autumn barbecue (2)!Let's master popular camping items !!
(Omelet rice of oil sardine, super easy! Budae jjigae + BBQ Taichi recipe 2nd "I can't stand it!")
Taichi-kun's special camping goods 3 items
(Storage box that can also be used as a table, wood-splitting goods, lanterns)
#599May 12Burdock!Lotus root!Turnip!Let's eat seasonal root vegetables deliciously !!
(Thick texture! Pork-rolled lotus root turnip, simmered chicken wings in sweet and sour sauce, Kurihara family beef burdock)
3 exquisite snacks using crab
(Deep Sea Red Crab Dried Crab, Crab Tofu, Crab Bead)
#600May 12Make fried rice and dumplings Italian style!
(Italian fried rice, Tomachi dumplings)
3 unusual crackers
(Beer bottle cracker, Bigger Big, Super Gold cracker)
#601May 12Japanese set meal 2019 using seasonal ingredients!Deep fried oystersSet meal !!

(Japanese-style fried oysters, mixed rice cooked with salt, simmered long potatoes and green beans in plums, spinach and fried miso soup)




|May 1 | New Year's Carefully Selected Ingredients Special!

  • On April 2009, 4 (TV Tokyo), "Taichi x Kentaro Men's Rice Perfect Guide" was broadcast to commemorate the first anniversary of the program and the publication of "Taichi x Kentaro Men's Rice Book".
  • On April 2010, 4 (TV Tokyo), "Taichi x Kentaro Men's Rice Perfect Guide Part 17" was broadcast to commemorate the 2nd anniversary of the program and the publication of "Taichi x Kentaro Men's Rice Book Part 2".
  • On October 2010, 10 (TV TOKYO) and TV TOKYO affiliated stations), "Men's rice by Taichi x Kentaro-Autumn night long snacks 5 specials-" will be released as a special edition.Variety 7It was broadcast in the frame.
  • On April 2011, 4 (TV Tokyo), "Taichi x Kentaro Men's Rice Perfect Guide Part 30" was broadcast to commemorate the 3nd anniversary of the program and the publication of "Taichi x Kentaro Men's Rice Book Part 3".
  • On April 2012, 4 (TV Tokyo), "Taichi x Kentaro Men's Rice Perfect Guide Part 28" was broadcast to commemorate the 4nd anniversary of the program and the publication of "Taichi x Kentaro Men's Rice Book Part 4".
  • On April 2013, 4 (TV Tokyo), "Men's Rice No. 20 Perfect Guide" was broadcast to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the program and the publication of "Men's Rice No. 5".
  • On April 2014, 4 (TV Tokyo), "Men's Rice No. 19 Perfect Guide" was broadcast to commemorate the 6th anniversary of the program and the publication of "Men's Rice No. 6".

Net stations and broadcast time

  • The 1-hour special may be broadcast in two weeks, the first part and the second part, depending on the internet station (the correspondence of the 2-minute special is unknown).

Current net stations

Broadcast target areaBroadcasterseriesBroadcast dateNet situationBroadcast start dateRemarks
Kanto wide areaTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.TV Tokyo seriesSunday 11:25-11:55Production Bureau2008/4/20
OsakaTV OsakaSimultaneous net2008/4/26[*1]
HokkaidoTV Hokkaido2008/5/3[*3]
AichiTV AichiSunday 11:00-11:30Delay net2008/7/12[*6]
Okayama prefecture, Kagawa prefectureTV setSunday 12:00-12:302009/4/5[*7]
FukuokaTVQ Kyushu BroadcastingTuesday 0:05-0:35 (Monday midnight)2008/5/4[*8]
AomoriAomori BroadcastingNTV seriesSunday 11:40-12:102008/10/5[*9]
FukushimaFukushima Central TelevisionSaturday 9: 30 - 10: 00[*10]
MiyagiMiyagi TVMonday 10:25-10:552013/9/8[*11]
Tottori-Shimane Nippon Sea TVFriday 10:55-11:252009/10/20[*13]
HiroshimaHiroshima TVSunday 16:25-16:552009/4/2[*14]
Yamaguchi Yamaguchi broadcastingIrregular broadcasting2009/6/14[*15]
NagasakiNagasaki International TelevisionSaturday 16: 25 - 16: 552008/10/5
KumamotoKumamoto BroadcastingTBS seriesIrregular broadcasting[*16]2008/5/4[*17]
KagoshimaMinaminihonhosoSaturday 17: 00 - 17: 302008/9/30[*18]
OitaOita BroadcastingTuesday 10:50-11:202008/10/5[*19]
MiyazakiMiyazakihosoMonday 10:50-11:202011/5/30
IwateIwate Menkoi TVFuji TV seriesThursday 16:20-16:502017/4/10[*20][*21]
YamagataCherry TVWednesday 10:20-10:50
NaganoNagano BroadcastingSunday 13:00-13:30[*22]2008/5/1[*23][*24]
ToyamaToyama TVIrregular broadcasting2008/5/2[*25]
FukuiFukui TV2010/10/24
EhimeTV Ehime2009/4/5[*26]
NaraNara TVIndependent stationTuesday 10:00-10:302009/4/4[*27]
WakayamaTV WakayamaSaturday 11: 00 - 11: 30
ShigaBiwako BroadcastingTuesday 18:27-18:572009/10/12[*28]
GifuGifuhosoSaturday 12: 00 - 12: 302013/10/5
MieMie televisionSaturday 14: 00 - 14: 302018/4/7
IshikawaHokuriku Asahi BroadcastingTV Asahi seriesSaturday 12: 00 - 12: 302021/4/10

Past net stations

Broadcast target areaBroadcasterseriesBroadcast dateBroadcast time
IwateTV IwateNTV seriesSunday 10:55-11:25[*29]November 2008, 10-January 5, 2016
NaganoTV ShinshuWednesday 10:25-10:55May 2009-June 4, 1
MiyagiTohoku BroadcastingTBS seriesSaturday 10: 55 - 11: 25[*30]March 2008, 10-March 18, 2012
OkinawaRyukyu BroadcastingMonday 14:55-15:25[*31]March 2010, 1-March 23, 2013
ShizuokaShizuoka Asahi TVTV Asahi seriesSaturday 12: 00 - 12: 30[*32]March 2010, 4-March 3, 2012
YamagataYamagata Broadcasting CorporationNTV seriesSunday 10:55-11:25[*33]March 2011, 8-March 11, 2013
NagasakiTV NagasakiFuji TV seriesSaturday 10: 40 - 11: 10March 2011, 10-March 1, 2012
ShizuokaTV ShizuokaTuesday 16:50-17:20[*34]March 2012, 10-March 2, 2014
IshikawaHokuriku BroadcastingTBS seriesMonday 15:58-16:25[*35]March 2008, 10-March 2, 2019
NiigataNST Niigata General Television[*36]Fuji TV seriesThursday 16:20-16:50[*37]March 2009, 4-March 9, 2020
  1. ^ Broadcast # 2011 on January 1, 22.
  2. ^ Until December 2008, 12, it was broadcast every Saturday from 27:18 to 30:19. Saturdays from January 00, 2009 to December 1, 10 2010:12 --25:12, Saturdays from January 30, 13 to March 00, 2011 1:15 --3:27 (however, 15) Broadcast from 25:15 to 55:1 on the 15th of the month only). From April 16, 15 to September 16, 45, the frame will be moved again on Saturday from 2011:4 to 2:9, and from October 24, 12, it will be switched to the simultaneous net. From March 30, 13 to March 00, 2011, it will be broadcast on Sundays from 10:2 to 2015:3. On April 29, 2016, # 3-# 26 was broadcast from 11:00 to 11:30, and the delay was adjusted, and from April 2016, 4, it was broadcast on the same net again. Broadcast from April 3, 10 to March 30, 11 on Sundays from 25:408 to 410:2016.
  3. ^ Simultaneous net with TV TOKYO only for expansion specials for the year-end and New Year holidays.
  4. ^ 2009年4月4日までは毎週土曜 12:30 - 13:00、2011年3月27日までは日曜 11:30 - 12:00(2011年1月9日から3月20日までの間は、この番組が始まる30分前に『デイリーキッチン』が放送され、2番組連続で料理番組が組まれていた)、同年4月3日から2013年3月31日までは日曜 11:00 - 11:30に放送されていた(これまで土曜(9:15 - 10:00)に放送されていた自社制作番組『Keizai Navi HokkaidoHowever, the broadcast time has been advanced because the frame will move from 11:30 to 12:00).In addition, October 2011, 10 (Sports Day・ A one-hour special (complete version) was broadcast from 9:55 to 10:50 on public holidays.It will also be broadcast on November 1th from 11:19 to 13:25 (this is due to a change in the time zone for the 13-hour special of "Keizai Navi Hokkaido" to be set up on November 55th, which is the original schedule. be). Wednesdays from April 11, 13 to September 1, 2013 4:4 --9:25, Wednesdays from October 12, 30 to March 13, 00 2013:10 --2:2014, April 3 Sundays from 26th to 11th September 35 12: 05-2014: 4, Saturdays from 6th September 2015 to 9th March 13 11:00 --11:30, April 2015 to 9 19:2016 --3:12 until March, Sunday 30:13 --00:2016 from April 4 to March 2017. From April 3, 10 (# 30), it will be online at the same time as TV Tokyo. Along with the change, subtitle broadcasting and linked data broadcasting, which had not been carried out in regular broadcasting, started.
  5. ^ So far, the 2012-hour special broadcast on January 1, 1 (# 191) and the "Nenose 1-minute special" broadcast on December 12, 30 (# 243) have been broadcast on the Internet at the same time (subtitle broadcasting / data broadcasting). However, the data broadcast was not displayed for the former. In both cases, the program itself of "Keizai Navi Hokkaido" was suspended on this day).
  6. ^ Broadcast every Tuesday at 2010:3-0:58 (midnight Monday) until March 1.After that, it was broadcast every day at midnight on Monday and Tuesday, and the delay of the broadcast date was shorter than before, and # 28 to # 2010 were cut from September 9.The unbroadcasted parts (# 116, # 120, # 116) will be broadcast before dawn (midnight) on October 117, 119 and 10 of the same year. Until March 13, every Sunday from 20:27 to 2011:3, from April 11, 30, we will switch to the simultaneous net.Among them, the unbroadcast time (# 12) was broadcast on April 00 (2011: 4-10: 152) of the same year. The 4-hour SP broadcast on October 15, 13 (# 00) will not be online at the same time, but will be broadcast on October 13 (30: 2011-10: 2). The 178-hour SP broadcast on May 1, 10 (# 10) will not be online at the same time, but will be broadcast on September 14 (00: 15-00: 2014). From October to Saturday from October to September 5, shift to the delayed net of 25:316 --1:9. Simultaneous return to the net from April 23, 12, 00 times of unbroadcast will be broadcast on April 13 (# 00, # 2015) and 9th (# 10, # 18) from 30:19 to 00:2016. Moved from # 4 in April 3 to the third delay net (Thursday 4: 4-3: 406). Frame moved from # 407 on April 10, 408.
  7. ^ Broadcast on the simultaneous net until March 2013, 3, and on the delayed net from April 31, 4. Broadcast 21 days late until April 2015, 4. Broadcast continuously from April 26th-May 42st and May 4th-29th, from 5:1 to 5:4. As of August 6, it is the only TV Tokyo network that is behind the scenes, and does not support subtitle broadcasting.
  8. ^ Until March 2009, 3, it was broadcast every Sunday from 29:12 to 25:12."" Which was broadcast on the delay net (Sunday 55:11 --00:11)Ronbu's Mystery! Trick StarAfter the end, it will be switched to the simultaneous net from April 4th of the same year. From April 5 to March 2010, it was connected to the subsequent in-house produced program "" by stepless, so it was a simultaneous net, but the end was one minute earlier. It was delayed again from the January 4 broadcast, and was broadcast on Friday 2011:3 -1:2019 (Midnight Thursday) until the March 1 broadcast.
  9. ^ 2011年4月から9月までは毎週日曜 14:10 - 14:40、2016年9月25日までは毎週日曜 10:55 - 11:25に放送(日本テレビ『Everybody's blown up』Movement of the frame due to the expansion of the broadcast time).However, this timeSports broadcast,Special programThere are many fluctuations in the broadcast time due to such factors, and the undercard program is delayed and is being broadcast on the net.SMAP x SMAP』の拡大SPにより繰り下げられ、以下の日付を除き、定時で放送された回数はわずか数回程度となっていた。(同年4月3日・10日は13:20 - 14:20に連続放送、17日は14:30 - 15:00、24日は14:00 - 14:30、5月1日は13:10 - 13:40、5月8日・6月12日・7月31日は14:25 - 14:55、7月3日は15:50 - 16:20、7月24日は13:45 - 14:15、8月28日は14:05 - 14:35、9月11日13:25 - 13:55に放送と変則的になっていた。また、7月10日はプロ野球中継On September 9th,Aomori EkidenWe couldn't secure a frame to relay "", and on August 8st, "24-hour TV』\ Because of the broadcast, the program itself was suspended. ) From October 2011, 10, it returned to the previous broadcast frame, but from October 5, 2016, the frame moved again.
  10. ^ From the beginning to September 2010, 9, it was broadcast every Sunday from 26:10 to 25:10.From October 55rd to March 10th, 3, Sunday 2011:3 --20:10, from April 30rd, 11 to September 00th, 2011, Sunday 4:3 --9:25 Frame movement according to the expansion of the broadcast time of "Bakusho").After that, due to the reduction of the broadcast time of "Everybody's laughter", the frame was moved again from October 12, 45, but moved again from October 13. 15 minutes ahead of April 2011.
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  12. ^ Broadcast every Sunday from 2013:10 to 6:10 until October 55, 11, in the current frame from October 25, 10.
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  14. ^ 2013年3月までは毎週日曜 16:55 - 17:25に放送していた。2013年4月から自主制作番組『ぐるぐるスクール』が土曜から日曜の同時間帯に移動したため、水曜 10:55 - 11:25に放送時間を変更したが定着せず、同年8月11日より現在の放送時間となった。Hiroshima Toyo CarpIt may be suspended due to professional baseball broadcasts and golf broadcasts centered on battles, but depending on the week, it may be broadcast in two at 15:55-16:55.
  15. ^ 2013年3月までは、土曜または日曜のお昼頃に不定期に(内容は、テレビ東京より1ヶ月程度の遅れ)放送していた。同年4月7日から、この時間帯に遅れネットしていた『所さんの目がテン!』が同時ネット(日曜 7:00 - 7:30)に移行したため、正式にレギュラー放送になったが、翌週の4月14日では新たに別番組が編成されたため、事実上の不定期放送となっている。
  16. ^ Broadcast about 2 to 4 on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.
  17. ^ 2010年3月28日までは毎週日曜 11:00 - 11:30に、2012年6月30日までは土曜 9:30 - 10:00に放送されていた。『King's brunch』第1部のネット開始に伴い、2012年7月8日から2014年3月までは日曜 13:00 - 13:30、同年4月から2017年6月までは日曜 13:00 - 13:30となった。現在は、土曜・日曜の午後に2~4本程度まとめて放送。
  18. ^ It used to be an irregular broadcast.
  19. ^ 2020年3月までは日曜 13:00 - 13:30に放送されていた。同年4月から6月までネットを打ち切っていたが、同年6月30日より現在の放送時間となった。
  20. ^ Moved from TV Iwate.
  21. ^ It was an irregular broadcast on Monday-Wednesday 16:20-16:50, but it will start on April 2019, 4.
  22. ^ From January 2019, 4
  23. ^ May 2008, 5-Thursday until March 1, 2009 3:19 --15:00, then broadcast on TV Shinshu (see past broadcast stations), October 15, 30-March 2011 Until 10th, it will be broadcast on Thursday 6:2012 --3:29, and will resume after the second cutoff. April 15, 30 --- Until March 16, 00, it will be broadcast on Sunday 2:2015 --4:19. Was there.
  24. ^ It may be suspended or broadcast on Saturday due to organizational reasons.
  25. ^ May 2008, 5-It was broadcast regularly until December 2, 2009.
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  27. ^ 2009年4月4日から2010年3月27日までは毎週土曜 9:30 - 9:59、2013年3月までは土曜 10:30 - 10:59、2014年3月までは月曜 17:30 - 18:00、2019年3月までは月曜 17:29 - 17:58、2020年3月まで月曜 17:00 - 17:30、2020年9月までは火曜 16:00 - 16:30に放送されていた。
  28. ^ Until March 2011, it was broadcast every Monday from 3:19 to 00:19, and until March 30, it was broadcast on Saturday from 2013:3 to 18:00.After that, the frame was moved from 18:30 to 10:30 on Thursday, and it became the current broadcast time from April 11.
  29. ^ From October 2016, Nippon Television "Everybody's blown up』の放送時間再拡大に伴い、2016年9月25日で打ち切り。なお、2017年4月10日より同番組は岩手めんこいテレビに放映権が移行され、月曜日 - 水曜日の16:20 - 16:50で不定期放送の形により再開され、2019年4月11日より木曜 16:20 - 16:50で定期放送に切り替わった。
  30. ^ Irregular broadcast until September 2009.It became regular from October of the same year and was broadcast on Saturdays from 9:10 to 17:00 (however, on the second Saturday of every month, the company's program "Mysterious Tobira』Broadcast, so pause). It was temporarily suspended with the broadcast on April 2011, 4, and the broadcast frame was moved from May 30, 5.
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ス タ ッ フ

  • Planning cooperation:Johnny's Office
  • Composition: Koji Yamauchi, Eri Motomatsu, Keisuke Nakano, Hirohito Tsujii, Ryujiro Iwata
  • Narration:Hattori Hanzomon
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  • Technical cooperation:fmt(OldHappo TV), GRAZlE,Answers
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  • Cooperation:Tourism Authority of Thailand,Singapore Tourism Board
  • Overseas coordinators: Chika Tanakajima, Yoshio Katayama, Goko Yoshino
  • Edited by: Shinji Shirata, Katsuyoshi Maeno, Shinya Qiyama, Koji Ishigaki, Shota Sato, Kaede Ishida
  • MA: Nao Amaya, Yukari Minami, Daisuke Kobayashi, Takanori Kamai, Rei Takishima
  • Sound effect: Naoki Furukawa
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  • Production:J Storm
  • Produced by: TV TOKYO

Past staff

  • Narration:Akadaira
  • Composition: Takaaki Komino, Yusa Yajima
  • Program promotion: Yukie Satomi
  • AP: Junji Suzuki
  • Organization: Daisuke Misawa, Go Imai, Hiroyuki Tada
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  • Food coordinators: Naoko Ishii, Saori Arimura
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  • Directors: Yuki Fukunaga, Kazuki Date, Daitoku Goto, Yasuo Yoshida, Naoko Castle, Miki Funakoshi, Toshiharu Muto, Shogo Taguchi, Haruna Sakamoto, Takashi Suzuki, Makoto Hosokawa, Kenichiro Maki, Satoshi Yamaguchi, Takumi Niki
  • Director: Takafumi Nakano (Nakano → former director, temporary withdrawal → return)
  • producer:Jun Matsuzawa, Toshio Shimizu, Shigeomi Ishii, Ryo Asahina, Noriko Matsubara
  • Production: music mind

Used song

Theme song
Opening Talk Ending BGM



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  • --Kentarou and Shinpei Kurihara, who are in charge of cooking in the past, will appear.

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