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🐈 | Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat?What's going on with this "tower"?3 cat towers that the owner is particular about

Photo All About The editorial department has solicited "my home's discerning cat tower"!In addition to introducing cute pictures, we will explain what kind of cat tower is easy for cats to enjoy.

Cat cat cat cat cat?What's going on with this "tower"?3 cat towers that the owner is particular about

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The fact that there are many claws and claws is also an important point for sharing the cat tower with friends.

I tried to recruit cat towers that my cat likes!Cats are animals that emphasize vertical size rather than horizontal size.Therefore, love ... → Continue reading

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Cat tower

Cat tower(British: Cat tower, Cat tree) Is for indoor useCatIt is a playset of.


Cat towers come in a wide variety of heights, materials and structures.Most of them have a hierarchical structure of 2 to 4 levels, and in some cases, they have a box-shaped space where cats can hide.Many cats are said to prefer something that is tall enough to overlook their territory.[1].


The cat tower is for cats who prefer high places and has a role in relieving stress.[2]..When moving, it is recommended to bring the cat tower and toilet that were used before the move to avoid sudden changes in the environment.[3].

Example of a large cat tower

Guinness World RecordsThe world's largest cat tower certified by Shanghai Chowsing Pet Products Co., Ltd. in Shanghai[4]..It is 9.8 m high and has 15 layers. The bottom layer is 9.63 mx 9.63 m and weighs 9,392 kg.Mortise jointIt is said that it can be easily assembled and disassembled because it uses the technology of[5].

Japan's largest cat tower is located at the Akita Prefectural Animal Protection Center "Wannapia Akita", and visitors can enter with the staff.[6].


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