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👩‍🎤 | 22/7, 8th SG jacket illustration lifted!

Photo 8th single "Awakening" Limited Edition A (© 22/7 PROJECT)

22/7, 8th SG jacket illustration lifted!

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In this work, like the 7th single "If I have it" and the 1st album "Eternal prime number named 11", under the supervision of Yukiko Horiguchi, the filmmaker Uki who worked on the animated film "Cencoroll" Adopted an illustration drawn by Atsuya.

22/7 has released the jacket illustration of the 11th single "Awakening" to be released on November 24th (Wednesday).Same work ... → Continue reading


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Animated movie

Animated movie(Animated picture,British: Animated movie) IsMovie theaterPublish onmoviesProduced asア ニ メ ー シ ョ ン(Anime) Video work. As an abbreviationAnime movie, Other movie theaterstheaterFrom the convention of callingTheater animation-Movie version animation-Movie version animationEtc. are also used as notations and names.


Television AnimationUntil the advent of, animation was an animated movie that was shown in a movie theater.

in Japanschool educationThe movies shown atEducational movieAnd,1960 eraから1970 era,Ministry of EducationSelection,Minister of Education AwardThere were many animated movies that won such a prize. Other, overseasWorld Expo,EmbassyAn animated movie was also produced to introduce Japanese culture. Until the 1970s, the name animation was not common,Cartoon movieIt was called (TV anime is TV cartoon).

When converting a TV anime work into a movie, in order to distinguish it from the TV series, the title of the work is often attached with "Theatrical version" or "Movie", and it is necessary to make a work completed in one piece, so it is the original for the movie. There are many works that are completed in a story. "Anime movie"Live-action movie,Special effects moviesAlthough it is a word contrasted with, etc.OVA) And other words.

After the release in the movie theater, the regionMunicipalities,Public bodyLoaned free toStarry sky movieIt may be released for free at an event called.


The world's first purely animated movieFrancePainterEmile ColeProduced by(English edition,French version)』(1908 , Original title: Fantasmagorie)[1].. Cole was used by Blackton, USA (see below)Time-lapseLive actionFocusing on the technique of the movie, I created a complete animation work that excludes the live-action part from it. The video of "Fantasmagory" is drawn with black ink on white paper,Negative filmIt was shown as an animation movie of white lines on a black background[2].. The world's first animated feature film,America OfWalt DisneyProduced bysnow White』(1937 ).

Before the spread of television,News movieAlong with that, a short animation was screened as the undercard of a general movie (main story).Many short theatrical animations were produced during this period. In 1937デ ィ ズ ニ ーUntil he produced his first color feature-length anime, "Snow White," it was common for short-length anime to be an attraction, where he enjoyed moving pictures rather than enjoying the story.

1940 , The world's first animated movie that incorporates stereo soundFantasia] Will be released. However, in Japan1955 .

In Asia, it was released in 1941 in China under the direction ofSaiyuuki The Iron FanIs said to be Asia's first feature-length animated film. Exported to Japan during the war in 1942, at the age of 16Osamu TezukaIt was a motivation for the Ministry of the Navy to produce the feature-length animated movie "Momotaro Umi no Shinhei" (1945).

In the United States, theater short animations have been repeatedly broadcast on television even in the television era.Even in Japan, from the 1960s until the mass production of TV animation,Tom and jerry''Popeye''Superman''Betty boopTheatrical short animation, such as ", was re-broadcast many times on TV.

The United States of America

20st centuryIn the beginning of the United States, was a pioneering work of animated movies, and it was a "pleasant one hundred facets" using a chalk picture on a blackboard (1906 , Original title: Humorous Phases of Funny Faces)[1], A "ghost hotel" that reproduces the mysterious phenomenon of the haunted house by a trick (1907 , Original title: The Haunted Hotel)[2].

Animated fatherWindsor mackay[2]Inspired by Blackton,VaudvilleFor the purpose of using for performance, "Little Nemo』(1911 , Original title: Little Nemo). These films were also shown in cinemas, setting a precedent for commercial use of animation (however, McKay himself was negative about commercial animation). Also, McKay's "Dinosaur gurty』(1914 , Original title: Gertie in the Dinosaur) is considered to have the world's first personality.

As mentioned above, before the popularization of television, a large number of short animations were made as the undercard of news movies. Widely known around the world for these short storiesデ ィ ズ ニ ー OfMickey Mouse,Donald Duck,Metro Goldwin Mayer OfTom and jerry,Fleischer Studio OfBetty boop,Warner Brothers OfBugs BunnyPopular characters such as[2].

A number of great achievements in movie history have been achieved.snow White』(1937 ) Became the world's first color feature-length animated film[2](It's a black and white animation, not a colorArgentineThen.1931 ToKirino CristianiHas released the feature animation "Perudopolis".

Other than Walt Disney who has had a great influence on American animationTex AveryThere is (real name Frederick Bean Avery). He created the trend of Tex-Avery school, and was good at eccentric characters and movements. To the representative character createdDroopyAnd so on,Jim CarreyThe movie "StarringMASKS』And later American movies,American comicsHad a great influence on.

From the 1980sComputer graphicsThe search for anime production has started. Computer graphics animationTron(1982)Jurassic ParkIt was already being used in live-action movies such as (1993).Pixar OfToy story(1995 ) First,Three-dimensional computer graphicsA lot of theatrical animations have started to be produced and are now becoming mainstream.

Disney has been making masterpieces of feature-length animation since the 21st century, especiallyFrozen』(2013), the world box office record of 12 billion dollars,World successive box officeIn 5th place was recorded. The movie has more than 200 billion yen in box office revenue in Japan, and as an animated movie released in Japan, "Spirited Away] (2001) is the second largest box office income after the record.



In the Edo era, it was already called "copying picture"[2], There was a show of entertainment in which a shadow picture on a screen film made of cloth or paper, a picture written on thin paper or a glass plate was projected and moved using a phantom lamp, and the story and music were added and shown.[Note 1].. Of course, this is not a movie on film, but it is something that a person operates to replace or move a picture.[3].

Japan's oldest existing animation work isJunichi Konaiof"Namakura sword』(1917 〈Taisho6 years> open)[4]In Japan's earliestShort storyIt is an animated movie. this is1910 eraIt was a 10-minute work produced by the request of Japanese movie companies after receiving a short animation imported into Japan.2007 (HeiseiThe toy version was discovered in 19).1916 (Taisho periodFrom)Shimokawa concave sky,Kiyotaro Kitayama,Junichi KonaiOf the threemanga artist,画家Each with a paper animationCutoutHe worked on animation and produced anime works in 1917 (Taisho 6), both of which were released, but only this work exists.

Shimokawa, Kitayama, and Konai left behind in history as the founders of domestic anime, but all have withdrawn from animation production within a few years. afterwards,1920 eraWhen you enter, next to these three peopleKimura Hakusan,Sanae Yamamoto,Nobuo OfujiAnd so on. AlsoCell animationIn Japan where the introduction ofNobuo Ofuji AwardLeave a name onNobuo OfujiIs "whale" (1927 It has gained an international reputation in <Showa 2>.

1930 era

1932 (Showa7 years), Japan's firstTalkieAnime moviePower and the world of womenWas later named "Father of Japanese animation"Kenzo Masaoka ShochikuIs produced in. continue1933 (Showa 8)Ikuo OishiBy "Moving fox fox] Is produced.

1935 (Showa 10), using Japan's first three-dimensional animation shootingLive actionThe movie "Kaguyahime" is a movie companyJOIs produced in.ShowTheKiji Tanaka, ShootEiji Tsuburaya, DollAsano Mengfu, Kenzo Masaoka is in charge of the animation.

1940 era

1943 (Showa 18), Japan's first full-cell animationKumoto ChuripuIs produced by Kenzo Masaoka.

Second World WarTo the Japanese animation production that had been done on a small scale by individual artificial workshops on a small budget until then,MilitaryMore budget will be spent,War timeAlthough the content has a strong color,Mitsuyo Seoof"Momotaro's Sea Eagle』(1942 <Showa 17>), "Momotaro Sea God Soldier』(1945 Work such as <20> was produced. As a color short animation, "" was planned to be prototyped after 1943 (Showa 18), but it has been canceled due to the deterioration of the battle situation.

1950 era

1953 (Showa 28), Japan's first color (total natural color) stereoscopic animation movieCello playing Gauche』(Mitsui art professional Pook production, director Yasushi Kawajiri, Kenjiro Morinaga) was produced. For shootingMitchell Of35 MiriThe first camera in JapanConicolorNegatives were used.

1958 (Showa 33), Tokyo Central Puppet Theater produced "Kamamine Rinko Monogatari" and "The Fuefuki Prince". Tokyo Chuo Puppet Theater was later Tokyo Chuo Productions Co., Ltd., and produced many animated movies with Dentsu movie company.

1959 (34), Japan Education Television (TV AsahiThe predecessor of "in moral time"puppet showThe puppet movie "The Merchant of Venice", which was filmed and animated, was decided to be broadcast and production started.

1960 era

Toei videoIsWhite snake』(1958 ) Begins with "Anju and Kushiomaru』(1961 ), "Wanwan Chushingura』(1963 ), "Gulliver's Space Travel(1965),Prince of the Sun Horus's Great Adventure』(1968 ), "Flying Yurei boat』(1969 ), "Cat in boots(1969) and other feature filmsCartoon movieSent to the world. These series areToei Manga FestivalSuch asNew YearPopular as a standard movie for younger people. Many of these movies were rented not only to the cinema but also to elementary school screenings as a 16 mm film, giving many children the opportunity to watch, free of charge at feature elementary animation elementary schools etc. The release will be handed over to later Starry Sky movie shows.

The dawn of the TV animation era

Mushi Production The1963 Japan's first full-scale TV animation[Note 2]"Astro boy] Started production. ThisTelevision AnimationIt is the beginning of the era. The following year from Japan's first TV animeFilm adaptationthe work"Astro Boy The Hero of the Universe』(1964 ) Is produced. Since then, a large number of film adaptations of TV animation have been produced, and they have become an important part of animated films in Japan.

So far in feature animationFull animationIt was a Toei movie that came on the basis of. However, because of the influence of TV animation1966 of"Cyborg 009FromLimited animationBy applying 3 framesTelevision AnimationThe line called "B work", which is in the middle position with, will start. Traditional full anime has come to be distinguished as "A work".

In addition, Mushi Production aims for the opposite direction from the conventional animation movie for children, and as an animation movie for adults1969 Public theater work "Thousand and One Nights』Is the first workAnime llamaI made a two part work. This anime llama hit unexpectedly, and adult animation will be produced from here.1970 The second work "ク レ オ パ ト ラ],1973 Anime romanesqueSorrowful Belladonna] Has been published. Note that1969 Leo Production (currentlyStudio L) Was the first in Japan to take advantage of the anime llamaAdult-designated anime"㊙ Drama painting Ukiyoe Senichiya"ToeiReleased in the system,1971 In Tokyo TV video (laterNippon Television Video)ButTanioka YasujiThe original feature animation film "Yasuji's Porn Lama"Japanese herald moviesAlthough they are produced and made public by the distribution of these, none of these piggybacking works ended in failure because they could not achieve box office, critical, or work success.

Educational animated film

1960, Japan Education Television (TV AsahiThe predecessor of the Ministry of Education, "Morality Time", broadcasted Japan's first puppet movie "The Merchant of Venice" (produced by the Tokyo Central Puppet Theater). At that time, only puppet plays were broadcasted in studio live, so the broadcast of the film movie required permission from the Ministry of Education, and program producer Akira Kasahara made an effort to make this happen. The script was written and directed by Katsuo Takahashi, and the shooting was performed by a combination of Ryushiro Mori and Eiichi Murase using a 16 mm camera of French volume. It was broadcast as Japan's first puppet movie, with filming of a live puppet show, animation scenes added, and animations to erase the threads and wires that move the doll. Unlike the puppet show in the studio live, there is an advantage that the film remains as a work, and after the broadcast, the movie distribution company distributed this as a movie nationwide.

There are many educational animation films distributed by educational movie distributors in the 1960s, selected by the Ministry of Education, and produced by Tokyo Chuo Productions Inc. and Dentsu Cinema Inc.

At the "Animal Olympics" produced in conjunction with the Tokyo Olympics, Tokyo Chuo Productions Co., Ltd., Dentsu Movie Co., Ltd., and Educational Movie Distributor Co., Ltd. won the Minister of Education Award for their masterpieces. ..

  • XNUMXD animation movie
    • "The Merchants of Venice" "The Prince of Fuefuki" "Kamin Rinko Monogatari" "Kooni no Matsuri" "Peter Rabbit no Ken" "Animal Olympics" "Rabbit and Wolf" "Yudan is the Great Enemy" "Peter Rabbit's Orthuban" " "Rabbits and turtles" "3 bikini pigs" "7 hikinokoyagi" "cows and frogs" "well dogs" "Oyayubi hime" (cel animation) "lion and mouse"
  • Road safety series
    • "Let's keep the signal," "Skip dangerous," "Walking way"

In 1962, the three-dimensional animation TV drama "One Way Story" (all 13 episodes), which was produced by Daiei TV Room and featured a space dog, was completed.

"One Way Story" was written and directed by Katsuo Takahashi, camera was Ryushiro Mori, lighting was Eiichi Murase, and it was the first TV movie in Japan. It remains undiscovered.

In 1967, the Japanese three-dimensional animated film "Issikishi" (color 14 minutes, directed by Katsuo Takahashi) was screened at the National Film Bureau of Canada as a film introducing Japanese culture at the Expo Montreal, and then an educational film distributor. The film was also screened at Nikkatsu movie theaters throughout Japan. In the press of "Issikishi" at that time (color 14 minutes 1.5 volumes 154 meters), only the color part was highlighted in bold type because color movies were still rare.

1970 era

Finally, Toei Animation will also stop producing "full" animation for the theater. After that, "Toei Manga Festival"Mazinger Z』And converted to a new line for theatrical anime that became popular on TV. In addition, the "Toei Manga Festival" at this timeTohoof"Toho Champion FestivalIn addition, a part of the episode of the already-released TV animation that was not a new work was made 35 mm and it was screened as it was as a theater animation (Blow upSee also item). On the other hand, when Mushi Production went bankrupt, changes occurred in the late 1970s in the Japanese animation world, where Toei Animation was a self-introducing feature film for theater.

In the late 1970s, mainlyTelevision AnimationA work that is an original animation will appear.1974 Is a TV animation "Space Battleship Yamato] Will be broadcast. It wasn't very popular at the time of the main broadcast on TV, but when it was hit by the rebroadcast,1977 The movie version that edited the television broadcast was released, and it recorded a huge hit such as customers coming out all night from the first day. Next day1978 IsFarewell Space Battleship Yamato Love Warriors] Was released and recorded an unprecedented blockbuster, and these two works made it possible to recognize that an anime movie targeting children was something that people of all ages can enjoy. After this, a lot of animated movies for theater will be made.

In the "Space Battleship Yamato" series, original works will be produced from the second work onwards, but in these sequels, a movie with a ratio that is not Cinemascope size is made, considering that it will be televised later. Has been done.

In 1978, a movie work "Partial composition of animation on live action"Fire bird』(Director: Ko Ichikawa) was released, but it was not a big hit because it was a science fiction boom at that time. In the same year, the world's first anime vision work "Lupine the XNUMXrd Lupine VS human replica] Was released, many works were released in the late 1970s. In 1979Hayao MiyazakiThe work that debuted for the first time as a directorLupin III The Castle of Cagliostro] Will be released. Although this work did not become a hit, it was highly evaluated by anime fans and people in the industry from that time, and it had a deep influence on later animators.

"Science Ninja Team Gatchaman''Sea Triton''Future Boy Conan''Alpine girl HeidiIt was also a characteristic of this period that a feature animation, which was a re-edited version of TV animation, was released at the theater in response to the boom in TV animation. While this is an animation boom application, production companies other than Toei Animation have specialized in the production of television animation until then and have no know-how to produce feature-length animation for the theater, and only respond to sudden demand. The lack of power[Note 3].. For the audience,Video deckとrental videoThe popularity of the store was in the mid-1980s,re-airOther than that, there was the aspect that it was the only opportunity to re-watch popular TV anime.

In addition, of "Space Battleship Yamato"Toshio MasudaAnd the anime boom until the early 1980sLive actionFieldFilm directorThere are many examples of using this in animation.Onchi Hideo"To the earth..." (1980 ),Urayama Kiriro"Taro no Taro" (1979). It is said that this was to convince a movie theater owner who was unfamiliar with anime movies at the time.

1980 era

In the 1980s, "Nausicaa of the valley of wind』(1984 ) Was released to the theater and after thisStudio GhibliLaunchedTakahata IsaoAndHayao MiyazakiAnd so on every two yearsCastle Laputa in the Sky』(1986 ), "My Neighbor Totoro』(1988 ) And other original theater animation movies have been released. Ghibli started by Miyazaki et al. is a new label, and their talents are only noticed by some anime fans,Doraemon,Toei Manga FestivalContinued to worship the dust. It was after the 1990s that Ghibli became commercially successful and became known to everyone in the general public.

1980 Every spring breakDoraemon movie worksHas been published (2005 except for). This series has become a popular long-lived series, which has an average annual revenue of 20 to 40 billion yen, and new works continue to be screened as of 2017.

"Mobile Suit Gundam(First Gundam)1981 から1982 It was open to the public and attracted much attention. Initially, Mobile Suit Gundam was broadcast as a TV series in 1979, but was discontinued as it became unpopular. However, it has become more popular with rebroadcasts, the movie version has been released, and it is a sequel to the Gundam TV series.Mobile Suit Z Gundam(1985)”. In 1988, a further sequel anime movie "Char's Counterattack] Was also screened, and the number of spectators has reached 100 million.

It was released as "Post Gundam" under the influence of the Gundam blockbuster.Legendary God Ideon Contact Edition/Activation Edition], [Space Warrior Bardios Movie version], [Document Sun Fang Dagram], [Xabungle graffiti』Was released, but this one was not as big as Gundam.

1984 ToThe Super Dimension Fortress Macross Do you remember loveWas released and became a blockbuster work after Yamato and Gundam.

Sanrio The1979 of"Orpheus of the starsAfter ",The legend of Sirius』(1981 ), etc.Full animationWas trying to hit the foreign market by producing an animated movie by. Other1985 In the first work "Yoshizaki Nishizaki" launched a huge project called Yamato Revival 3 Year PlanOdin Photon Sailing Ship Starlight],1989 Is a Japanese-American collaborative work, with a view to expanding Japanese animation into the world.Little Nemo] Etc. will be released. Both films were enthusiastic and costly, but at the show they were a total failure.

In 1982 the United States and the Soviet UnionCold WarDraws the horror of the near future war onFUTURE WAR 198X year』Was released, but there was also a situation where the campaign against the screening before the release and the labor union "the content was warlike" became a topic, and the screening was stopped before the release.

In 1983, Tokyo Central Production representative Katsuo Takahashi developed a video animation system that shoots animation directly on video.

The first video animation of the series "Urikohime", which was produced by the world's first video animation system as the world's first broadcast standard in "NHK program news / fairy tale series" after one year of trial broadcasting at NHK , "Sarkani Battle", "The Mouse's Wedding", etc.

In addition to the "fairy tale story book series" (Shogakukan) as a home video movie, "Kenchan Mika's Mysterious Journey" (Dentsu/NTT) "Riding a Monta-kun police car" (Educational film distributorMetropolitan Police Department) And other movies based on video animation were produced and distributed.

In the mid-1980sVideo deckとrental videoThe spread of stores has changed the production of animated films. Original video animation (OVA)'S rise is OVA as a theater animationSingle building, Or conversely, once the plan for enthusiasts was released as a theatrical animation, and the business model was established in which the production costs could be recovered even in the later video sales. Although it was short-lived as a saucer, in Tokyo in 1989 a theater specializing in animation "Theatre Ikebukuro"[5]And "Shinjuku/ANIMECCA"[6]2 halls are born. Projects that have not been successful as theater animations will now be sold on the premise of video sales. Also, the existence of OVA is a small and medium-sized company that has been reluctant to be a subcontractor in TV animationAnime production companyBy embarking on the production of OVA, it became possible to gradually improve its production capabilities.Production IGWas one of the studios, which started in the 1980s and undertook OVA production and TV subcontracting, but after the 1990s, made a leap forward in theatrical film production.

1989 からGo! AnpanmanThe first movie ofGo for it! Anpanman Glittering stars] Has been released, and new works are being screened even now more than 25 years ago.

1980s,Roadshow,Mini theaterNot in the show (entertainment film work)ScreeningFor the purpose of being screened voluntarily by groups, themes were war experiences, bullying, discrimination (human rights protection), biography, etc.Children's bookFeature film based on[Note 4]Came to be produced. These works are more than entertainmentMoral educationThere is a strong element of, and the screening implementation organizations in each region select screening works (basically new works) and hold screenings.

1990 era

In the 1990s, theatrical animated films made a huge leap, and many works were made.1993 The movie "Crayon Shin-chanThe first work in the seriesCrayon Shin-chan Action Mask VS High-Grade Demon King"But,1997 To the movieDetective ConanThe first work in the seriesDetective Conan The Clockwork Skyscraper"But,1998 To the moviePokemonThe first work in the seriesMovie version Pokemon: Mewtwo strikes back] Has been released. All 3 worksDoraemon] Along with the series, it has become a popular series that has been produced every year to date.

Also, almost every year, anime moviesJapanese movie OfBox office recordShines at the top of.1989 of"Kiki's Delivery Service],1991 IsOmohide],1992 IsRed pig],1994 IsHeisei Tanuki Battle Ponpoko],1995 IsIf you listen],1997 IsPrincess Mononoke],1999 IsMovie version Pokemon: Phantom Pokemon Lugia bomb], and has recorded the top box office record of Japanese movies that year.1997 In addition toNeon Genesis Evangelion Movie version Air/Mokoro, to you』Was close to 25 billion box office.

2000 era

1998 Since then, in the early 2000s,2000 IsMovie version Pokemon Crystal Tower Emperor ENTEI],2001 IsSpirited Away』, etc.Box office recordAlmost monopolizes the top[Note 5].. From these works, many hit works such as "Pokemon" were born and will be widely released outside of Japan.1999 "Theatrical version Pokemon Mewtwo's Counterattack" released in the United States"Pokemon: The First Movie") Became the first Japanese movie to become the "US No. 1 hit" and ranked in the top 20 in the yearly movie box office. The second movie, "Pokemon Phantom Pokemon Lugia Bakutan" (2), also recorded box office revenue of $2000 million.[7].. In addition, the family longevity series of “Doraemon”, “Detective Conan”, and “Pokemon” are entering a stable period, and the average box office revenue of 2 million yen per year, “Weekly Shonen JumpAn animation based on the seriesONE PIECE] The series, etc., also cited box office revenues on average of 20 billion yen.

またHayao MiyazakiThe two directors, "Princess Mononoke" (1997) and "Spirited Away" (2001), set the record for Japanese box office performances for the second time in a row,Academy awardsでオ ス カ ーIn addition to receiving the award,Berlin International Film FestivalButGold bear awardAwarded worldwide, the animated film has become a representative of today's Japanese movies.

Japanese animated films have been hit by European and Asian countries one after another, but in the United States, there are currently few examples of Japanese theater animated films that have been box office success. Even in the above-mentioned "Theatrical version Pokemon Mewtwo's Counterattack", which was said to be an unprecedented hit in the American box office of Japanese movies, the box office revenue in the United States was 8574 million dollars, and the box office revenue of 1 million dollars which is a standard hit in the United States Even if it is the best performance in Japan "Spirited Away", box office income in the United States is $ 1006 million[7].. In addition, the number of Japanese anime movies released in the United States is still overwhelmingly small, and the number of theaters released per work is "Pokemon" "Yu-Gi-Oh!In general, there are few exceptions such as. On the other hand, when viewed as a Japanese movie in the US, animation is larger than live-action and special effects, and there is also a view as expected content demand.[8].. As an example, in the live-action work, “Godzilla 2000 Millennium(1999) is the only record in the United States that made $1000 million in box office revenue, while five animated films have exceeded $5 million in the United States.[7].

2002 ToWelcome to Pia Carrot!! -Sayaka's Love Story-] Has been released. This is the first time in historyAdult gameIs a theatrical animation based on.2004 IsOshii Mamoru("イ ノ セ ン ス]),Katsuhiro Otomo("Steam boy]),Hayao Miyazaki("Howl's moving castle]) and the works of the great masters continued. Also,"APPLESEEDIt was a year with many topics as a whole, including the decision to make a sequel before the release. However, none of these works could win a domestic anime award,Agency for Cultural Affairs Media Arts FestivalThe grand prize is "Mind games"Met[Note 6].. In addition, "Doraemon", "Detective Conan", "Crayon Shin-chan", and "Anpanman" are all finished producing cels. Next day2003 Since then, they have moved to digital production all at once (“Pokémon” has been digital production since 2002).

2005 ToDoraemon』Regular voice actors have changed,2006 ToLarge feature DoraemonThe first remake of the movieNobita's Dinosaur 2006Was released.2008 The first original work that is not a remake of "Doraemon Movie"Nobita and the Green Giant Biography] Was also released. In recent years, "Doraemon Movie" is a series of new and old remakes that have been published alternately.

2007 To1995 Was broadcast on TV animeNeon Genesis EVANGELIONIs a reconstructed work ofRebuild of Evangelion: Introduction] Was screened. The production method and advertising activities are similar to those of the self-produced movie, and the form of entertainment isSingle buildingAlthough it was the main one, it won the first place in the weekly box office ranking by starting from the 84th screening on the first day (first in history for movies with 1 or less screens)[9].2008 ToFrog man companyFirst theater latest work "Secret Society Hawk's Claw THE MOVIE President dies twice』Was awarded at the NY International Independent Film Festival, two categories, Best Animation Award and International Animation Best Director Award.

2007, animation production company ufotable By the way, in the format of all seven chapters, which is rare at the time,The border of the skyWas produced. InitiallyTokyoAt Theater Shinjuku inLate showIt was only open to the public, but since it attracted more customers every day,Morning showThe number of screenings has been increased by setting a frame etc., and it will be screened at 8 theaters nationwide such as Theater Diamond[10].. Eventually, the total number of spectators in all seven chapters was about 7.[11], Total box office revenue is about 3.6 million yen, cumulative DVD shipment number is over 75[12][Source invalid].BD BOX ranked second overall in the BD ranking and top in the anime division[13][Reliability required verification].. By September 2013, we recorded more than 9 million sales of related products such as BD/DVD.[14].. Eventually, all 2013 chapters were produced by 10.

2009 Published inONE PIECE FILM STRONG WORLD』Is the highest box office revenue as a theatrical anime movie based on manga. For the first time in the series, the original author acted as the supervising and production director, so it attracted the interest of the original fans. It was also a big topic that a limited edition comic written by the author was distributed as a privilege for visitors.

It is still mainstream that the works that gained popularity in TV animation are made into movies, but "Rathfone Multivariant』(2003 ), "Shakugan no Shana』(2007 )likeMedia mixThere are also works that will be made into movies as a part of.

From the late 2000s,Midnight animeOr so-calledUHF animeThe movie version of is increasing. It is often released after a certain period of time from the end of the anime broadcast, and the contents are different, such as omnibus and new episodes. Another characteristic is that there are many cases where it is opened to the public on a very small scale.

2010 era

Since 2010, the number of works in which the original author of the manga participates in the production has increased in theatrical anime movies based on the manga. In addition, the number of works that distribute limited comics and DVDs as a privilege for visitors is increasing. Main works areMovie version BLEACH hell(2010),Alchemist of Steel Holy Star on Wailing Hill(2011),Movie version FAIRY TAIL Phoenix priestess(2012),ROAD TO NINJA -NARUTO THE MOVIE-(2012),Movie version HUNTER × HUNTER Scarlet illusion(2013) and so on.

2020 era

From 2019 to 2020, the tendency of various people to watch anime is increasing, and the box office revenue of animated films after 2020 is increasing.Among them, `` which became a social phenomenon with the animation in 2019Demon BladeTheatrical version of "Movie version "Kimetsu no Yaiba" infinite train editionWas released on October 2020, 10.CoronaWhile many movies were postponed, it was released with an unusual number of screens at 403 halls nationwide.Only three months after its release, it surpassed "Spirited Away", which is the top revenue in Japan's history, and became the number one in history.After that, it continued to renew its box office revenue and exceeded 3 billion yen, the first in domestic history.


USSRIn an era of feature animation films,Horseback foalAre produced. In the USSRStalinBy the instructions ofデ ィ ズ ニ ーIt was required to make an anime like. After Stalin's death,Roman KachernovIs a story for childrenCheburashkaAnimated and contributed to the Russian animation world and gained a high reputation.

Czech Republic

Czech RepublicIs traditionallypuppet show, And it was difficult to use the cell for economic reasons. ThereforeDoll animationIs thriving. To a representative writerIzzy Torunka(1912 -1969 ) Etc. Torunka's masterpiece is "A Midsummer Night's Dream" (1959 ), "Hands" (1965), etc., especially "Hands"1968 OfUSSRIt is highly regarded as a predictor of intervention.

Republic of China

In the Republic of China1941 , Asia's first feature-length animated filmTsubasa fan] Was produced by the Mankobumi Brothers.

Performance record of successive animated movies

Box performances around the world

The United States of America OfMajor movie companyThe works distributed by are occupying a large position in the world market and are listed in the table below.performance incomeAll of the world's top works are by US majors. Regarding the system of the animation production studio,2006 Ofデ ィ ズ ニ ーbyPixarAcquisition,2007 To20th Century FoxAnime producerilluminationFoundedユ ニ バ ー サ ルTransfer to2016 By universalDreamworks animationAs a result of the transition such as acquisition, the production studio of the top box office work as of 2016 has been consolidated into an oligopoly state by two series of Disney and Universal.

Even in the table below, under the umbrella of Disney (Walt Disney Animation StudiosAnd Pixar Animation Studio) and Universal Studios (Illumination Entertainment and Dreamworks Animation 2 Studios) production studio, and Fox production studio (Blue Sky StudioIt can be seen that it is almost occupied by three series of works, including the two studios of 20th Century Fox Animation).

Animated movies with top box office revenues
Excludes works that are still showing at source[15]
Title of workDistribution companyProduction companyRelease yearperformance income
($ billion)
Buena VistaWalt Disney Animation Studios2013 12.765
UniversalIllumination Entertainment2015 11.594
Toy story 3
Toy Story 3
Buena VistaPixar Animation Studios2010 10.670
Kaito Glue's Minion Great Escape
Despicable Me 3
UniversalIllumination Entertainment2017 10.348
Finding Dolly
Finding Dory
Buena VistaPixar Animation Studios2016 10.282
Buena VistaWalt Disney Animation Studios2016 10.238
Phantom thief minion crisis
Despicable Me 2
UniversalIllumination Entertainment2013 9.708
The Lion King
The Lion King
Buena VistaWalt Disney Animation Studios1994 9.685
Finding Nemo
Finding Nemo
Buena VistaPixar Animation Studios2003 9.403
Shrek 2
Shrek 2
DreamWorksDreamWorks Animation2004 9.198
Ice Age 3/Tyranno's Lost Property
Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
20th Century FoxBlue sky studios2009 8.867
Ice Age 4 / Pirates Great Adventure
Ice Age: Continental Drift
20th Century FoxBlue sky studios2012 8.772
The Secret Life of Pets
UniversalIllumination Entertainment2016 8.755
Inside head
Inside Out
Buena VistaPixar Animation Studios2015 8.576
Shrek 3
Shrek the Third
ParamountDreamWorks Animation2007 7.990
Shrek Forever
Shrek Forever After
ParamountDreamWorks Animation2010 7.526
Madagascar 3
Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted
ParamountDreamWorks Animation2012 7.469
Monsters University
Monsters University
Buena VistaPixar Animation Studios2013 7.442
Karl's Flying House
Buena VistaPixar Animation Studios2009 7.351
Kung Fu Panda 2
Kung Fu Panda 2
ParamountDreamWorks Animation2011 6.657
Ice Age 2
Ice Age: The Meltdown
20th Century FoxBlue sky studios2006 6.609
Bay Max
Big Hero 6
Buena VistaWalt Disney Animation Studios2014 6.578
Moana and the legendary sea
Buena VistaWalt Disney Animation Studios2016 6.426
Mr. Incredibles
The Incredibles
Buena VistaPixar Animation Studios2004 6.330
UniversalIllumination Entertainment2016 6.324
Kung Fu Panda
Kung Fu Panda
ParamountDreamWorks Animation2008 6.317
Hick and the Dragon 2
How to Train Your Dragon 2
20th Century FoxDreamWorks Animation2014 6.215
Remy's Delicious Restaurant
Buena VistaPixar Animation Studios2007 6.207
Madagascar 2
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
ParamountDreamWorks Animation2008 6.039
Rapunzel on the tower
Buena VistaWalt Disney Animation Studios2010 5.918
Crude's first adventure
The The Croods
20th Century FoxDreamWorks Animation2013 5.872
Monsters Inc
Monsters, Inc.
Buena VistaPixar Animation Studios2001 5.774
Cars 2
Cars 2
Buena VistaPixar Animation Studios2011 5.621
Cat in long boots
Puss in Boots
ParamountDreamWorks Animation2011 5.550
Kaitou Glue's Moon Thief 3D
Despicable Me
UniversalIllumination Entertainment2010 5.431
Merida and the Forest of Match
Buena VistaPixar Animation Studios2012 5.404
Buena VistaPixar Animation Studios2008 5.333
Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu
DreamWorksDreamWorks Animation2005 5.327
Boss baby
The Baby Boss
20th Century FoxDreamWorks Animation2017 5.280
The Simpsons Movie
The Simpsons Movie
20th Century Fox20th Century Fox Animation2007 5.271
Kung Fu Panda 3
Kung Fu Panda 3
20th Century FoxDreamWorks Animation2016 5.212
Buena VistaWalt Disney Animation Studios1992 5.041
Blue 2 Tropical Adventure
Rio 2
20th Century FoxBlue sky studios2014 5.001
Toy story 2
Toy Story 2
Buena VistaPixar Animation Studios1999 4.974
Hick and the Dragon
How to Train Your Dragon
ParamountDreamWorks Animation2010 4.949
Blue to the first sky
20th Century FoxBlue sky studios2011 4.846
DreamWorksDreamWorks Animation2001 4.844
Monster Hotel 2
Hotel Transylvania 2
Sony PicturesSony Pictures Animation2015 4.732
Sugar rush
Wreck-It Ralph
Buena VistaWalt Disney Animation Studios2012 4.712
LEGO movie
The LEGO Movie
Warner Bros.Animal Logic2014 4.692
Buena VistaPixar Animation Studios2006 4.622
Buena VistaWalt Disney Animation Studios1999 4.482
beauty and the Beast
Beauty and the Beast
Buena VistaWalt Disney Animation Studios1991 4.250
Ice Age 5/Stop! Planetary collision
Ice Age: Collision Course
20th Century FoxBlue sky studios2016 4.086
Home Alien Buv's exciting adventure
20th Century FoxDreamWorks Animation2015 3.860
Ice Age
Ice Age
20th Century FoxBlue sky studios2002 3.833

Box performance in Japan

The Japanese animation movie market is different from the actual state of the world's entertainment, and is characterized by the significant presence of works by Japanese production companies.デ ィ ズ ニ ーandPixarThe box office performance of the work is not far from the global situation, but it does not appear in the top in the global marketStudio GhibliThe works of the two are of a scale that bisects Disney. Especially1997 of"Princess MononokeWas the first animated movie to record No. 1 in the box office revenue history of the Japanese movie market,Titanic], but2001 of"Spirited AwayAfter taking the lead again in 』, he continued to hold the record,2020 ToMovie version Devilish Blade: Infinite TrainWas overtaken.

On the other hand, it is difficult for foreign works other than Disney to get into the top,20th Century Fox TheBlue skyFor the part of the work, the theater release in Japan is postponed. Again in JapanTv animationThere are many theater productions ofPokemon], [Detective Conan], [DoraemonNew works are released every year, and the sales are kept constant.

Animated movies with top box office revenue in Japan
Excluding works that are still showing
Title of workDistribution companyRelease yearDistribution income
(XNUMX million yen)
performance income
(XNUMX million yen)
Farewell Space Battleship Yamato Love WarriorsToei1978 21.2[16]
Galaxy Express 999Toei1979 16.5[17]
Doraemon Nobita Dinosaur
Mothra vs Godzilla[Note 7]
Toho1980 15.5[18]DoraemonSeries
Doraemon: Nobita's history of pioneering space
Invitation to Monster Land
Toho1981 17.5[19]DoraemonSeries
Doraemon Nobita's Makai Great Adventure
Ninja Hattori-kun + Perman Supernatural Wars
Toho1984 16.5[20]DoraemonSeries
Doraemon Nobita and the Dragon Knight
Professional golfer monkey Koga unexplored area! The Shadow Ninja Golfer is here!
The ghost's Q Taro advances! 1/100 Great Operation
Toho1987 15.0[21]DoraemonSeries
Doraemon Nobita's birth in Japan
Dorami-chan Minidora SOS!!!
Toho1989 20.2[22]DoraemonSeries
Kiki's Delivery ServiceToei1989 21.5[22]Studio Ghibliworks
Doraemon Nobita and the Animal Planet
Chimpui Eri activity photo
Toho1990 19.1[18]DoraemonSeries
Doraemon Nobita's Dorabian Night
Dorami-chan Arara ♥ Boy Bandits!
Toho1991 18.0[23]DoraemonSeries
OmohideToho1991 18.7[23]Studio Ghibliworks
Doraemon Nobita and the Kingdom of Clouds
21 Emon Go Space! Barefoot princess
Tokimeki Solar Car
Toho1992 16.8[24]DoraemonSeries
Dragon Ball Z Clash!! Warriors with 100 Billion Power
Dragon Quest Dai's Great Adventure Rise Up!! Avan's Apostle
Magical Taruruto Suki/Suki octopus grilled!
Toei1992 16.0[24]ド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ルSeries
Dragon Ball Z Extreme Battle!! Three Great Saiyans
Dragon Quest Dai no Daibouchi Buchiyare!! New 6 generals
Bastard BLUES
Toei1992 15.0[24]ド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ルSeries
Red pigToho1992 28.0[24]Studio Ghibliworks
beauty and the BeastWalt Disney Studios1992 16.0[24]デ ィ ズ ニ ーworks
Doraemon Nobita and the tin labyrinth
Dorami-chan Hello Dinosaur Kids!!
The sun is a friend Do your best! Soraemon
Toho1993 16.5[25]DoraemonSeries
Crayon Shin-chan Action Mask VS High-Grade Demon KingToho1993 12.5[25]22.2[26]Crayon Shin-chanSeries
AladdinWalt Disney Studios1993 25.0[25]デ ィ ズ ニ ーworks
Heisei Tanuki Battle PonpokoToho1994 26.3[27]Studio Ghibliworks
The Lion KingWalt Disney Studios1994 20.0[27]デ ィ ズ ニ ーworks
If you listen / On Your MarkToho1995 18.5[28]Studio Ghibliworks
Doraemon Nobita and the Galactic Super Limited Express
Dorami & Doraemons Robot School Seven Wonders !?
Toho1996 16.0[29]DoraemonSeries
Doraemon: Nobita's Winding Wind Adventure
The ☆ Doraemon's Kaito Drapan Mysterious Challenge!
Toho1997 20.0[30]DoraemonSeries
Princess MononokeToho1997 117.6[30]201.8[31][32][33][34][35][36]Studio Ghibliworks
Doraemon Nobita's Nankai Adventure
The ☆ Doraemon's Mushimushi Pyon Pyon Daisakusen!
Doraemon is back
Toho1998 21.0[37]DoraemonSeries
Movie version Pokemon: Mewtwo strikes back
Pikachu's summer holidays
Toho1998 41.5[37]72.4[31][38]PokemonSeries
Doraemon Nobita's Space Drifting Note
The ☆ Doraemons A funny candy Okashina?
Nobita's wedding eve
Toho1999 20.0[39]DoraemonSeries
Movie version Pokemon: Phantom Pokemon Lugia bomb
Pikachu tank
Toho1999 35.0[39]62.0[38]PokemonSeries
TarzanWalt Disney Studios1999 28.0[40]デ ィ ズ ニ ーworks
Digimon Adventure Our War Game!
Toei2000 21.6[40]ONE PIECESeries
Toy story 2Walt Disney Studios2000 34.5[40]Pixarworks
Doraemon Nobita's Legend of the Sun King
The ☆ Doraemons pounding locomotive!
Grandma's memories
Toho2000 30.5[40]DoraemonSeries
Detective Conan The assassin in the pupilToho2000 25.0[40]Detective ConanSeries
Movie version Pokemon Crystal Tower Emperor ENTEI
Pichu and Pikachu
Toho2000 48.5[38][40]PokemonSeries
DinosaurWalt Disney Studios2000 49.0[41]デ ィ ズ ニ ーworks
ONE PIECE Adventure of Nejimakijima
Digimon Adventure 02 Counterattack of Diabolomon
Toei2001 30.0[41]ONE PIECESeries
Doraemon Nobita and the Heroes of the Wings
Good luck! Giant!!
Dorami & Doraemons Space Land Crisis Ippatsu!
Toho2001 30.0[41]DoraemonSeries
Detective Conan Countdown to heavenToho2001 29.0[41]Detective ConanSeries
ShrekDreamworks2001 22.7[42]Dreamworksworks
Movie version Pokemon Celebi Encounter over time
Pikachu Hide and Seek
Toho2001 39.0[38][41]PokemonSeries
Spirited AwayToho2001 316.8[31][32][33][34][35][36][43][41]Studio Ghibliworks
Movie version Tottoko Hamtaro Adventure of Ham Hamland
Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah Large Monsters All-Out Attack[Note 7]
Toho2001 27.1[42]
Peter Pan 2 Neverland SecretsWalt Disney Studios2002 23.0[44]デ ィ ズ ニ ーworks
Monsters IncWalt Disney Studios2002 93.7[31][42]Pixarworks
ONE PIECE Rare Animal Island Chopper Kingdom
Digimon Tamers Runaway Digimon Limited Express
Toei2002 20.0[42]ONE PIECESeries
Doraemon Nobita and the Robot Kingdom
The ☆ Doraemons Goal! Goal! Goal!!
The day i was born
Toho2002 23.1[42]DoraemonSeries
Detective Conan The Ghost of Baker StreetToho2002 34.0[42]Detective ConanSeries
Movie version Pokemon Latias and Latios, the gods of the City of Water
Shiny starry sky camp
Toho2002 26.7[38][42]PokemonSeries
Cat repayment / Gibblies episode 2Toho2002 64.8[42]Studio Ghibliworks
ONE PIECE THE MOVIE Dead End AdventureToei2003 20.0[44]ONE PIECESeries
Lilo and StitchWalt Disney Studios2003 29.1[44]デ ィ ズ ニ ーworks
Doraemon Nobita and mysterious wind charm
Pa-Pa-Pa The Movie Perman
Toho2003 25.4[44]DoraemonSeries
Detective Conan The Labyrinth's CrossroadsToho2003 32.0[44]Detective ConanSeries
Movie version Pokemon Advance Generation Tanabashi no Wishing Star Jirachi
Dance Pokemon Secret Base
Toho2003 45.0[38][44]PokemonSeries
Finding NemoWalt Disney Studios2003 110.0[31][45]Pixarworks
Doraemon Nobita's Wan Nyan Space Time
Pa-Pa-Pa The Movie Perman Octopus DE Pon! Ashi HA Pon!
Doraemon Anniversary 25
Toho2004 30.5[45]DoraemonSeries
Detective Conan Silver Wings IllusionistToho2004 28.0[45]Detective ConanSeries
Movie version Pokemon Advance Generation Visitor of Destruction DeoxysToho2004 43.8[38][45]PokemonSeries
Shrek 2Dreamworks2004 25.0[45]Dreamworksworks
Howl's moving castleToho2004 196.0[31][33][34][35][36][46][43][47]Studio Ghibliworks
Mr. IncrediblesWalt Disney Studios2004 52.6[47]Pixarworks
Detective Conan Conspiracy on the horizonToho2005 21.5[47]Detective ConanSeries
Movie version Pokemon Advance Generation: Mew and the Wave Leader LucarioToho2005 43.0[38][47]PokemonSeries
Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euDreamworks2005 22.5[47]Dreamworksworks
Chicken littleWalt Disney Studios2005 26.8[48]デ ィ ズ ニ ーworks
Doraemon Nobita's Dinosaur 2006Toho2006 32.8[48]DoraemonSeries
Detective Conan Requiem for DetectivesToho2006 30.3[48]Detective ConanSeries
CarsWalt Disney Studios2006 22.3[48]Pixarworks
Brave storyWarner Brothers2006 20.0[48]
Movie version Pokemon Advance Generation Pokemon Ranger and the Prince of Aomi ManafiToho2006 34.0[38][48]PokemonSeries
Tales from EarthseaToho2006 78.4[31][48]Studio Ghibliworks
Doraemon Nobita's New Makai Adventure-The Seven Wizards-Toho2007 35.4[49]DoraemonSeries
Detective Conan Azure CoffinToho2007 25.3[49]Detective ConanSeries
Theatrical version Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Dialga VS Parkia VS DarkraiToho2007 50.2[38][49]PokemonSeries
Remy's Delicious RestaurantWalt Disney Studios2007 39.0[49]Pixarworks
Rebuild of Evangelion: IntroductionClock works-カ ラ ー2007 20.0[49]EvangelionSeries
Doraemon: Nobita and the Green GiantToho2008 33.7[50]DoraemonSeries
Detective Conan Senshi no ShikiToho2008 24.2[50]Detective ConanSeries
Kung Fu PandaDreamworks2008 20.0[50]Dreamworksworks
WallyWalt Disney Studios2008 40.0[50]Pixarworks
Ponyo on the cliffToho2008 155[31][46][50][51]Studio Ghibliworks
Movie Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Giratina and Ice Sky Bouquet ShaimiToho2008 48.0[38][50]PokemonSeries
Doraemon: New Nobita's Space Pioneering HistoryToho2009 24.5[52]DoraemonSeries
Detective Conan Jet Black TrackerToho2009 35.0[52]Detective ConanSeries
Evangelion: XNUMX You Can (Not) AdvanceClock works-カ ラ ー2009 40.0[52]EvangelionSeries
Movie version Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Arceus To the time and space of transcendenceToho2009 46.7[38][52]PokemonSeries
Karl's Flying HouseWalt Disney Studios2009 50.0[53][54]Pixarworks
Doraemon Nobita's Mermaid Great BattleToho2010 31.6[53]DoraemonSeries
Detective Conan The Shipwreck in the SkyToho2010 32.0[53]Detective ConanSeries
Theatrical version Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Phantom Champion ZoroarkToho2010 41.6[38][53][Note 8]PokemonSeries
Toy story 3Walt Disney Studios2010 108.0[31][53][Note 9]Pixarworks
Borrowing ArriettyToho2010 92.5[31][53]Studio Ghibliworks
Doraemon New Nobita and the Iron Man Corps -Habatake Angels-Toho2011 24.6[55]DoraemonSeries
Rapunzel on the towerWalt Disney Studios2011 25.6[55]デ ィ ズ ニ ーworks
Detective Conan 15 minutes of silenceToho2011 31.5[55]Detective ConanSeries
Movie version Pokemon: Best Wish Bictiny and Black Hero Zekrom/White Hero ReshiramToho2011 43.3[38][55][56][Note 10]PokemonSeries
From Kokuriko slopeToho2011 44.6[55][56]Studio Ghibliworks
Cars 2Walt Disney Studios2011 30.1[55]Pixarworks
Doraemon Nobita and the Island of Miracles ~ Animal Adventure ~Toho2012 36.2[57][58]DoraemonSeries
Detective Conan's 11th strikerToho2012 32.9[57]Detective ConanSeries
Movie version Pokemon: Best Wish CULEM VS Holy Swordsman Kerdio
Meloetta glitter recital
Toho2012 36.1[38][57][58]PokemonSeries
Wolf children's rain and snowToho2012 42.2[57][58]Studio mapworks
Madagascar 3Dreamworks2012 20.5[57]Dreamworksworks
Rebuild of Evangelion: Q / Giant soldiers appearing in Tokyo Movie version[Note 7]Ti joy-カ ラ ー2012 52.6[59][Note 11]EvangelionSeries
ONE PIECE FILM ZToei2012 68.7[31][60][Note 12]ONE PIECESeries
Doraemon Nobita's Secret Tool MuseumToho2013 39.8[60][61]DoraemonSeries
Sugar rushWalt Disney Studios2013 30.0[60][61]デ ィ ズ ニ ーworks
Dragon Ball Z God and GodToei2013 29.9[60][Note 13]ド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ルSeries
Detective Conan Detective of the seaToho2013 36.3[60][61]Detective ConanSeries
Monsters UniversityWalt Disney Studios2013 89.6[31][60][61]Pixarworks
Movie version Pokemon: Best Wish God speed Genosect Mewtwo Awakening
Pikachu and Eevee Friends
Toho2013 31.7[60][61]PokemonSeries
BreezeToho2013 120.2[31][60][Note 14]Studio Ghibliworks
Phantom thief minion crisisToho Towa2013 25.0[60]illuminationworks
Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie [New Edition] Rebellion StoryWarner Brothers2013 20.8[60]
Kaguya princess storyToho2013 24.7[62]Studio Ghibliworks
Lupine the XNUMXrd VS Detective Conan THE MOVIEToho2013 42.6[62][63][64]Detective ConanSeries
Doraemon: New Nobita's Great Magic-Peko and the Expeditionary Team of 5Toho2014 35.8[62][63][64]DoraemonSeries
FrozenWalt Disney Studios2014 255.0[31][33][34][35][36][43][62][Note 15]デ ィ ズ ニ ーworks
Detective Conan Another sniperToho2014 41.1[62][63][64]Detective ConanSeries
Marnie of MemoriesToho2014 35.3[62][64]Studio Ghibliworks
Pokemon the Movie XY Destruction Cocoon and Dancy
Pikachu, what is this key?
Toho2014 29.1[62][64]PokemonSeries
STAND BY ME DoraemonToho2014 83.8[31][62][63][64]DoraemonSeries
THE LAST -NARUTO THE MOVIE-Toho2014 20.0[65][66]NarutoSeries
Bay MaxWalt Disney Studios2014 91.8[31][67][66][Note 16]デ ィ ズ ニ ーworks
Movie Yo-Kai Watch Nyan, the secret of the birth!Toho2014 78.0[31][65][67][66][69]Yokai watchSeries
Doraemon: Nobita's Space Hero NoteToho2015 39.3[65][66][69]DoraemonSeries
Crayon Shin-chan Ola's Moving Story Cactus AttackToho2015 22.8[65][Note 17]Crayon Shin-chanSeries
Detective Conan Sunflower on the FireToho2015 44.8[67][66][69][Note 18]Detective ConanSeries
Dragon Ball Z Resurrection "F"Toei2015 37.4[66][69]ド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ルSeries
Love Live! The School Idol MovieShochiku2015 28.6[70][71][72][Note 19]
Child of monsterToho2015 58.5[66][67][69]Studio mapworks
MinionsToho Towa2015 52.1[66][Note 20]illuminationworks
BORUTO -NARUTO THE MOVIE-Toho2015 26.2[66]NarutoSeries
Pokemon the Movie XY Halo's Super Genie Hupa
Pikachu and Pokemon Music
Toho2015 26.1[66]PokemonSeries
Inside headWalt Disney Studios2015 40.4[66][Note 21]Pixarworks
Girls und Panzer Movie versionShow gate2015 25.0[73]
The movie Yo-Kai Watch Emma the Great and 5 stories, Nyan!Toho2015 55.3[74][75][76][77]Yokai watchSeries
Doraemon New Nobita's Birth in JapanToho2016 41.2[74][76][77]DoraemonSeries
Crayon Shin-chan Sleep! Yumemy World Great AssaultToho2016 21.1[74][77]Crayon Shin-chanSeries
Detective Conan The Pure Black NightmareToho2016 63.3[75][76][77]Detective ConanSeries
ZootopiaWalt Disney Studios2016 76.3[31][77][Note 22]デ ィ ズ ニ ーworks
Finding DollyWalt Disney Studios2016 68.3[75][77]Pixarworks
Pokemon the Movie XY & Z Volkenion and Skillful MagianaToho2016 21.5[77]PokemonSeries
ONE PIECE FILM GOLDToei2016 52.0[75][76][Note 23]ONE PIECESeries
PetToho Towa2016 42.4[77][Note 24]illuminationworks
What is your name?Toho2016 250.3[31][33][34][35][36][43]Comic wave filmworks
Movie voiceShochiku2016 23.0[77]
In one corner of this worldTokyo Theater2016 27.0[78][79]
Movie Yo-Kai Watch A big adventure between a flying whale and a double world, Nyan!Toho2016 32.6[80][81][82][83]Yokai watchSeries
Sword Art Online the Movie -Ordinal Scale-Aniplex2017 25.2[80][82][Note 25]
Doraemon Nobita's big adventure in AntarcticaToho2017 44.3[80][81][82][83]DoraemonSeries
Moana and the legendary seaWalt Disney Studios2017 51.6[80][83]デ ィ ズ ニ ーworks
SINGToho Towa2017 51.1[80][83]illuminationworks
Crimson Love Song from Detective ConanToho2017 68.9[31][80][82][83]Detective ConanSeries
Mary and the Witch FlowerToho2017 32.9[80][82][83]
Movie version Pokemon I decided to you!Toho2017 35.5[80][82][83]PokemonSeries
Kaito Glue's Minion Great EscapeToho Towa2017 73.1[31][80][83]illuminationworks
Movie Yo-Kai Watch Shadow Side: The Return of OnioToho2017 20.4[84][85][86]Yokai watchSeries
Doraemon Nobita's Treasure IslandToho2018 53.7[84][85][86][87][88]DoraemonSeries
Remember MeWalt Disney Studios2018 50.0[84][89][90][88]Pixarworks
Boss babyToho Towa2018 34.4[84][90][88]Dreamworksworks
Detective Conan Zero EnforcerToho2018 91.8[31][84][87][88][91]Detective ConanSeries
Movie version Pokemon everyone's storyToho2018 30.9[84][87][88]PokemonSeries
Mirai of the futureToho2018 28.8[84][87][88]Studio mapworks
The incredibles familyWalt Disney Studios2018 49.0[84][90][88]Pixarworks
Dragon Ball Super BrolyToei2018 40.0[92][93][94][95][96]ド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ルSeries
Sugar Rush: OnlineWalt Disney Studios2018 38.6[92][93][96][97][98]デ ィ ズ ニ ーworks
Doraemon Nobita's Moon Exploration NoteToho2019 50.2[92][93][94][96][99][100][Note 26]DoraemonSeries
Detective Conan Dark Blue FistToho2019 93.7[31][92][93][95][96][99][101]Detective ConanSeries
Crayon Shin-chan Honeymoon Hurricane ~ Lost Hiroshi ~Toho2019 20.8[92][96]Crayon Shin-chanSeries
Mewtwo's Counterattack EVOLUTIONToho2019 29.8[92][93][95][96]PokemonSeries
Toy story 4Walt Disney Studios2019 100.9[31][92][93][96][99][Note 27]Pixarworks
Pet 2Toho Towa2019 21.6[92][96]illuminationworks
ONE PIECE STAMPEDEToei2019 55.5[92][93][96][99][Note 28]ONE PIECESeries
Weather childToho2019 141.9[31]Comic wave filmworks
Frozen 2Walt Disney Studios2019 133.5[31]デ ィ ズ ニ ーworks
Doraemon Nobita's New DinosaurToho2020 33.5[35][36][102][Note 29]DoraemonSeries
Movie version Violet EvergardenShochiku2020 21.3[104]
STAND BY ME Doraemon 2Toho2020 27.8[105][Note 30]DoraemonSeries
Movie version Pokemon CocoToho2020 20.2[105]PokemonSeries
Movie Pupelle of Chimney TownToho-Yoshimoto Kogyo2020 24.0[106]
Shin Evangelion Movie versionToho-Toei-カ ラ ー2021 102.8[31][107]EvangelionSeries
Detective Conan Scarlet BulletToho2021 76.5[31][107]Detective ConanSeries



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