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👩‍🎤 | Hinatazaka46 ・ Konoka Matsuda decorates the cover of "blt graph."!Show off a different charm than usual!


Hinatazaka46 and Konoka Matsuda decorate the cover of "blt graph."!Show off a different charm than usual!

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"Blt graph." Vol.73 with Konoka Matsuda on the cover will be released on November 11th (Monday).

Konoka Matsuda of the idol group "Hinatazaka46" will release the magazine "blt graph ..." on November 11th (Monday). → Continue reading

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Yoshida Matsuda

Camera-photo Upload.svgImage request: For face photoImage providedplease.(2021/2

Konoka Matsuda(Matsuda this or1999 Heisei11 years>May 4 -) isJapan OfIdolAnd a female idol groupHinatazaka46Is a member of[1].KyotoBackground[1].. Height 157.5 cm[1].. Blood typeA type[1].


Sakamichi GroupI'm a fan of, and with some advice from my friendsKeyakizaka46Take an additional member audition[2].. "I'm always on the side of getting energized, but it would be fun if I could be on the side of giving it," he said, gradually raising his curiosity like when he joined club activities as a junior and senior high school student.[3]..At first, he was interested in how far he could go, but as the audition examination progressed, his attitude of wishing to become vague changed to his determination to become.[3].

On August 2017, 8, it was announced as a successful candidate of "Keyakizaka15 additional member audition".[4].

On October 2018, 10, "Ayumi", which was performed by all members of the Keyakizaka4 group, will be the second stage since "Ayumi".Seven colorsAppeared as a heroine[5]..Starring in the group's first solo stage appearanceNogizaka46 OfJunna ItoIs the first co-star between members of Nogizaka46 and Keyakizaka46.[6][7].. Available on Hulu from June 2021, 6[8].

Scheduled for March 2020, 3Tomita SuzukaThe recording of "MTV ACOUSTIC FLOWERS -Bell & Like-" by Hana-chan's unit is a request from the government to refrain from the event.[Note 1]Has been postponed due to[9].. On November 2021, 6MTV"MTV ACOUSTIC FLOWERS -Until Full Bloom" Bell & Like "-" was recorded at the guitar playing acoustic live & interview.[10]Studio program was broadcast[Note 2][11][12][13].

On September 2020, 9, it was announced that he would be rested and hospitalized to concentrate on the treatment of ophthalmic illnesses.[14][15]..Announced that he was discharged on October 10, the same year[16][17][Note 3]..On December 12th of the same year, the live event "Hizuri 2020』Appeared as a surprise and resumed activities[19].

2021th single "5th single released on May 26, 5Only you won』Recorded Matsuda's first personal PV" Hinatazaka46 Konoka Matsuda "Midnight Matsuda-san" "(TYPE-B recording) The number of views of the notice exceeded 3 million views about 100 months after the release[20]However, it records the number of views of the top among the group members.From October 10nd of the same year, his first solo careerCrown radio programof"Hinakoi presents Hinatazaka46 Hinatazaka High School Broadcasting Club of Konoka Matsuda』(Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.) Start[21][22].


Nickname is this or this[3], This chan[23], Matsu-chan[24], This pa[25].

Curious and versatile[3]..Classic that my sister was learningballetI was interested in visiting the classroom and became a part of my life from the age of 3 until I joined the group.[3].Tap danceStarted when I was in junior high school because I went to see a friend's presentation[3]..Club activities when I was in junior high schoolJapanese drum[3]. "GuitarIn high school, I was driven by a simple motive, "It would be cool if I could playBandIn charge of the guitar[26][3]..When you noticeNogizaka46Keyakizaka46I was so fanned that I participated in the handshake event[3].

radioI likeTV writerHave a perspective likesmarttype[27].

Pounding campSato Mitsuharu is looking up as a teacher[18].

Broadcasted on May 2021, 9Audrey here and there』(Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.),Kumi Sasaki,Risa Ushio,Hinano UemuraWhen he appeared with, for the first time after resuming the activities mentioned above, Hinatazaka46's crown program "See you in Hyugazaka(Hereinafter, "Hinaai")オ ー ド リ ーI remembered that I was deeply moved and cried when I visited the dressing room, and cried 5 minutes after the start of the broadcast.[28][29]..After that, the reaction when "Love It!" Appeared,Entertainment showsAdvice such as behavior inWakabayashi MasayasuI was so impressed with the answer that I cried a total of three times in the program.[30][Note 4]..In response to that advice, when he appeared on "Love It!" Broadcast on September 9th of the same year, he answered the quiz immediately and showed that he was doing a straightforward food repo for tasting the reward sweets, but "It's Umatsu!"[32]I forgot to say, and I was upset and cried.[33]..After that, he re-appeared on the same program on October 10, and soon after the start.Katsura MaruyamaCrying with. There was a scene in which MC Kawashima was in a hurry asking "Are you connected via Bluetooth?"[34]..From this, tearful episodes appeared one after another, and the reason was revealed in the "Hinatazaka Broadcasting High School Club" broadcast on October 10 that "the whole family was crying" and that it was a family connection.[35].

While there are many members who cut into the topic in "Hinaai", Matsuda is very good at bargaining, and some media say that the big reaction on the Hinadan and the appearance of enjoying the program recording more than anyone else are eye-catching.[27].


What is your favorite foodNatto,MatchaSweets,Mozuku,Curry udon,Japanese buckwheat noodles[1]..In particular, I always carry natto as a snack.[26], Described latercatch copyAs much as it is used for.The food I hategreen pepper,celery,Bitter gourd..My favorite color is green[1]..The inscription on the right is "Fortune comes to the laughing gate."[1]..What I like is laughing[1].. Hobby,Hot yoga[1].

Acting as MC in "Hinaai"オ ー ド リ ーA fan of the radio program "Audrey's All Night Nippon』(Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.) Listener[1]..Also, even though he did not appear, Audrey'sCrown programI also advertised the goods of "Audrey here and there"[36].. "Audrey here and there"producer OfNobuyuki SakumaWill appearRadio programSo, he describes Matsuda as "an incredible child of Audrey fans."[36].

at homeMonsteraIs growing.The name of Monstera is "Yahostella"[37]. afterwards,Sansevieria PattensAlso joined the group and named it "Sampahitode"[38].


Special skills are guitar, Japanese drums, tap dance, and classical ballet.[3],Indian dance[26].

During illness treatment, after dischargeKanji testObtained the second grade[39].

Keyakizaka46 / Hinatazaka46

catch copy"I love natto! I'm Konoka Matsuda."[3]..The psyllium color is hot pink x pearl green[3].

In Hinatazaka46, the second generationTomita Suzuka"Hana-chan's" with, 1st genHigashimura Mei・ 2nd genHaruna KawadaBelongs to a unit called "FACTORY"[40].. By the way,May 8 ThepunBecause it can be read as "Hana", "Hana-chan's Day"[41].

2nd gen member of the same gradeMiho WatanabeAnd "Waku Waku Peanuts"[42]..In addition, three people including Suzuka Tomita are forming a trio called "Gorigori Donuts".[43]..I often act with these three people[44].

1th genKageyama YukaIs "this shadow"[45], Haruyo Yamaguchi, a third-year student, is a duo named "Konopparu"[46].

While dancing balletMana AshidaThe story that says something that is unlikely to be impersonated is the iron plate story that Audrey Masayasu Wakabayashi also praises.[3].

Whenever you eat natto in the dressing room, ask other members "Natto"terrorismI will enter. "[3].








Unsound source music

  • Marilyn & Rubi "X-ray glasses" (voice actor unit appearing in the drama "Koeharu!") (Konoka Matsuda, Suzuka Tomita)[48][49].

Video work


TV drama

Information/variety programs


Music specials

  • MTV ACOUSTIC FLOWERS -Bell & Like- (2021 <planned>, somewhere in Tokyo) -Suzuka Tomita, Konoka Matsuda (Hana-chan's)[58][59][Note 2].

Other TV programs

  • High School Course 2019 anytime, anywhereNHK E Tele
    • 20-minute version (March 2019, 3, April 25, 4)[60]
    • 5-minute version (March 2019, 3, April 25, 4)[60]
  • High school course"Society and Information" (NHK E-Tele)-Regular.
    • 1st semester (April 2019, 4-July 18)[60][61]
    • 2st semester (April 2019, 9-July 5)[61]
    • 3st semester (April 2020, 1-July 9)[61]





注 釈

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